The Woodlawn school serves over four hundred children from our community, ranging in age from pre-kindergarden to 8th grade. At the time a student completes 8th grade there, they will have spent roughly two thirds of their life attending that school. What they achieve there touches not only the students and their parents, but all of us who share this neighborhood.

We’ve just learned that Woodlawn will have a new principal for the 2010-2011 school year. And the selection committee wants to know what to look for in a principal. What qualities do you want to see in the leadership there? What do you want your neighborhood school to be like?

There will be a community input meeting on Wednesday, April 28th from 6-7pm at the school. In addition, the neighborhood association will be writing a letter on behalf of the community with your input. So please leave comments and join in the discussion!

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