We had a great meeting last night with staff and parents, organizing our input for tonight. If you have things to share, feel free to share them here under these three categories:

1. Why should Woodlawn stay open? (Ex: Vulnerable populations such as low income students of color and SPED/CB, allow time for our Priority School work to take effect, already three closures along Lombard ie Kenton and Applegate)

2. What are the holes in the 2 options? (Ex: Equity, transportation, instability, doesn’t address underlying issues for capture rates, moving our kids, twice with Option 1, is detrimental to their progress academically and emotionally)

3. Alternate proposals (Ex: Give Woodlawn time to use our Priority School Work including community input for possible programs such as Spanish or Environmental programs)

If you have questions you want included in a document to PPS, you can email them to me.

Meeting is tonight, Thursday at 6:00 in the Woodlawn auditorium! Dinner, Childcare and Spanish interpretation are provided.

Please come and support Woodlawn staying open! Long live the Woodlawn Wildcats!

– Cheryl Russell and the Woodlawn PTA

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