385346_10151206059081689_1827107658_nAre you wondering what you can do to prevent the closure of Woodlawn School? If you haven’t yet already, please help our community by giving your feedback:

• Sign this petition, “Tell Portland Public Schools: Stop closing OUR schools!”: http://signon.org/sign/tell-portland-public?source=s.icn.em.mt&r_by=6869036

• Fill out this survey from Portland Public Schools. Be sure to add to the comments section: DON’T CLOSE WOODLAWN SCHOOL! Link: http://gowoodlawn.com/2013/01/25/jefferson-cluster-enrollment-balancing-feedback-forms/

• Fill out this form that was not created within the constraints of Portland Public School staff: Survey form in Spanish. Survey form in English.

Save the Wildcats!

Thank you!

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