trimet-route-changeFrom: The Woodlawn Neighborhood Association TriMet Subcommittee
Members: Mark Hoskins, Anand Sarani, Peter Matje, Ursula Irwin and Anjala Ehelebe, main author

Summary and Recommendations: We bring again to your attention a harmful
situation that we have endured for months, caused by TriMet’s changing the route of
Line 8 to have its layover in front of Woodlawn Park. We are providing an extensive
but not complete list of the harms that we are suffering and will continue to suffer
unless change is immediately implemented. We cite facts that show that swift action to
completely remove this temporary layover is doable now, whereas TriMet currently
projects partial resolution no earlier than March 2013 and final resolution at an
unspecified future date.

Click here to view a pdf of the full letter.



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