Minutes – WNA General Meeting 1/16/13

Attendees: Lisa Gladstone, Tom Powers, Christy Splitt, Anjala Ehelebe, Officer Anthony  Zoeller, Paul Davis and, Emily Anderson (prospective business owners), Celeste Carey (Office of Neighborhood Involvement -ONI staff), Rick Reynolds, Beth Heins, Miriam Neidhardt, Judy Stamp (Heart of Zen Buddhist Temple – NE 10th and Highland), Anna Sundholm

During intros, we heard about a potential new business opening at the Sylvia’s Corner spot. They are planning a bread and cheese shop, with a deli inside. Folks are very excited. More to follow in the New Business section of the agenda.

MOTION – Thelma motions to approve agenda, Anjala seconds, carries unanimously

MOTION – Tom moves to approve minutes from the last general meeting (December 21), Anjala seconds, motion carries unanimously

Crime Prevention Coordinator

  • Officer Anthony Zoeller – our newly assigned Neighborhood Response Team member, first time coming to a meeting like this, had worked with neighbors on Hayden Island, wants to hear from us rather than just relying statistics
  • Rick brought up that he enjoys seeing police just around… Thelma mentioned she prefers them patrolling in cars.
  • Biggest ongoing issue – the market on NE 18th and Dekum, last year pretty quiet, shootings and gang issues there, 17th and 18th up to Rosa Parks has been a difficult place to live – block watch has been created there, not hearing much from those neighbors anymore
  • Officer Zoeller pointed out that summertime usually means spikes in gang-related activity
  • How do we best get in touch with police? Email and phone calls work.
  • Gang related stuff – Portland Police have lots of information about it, if someone wants to know more
  • Who do we call to see what’s going on? Call the precinct, but might not get an answer after 6pm… Otherwise, the best we can do is listen in to police scanner.
  • 503- 823-5700 – phone number at Front Desk at the North Precinct
  • North Portland Precinct is huge – Linnton to 185th and Marine Drive
  • Police happy to do a walk-through with the new business owners to help them prepare the space to create the safest possible space
  • ONI has information for us on home burglary prevention is available – Celeste can always connect you with information, wants us to take the “preventing residential burglary” sheet, she can even come over to our houses to show us how to reduce crime on our property
  • Phil Blanchard, Neighborhood Response Team (NRT) Sargent, just dropped in to introduce himself… Three new NRT officers just assigned in the area, including our own (Officer Zoeller), 6 total NRT officers in the North Precinct

National Night Out

  • Miriam Neidhart gave this update on NNO
  • Got a grant from NECN – $1195.22 (up from $1000 originally awarded)
  • Time to start planning – Tuesday, August 6th
  • Huge opportunity for folks to pitch in to our neighborhood
  • Planning starts in earnest this month
  • Contribute at the event, or help to set it up with planning, donation solicitation, etc.
  • “we are all in this together”
  • Lisa loves Miriam’s ability to recruit folks to the cause via her writing abilities
  • Can anyone go to this orientation thing tomorrow between 7 and 8pm at NECN to sign for the grant check? – Thelma can take care of it
  • We want to have music, we have a small stipend, if you know of anyone, let us know… We are also cool with someone just coming in and making fun music
  • Swap and Play was involved last time – lots of kids activities and young families, relaxing, food, mellow and fun, deejay failed to show – so that was kind of bummer
  • Get in with the Parks right now to claim our spot, per Celeste… Lisa reminded us that we need to get insurance info from NECN and get it to Parks in order to make the reservation
  • Let Miriam know your thoughts and ideas for a great time this summer

Communications Update

  • Jackie is now using the MailChimp to help spread the word about all that we do…
  • Some technical behind-the-scenes stuff with the website and the like
  • Rick is also happy to help with WordPress
  • Lisa reminded folks that we need a Safety and Livability Team (SALT) lead person to attend SALT meetings, plus she would like to see a great Communications team as we are starting from scratch
  • Lisa thanked Judy from the Zen Temple for getting the blog up and for keeping it up along – and expressed excitement that Jackie was also working on it. Jackie has great ideas for the blog and for communications. There are so many things to do in reaching our neighbors that Lisa would like to see more folks involved.
  • Anjala remembers when we had 10 committees with 8 people apiece – with money coming in and all sorts of stuff happening!

Update on Other Events

  • Annual Neighborhood Clean Up – Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend
  • Need to get lawn-signs out promoting the event
  • We could advertise in a local paper this time around
  • Emily had the idea about a flea market to resell the good stuff
  • Henry V lets us use the parking lot, may not be able to use it two days in a row
  • Miriam had another idea – neighborhood-wide garage sale, with 10% of revenues being donated to WNA (Concordia does that, per Rick, as well as King)
  • Emily and Rick don’t have much time, but would be willing to help if someone wanted to do a garage sale sort of thing or flea market sort of thing

Land Use Update

  • 7115 NE 10th – slated for demolition, demolition on hold because it contributes to the historical nature of our conservation district, Anjala reminding folks to check it out
  • Solterra project making a Live/work  building at NE Dekum and Durham – lot has been mowed! Start building in February.
  • NE 13th and Dekum – those folks never got back to us. They were planning apartments with no parking, waiting to hear back from the bank about whether or not the bank will give them an option to have some on-site parking spots. There might be some improvements on the corner to put into that area… They want to appeal to Concordia students. 15 units at maximum build-out. 99% sure that they won’t have parking.
  • We talked about concerns about parking issue overall, as well as the good results we had with Solterra about adding some outside bicycle parking for neighbors visiting the commercial space
  • What’s happening across from the Dekum Market? – father and son working on it part time, taking awhile, making a gin distillery, restaurant, and coffee shop (have to a commercial production facility for some reason)
  • Reviva, owned by a Woodlawn neighbor, has moved into the recently vacated Candy Korner location on MLK Blvd.
  • Kung Fu studio on MLK is now in the Believe Movement Center, which has been sold (Laura Demari is no longer the owner)…They are developing the rooms in the back of the interior.
  • Buffalo Gardens owner Sandra does not want to come back to that location -That property is part of the old Believe Movement Center
  • Several people say they wish we had a library in the former Believe Movement building.

TriMet Update

  • Mark has had to focus on his business again, no longer our TriMet Committee leader
  • Anjala is working with the committee to write a new letter
  • Anjala shared an update on all that we have done so far
  • Right now, all that we have promised to us is 40% reduction of layover parking  in March
  • Anjala rehashed some of the frustrating and unclear conversations that we have had with TriMet
  • She also mentioned the potential fixes – Winchell, Walgreen’s – and that we want them out of the Triangle!
  • New letter will go out to a whole slew of people…
  • The Committee members are also looking into the fact that no environmental impact report was done before the change
  • Anna, who lives on the Triangle and came to the meeting to see how to fix the bus situation, mentioned that she is thinking of getting a noise-meter to see if the noise violates any standards
  • Christy will email Anna with information on who to email, as well as connect her to Paul van Orden about getting a noise meter and will connect her to Anjala
  • The Oregonian wants to do a story about this issue – we did not do it when they first contacted us in December because we did not have all the facts and data ready
  • Christy hopes that Anna, Matthew Busetto, the owner of the Firehouse, and Lisa will reach out to the Oregonian to tell their stories.
  • Sarani is the new chair of the subcommittee and she calls TriMet in earnest…They tell her no one complains but her, and they only count complaints called into the Customer Service number, etc. So, folks should let TriMet know their concerns via their Customer Service department phone

New Business

Ps and Qs Market

  • Emily and Paul – want to create a community-minded grocery, with 6 tables and a lunch counter. Something like Cherry Sprout, combined with the lunch counter. Inspired by NOT wanting to drive to the grocery store. Waiting for last chunk of financing. Wants to hear what we want and need… They might have a CSA pick-up there. Hybrid market – don’t want to exclude anyone. High end stuff, cheaper stuff, but all stuff. They were told they should get to know Jake Greenberg at Classic Foods and responded that they know him.
  • Lisa suggested that when they are ready, we can help to promote them…
  • They want to share their business plan with us and get a letter from us.
  • Christy will work with Emily and Paul to make the letter happen

Lisa is telling us about all of the Café Alchemy efforts to bring music and entertainment to Woodlawn, via an email from a new neighbor, Noah.

Christy will write a thank you note to Mark from the WNA in gratitude for his efforts on the TriMet project.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm. 

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