Approved Minutes

WNA Board Meeting 2/6/13

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  • Attendees: Miriam Neidhardt, Anjala Ehelebe, Peter Matje, Anand Sarani, Tom Powers, Luke Groser, Lisa Gladstone, Shirley Minor, Thelma Diggs, Jackie Wilson, Judy Stamp


Motion to approve agenda as amended – Thelma motioned and Anjala seconded, motion approved unanimously

Motion to approve January Board Meeting Minutes – Anjala motioned and Thelma seconded, motion approved unanimously


  • We need to sign in for meetings now…
  • Lisa wants us to send a letter to the new folks and share that we pay rent for our two meetings and see if we can avoid the room being double-booked.
  • Thelma and Shirley shared that we still will have to sign up on the calendar, even if we send the letter.
  • The temple willing to host our meeting there, free of charge, during the summer if we then move to the school during the school year.
  • Thelma took care of signing up for the next year – First Wednesday and Third Wednesday.  Thanks Thelma!


  • Jackie loves helping, but had to move out of the neighborhood while she is finding a new living situation. We discussed keeping her on the board and as our Communications Chair.
  • Any objections? None.
  • Anjala pointed out that Jackie has until November, more or less, within the parameters of the by-laws.
  • Luke agrees – does not think that her role is even subject to the bylaws and that she could serve as long as she wants.
  • We determined that there was no reason to have a motion.



  • Reminder that we have a small grant, which comes with some requirements
  • Christy, Lisa, Miriam had a phone call to sort out things
  • Each committee should have a board member co- lead it, with a non-board member co-leader
  • 5 committees: Vendors/Partners, Logistics, Volunteer Coordination, Outreach, Food and Entertainment
  • Logistics will just be a committee of two – Miriam and Christy – to track and fill in as necessary
  • Any changes that effect the budget, we have to report that to NECN and get it approved
  • Any time we advertise, ONI and NECN have to  be mentioned as a sponsor
  • We already have a hold on the park for that afternoon/evening… There is a youth event there that might overlap with set-up, but does not seem to be an issue
  • Christy raised point that food does not have to be donated – we have a budget
  • Thelma wants us to get a big banner to string over Dekum – or at the very least a table banner. We already have a table banner.
  • Thelma knows a woman that can print up a big banner if we decide to do that – Thelma will look into that. Tom can also ask Morel Ink – see if they might be able to provide it at cost or at least see what their rate is… If we seek donations on this front, we may be able to get folks a form so that they can tax-deduct.
  • Jackie volunteered to do a seed ball party as one part of the entertainment (permaculture)
  • Tom will take on Partners/Vendors piece
  • Others will think about  getting involved
  • Lisa reminded us that NNO organizing is a great chance to get new folks involved in the association.


  • Shirley agrees to co-chair this, wants another co-chair
  • Sunday, June 23rd is our date
  • Shirley will ask guys at Upcycles if they want to help with our engagement at the event
  • Shirley wants to change where the activity booths are, so that they are not split up on the other side Dekum – have it on the north side of Dekum and pull it closer to the park
  • Shirley also wants to help neighborhood non-profits get booths at a discount
  • Aside – Judy and Jackie have done a great job building blog and Facebook audience
  • Tom can talk to local businesses about getting involved in both Sunday Parkways AND NNO
  • Lisa will resend Shirley an invitation to join the boardwna group


  • Fayanna will be here at the next meeting
  • Village Ballroom has agreed that we can use space Friday March 29th – noon or 1:00 – start time to stuff the eggs
  • Nicole will be our clown.
  • We need to reach out for volunteers for the event
  • Jackie and Judy can work with Fayanna about how to reach out for volunteers
  • Anjala will go to get pounds and pounds of candy when the time comes
  • Reminder that canopies can be borrowed from NECN for events
  • Some discussion that it might be nice to get some canopies for EEH – we will let Fayanna know so that she can work with NECN to get the canopies
  • MOTION – We authorize Fayanna and Luke to print off and distribute flyers. Tom moves, Anjala seconds, motion carries unanimously.
  • Jackie will convert the flyer to 8.5 x 11 and get to Luke for him to print and post


  • Shirley wants to reach out to Parks to make sure we get it free again
  • Christy to do the application to the Parks Bureau
  • We will add this to the list


  • We can post about the events on Facebook and website in order to get volunteers – you can just write Jackie and she can post it or ask for Judy to help, don’t need to send all of that to Lisa
  • It might nice to create a list of different activities for which we could use volunteers.
  • Christy will write Katy (NECN) with dates we want to reserve canopies.
  • We need to find some people with big cars or trailer bikes that are willing to help on days when we need to schlep a bunch of stuff
  • Anjala mentioned that we should have a little something-something to raised funds at every event – we have some stuff to raffle off from a neighbor, we could also do a Classic Foods basket
  • Sarani will talk to Marbott’s about donating something for raffle or somehow getting involved
  • Lisa really wants to engage businesses into our association
  • We should have stuff on the coal exports at all of our events
  • We also need to figure out how to avoid parking issues when we have events


WNA Financial Report

January 2013 Balance……………………………………………………. $5932.62

Money Out

January 2013 – Bloody Monster Webhosting………………. $140

January 2013 WUMC Rent – Feb and Mar …………………….$100

February 2013 Balance ………………………………………………… $5692.62

Fiscal Year To Date Review (July 2012 – June 2013)

Revenue………….               …………. Clean Up $525

NECN $1000

Canvassing $228

NNO $120

Donation $250

TOTAL $2100

Expenditures……………… Rent $400

Bins $25

Food $145

Legal $10

NNO $350

Dues (CLF) $100


L + F $100

CRC Lobby $100

Backpack $100

PTA Family $250

TOTAL $1580

Future………………………….Rent $150

Copier $200

Legal $10

Garden Dues $20

We also have the NNO grant of just under $1200


  • Shirley will see if we need to pay garden dues again and when
  • We have some money to spend on communications


  • 1314 NE Dekum – vacant lot across from Sylvia’s… a whole flock of permits and such, still seem to be moving forward, approved for development, bank will tell them how much financing they will get, working on parking piece depending on funding
  • 6800 NE Durham – Solterra  spot – wanted to start building, had some problems getting the permits, they think construction will start in March, they are worried about TriMet and how their project will interact with bus round-about situation
  • There is a moratorium on new apartments without parking – Solterra seems to be exempt
  • 7115 NE 10th Avenue – on hold, will be demolished after 120 day wait period, we are about 30 days into the period, Anjala to call City to see what the hold is for
  • Notice against the annexation of West Hayden Island was passed around… West Hayden Island is under proposed development by Port of Portland, needs to be annexed into the City… Controversial – economy v. environment, because of the loss ofhabitiat
  • Town Hall at Classic Foods – Senator Shields, Speaker Kotek, Representative Frederick  were here, Anjala let them know that we opposed coal, CRC, and TriMet use of our neighborhood as a transit center


  • Meeting at Firehouse last night with Amanda Fritz, only person who has responded to Sarani
  • Peter and Sarani mentioned that one neighbor moved away sooner than expected because of the noise, and that neighbors are all losing sleep and stressed out
  • Paul Van Orden, Noise Ordinance Officer, came and spent 2 plus hours – but the equipment was not working that well because of the cold weather…
  • Sarani thinks that the turbo starters ought to be banned from residential areas, period.
  • Matthew Bussetto at Firehouse was interviewed by Peter Sarasohn today
  • Collecting anecdotes from neighbors right now
  • Sarani wants to record the sounds and then play them for the TriMet Board
  • What about other residential areas that have layovers?
  • Lisa thinks our Neighborhood Association should request information about what other residential neighborhoods have layovers
  • Anjala got an email today – TriMet moving 60% instead of 40%
  • Sarani also noticed that since the line stops here now, we have had homeless people sleeping at the park and some unfortunate incidents at the local businesses
  • Sarani will talk to Celeste and our neighborhood officer to let them know about the issues
  • Anjala will also add in County Commissioners, City Auditor to the letter distribution list
  • Anjala also working to get PDC to make some noise – we have a neighbor there and we want to see if they can apply some pressure
  • Jackie agreed to help reach out to other neighborhoods about whether or not they also have problems


  • PTA (and Luke) very involved in the Jefferson Cluster adjustments
  • Either Woodlawn and Vernon were slated to close
  • PPS Central Staff heard testimony – people came out to share why the schools should stay open
  • Superintendent Carole Smith last Monday issued recommendation to not close any schools, instead engage folks in a long, thoughtful process to explore school attendance, school capacities, programs, and the transfer system
  • Another $22 million has to be cut from this year’s budget for next year
  • Another meeting this Saturday, 10am-12noon, Blanchard Center, for the School Board to hear from folks
  • School Board will vote within two weeks to decide whether to accept her recommendation or take another path
  • Luke has been meeting with cluster participants at NECN – coordinating with NAs, PTAs – good turnout


  • Grants of up to $10,000 are available for community gardens
  • Jackie will look into it – looks like a great opportunity
  • Recommendation that we also reach out to PTA


  • Near Lisa’s house at 8am – NE Rosa Parks and Highland
  • She called Water Bureau to find out what was going on after seeing dirty, rusty water out of her tap – nobody knew
  • Called George Moreland – thought that the pipes were going to burst, they said call a plumber, worried their line was going to burst, they said it’s the water heater, about the time they arrived, it was posted that a waterline had broken. Lisa almost had to pay over $100 for a visit that could have been prevented.
  • She found out from the Water Bureau that the news media is their source for sharing information about waterlines.
  • Water Bureau Community Line did not know at 8:30am what the Water Bureau Dispatch folks knew at 8:00am
  • Big disconnect there – could have cost people hundreds of dollars
  • What can we do? Let’s talk about it at next board meeting


  • NECN – looking for new Executive Director soon, preparing for 10% cut in budget
  • Talking about moving from Access school from Sabin to King, which would then force NECN to move out of their offices
  • Shirley updated on the new congregations sharing the church. They are up to three services 10, 1, and 5 on Sundays – the newest group is sprucing up the place.

Meeting adjourned at 9:04pm.


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