Approved Minutes

WNA Board Meeting 3/6/13

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  • Attendees: Lisa Gladstone, Shirley Minor, Christy Splitt, Tom Powers, Luke Groser, Katy Asher

Meeting called to order at 7:01pm


Motion to approve agenda as amended with the correct date – Tom motions, Shirley seconds, motion carries

Motion to approve February Board Meeting Minutes – Tom motions, Shirley seconds, motion carries

Christy mentioned that prior draft minutes are already posted about two weeks before each meeting on Facebook and on the blog.


February 20, 2013 Balance…………………………………………………………………………… $6841.84

In – none

Out……………………………NECN (2013 NNO Insurance) ……………………………………..$15

……………………..L. Groser – Colored Paper Easter Promo……………………$12.95

March 6, 2013 Balance ……………………………………………………………………………… $6813.89


Fiscal Year To Date (July 2012 – June 2013)


Clean Up                              $525

Canvassing                          $228

NNO 2012                            $120

Donation                             $250

Grant (NNO 2013)            $1200

NECN                                    $1000

TOTAL REVENUE               $3320


Paper                                    $13

Website                               $140

Rent                                      $400

Bins                                        $25

Food – Meetings              $180

Legal                                      $10

NNO (2012)                        $350

Dues (CLF)                          $100

CRC Lobby                           $100


Loaves and Fishes            $100

Backpack                             $100

PTA Family                          $250

TOTAL                                   $1768


Copier                                   $200

Rent                                      $150

Legal                                      $50

Garden                                 $20

NNO (2013)                        $1200

NNO Account

Starting Balance                $1200

Expenditures                     $15

NECN Communications

Starting Balance                $1000

Web                                       $140

Copier                                   $200


Clean Up              $525

Canvasing            $228

NNO 2012            $120

TOTAL   REVENUE                             $870

Paper                                    $13

Website                               $140

Rent                                      $400

Bins                                        $25

Food – Meetings              $180

Legal                                      $10

Dues (CLF)                          $100

CRC Lobby                           $100

Loaves and Fishes            $100

Backpack                             $100

PTA Family                          $250

TOTAL EXPENSES                              $1238


–          We spend more than we bring in, which concerns Luke.

–          We are a wash when it comes to the clean up and other items, which is a concern when it comes to events

–          Perhaps we have a budget for donations, per Lisa, in order to limit or at least provide a reference point for our donations, dues, and other random expenditures

–          We have spent a lot on lobbying efforts, noted Christy, while spending less on more charitable causes. This might not be intentional, but we don’t have a mechanism in place to weigh our expenditures against each other.

–          Shirley noted that our treasurer has done an excellent job projecting… That is really helpful.  We can expand it and do more detail, including projected spending on those charitable causes.

–          Katy mentioned that they did a long term budget – admin costs and other projects – in order to provide a clear picture and also help to determine priorities.

–          Lisa would like to see that spreadsheet and consider adopting it for us.

–          Tom wants to set a goal for fundraising and spending and then plan for the year accordingly. We can implement that for the fiscal year starting in July 2013. Then, we can look at that line item before we decide how to spend funds. We could use Katy’s spreadsheet as a template.

–          We all agreed that Katy could come back in April and share the template. Christy and Tom can take Luke’s work and plug it into the document and bring that back in May.

–          There was consensus that we do not want to do much more than bring the budget from last time into the next year and use that to set fundraising goals, rather than having a big process.

–          Shirley has a question – where did grant money from NNO come from? Miriam wrote the grant, we got it from NECN

–          MOTION Tom motions that we accept the Treasurer’s Report, Christy seconds, motion carries



–          Wren – non-specific offer to send a postcard to some or all 1100 households in the neighborhood – usually limits it to 300 or so households, wants to find a co-sponsor to do this so that she can hit all 1100

–          Lisa – Bulk mailing does not go to apartments – you have to do those by hand… Is that the case for Wren?

–          Lisa – NNO has a budget of $195.22, with a $100 match, so we have $295.22 for NNO communications

–          Lisa – Clean up advertising in the community newspaper(s)?

–          Lisa – is the best way to reach out to neighborhood only for clean-up?

–          Katy – WWeek might have some publicity for us and all of NECN, with maybe us pitching into the ad

–          Christy and Shirley thought that the WWeek was a great idea

–          Another local realtor has an insert in WWeek on homebuying – maybe that is an option – per Lisa

–          Christy gave her concept – do up some cards that share “Your Summer in Woodlawn” and then have a canvass operation in the month of May to spread the word

–          Piggyback on the Emmaus postcards? Shirley wonders

–          Woodlawn Community Resource Center – we have $6000, just got agreement to spend it… Has to be used for something, thinking of hiring a community developer, money from Global Ministries… There is a board that runs that WCRC.

–          Lisa laid out some of the things that we would need to do… Do the design, figure out the budget, divide up the neighborhood, find a central location

–          Tom and Christy will bring a proposal to the next board meeting for “Your Summer in Woodlawn”

–          Lisa had the great idea that we collect email addresses when we go door to door.

–          Passing on banner estimate – Jackie was working on that… Katie mentioned that you need to get permits from PGE to make that happen, Luke also mentioned that you also have to put it up and take it down… Irvington does that for their home tour

–          Yard signs – where are they? Lisa hunted down many of them. Stands are not in good shape. We have 8 here, 42 out in the world. We got stuck on the particulars of how to post things. In Sullivan’s Gulch, they just put them on… They don’t stress on the getting wet. Another neighborhood association uses photo album covers and tapes them shut. Another issue – how to do we organize it? Do we have a list of where the signs are and then have certain people who go around and share the signs that need to be added in? Should we order more while we have a communications budget? If we printed more, we could have the blog address and the Facebook link on their printed and not have to deal with the signage.

–          Christy thinks that we should not order more unless we set up a system and have money left in July. If we do that, then we should have it preprinted with the blog address and the Facebook page.

–          Lisa had the idea that we can pre-print the general message that can last all year, using laser print that can be replaced. Keep it simple.

–          Lisa mentioned that we should ID best possible streets and corners rather than just have them wherever.

–          Katy mentioned that we could ask high profile houses to host our signs when we canvass in May

–          Christy suggested that we just have printed copies of whatever we want on the signs in time for them to be picked up at the meeting.

–          We talked about whether or not we need a specific coordinator… Or if we can fake it by just having the event leads share what they want posted by bringing it to meetings.

–          We would prefer to have a person in charge… None of us want to be that person.

–          Let’s put out the call for someone helping us with the lawnsigns via Facebook to see if we can get a coordinator.

–          Jan had 25 signs last year and had them all put out.

–          Need to have some system to control the in and out of the signs – a check in/check out.



–          Christy did not have the dates… oops

–          We agreed to either July 6th or a Friday night otherwise.



–          Anjala is out today so we do not have an update for her (we miss her terribly!)

–          TriMet update: per TriMet, 60% of the buses have now moved… All of the weekend buses have moved, so there are still plenty of buses that are around during the weekend. Also found out that the layover issue is why we have so many more buses stopped at once. They are still promising that they will move all of the laid over buses. Subcommittee is still working… Tom and Christy noted that they have not seen buses laid over and turning around late at night in their late night neighborhood hanging-out.

–          Land Use: next regular meeting, we will hear from a gentleman who wants to move from single family residence to multifamily near Classic Food. Divide his house? Tear it down?

–          NECN provides insurance coverage for WNA sponsored events. As part of this, they ask WNA to complete something called the NECN Event Application Form prior to any public events to make sure that all of their activities will be covered by the insurance company. Fayanna will complete this form for the Easter Egg Hunt, and Miriam has already completed this form for NNO.




–          NECN has a school committee… Operating for 6-9 months or some now. They are holding a school board candidate forum on Wednesday April 3rd at Concordia – Hagen Campus Center – 2811 NE Holman at 7pm. Luke will attend. He will provide a written Treasurer’s Report. Will be a bigger NECN event for this spring… Concordia donating space. Former Mayor Sam Adams will be there along with other celebrities. Want to educate on what the school board does as well as get to know the candidates. School committee sent out an email that all board members received… They want us to provide questions or categories.

–          Christy suggested that we ask candidates how they would improve the capture rate of our local, Jefferson cluster… Luke seems to also think that is important.

–          Commissioner Loretta Smith – Thursday, March 28th – she will be at NECN Schools Committee.

–          Lisa brought up the lack of programs and how that relates to the retention rate… need more parental involvement.

–          PTA sponsored an event – what’s next for Woodlawn after the closure threat – last night.


Meeting called to a close at 8:21pm.

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