WNA General Meeting 3/20/13

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at http://necoalition.org/programs/woodlawn/.

  • Attendees:  Anjala Ehelebe (Acting Chair), Peter Matje, Anand Sarani, Jackie Wilson, Fayanna Johnson, CJ Quartlbaum, Luke Groser, Rick Reynolds, Shirley Minor, Christy Splitt, Brooke Lipscomb, Emily Anderson, Paul Davis, Matthew Perna, Bryan Suereth, Officer Jimmy Pryceureth

Meeting called to order at 7:01pm

Meeting Guidelines

We reviewed the meeting guidelines that come from the past. We all agreed that we can take a role in keeping the peace.

Shirley and Anjala want us to have nametags made after each meeting and then store them for future use. Christy has suggested that people make their own at subsequent meetings and then store them.

Officer Report

Nothing new to report. We all appreciate Office Pryce’s monthly attendance.


MOTION to approve agenda as amended with Fayanna moved up, Ps and Qs Market and Street Painting added to New Business  – Rick motions, Sarani seconds, motion carries unanimously

MOTION to approve February General Meeting Minutes – Luke motions, Rick seconds, motion carries unanimously

Christy mentioned that prior draft minutes are already posted about two weeks before each meeting on Facebook and on the blog.


Easter Egg Hunt – Fayanna

  • Everything is coming along. She is leaving flyers, big and small. Christy will hit Good Neighbor and Breakside. The kids get two rounds of flyers at schools.
  • Need volunteers on the day of the event – poop pickup, egg placement, etc. Come at 10 on 3/30 to help with set up and clean up of the park. Also need someone to staff table.
  • Come at 12 on Friday 3/29 to help stuff eggs.
  • Shirley coming to do bubbles. She will also bring a paper.
  • Jackie will come and do face painting. She can bring a crate and chair – but maybe an extra chair would be good. Jackie given the okay to buy some face paint and get reimbursed out of Fayanna’s budget.
  • Clown is also coming.


  • Bylaws – Anjala is updating the bylaws based on citywide best practices. Will provide a draft at the next board meeting, where technical things are dealt with rather than at the general meeting. We are working through the process of having the bylaws available for 3 board meetings before we vote on them.
  • Related – Luke and Anjala got all sorts of great ideas from a recent training. They want to go over the WNA plan for committees and see if we can refine that to build the board.
  • Christy and Tom putting together flyer and neighborhood canvass plan (and budget) to go meet neighbors and share a calendar of summer events in Woodlawn.  That will be presented at next board meeting.
  • Rick also brought up the train noise situation for folks down by tracks at all hours of the day. Would need to establish a quiet zone, a project he has had on slow-burn for some time now. Train noise is not good for kids and reduces livability. There is not a precise number of signatures needed, but he’d like to fill up a few sheets. Kenton has gotten about 100 people to sign their sheets. We can do something concurrently and support each other.


  • Jackie – Village Building Convergence – repainting of the street art at NE 8th and Holman. Also looking to use our tax exempt status – money will have to funnel through WNA, though, per Luke. Hot Lips, Safeway, and others gave money or food. May 25th and 26th – unless it’s raining, in which case the date will be June 1st and 2nd. She might also seek volunteers for day of help. She plans to use Facebook and webpage to garner support. Already have $250, we spent $750 total last year – Jackie wants to raise $800-1000. There was discussion of helping to pay for flyers if needed. Christy suggested that any support we offer for flyers be for flyers that publicize both Village Building Convergence projects. Christy and Tom can also include the info on both painting projects in the Summer in Woodlawn piece. Anjala will share the information with Jackie to get the sandwich board. Shirley will see if the City can clean the street prior to the event and will get in touch with Jackie.
  • Brooke – Village Building Convergence – new project at NE 8th and Holland – Brooke and Jackie want to work together! Yay. Talked about having a video and webpage together… Brooke pointed out that PBOT was unaware of the repainting project. Brooke also shared some propsed artwork. Fayanna and others pointed out that we prefer the nature version rather than the cogs version. Luke says that we can just write 4 Seasons – or write the four seasons out – on the design, since PBOT was not crazy about the design that the neighborhood liked better.
  • Ps and Qs Market (Emily and Paul) – They signed their lease at NE 13th and Dekum. They are on Day 3 of demolition. Taking down sheetrock, tearing up floor, etc. Papers for lease and loan came through at the same time. Family and friends are working on the build-out and they will do a Kickstarter. Plan to be open in June. Wanted to be clear that they don’t want to compete with existing neighborhood businesses – they are different from the usual corner store, with the addition of the outdoor space with tables out back, deli counter, lunch and brunch on the weekends. They will also have a bottle shop, beer, soda, dairy, a couple of produce racks, daily essentials. So much support from neighbors, will be in touch if they need us. Shirley wants them to meet with the condos – Woodlawn Association – that back up to the store. Emily and Paul agreed to do so.


March 6, 2013 Balance…………………………………………………………………………… $6813.89

In –

March 2013 Donation …………………………………………………………………………………. $25

Out………Corporation Division/Oregon SOS – Annual Non-profit report………..$50

……………………..Fayanna Johnson – Easter Egg Hunt……………………………$275

March 20, 2013 Balance ……………………………………………………………………………… $6513.89


Fiscal Year To Date (July 2012 – June 2013)


Clean Up                              $525

Canvassing                          $228

NNO 2012                            $120

Donations                           $250

Grant (NNO 2013)            $1200

NECN                                    $1000

TOTAL REVENUE               $3320


NNO Insurance                 $15

Paper                                    $13

Website                               $140

Rent                                      $400

Bins                                        $25

Food – Meetings              $180

Legal                                      $60

NNO (2012)                        $350

Dues (CLF)                          $100

CRC Lobby                           $100


Loaves and Fishes            $100

Backpack                             $100

PTA Family                          $250

TOTAL                                   $1768


Copier                                   $200

Rent                                      $150

Legal                                      $50

NNO (2013)                        $1185

Communications              $685

NNO Account

Starting Balance                $1200

Expenditures                     $15

NECN Communications

Starting Balance                $1000

Web                                       $140

Copier                                   $200

Paper                                    $13


Clean Up              $525

Canvassing          $228

NNO 2012            $120

Donation             $25

TOTAL   REVENUE                             $898

Rent                                      $550

Bins                                        $25

Food – Meetings              $180

Legal                                      $10

Dues (CLF)                          $100

CRC Lobby                           $100

Loaves and Fishes            $100

Backpack                             $100

PTA Family                          $250

Garden                                 $20

TOTAL EXPENSES                              $1235


–          We spend more than we bring in, which concerns Luke.

–          Next week, Katy Asher is coming in to help us with our budget.

–          Anjala wants us to pursue grants – we have not pursued those grants in the past.

–          Shirley say an article about some small grants available.

–          MOTION: Matthew motions that we approve the Treasurer’s Report, Emily seconds, motion carries


–          CLEAN UP – Saturday, May 25th

  • Clean-Up – Anjala wants to put a placeholder budget request in… $300 budget.
  • MOTION Luke motions for a $300 budget for the Clean Up, Sarani seconds. Christy gave an overview of the event, Anjala explains that the costs go toward dumpsters, volunteers get to bring a free load, etc. Motion carries unanimously.


  • New Google map for signs got sent around

–          NNO

  • Just moving into planning phase
  • Jackie is in a band! Rainbow Butt – ukuleles and that sort of thing… she might be down to play
  • Anjala – make sure that the public safety folks are there

SUNDAY PARKWAYS – Sunday, June 23rd

  • Need folks to man the table
  • Shirley wanted a  co-chair and Brooke agreed to help


  • Date is set – Saturday, July 6th


  • Info about comprehensive plan was shared, VisionPDX was the predecessor for this effort, portlandonline.com/comprehensiveplan for more information, reminder – last comprehensive plan said let’s build apartments without parking
  • Bryan Suereth – comprehensive plan is what spurred him to consider doing something with his property, which is located at the NE corner of NE Madrona and 8th… Came with two houses, he fixed up the big house and rented it out… The occupants of the other house have been there for 18 years… He wants to fix up the area to retain the character of the neighborhood… The homes were built in late 1800s. Needs to divide the land to make it happen – he wants to change the zoning during the comprehensive plan process. Because he has a corner lot that borders Classic Foods, he thinks the rezone makes a lot of sense. It is currently zoned R5 – residential, certain amount of land per house – and wants to make it R2.5 – reduces the amount of land necessary. Since the property already has two separate houses, the density is already there. Because the houses were built before zoning, the structures don’t match the plan. Bryan wants to make the improvements, but can’t get financing because the 2nd house is in limbo. He needs to divide the land in order to make the changes.

MOTION – Christy motions that the WNA submit a letter in support of Bryan’s proposal. Rick seconds, Christy spoke in support and volunteered to write letter, motion carries without objection.

  • TriMet Subcommittee
    • For 3 weeks now, they have been working on the issues as a result of complications from the layover changes. However, the number of busses laying over early and late in the day and on weekends has dramatically decreased.
    • Sarani keeps TriMet informed of drivers not following procedure… We need someone to keep on TriMet.  June is the scheduled date to move over to the new layover schedule.
    • Most people across from the Woodlawn spot work when the layovers still happen
    • Customer Service 503-962-2444 – call them if you see any driver behavior contrary to the new changes such as idling.
    • Clay Thompson 503-962-6438 – keep him company since Sarani will not be able to watch as closely.
    • Anjala wants to do a letter to make sure that we show our support for bus drivers and TriMet since there was some confusion about WNA’s position on TriMet.
    • Gretchen willing to draft the letter from us, refined by Christy and by TriMet subcommittee, and sent out widely. Sarani wants a copy slipped in her mailbox.
    • MOTION – Christy motions to approve the drafting and sending of such a letter, Peter seconds, motion carries.
    • COAL
      • Anjala reviewed the situation – proposals abound to move coal through our neighborhood on rail and close to our neighborhood on barges on the river. She recently testified at the Capitol in opposition to coal exports
      • Apartments with no parking – Anjala attended the hearing that happened recently, City Council approved a new measure that 40 or more units, then you must provide parking at a certain ratio…Things already in process go under the old rule.
      • NW Ventures at 13th and Dekum – looking for money/financing…  might be willing to add parking, might be interested in commercial, all depends on the money, 25 units
      • Solterra project at 8th and Dekum – financing approved for green building, in permitting process with City, new at going through the process, 18 units, bike parking only
      • New proposal – MLK and Stafford – 10 unit building, might be tearing down the Moon Star to build that.


  • You can get your taxes done for free at Lloyd Center – Shirley sent around information, on the 3rd floor on the Nordstrom side.
  • Anjala wants some help with land use.
  • School board forum – Wednesday, April 3rd, 6:30pm-9:00pm at Concordia

Meeting called to a close at 8:55pm.

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