WNA Board Meeting 4/3/13

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at http://necoalition.org/programs/woodlawn/.

Attendees: Christy Splitt, Tom Powers, Maxene Jackson, Shirley Minor, Lisa Gladstone, Anjala Ehelebe

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm


MOTION to approve agenda as amended to table the annual budget template conversation  – Lisa  motions, Tom seconds, motion carries without objection

MOTION to approve February Board Meeting Minutes – Christy motions, Tom seconds, motion carries with one abstention


(Enter in later)

March 20, 2013 Balance…………………………………………………………………………… $6513.89

In……………………………..April 2013 Donation………………………………………………..$3

Out……………………………WUMC Rent (April/May)……. …………………………………$15

April 3, 2013 Balance ……………………………………………………………………………… $6416.89


Fiscal Year To Date (July 2012 – June 2013)


Clean Up                              $525

Canvassing                          $228

NNO 2012                            $120

Donation                             $278

Grant (NNO 2013)            $1200

NECN                                    $1000


Insurance (NNO)              $15

Paper                                    $13

Website                               $140

Rent                                      $500

Bins                                        $25

Food – Meetings              $180

Legal                                      $60

NNO (2012)                        $350

Dues (CLF)                          $100

CRC Lobby                           $100


Loaves and Fishes            $100

Backpack                             $50

PTA Family                          $250


Copier                                   $200

Rent                                      $50

Garden                                 $20

NNO (2013)                        $1185

Communications              $650

NNO Account

Starting Balance                $1200

Expenditures                     $15

NECN Communications

Starting Balance                $1000

Web                                       $140

Copier                                   $200

Paper                                    $13


Clean Up              $525

Canvassing          $228

NNO 2012            $120

Donations           $28

TOTAL   REVENUE                             $901

Rent                                      $550

Bins                                        $25

Food – Meetings              $180

Legal                                      $60

Dues (CLF)                          $100

CRC Lobby                           $100

Loaves and Fishes            $100

Backpack                             $50

Garden                                 $20

Easter Egg Hunt                                $275

TOTAL EXPENSES                              $1460


–          We decided to postpone most conversation on the neighborhood association budget questions until we have Katy’s spreadsheet

–          MOTION: Christy motions that we accept the Treasurer’s Report, Tom seconds, motion carries without objection


–          Christy to look into hanging one at Walgreens or at Henry V… Simple, reusable year after year for clean up… Research on pricing if Walgreens or Henry V is willing to hang it.


–          Advertising for Clean Up

  • Wren  and Jan are working together on postcards
  • Neighborhood Notes  – Facebook and online – lots of presence – they have an option to place things on calendar and then pay for promotions through their various avenues… 10 mentions for $50, spread out over time to folks in NE
  • MOTION – Anjala motions that we advertise the Clean Up on Neighborhood Notes – amended to specify that we have 10 mentions for $50 spread out between now and the Clean Up with the funds from our communications budget, Christy seconds, motion carries without objection
  • Anjala to ask Jan to take care of placing the event in Neighborhood Notes. She can submit receipts to Luke for reimbursement. Lisa will give a heads up to Neighborhood Notes and ask that we be billed.
  • Christy to ask Katy about WWeek advertising for clean up – what’s up with that?

–          Christy and Tom shared their concept for the flyering of the neighborhood, which they estimated to cost less than $200.

–          Fayanna suggested using full-color postcards instead of the flyers. We discussed that Jan needs a certain amount of space that would not allow for a postcard unless we chose to have two pieces to hand out on each door and decided to move on with a two-sided, two-part flyer even though there are cooler, better options out there.

–          Christy to ask Jan about flyers to distribute – at the school? Big ones to post at restaurant?

–          Suggested changes include highlighting the Facebook page and website, adding the Church to the location for meetings, mentioning  “Activities in Woodlawn Park” under Sunday Parkways, changing the location for NNO, changing language re: Movies in the Park, adding something about contacting us to volunteer at any of our events.

–          We will develop a script for those going door to door. Tom and Christy will finalize flyer and come to our next general meeting prepared to gather sign-ups for distribution.

–          Decision was made to move forward 1100 two-sided sheets with the calendar and the Clean Up, green paper plus 100 copies of just Jan’s flyer in a color of her choice for her use in the neighborhood.



–          First reading of the bylaws!

–          Anjala will send them out via email

–          Three changes that bring us into line with city goals

  • Membership of neighborhood association
    • Now specifies that business owners have a license and that someone has to apply in writing. Some discussion of the provision that we have that requires someone attend one meeting before being a member.
    • Staggered terms for board members – we currently have a one year term…
    • Board shall determine board size – at least 11 and no more than 15 members
    • Annual meeting at a different time of year – May versus November (when we currently have the elections)
    • Do we want to add that board members must pay funds? Not in there.
    • Grievances – go to mediation


  • Luke shared the dates for day care graduation in May via email– we probably are not affected, although our regular May meeting is on that date. Some discussion, but a decision was made to just proceed with the usual time.
  • Katy and Northwest Resolutions sitting down with Lisa – some language that we are using that is not inclusive… we want our meetings to be user-friendly, we want to set a better example when we talk about hot button issues… Lisa talked about the history of the board and her desire to weave everyone in.  Anjala brought up a board retreat to happen this summer as a workshop with Northwest Resolutions instead of one of our regularly scheduled board meetings. Lisa wants to build our membership. She is happy to post something on Facebook about volunteering if someone wants to write it up.



  • Easter Egg Hunt – went pretty well, weather was great, lots of people, Emmaus and TGW Ministries, Lyfted Music helped out… Clown came. Someone brought Voodoo Donuts.  Face painter had to cancel last minute. The park rangers, in attendance the whole time, were great and helpful. They reminded folks about leashes on their dogs, which we all agreed was an added bonus.
  • TriMet – Maxene got a letter in October about moving the bus into her area of Woodlawn… She and her neighbors followed up with TriMet about their concerns at that point. Now, the buses have moved. Buses are not following the rules. Buses stop on Ashley, park on Ashley and Grand rather than Ainsworth. They idle rather than shut off engines. The buses are eroding her quality of life. Monica is having trouble with folks at TriMet… Anjala shared a note that says that they are working to find a permanent, off-street solution as soon as possible. 60% of the layovers have moved off Dekum and Durham – but now the problem has moved to Maxene’s part of the neighborhood. Both the 72 and 75 buses are now parking by her house, too. It’s not just that they park on Ashley and Grand, but it is also the turn from Ashley to Grand that has an adverse affect on Maxene and her husband. We suggested that she work with the subcommittee to determine next steps.
  • Land Use
    • MOTION: Christy motions to approve Ps and Qs liquor license, Tom seconds, motion carries
    • Things seem to be moving forward with knocking down Moon Star and building a condo building
    • Talked about the new developments and lack of parking

Meeting adjourned at 8:56pm



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