WNA General Meeting 4/17/2013

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at http://necoalition.org/programs/woodlawn/.


Lisa Gladstone, Anjala Ehelebe, Luke Groser, Teri Pierson (Resolutions NW), Shirley Minor, Gary Datka, Maxene Jackson-Dunn, Terry Dunn, Calli Helldobler, Christy Splitt, Tom Powers, Officer Jimmy Pryce


MOTION to approve the emailed minutes by Anjala, seconded by Luke.  Approved unanimously.


Lisa reports substantial tagging on 13th and 15th Avenues.  If you see graffitti, report it to  Portland Reporter and the city and take photos.  Wrote contact info on white board.



Wrote name and number of our NERT officer and Celeste Carey on board.




Luke explains the columns, income and expenditures.


April 3, 2013 Balance………………………………………………………$6416.89


Out……………………J Clutter Clean-Up Advance ………………………$350


April 3, 2013 Balance ………………………………………………………………………………$6066.89


Fiscal Year To Date (July 2012 – June 2013)


Clean Up                   $525

Canvassing              $228

NNO 2012                 $120

Donation                   $278

Grant (NNO 2013)    $1200

NECN                                    $1000 (communications)



Insurance (NNO)     $15

Paper                         $13

Website                      $140

Rent                           $500

Bins                            $25

Food – Meetings      $180

Legal                          $60

NNO (2012)               $350

Dues (CLF)               $100

CRC Lobby               $100



Loaves and Fishes  $100

Backpack                   $50

PTA Family               $250



Copier                                    $200

Rent                           $50

Garden                                   $20

NNO (2013)               $1185

Communications     $650

NNO Account

Starting Balance      $1200

Expenditures                        $15

NECN Communications

Starting Balance      $1000

Web                            $140

Copier                                    $200

Paper                         $13

Clean Up Ads 5/13  $50



Clean Up       $525

Canvassing  $228

NNO 2012     $120

Donations     $28

TOTAL            REVENUE                $901


Rent                           $550

Bins                            $25

Food – Meetings      $180

Legal                          $60

Dues (CLF)               $100

CRC Lobby               $100

Loaves and Fishes  $100

Backpack                   $50

Garden                                   $20

Easter Egg Hunt                  $275

TOTAL EXPENSES                        $1460



MOTION: Anjala motions that we approve the amended report, Shirley seconds, motion carries unanimously.



Officer Jimmy Pryce

–  We mentioned the recent graffiti – there are two officers that work on graffiti… We discussed again the various places that we have seen graffiti or reports of graffiti of late. Shared photos with Officer Pryce.

–  He did not have anything specific to share with us.

–  Anything else going on that the police should be aware of?

–  Anjala shared that Woodlawn Park is sometimes a location of gang-related activity in the summertime. Officer Pryce said that they would step up prevention and enforcement this summer. He did not think that the recent tags were not necessarily reflective of heightened tensions.



–  Sent around list for folks to sign up for flyer distribution

–  Tom and Christy aiming to have flyers ready in a week or less

–  Need to check the dates and start times on the flyer

–  Need to add Jan’s flyer to the backside and print up

–  If you want to help, contact Christy and Tom at christysplitt at gmail.com



–  Calli volunteered to do some public health work at NNO – awesome!

–  Christy gave a run-down on the event

–  Lisa put a plug in for a band

–  Flyer went around for folks to sign up to help



–  Anjala shared news of proposed new land use action – MLK and Stanton project, where the Moon Star is located… There was a question about parking for that development – is there any parking?

–  Liquor License application for Ps and Qs Market… We approved it as a Board at our board meeting.

–  MOTION – Tom motions to submit letter, Christy seconds, Christy shared her support for Ps and Qs, motion carries with one abstention

–  Lenore Street – driveway is too narrow to meet code, Anjala will draft letter that we support that

–  Anjala reminded folks that she is continuing to attend various meetings related to our work, including sharing our position that we as a neighborhood oppose the movement of coal through the neighborhood and working with the TriMet subcommittee on the various issues related to the layover and turnaround of the 8 bus in our neighborhood.

–  Shirley has a question about Solterra project at NE Dekum and Durham – 18 units, no parking – Anjala explained how we had the conversation with the developers. Shirley is concerned about that complex and about how that will effect the local businesses. She talked to the local businesses – who also have some concerns. Anjala mentioned that PDC is looking to find a business to co-locate with the apartments and live-work spaces in the Solterra location.

–  Lisa – we need to be thinking about a potential parking problem in Woodlawn. Multiple folks agree that we are on the way to having an issue and that we should have a long-term solution so that we are prepared for that…



–  Jackie, our communications person, had to move out of the neighborhood. She still does posts for us.

–  446 people “like” us on Woodlawn, 387 are Portland residents – but people from all over, even in Brooklyn. Talked about the diversity of our followers. Lisa wants to better address our diverse audience. Over 50% of our followers are under 45.

–  Lisa worries that we could do better for seniors.

–  Shirley asked if we could do an ad on Facebook to raise some money – Tom and Lisa said that’s not possible

–  Lisa would like to do a newsletter – something simple, something quarterly perhaps.



–  Saturday, July 6th  – The Goonies



–  Brooke is the new co-chair

–  We will just have a table

–  Sunday, June 23rd



–  Jake at Classic Foods – willing to host our meetings. Handicapped accessible, which our location is not. It is also air conditioned, unlike our room at the church. There is a parking lot, they will be very supportive, we can have special events there in lieu of meetings.

–  Anjala shared the various places we have met over time… We have met at the Church for some time. She also shared some concerns about our location over time – the stairs, the fact that it is in a religious establishment.

–  Woodlawn School has been willing to help, but we could not meet there in the summers.

–  Anjala shared her excitement about the new location

–  We’d need to change the various places that share our meeting location, including on some printed materials

–  Our rent was doubled from $25 to $50 per meeting because of the struggles of the congregation. Now the church is bustling after 2 more churches joined in.

–  Rick – do they have tables and chairs? Yes – we can either use their conference room, their back yard, or set up tables and chairs in their open space for larger meetings.

–  Folks think Jake is great

–  Shirley – what about finding a home for our stuff? Lisa thought that maybe Classic Foods can help with storage, but wanted to consider other possibilities.

–  MOTION – Maija motioned that we move our meeting location to Classic Foods, Tom seconded the motion, discussion included reminders about changing information about the meeting and who needed to be notified about the change, motion carries unanimously.

–  With that determined, we have paid rent through May.

–  We can hash out the moving plan at our board meeting, including writing a thank you note to the church and notifications.

–  We will start meetings at the new location in June.

–  Shirley raised the issue of the fact that we got these tables for this room… We also need to figure out what to do with the a-boards

–  Board will take it from here.



–  Rick is passionate about litter

–  He explained the plastic waste issue, including the huge collections of waste in the Pacific Ocean and the harm on wildlife resulting from our litter.

–  His hobby is to pick up trash in our neighborhood – thanks Rick!

–  Most of the garbage is found around our bus stops.

–  We can get a free garbage can – we sponsor it, which means we just need to empty the trash. Gretchen at Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry is willing to have us throw out the trash there. Emily and Paul at Ps and Qs Market are willing to allow us to empty trash there. Rick still needs to check in with Cafe Alchemy for a potential third can.

–  One concern – how do we prevent others from using those trash cans to just dump their stuff?

–  Rick willing to check weekly

–  There are choices about the cans. The big 30 gallon concrete one that is at Dekum and 13th near the park is one example, but people dump their household trash there. We are looking into the 10 gallon can with the recycling side cart.

–  Lisa – what is the cost? No cost.

–  Rick – the plaque can read both us and the local business sponsoring the can… The local business can be the one with the contract rather than the WNA, which was suggested by TriMet

–  Can the can walk away? No – these will be attached to the bus stop.

–  What is the top like on the 10 gallon? Smaller opening with a mesh design

–  Rick interested in posting a sign to educate folks on waste and also share that the can is not for household trash.

–  Lisa also wants to know what our agreement will be with the businesses. The businesses would get the call of the garbage is overfull and then call Rick.

–  Who would organize the little team of trash emptiers?

–  Business owners happy to donate the trash bags.

–  You’d need to pick up the trash during business hours for our local

–  MOTION – Christy motions that we move forward with the adopt-a-stop program. Lisa amends to include a monthly report so that we can re-evaluate, motion carries with one abstention.

–  Rick will put word out on Facebook and other avenues.

–  Rick also put a plug in for Metro Parks levy.



–  Teacher Appreciation Week

–  We have been contacted about joining in on Teacher Appreciation Week at Woodlawn School.

–  Our PTA is putting on a breakfast for 5 days in the month of May.

–  Continental breakfast – nothing too fancy

–  They have requested that we help with food and labor.

–  We would be joining another group, as there are already 5 groups that have accepted.

–  We will discuss at the board meeting.

–  Discussed Wren’s concept – she wondered if we could split the cost – we already decided that she could do her thing and we would do ours.



–  Luke – NE Coalition – school board candidate debate forum – similar forums happening in other coalition areas

–  Last Thursday – Luke recapped the various concerns with the growing, free-form event. Discussed lack of civility later in the night and concerns of local neighbors. New organization coming together, will get permit, lots of ordinances that the group will have to abide by – booze, fire, noise.

–  Luke also discussed the NECN doing work on neighborhood schools. The Comprehensive Plan should reflect the concern that neighborhood schools exist.

–  Good in the Hood – Lillis Albina Park adjacent to Tubman School – NECN is helping with that

–  NECN operates out of the building adjacent to King School and has for 40 years. PPS manages the city-owned property and the lease is coming up in 2.5 months. PPS has refused to commit to the lease renewal while King and PPS evaluate their own needs for space, so NECN is looking for a new space in case the school pulls the plug on the space.

–  NECN is looking for a new, permanent Executive Director.

–  NECN wrote a letter about outdoor liquor – OLCC is looking at changing the rules to allow for outdoor drinking until 1pm, NECN opposed and suggested 10pm

–  New bylaws are being concerned.

–  Rick – train noise issue – asked for more signatures.


Meeting adjourned at 8:43pm.

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