WNA Board Meeting 5/1/13

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at http://necoalition.org/programs/woodlawn/.

Attendees: Christy Splitt, Tom Powers, Shirley Minor, Lisa Gladstone, Anjala Ehelebe, Sarani, Peter Matje, Katy Asher (NECN)

Meeting called to order at 7:02pm


MOTION to approve agenda as amended– Anjala motions, Tom seconds, motion carries without objection

MOTION to approve April Board Meeting Minutes – Anjala motions, Tom seconds, motion carries without objection


–          Katy lives in Arbor Lodge and got the template from the North Portland neighborhood coalition

–          She describes how they got deep into the weeds… started with a list of activities that the neighborhood association board already does, along with projects that they wished the neighborhood association was working on. They charted out when the events happen during the calendar year… Then they figured out if money was spent on that particular item and put the information into categories. They also identified leads for items and then had a parking lot for items that had no lead. Finally, they crafted a budget according to which items had a lead and had a cost. They did all of this over the course of a few months… No real plan, had an organic process with someone (their treasurer) doing some homework between meetings. The process created a budget and a “to do” list for the year.

–          Anjala – what about income? They have grant funding, city allocation, and other income as the categories for revenue.

–          There are some things that were missing from the budget – they left off the money they have to pay to the SOS

–          Lisa interested in the ideas and priorities of the Arbor Lodge neighborhood. We should take a look – maybe some good ideas. Katy shared that their criteria was basically who wants to lead – if someone wants to do something, then they make space for that.

–          Katy – good questions that they asked themselves – Who shows up at neighborhood association meetings? Why? How do we keep them showing up and engaged?

–          Tom – he is interested in separating activities from donations… Perhaps create a budget for donations that we can dole out each year for either requests we don’t anticipate and then some planned donations for things we pay for every year.

–          Christy mentioned that we have a head start from the past year’s budget

–          Katy and Lisa talked about blending new ideas and old traditions in the budget and in the process for crafting budget

–          Luke likes that the process creates a strategic plan. He is curious if the Arbor Lodge folks have their budget on their website. No, but not for any particular reason. The treasurer brings the budget each month for their use in making spending decisions. They also have to take changes to their budget to their general membership.

–          Lisa – fundraisers in general– no designation for what the money goes toward from our neighborhood cleanup. Katy said that sometimes their fundraisers have a significant focus. Lisa thought that was a good idea and that we should do that for our fundraising events.

–          We should consider how to spread word about the good things we do with the money that we raise.

–          Tom wonders if an annual budget creation process should be in our bylaws.

–          Lisa wonders if we do the budget right after we have the elections so that new board members don’t just inherit the old budget.

–          Anjala is interested in adding an annual budget component to the bylaws. She likes the parking lot, wants to see blank lines for things that come up during the year.

–          Christy suggested starting with Luke’s work and putting it into the spreadsheet format for us to then review at the next board meeting. She suggested that we use the fiscal year and our current energy on this topic to move forward.

–          Tom said that he thought it was okay to have new board members come in to the existing budget and then revise it after some seasoning. We can just stick to the fiscal year as when we do the budget process.

–          Anjala really wants to have a board retreat as an additional June meeting and have that before we finalize the budget.

–          Christy mentioned that an extra meeting in June seems rough – maybe in lieu of our board meeting rather than in addition.

–          Tom and Christy will provide a spreadsheet 48 hours before the next board meeting.

–          Lisa will set aside another 30 minutes for budget at the next board meeting.



–          Shirley mentioned that folks discovered Friends of Portland Community Gardens last year.  We paid $20 last year.  She downloaded the membership forms and discovered that we had not paid much for our membership. Other groups have paid more… She thinks we should pay $25 and she will pay $25 personally as well. We also get some benefits of membership, like compost and donuts for our first community garden clean-up.

–          MOTION – Christy motions that we pay $25, Anjala seconds, discussion about sharing more information at the general meeting – Shirley said she is willing to do that and share information about Friends of Portland Community Gardens and our community garden in the near future. Motion carries without objection.



  • Luke tendered his resignation as Treasurer and would like to finish up at the end of May. He wants to stay on the board and wants to be one of our NECN representatives and serve on the schools committee and be our connection to the school. Lisa will talk to Miriam about stepping up either temporarily or otherwise. (Went a bit off-topic on burn out and challenges of serving on the neighborhood association… Recruiting people for a project, rather than for serving on the board… Christy mentioned that we should have a discussion about how to serve and what service looks like – and soon. Sarani mentioned that the meetings are dry… Young people want to just DO things, rather than talk about DOING things. Lisa will set aside some time to discuss how to make improvements in a future meeting.)

April 17, 2013 Balance…………………………………………………………………………… $6066.89

May 1, 2013 Balance ……………………………………………………………………………… $6066.89

Fiscal Year To Date (July 2012 – June 2013)


Clean Up                              $525

Canvassing                          $228

NNO 2012                            $120

Donation                             $278

Grant (NNO 2013)            $1200

NECN                                    $1000


Insurance (NNO)              $15

Paper                                    $13

Website                               $140

Rent                                      $500

Bins                                        $25

Food – Meetings              $180

Legal                                      $60

NNO (2012)                        $350

Dues (CLF)                          $100

CRC Lobby                           $100


Loaves and Fishes            $100

Backpack                             $50

PTA Family                          $250


Copier                                   $200

Rent                                      $50

Garden                                 $20

NNO (2013)                        $1185

Communications              $650

NNO Account

Starting Balance                $1200

Expenditures                     $15

NECN Communications

Starting Balance                $1000

Web                                       $140

Copier                                   $200

Paper                                    $13

Clean Up Advertising      $50


Clean Up              $525

Canvassing          $228

NNO 2012            $120

Donations           $28

TOTAL   REVENUE                             $901

Rent                                      $550

Bins                                        $25

Food – Meetings              $180

Legal                                      $60

Dues (CLF)                          $100

CRC Lobby                           $100

Loaves and Fishes            $100

Backpack                             $50

Garden                                 $20

Easter Egg Hunt                                $275 (plus $60 of in-kind donations and $25 cash)

TOTAL EXPENSES                              $1435

MOTION: Tom motions that we accept the Treasurer’s Report and thank Luke for his service, Christy seconds, motion carries without objection (and lots of gratitude)


–          This is our second reading of the bylaws.

–          Anjala sent along the changes via email… Most of the new stuff is City of Portland best practices from the ONI site.

–          What’s missing? We want to avoid vote stacking somehow… Told story of vote stacking years back when we were pursuing a change to a liquor license.

–          Katy mentioned that the board members are the only ones that should vote on most things. General members should not be voting because that opens them up to litigation and they are not covered by NECN insurance. NECN board is recommending that associations should just vote on certain items (bylaws, board members, dissolution) and then the board votes on most things… NECN suggest sort of a straw vote of membership that then the board can follow that vote. That deals with the vote stacking issue.

–          Christy suggest that we just incorporate the NECN suggestions regarding voting.

–          Lisa wanted to know what is meant by organizational management.  It basically finances, personnel, etc. Sort of a catch-all for everything other than what the general membership would vote on (elections, bylaws, dissolution)

–          Talked about folks like Sarani that do a lot about are not on the board – Sarani shared that she would not expect to be insured by NECN as a board member.

–          Talked about various scenarios, committees, board authority

–          Anjala had moved out the recall procedures. She would like to add them back. Katy pointed out that whoever elects the board member has the power of recall and she can send over the language for Anjala.

–          Want to have a minimum number of members.  Folks agree.

–          Staggered terms are deemed a best practice…  Good idea? Should we have two year terms? Lisa worried about tracking that information – who was elected when, etc. Christy raised concern that longer terms might dissuade people from engaging… So, we decided to leave it at one year for now.


–          Luke gave our notice

–          May 15th will be our last meeting here… we need to figure out by when we are going to move our stuff out.

–          What do we do with our stuff? We need a plan to move this stuff… Sarani and Peter can offer up their busses and Anjala and Luke can help.

–          Luke can store the signs and stands in his garage, as well as the items in the cabinet. He will take care of that before the 15th.

–          The map belongs to Ethan – we should see if he wants it to stay… Lisa will take on finding Ethan.

–          Sandwich boards – we have two. Lisa thinks that we should take them… We should ask the businesses on Dekum or MLK to store and put out our signage once per month. Tom willing to store the signs and then work with the businesses on Lisa’s idea.

–          Who has contact with AA folks? Anjala can tell Trudy that we are taking the signs.

–          Judy and Jackie are making the changes to the blog.

–          Christy will fix the Facebook location after May general meeting.



–          Christy will post Google form to Facebook page or blog to encourage people to join our email list

–          We are now Tweeting. Judy set up the account. Jackie is tweeting. WoodlawnPDX is our handle.

–          Woodlawn School – teacher appreciation – the slots were already taken.

–          TriMet update – should we offer mediation with the folks that feel that we have failed to represent them on this issue? Some discussion about why… To do the right thing, to avoid being sued, etc.  Anjala and Sarani can be the ones to pursue the mediation route…



–          Shirley – great article on the mounted police in the Observer

–          5 bedroom house across from Methodist Church on Dekum has bought by Heart of Wisdom Zen Center to be their Trillium House for their students

Meeting adjourned at 8:37pm



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