WNA General Meeting 5/15/13

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at http://necoalition.org/programs/woodlawn/.

Attendees: Christy Splitt, Tom Powers, Lisa Gladstone, Anjala Ehelebe, Rick Reynolds, Thelma Diggs, Luke Groser, Officer Magali Quintero, Officer Jenny Baxter, Shirley Minor, Brooke Lipscomb, Annie Danielson, Ross Danielson

Meeting called to order at 7:02pm


MOTION to approve agenda as amended– Thelma motions, Tom seconds, motion carries with abstention

MOTION to approve April General Meeting Minutes – Thelma motions, Rick seconds, motion carries without objection


  • Last month, just one burglary plus three thefts, two assaults, one vehicle theft
  • Lisa mentioned the police chase and Shirley shared her story (see below)
  • Mr. Danielson asked for a card in order to call them at a later time
  • Tom asked about the Mayor wanting to decertify the police supervisors’ union
  • Shared with the officers that we are moving. Officer Baxter will share that with the precinct
  • After the officers left, Annie recounted that they had a break in not too long ago. Oh no!


  • Shirley talked about hearing all of the activity from the community garden. Walked and looked down Bryant – all sorts of police, fire, etc. She talked about how badly the car was damaged, found the police to ask them what happened… They had been chasing him, although the police did not admit that at first. The driver had gotten into the accident after being chased, helped his girlfriend get out of the car, then ran. He wound up climbing Shirley’s fence before the dogs lost his scent, so folks thought that the driver was hiding in Shirley’s condos!


  • Luke has resigned as treasurer…
  • Note that Thelma is already a check signer and can sign checks for June. Luke will give Christy the checkbook.
  • Luke again reiterated that he will spend time with the new treasurer in order to get them the info that they need…
  • Lisa asked if anyone is able to step up at this point, either in the interim or for the long haul
  • Anjala will type up a help wanted ad for Facebook… Want to make sure that the person is trustworthy, etc.


  • One question for Luke came up – how much communications money do we have left?  We have about $403 left, after an estimated $200 in copies over the past year. We can use some money in the summertime – don’t have to use by June 30th, but we will need to have a plan to spend the money in the near future.  We need to figure out how to use that money.


May 1, 2013 Balance…………………………………………………………………………… $6066.89

In – None


Shirley Minor (for donation to Garden)                  $25

Christy Splitt – leaflet                                                     $44

Christy Splitt – leaflet                                                     $127.60

May 15, 2013 Balance ……………………………………………………………………………… $5870.29

Fiscal Year To Date (July 2012 – June 2013)


Clean Up                              $525

Canvassing                          $228

NNO 2012                            $120

Donation                             $278

Grant (NNO 2013)            $1200

NECN                                    $1000


Leaflet                                  $197

Insurance (NNO)              $15

Paper                                    $13

Website                               $140

Rent                                      $500

Bins                                        $25

Food – Meetings              $180

Legal                                      $60

NNO (2012)                        $350

Dues (CLF)                          $100

CRC Lobby                           $100


Loaves and Fishes            $100

Backpack                             $50

PTA Family                          $250


Copier                                   $200

NNO (2013)                        $1185

Communications              $403

NNO Account

Starting Balance                $1200

Expenditures                     $15

NECN Communications

Starting Balance                $1000

Web                                       $140

Copier                                   $200

Paper                                    $13

Clean Up Advertising      $50

Leaflet (5/13)                     $197


Clean Up              $525

Canvassing          $228

NNO 2012            $120

Donations           $53

TOTAL   REVENUE                             $926

Rent                                      $500

Bins                                        $25

Food – Meetings              $180

Legal                                      $60

Dues (CLF)                          $100

CRC Lobby                           $100

Loaves and Fishes            $100

Backpack                             $50

Garden                                 $25 plus $25 donation

Easter Egg Hunt                                $275 (plus $60 of in-kind donations and $25 cash)

TOTAL EXPENSES                              $1440

MOTION: Tom motions that we accept the Treasurer’s Report, Rick seconds, motion carries without objection

  • Ross that we all thank Luke for his service. Applause and gratitude aplenty.


–          Lisa talked about leaving them on doorsteps since most people weren’t home

–          Lisa heard some feedback about The Goonies… So did others.

–          Christy shared that this was really positive, but a lot of work – needed more time, more volunteers – and recommended that it be more carefully planned… The fact that we ran out of flyers – need at least 2000.

–          MOTION – Luke motions that we reimburse Christy for the supplemental flyers, Rick seconds, two abstentions

–          Lisa wants to talk about how to use the information gathered… For example, way more doors (2000) then we thought and budgeted (1100). Lisa wants us to consider always planning in advance and also consider how we reach out to more neighbors in a more open way. For starters, not having our meeting at an inaccessible place will be one step. What about Skype? What about technology?

–          Brooke mentioned Swap and Play opening on the nights that we have meetings… But, there were issues with liability and potential childcare users not wanting to take advantage. Lisa mentioned that she went down that road…

–          Rick discussed meeting earlier as a way to encourage more people to attend. 7:00 is a little for folks. Lots of agreement, especially for parents.

–          We will have this on the agenda for the board meeting and then aim to approve a time change at the next general meeting. Seems like everyone was on board, Christy just thought we should have at least one more chance to gather input about a time change and ensure that Classic Foods was alright with it

–          Lisa wants to discuss more ideas for changes in future meetings

–          Ross mentioned the Boise neighborhood – they just have their board meet right before the general meeting.

–          Lisa talked about skipping August for ALL meetings and then doing something really fun for our general meetings, like potlucks or whatever. “We need to have more fun!”

–          Rick thinks food would help… Snacks or fruit. We have that sometimes but not always. Ross will bring iced tea… Christy and Tom will see about day old prices at Woodlawn Coffee and other places.


–          Village Building Convergence – Brooke shared all of the news about that event… Kickstarter went up today and lots activity already, fundraising efforts, etc. Brooke asked about connections for barricades? Interstate Rentals was recommended. She also talked about the various permits she needed.

–          Firehouse Block Party – we need to approve the block party permit – MOTION: Tom motions that we give Anjala the power to sign the permit, Rick seconds, carries with one abstention

–          Moving Update

  • Anjala – Trudy Pollard called – they are buying us new signs because they put vinyl letters on them.
  • Luke will bring back the signs

–          Clean Up is COMING!

  • Sign up with Jan to help…
  • Next time around, would be good to help with the signage

–          National Night Out

  • Christy, Miriam, and Lisa working on this – meeting in person on Friday
  • Lisa wants us to look at Basecamp
  • Swap and Play likely to participate
  • Kung Fu studio doing a demonstration
  • Nikki the Brown Clown likely to come – working on her price and our budget
  • DJ OG One for free, another neighbor playing music
  • Working on electric
  • Just emailed Tony, Shirley following up with him
  • Lots of moving parts – Lisa feeling good

–          Movies in the Park

  • Flyers – Brooke wants us to try to get 4 on a sheet and then cut and leave at local business… Backside – just advertise for us… Get 200
  • Banner – Christy will attempt to make logo. Minute Man Printing Press may have our logo on file. Lisa will also look for it. Ethan may have it.  Anjala will also send me what she has.


–          Ps and Qs – they are filming a video  for Kickstarter tomorrow morning 9am-12 noon at the market… Planning to open July 1st.

–          Ross Danielson wants an update on TriMet – Christy gave a quick one


–          Katy from NECN asked us to read out loud some announcements

  • Clean-Ups coming
  • RSVP early for June trainings
    • Facilitators Training
    • Emergency Preparedness
  • Learning from History – May 15th
  • Irvington Home Tour – irvingtonhometour.com
  • City Budget hearings
  • School Committee Meeting – Thursday, May 23rd
  • SALT Meeting – Monday
  • Land Use Meeting – May 22nd
  • Community Economic Development Committee

–          Shirley shared that the Farmer’s Market at King Elementary is now open for the season – Sundays from 10am-2pm

–          Woodlawn Community Garden met on Saturday – Kathy Dunn is the coordinator… Good turnout, people are excited, cleaning up the area, etc. Looks much better than it did last year. Andrew, the lead, will stick around for the next year. Plots are still available, but most are taken.

–          Woodlawn School – biggest fundraiser  of the year – Friday, May 31st 4-7pm – great big festival, events, food, bouncy house, silent auction

–          Grand Opening of the Oregon Public House – this Friday night 5/17

–          Breakside Anniversary Party – Saturday all day 5/18

–          Dekum Doorway  is open and seems to being well in old Buffalo Gardens spot

Meeting adjourned at 8:29pm



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