WNA Board Meeting 6/5/13

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at http://necoalition.org/programs/woodlawn/.

Attendees: Anjala Ehelebe Christy Splitt, Tom Powers, Tracy Little, Wayne Singer, Mark Axness, Ursula Irwin, Rick Reynolds, Emily Anderson, Amy Hofer, Stephen Grieco, Jake Greenberg (Classic Foods), Elizabeth Norris, Shirley Minor, Matthew Busetto

Talked a bit about our new home at Classic Foods, a great new space!

Meeting called to order at 7:03pm


MOTION to approve agenda as amended to add Ps and Qs, TriMet Adopt-a-Stop, and  issues with gunshots– Tom motions, Mark seconds, motion carries without objection

Tabled minutes because Anjala has a change to make.


  • Reported police activity last summer after a drive-by shooting on NE Holman near 15th. Two weeks ago on a Wednesday night, several people in the Highland area heard gunshots. Local neighbors have since been talking on Facebook… There is a particular house that folks wonder about… The house has been shot up, there are rumors about the house, neighbors have moved out of the immediate area. The police are aware of the problem. Neighbors have called animal control… Mayor’s office has been called. People are afraid and don’t know what to do… Shirley will make some calls.
  • Anjala talked about the history of gang violence in the area… Less gang activity now, but it does still happen.
  • We will also let the NERT officer know about the concerns.
  • Discussed the positive direction of the neighborhood, but that the gun violence is adding to anxiety of neighbors – including folks with kids, etc.
  • Concerns were also brought up about the people who live in the house, not just the rest of us
  • Shirley reminded people about the neighborhood food patrol program – walking around neighborhood, handing out flyers about the neighborhood association, no security aspect, just a piece of the community policing puzzle
  • We are connecting neighbors near Highland to Celeste at ONI


  • Bylaws tabled for another time
  • Recruiting for a new treasurer – explained that Luke has stepped back from being Treasurer and what being Treasurer entails
  • Recruiting new board members, too – folks moved away, looking for folks to agree to come to meetings and help out with projects
  • MOTION – Christy motions that we not have an August general meeting, Tom seconds, motion carries without objection
  • Train Noise – Kenton has an agreement with the city to work toward a nighttime quiet zone between 10pm and 6am in that area… PBOT coming to the June 19th Kenton Neighborhood Association meeting. Rick will go to that meeting and get information on how Kenton has been successful. The petition was circulated. Christy will do a letter in time for the June 19th meeting to show neighborhood association support for a nighttime quiet zone in Woodlawn. Tom asked about costs – PBOT or private money? Rick explained that costs should be minimal.
  • Adopt-a-Stop – Rick gave an update on the new partnership with TriMet, WNA, and some local businesses. We have agreed to take on 3 stops and we are emptying the trash. Rick checks it weekly – it’s been pretty easy – and wants to add 3 more stops – near Dekum Market at 18th and Dekum, by the park, and at 15th and Junior. Ursula also helps out.


  • Ps and Qs update – Emily – new market at 13th and Dekum, coming soon… Hoping to open by the beginning of July. Grateful for all of the support from the Neighborhood Association. Issue with neighbors has come up… They have an OLCC license. Concern has been raised by some neighbors – people come in, buy beer, and then sit in the park and drink. Neighbors find bottles and needles in the park. Paul and Emily have heard the concerns and have plans to hopefully alleviate them… No hard alcohol will be sold in house. Won’t sell 40s or malt liquor, not selling cigarettes, open to other ideas about how they can avoid the issues that neighbors are worried about. Emily also mentioned their Kickstarter – she will send it around and hopes that we can all spread the word about their effort to get that last infusion of capital. One neighbor brought up concerns about the restaurant aspect, especially about the sidewalk tables, and how people congregating could create noise.  Emily brought up that they will close at 9:00pm. There are only 4 tables, each with 2 seats, and Emily and Ursula will talk after the opening to discuss any problems. Shirley also brought up the parking concerns with the condo association – Emily offered to put up a sign that says No Parking for Ps and Qs. Emily will work with Shirley to visit the condo association soon. Stephen spoke up to support Ps and Qs and their power to make our community better – this is the right kind of change, a walkable market in the community. Shirley clarified that her concerns are with the lack of parking in that area, which will be compounded if the apartment building come in across from P’s and Q’s.
  • Matthew Busetto from Firehouse came… Sunday, August 4th – Centennial for the Old Firehouse, have not had an event like this in a couple of years. They are doing a fundraiser for the Pixie Project and Sauvie Island Center – family fun event, old fashioned shin-dig, summer social, pony rides, sack races, petting zoo, square dancing, pig roast, corndogs, chili cookoff with firefighter judges. Closing off the street between Dekum and Madrona and between Dekum and Oneonta. Event from 1pm to 6pm or so, with the street closure starting a couple of hours earlier and going until about an hour after the event. Tom can coordinate with Matthew about publicity efforts so that we cross-promote both events, since NNO is just two days later.
  • Ken Bonnin – liquor license request to distribute mead (10 Speed Mead) – we need to get back to the City with our position on his request by June 15th. MOTION – Anjala asked for a vote of the board to support his application, no objections.


Didn’t really have one this meeting… Christy quickly walked through the spreadsheet that will be the basis for ongoing budget conversations. Christy also noted that we have only about $61 left in the communications budget after the flyer project ran over budget due to underestimating the number of houses in Woodlawn.


  • Clean Up – $1017 raised this year! Could get even more depending on the expenses.
  • NE 8th and Holland painting – looks great! Lots of hard work.
  • Sunday Parkways – Sunday, June 23rd – we are manning a table that day by the amphitheater… Shirley looking for folks to volunteer at the table. 11-4.
  • Land Use Update
    • Coal train update – coal projects seem to be on hold
    • 8th and Durham – new construction going in
    • 13th and Dekum – no new word on their bank approval
    • 10 Speed Mead already covered
    • TriMet Subcommittee – looking for a new chair to deal with various issues relating to the layover problem… moved the layover spot to Walgreens and then also at Winchell. They are also looking for a long-term solution away from homes, which has only happened in part.
    • NNO Subcommittee – NNO is on Tuesday, August 6th, 5ish-duskish, fun times, come hang out

Meeting adjourned at 8:34pm



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