WNA General Meeting 6/19/13

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at http://necoalition.org/programs/woodlawn/.

Attendees: Lisa Gladstone, Christy Splitt, Anjala Ehelebe, Stephen Grieco, Chanel Grieco, Thelma Diggs, Maija Spencer, Byron Tennant, Anthony Irwin, Ken Bonnin Jr., Tom Powers, Ursula Irwin

Anjala talked about land use committee work, Christy urged folks to help out for NNO, Thelma gave a plug for the neighborhood foot patrol, Maija and Byron also expressed interest in foot patrol, Anthony is interested

Meeting called to order at 7:01pm


MOTION to approve agenda as amended–Anjala motions, Thelma seconds, motion carries without objection

MOTION to approve May General Meeting Minutes – Christy motions, Thelma seconds, motion carries without objection


  • Stephen has volunteered to take the role of treasurer… Anjala and Lisa worked with him, brought him up to speed, and he is ready to help out… Miriam can also be available to assist. Anjala checked him out and says that he “checks out”… This is great experience for Stephen, too, as he prepares to start an MBA program with a focus on accounting.
  • MOTION – Anjala makes the motion that we make Stephen Grieco our treasurer, Tom seconds, motion carries without objection
  • Stephen Grieco was voted treasurer, and is replacing Luke Grosser in that position. Hence, the board of the WNA authorizes Albina Community Bank to add Stephen Grieco as a signator on the WNA checking account, and to remove Luke Grosser as signator on the same account.


  • MOTION – Thelma motions that we not have any meetings in August, Christy seconds, motion carries without objection


  • Lisa has been going to some trainings on meeting facilitation… picked up a concept called the groan zone… There will be ideas thrown out and then people have different reactions. Some people are process oriented, some people are product oriented. Some people want to talk things through, while others do not… The Groan Zone allows for space for conversation rather than just a rushed decision in order to be most inclusive… This brings about more buy-in and allows for community-based leadership and decision-making. It’s kind of an uncomfortable place, thus the name. She gave an example of how misunderstandings come up… about how new-comers and old-timers in the association interact differently… wants us to take time to appreciate our diversity and differences of opinion. She hopes that we will envision that in how we talk about issues in the future. Anjala wants to know we can bring that spirit into our work. Ursula: is there a time given for the groan zone or is it just a modus operandi? Lisa: when new ideas come up, then we open the floor and allow for discussion, described it as knitting things together. Not everything requires a groan zone. Anjala: people have different ways to reacting in a group… Luke came to meetings and listened without a lot of conversation for quite some time. Then, he opened up. Sometimes being here is a form of contribution. Reminder that some of us are talkers and some of us are listeners. Anjala wants to more actively listen and reflect what she hears as a practice under this concept, will be the one to say “we have done that before.” So, we need to remind her that times change. Anjala: what do we do when someone takes over the meeting with their own concern? Lisa: we need to better acknowledge the person so that they feel like we have heard them, then let them know that we need to be more inclusive, consider taking a conversation offline. Facilitating is an art. Maija: It is okay to say what the past experience was and she welcomes that. She also thinks that having an easel so that people can see that their ideas are recorded for somewhere. Also suggests a parking lot to collect ideas that do not fit on the agenda that night, but can come up another time. Ken: Interested in the new idea, thinks it’s a good addition. Stephen: Building on the easel idea… Facilitator training in the past gave him an idea – if the ground rules are set clearly, then that helps. Gave the example of 5 minute limits to keep things moving along. Anjala: reminds us that we should have a timekeeper.

NEIGHBORHOOD INVOLVEMENT – we are growing! Where do we go from here?

–          Lisa: we are growing… we should look at the vision of what the community wants and what the goals are… Two years ago, we started going through some real ups and downs… Wants to see people stick around. More people are going to our events, etc. How do we build new leadership?

–          Christy – not do more, but do things better… create traditions… respect people’s time… consider ways to split the two meetings to make them distinctive from each other (one business, one – the general – more open and inclusive)

–          Christy – send Lisa the email list to broadcast to attendees tonight about how meetings are done in different neighborhoods

–          Ursula – how are we growing? She sees Rick’s inviting emails and thinks they might be a contributing factor.

–          Lisa is observing that when there are problems, those people show up and/or we get a larger turnout… TriMet, for example, brought folks in… She also sees new faces – and some come back, Facebook page has grown phenomenally. Lisa thinks we should plug holes rather than make new ones.

–          Anjala – we have created a vision, don’t need to reimagine it


OFFICER REPORT – Officer Pryce

–          He is mostly unaware of the house that we talked about at the last meeting

–          Recommends that people call over and over again, every time that there is anything to report

–          Recommends that we call in the Neighborhood Response Team

–          Stephen talked about recent incident – Gang Enforcement Division was called in

–          One attendee asked how do we call the police in without building contempt?

–          Officer says the more you call, the better

–          An attendee then told about a pretty rough conversation he had with some kids that were peering into his mother-in-law’s car and then later that night, a window was broken right where the conversation had taken place

–          Officer reiterates that you should call police and call whichever line – non-emergency or 911 – feels right to you under those circumstances

–          Ursula – it’s my second summer on Dekum, but she reported that about 60 people congregated at Dekum and Winona listening to loud music, spilling into the street. She called the non-emergency number and was treated with disrespect… Suggests that police do drive-bys on Dekum.

–          Shirley – something a little bit more seriously – the police know what they are doing… There was a mugging by a knife on 13th and Dekum… Cell phone was taken.  Shirley thinks we ought to spread the word via our email about not advertising that you have a valuable telephone.

–          Anjala – Ursula – that’s a flash mob, they have been happening for years, sometimes folks do get treated right when they call the police about the flash mobs

–          Dean and Durham – kids are doing cookies and then shooting down Dean Street at a high speed

–          Lisa mentioned that we should have Celeste help people reconvene the block watches in those problem areas and empower ourselves – so this will go in the “parking lot” for our next meeting. Let’s get organized!



Communications and Signs –

  • Anjala: City gives us $1k a year for outreach and communications. We have $61 left. The question is what to use it on.
  • Lisa: As a neighborhood we have to account for our communications fund. We have to let NECN know about appropriating the $61 to a different communications purchase.
  • Anjala: The thinking is to buy more lawn signs.
  • Lisa: we currently have 40 signs.
  • Anjala: Can I get authorization to get an estimate from Ethan about printing more A-frame signs?
  • Thelma: What happened to the sandwich boards?
  • Anjala: We still have them and are talking about more.
  • Lisa: We also still need more members to form a communications committee. We are the voice of the neighborhood.

National Night Out

  • Lisa: We are looking for help the day of the event. If you’re interested, indicate on the sign in sheet.

Clean Up Update

  • Anjala: Received email from Katy NECN. There is an invoice from the recycling folks, we need to pay the invoice and they will reimburse us. I gave the invoice to Christy.
  • Note to Christy: Find Stephen or Thelma and give them the invoice.

Movies in the Park

Sunday Parkways: Is this weekend!

Land Use

  • Anjala: Woodlawn is officially against coal. Latest update is that the Army Corps of Engineers will do a narrowly-focused study on the impact of coal exports. Public opinion has shifted from favoring coal exports to very minor support for coal.
  • Columbia River Crossing is still alive but we’re hoping Washington State will nix the funding.
  • Ps and Qs reached their Kickstarter goal.
  • Anjala: Also, the Firehouse is hosting a Centennial Celebration on August 4


  • Ken Bonnin: I’m starting Portland’s first honey winery aka meadery. It’s in the basement of my house. It’s just a production facility that will be licensed by all appropriate jurisdictions. Eventually I’ll be looking to expand, hopefully in the neighborhood.
  • Thelma: What’s going on with 18th and Dekum?

–          Anjala: That will be a gin distillery, with two other businesses.

–          Ben: Heard it will be a Mexican restaurant.

–          Stephen: Is that The Still Life spirits?

–          No one sure about that

–          Shirley: There’s also a new business going in on NE MLK and Holland St. Fabric?


  • Anthony: Street painting on Holland, few of my neighbors were skeptical, but it actually does slow the traffic down
  • Thelma: You can sign the obituary guestbook for Willie Ranson, who recently passed
  • Lisa: Anjala will post on the behalf of the neighborhood

Meeting adjourned at 8:31 pm


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