(please forgive the Secretary’s tardiness in posting – it was a busy summer!)

DRAFT Minutes

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at http://necoalition.org/programs/woodlawn/.

WNA Board Meeting 7/3/13

Attendees: Lisa Gladstone, Anjala Ehelebe, Christy Splitt, Tom Powers, Shirley Minor, Luke Groser, Paul Herner

Meeting called to order at 7:07pm, after we did some moving of stuff into our new file cabinet




MOTION to approve agenda, Christy motions, Shirley seconds, motion carries without objection


MOTION to approve May and June board meeting minutes, Anjala motions that we approve the corrected minutes for May, motion carries without objection; Tom motions, Shirley seconds, motion carries without objection


National Night Out

  • Lisa’s questions
    • What’s the plan for flyer distribution? Christy is on it… She will do flyers for The Goonies and to post in local busineses… How many lawn signs do we want out? Lisa to give list to Christy of who has signs… Christy will send email with the flyer and the Google Map then people can put them out on a location per Jackie’s map and everyone will be helpful
    • Miriam and Christy will be the on-site people, there from set-up through tear-down
    • We have to take the garbage out of the park after the event… Need to see if some businesses can help to take that trash for us. Tom will find a receptacle.
    • Need to get a large car for pick-up and delivery of canopies and tables – Miriam and Christy will take care of it

Other Items

  • Purchase of easel and paper so that we can have a place to write things down and have a parking lot
  • MOTION Anjala motions for a $75 allotment to get an easel and 2 sticky pads (Anjala has markers), Tom seconds, motion carries with no objection
  • A-Frame Signs – want to get one more, Anjala will do the shopping and see if we can get it for cheaper than the $200 or so Kinko’s would charge
  • MOTION Christy motions to approve up to $160 for a new A-Frame sign, Tom seconds, motion carries without objection
  • Issue of the NECN Appreciation Event, which conflicts with our next membership meeting… We have decided that if Board members want to go to the appreciation event, then they should go. Lisa will let NECN know that Luke and Shirley, at least, will be in attendance representing WNA. 
  • Christy to put together phone list at last – just need to get Stephen’s info
  • WNA Printer or Copier?
    • We can print at NECN, which requires going up there and getting that done before each meeting.. . Instead, Tom and Christy will get a personal printer. WNA will buy 2 reams of paper and a printer cartridge in exchange for Christy being the printer as part of her role as Secretary 
    • MOTION – Christy motions that we give her approval to buy 2 reams of paper and 2 printer cartridges, Tom seconds, motion carries without objection and one abstention
    • Facebook Promotion of NNO – Christy and Miriam can play around with that within their budget for NNO using our Facebook page and will report back with data regarding results


  • 8th and Durham: Solterra had city permit hold ups… Ready to move forward
  • 13th and Dekum: NW Ventures apartment proposal is still in proposal stage. Two banks have showed interest in financing it, without parking. Concordia has it on its backup list for student housing. NW Ventures is talking with another scholastic program about housing their students.
  • TriMet will be audited by the SOS because of publicity about their lavish spending, fights with unions, and fare increases yet service decreases… I think we (Woodlawn) come under the services decreases part. Our TriMet subcommittee sure contacted every legislator to let them know our dissatisfaction with TriMet.
  • Hopes are that Washington State will not vote to provide the funding for the Columbia River Crossing process … It appears to be dead.
  • Coal shipments: Army Corps of Engineers did NOT agree to study region wide environmental effects of transport by barge or rail contrary to requests by most PNW governors. Rally against coal July 9th.
  • No major permit notices of buildings or developments received. Just curb and driveway alterations.
  • MOTION Christy motions to approve the Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry liquor license changes, Christy seconds, motion carries without objection.
  • Still Life Spirits – 18th and Dekum… The OLCC sent a notice, but it did not make it to Anjala in time – so we did not do a letter of support. They are doing a distillery, winery, brewery on site… Will operate from 9-9 and have a tasting room seating 25. Recorded music. As of May, they plan to be open to the public in 9-12 months.  Christy hopes that they will let us know if they need any help with getting their liquor license, since Ps and Qs had some issues.
  • The owner of the market at 18th and Dekum passed away.
  • Lisa brought up the lack of business relationships with WNA and the lack of their own business district… Folks brought up that some of our businesses struggle and that it is hard for them to find time to take part.
  • From NECN
    • Colwood Golf Course will be turned into forest, with the pond/slough area becoming industrial to prevent bird strikes at the nearby airport… There will be more bike trails and Columbia might be widened.
    • Wider on-ramp from Columbia onto I-205.
    • City comprehensive plans are firming up. Will submit design concepts within the next few months. Anjala to post about this on Facebook.
    • MOTION to accept the land use report carries


  • This is the third reading of our bylaws!
  • First idea: when do we want our annual meeting? At the October General Meeting.
  • Terms of office: one year
  • New position created: co-chair
  • Streamlined removal process for members that do not perform or need to be removed for some other reason… Motion can be made at a meeting, the person can have a chance to speak, and then the vote takes place. No petitions or anything like that… More than three meetings missed without prior notice, then someone can be considered for removal.
  • Added and described liaison positions… We can send our members to various committees. We can also delegate to NECN and to be on NECN committees. Now there is a removal process as needed.
  • Officer assistants are also officially in the bylaws.
  • Included minimum of 7 board members, with quorum being total number of board members, divided by two and rounded up to nearest whole number, in the bylaws
  • Discussed the number of meetings that we hold… Christy talked about board meetings being for business and general meetings for engaging others in our work, removing her request for a discussion about the overall number of meetings. 10 board meetings per year for the board meetings only in the WNA.
  • MOTION Christy motions that we accept bylaws, with the reference to minimum board members removed and the annual meeting moved to October, and move them toward approval at the next general meeting.


  • Luke will write the $50 check for the Neighborhood Notes
  • Luke will work with Stephen to get the recycling bill paid
  • Luke will fill out the form for the communications fund with NECN
  • Luke and Stephen will get together at the general meeting


  • Friends of Ainsworth – Paul came tonight to tell us about this effort to mow the middle of Ainsworth. One neighbor has worked to mow out in front of the area in front of his place, a couple of folks have also stepped up to mow the middle by their homes. Paul wants to get people to volunteer to do that mowing and is inspired by the Peninsula Rose Garden… Paul spends his winters in the south and is looking for someone to spearhead this effort. Lisa suggested posting on Facebook and post the flyers on the kiosks… Lisa also suggested visiting the NECN board… There is also the linear arboretum – lots of folks involved in oversight, which makes it complicated as far as liability and who is in charge…
  • Anjala – City Club invited us to a special Civic Drinks event… she went, it was interesting
  • Last Thursday board all quit last week…
  • Idea thrown out – it’d be nice if we had business cards or something for WNA
  • Anjala also shared information on the Neighborhood Tree Steward Program
  • Lisa shared that 744 NE Dekum was purchased, is being restored, and then will be back on the market
  • Anjala also mentioned the Fruit Tree Project and their efforts to sign up more households
  • Shirley – Good in the Neighborhood Event – things went well!

Meeting adjourned at 8:44pm




General Meeting July 17, 2013

7:01 Meeting Called to Order

7:00 Introductions, Approval of Minutes, Agenda

Lisa Gladstone, Anjala Ehelebe, Paul Herner (Friends of Ainsworth), Maija Spencer, Byron Tennant, Stephen Grieco, Rick Reynolds, Thelma Diggs, Shirley Minor, Tom Powers, Officer Jimmy Pryce

7:06 Anjala moved that the agenda be approved. Lisa seconds. Motion carries.

7:06 Stephen – minutes need to say that he has been voted as Treasurer in order for Bank to allow him to be a signer. Moves that the minutes be amended to reflect vote by which he became Treasurer. Tom seconds. Motion carries.

7:10 Lisa begins discussion on Dog Off Leash Areas at Woodlawn Park. A resident sent us a letter criticizing the board for not supporting a local off leash area in the park.

7:15 Train Quiet Zones and Coal Trains

7:11 Coal Trains: Anjala says that Morrow Pacific wants to ship Wyoming coal through the Gorge on barges. There are environmental concerns. Coal is combustible. They ship them in non-enclosed trains. It’s seeping into the Columbia River and polluting the river. If the trains are approved, there will be mile-long trains moving along Columbia Blvd. all day long, causing problems for nurseries and schools.

Tom: Points out possible conflation between barges and railroad export proposals for Coal.

Anjala: The message is to call the Governor and ask him to call on the Army Corps of Engineers to review the Environmental Impact of coal exports.

Byron: Wants to know about how this issue affects the clean up of the Willamette River. We should clean up the Superfund site before we start with coal.

Anjala: A train in Canada recently derailed and took out an entire city.

Lisa: We need to look at this from a global sense.

7:20 Officer Report

7:22 Officer Pryce – handed out map of Type 1 crimes. 4 larcenies.

7:24 – Stephen: It’s been quiet in this part of the neighborhood lately. Not sure if that’s related to anything.

7:25 Pizza Break! Good Neighbor Pizza and Salads delivered.

7:28 Lisa brings up issue with June minutes.

Train Quiet Zones

7:30 Rick Reynolds: Passionate about sleep. Lives near train intersection; it wakes him up at night all the time. Sure that others would like to help him seek a ‘Quiet Zone’ designation for train intersections in the Woodlawn neighborhood. Kenton is going through this process right now. They have to deal with 4 train intersections, and their proposal is hanging on by a threat. They need the state, UP, the city to sign off on the quiet zone to happen. Woodlawn only has 1 train intersection, and it looks really doable for us to make a train zone. Would need to couple our quiet zone with Cully and Lombard. Chatted with Commissioner Novick about it; he’s talking to someone at PBOT to see what they can do to make it happen. It’s tricky with Cully because they have more traffic; Woodlawn has a lot less traffic and mitigation. Will keep us updated and will keep working.

Lisa: Rick has been working on this really hard, and he’s tenacious.

Rick: The petitions we gathered really helped to make the case. Handed them right to Commissioner Novick.

Byron: Happy to support and help if Rick needs anything.

Lisa: National Night Out a good time to get people excited and in the loop about this.

7:36 Treasurer’s Report

Stephen hands out fancy new Treasurer’s report.

7:37 – Stephen: Will continue to work on enhanced reporting, but this is a good start. Says he needs understanding of key goals of organization to better reflect spending and revenue goals. Will report back next meeting on cost of acquiring a license for QuickBooks to streamline accounting.

Walks group through report. Compares year over year—As of June 30, we have 7.2% more cash on hand, or $393. We still owe $928 to Cloudburst Recycling, which will be reimbursed by NECN. Report contains carryover error regarding a bequest, please disregard. Need to reflect inventory of assets.

7:41 – Lisa: What we can do at the next board meeting is review goals and where we want to take the organization.

7:42 – Stephen: Key Financial Metrics show that our monthly expenses are about $330, which gives us about a 17-month cash reserve. Steady trailing 12-month cash balance.

7:43 – Anjala: Will need to insert column about grants because WNA is a 501©(3) organization that gets grant income. Also need to come up with way to account for donations to other organizations and individuals.

7:44 – Tom: That seems to be under the ‘Community Giving’ line item on the next page.

7:45 – Rick: This report is awesome, great upgrade, well done Stephen.

7:48 – Lisa: One of my goals is to reach the larger neighborhood through communications and events. I’d like to see more people active and participating in meetings.

7:50 – Stephen: Just a couple more items: Statement of Activities—still a lot of work to do on this spreadsheet.

But when you look at revenue by type and expenses by type, you can get a good sense of how we’re tracking each by category. This can help guide and inform the planning and goals process. Final page shows line items of expenditures.

7:54 – Tom moves to accept Treasurer’s report. Rick seconds. Motion carries.

7:55 – Tom moves to approve the June 2013 General Meeting minutes as amended. Thelma seconds. Motion carries.

National Night Out

7:56 – Lisa: Christy is working on signs for NNO and will be sending us flyers for us to print out ourselves and distribute. Board members need to keep posted about an email for NNO signs. Christy needs to put on the signs that dogs are welcome on leashes. Maybe put that last part in bold.

Land Use

7:58 – Anjala: Interstate 84 will have rolling closures over different weekends this summer for repairs. They will also be rebuilding the exit that joins I-84 to I-5. The Durham and Dekum lot that’s being developed by Solterra Systems is still going through the permit process but moving along. 1304 NE Dekum is still on hold as the developer awaits loans from banks. Colwood Golf Course is in discussions with Land Trust about turning the area into a nature preserve. Plans to widen access from NE Killingsworth to I-205 to help ease congestion. TriMet keeps sending us weekly letters saying that we irritated the people around 8th and Dekum, we stopped that and are now irritating the people around Walgreens. TriMet seeking permanent layover site in Woodlawn but will need to buy property in the neighborhood in order to make that transition.

8:04 – Paul: What about the parcel at Ainsworth and Grand? Isn’t it being developed?

8:05 – Anjala: Yes, we’ve heard that but nothing has happened. Also, the Columbia River Crossing is dead. Patricia McCaig is being investigated for ethics.

8:07 – Stephen: What about the 18th and Dekum property? Is that happening?

8:07 – Anjala: That’s still going. The Still Life.

8:08 – Rick: Ps and Qs Market will open on Monday, July 22. They’ll be getting folks together on Saturday, July 20 to put the finishing touches on. Anybody who can help?

8:10 – Byron and Maija may be able to help, will connect with Rick.

Woodlawn Foot Patrol

8:12 – Celeste Carey – Crime Prevention Coordinator: Official contact for crime prevention here in Woodlawn, since 2001. Asked to come here to talk about foot patrol—this neighborhood has one of the few sustained foot patrols in NE.

8:15 – Lisa: I requested that Celeste come by to talk about issues raised about one area of the neighborhood that could use some attention.

8:16 – Celeste: What’s the specific reason for renewing the Foot Patrol?

8:17 – A neighbor’s story: We moved to Woodlawn last year because of the promise of livability. After we moved in, we noticed a bunch of patrol cars one night because there had been a shooting near our house. In early June 2013, several neighbors were woken up early in the morning by multiple gunshots. Apparently another shooting had taken place. Concerned for livability and safety of neighborhood. Number of vacancies seems to be high too, compared to nearby neighborhoods. We need a creative solution to address these issues.

8:22 – Celeste: What are you willing to do to make it happen? We need to flesh out the details; much of what’s been asked is not necessarily crime prevention. We need to address the root problem, not the symptoms. There has been a gradual improvement of safety in this neighborhood over the past decade, thanks to foot patrol, neighborhood watch, etc. What are we asking of the Mayor’s Office? We need to set the tone for what the acceptable standards are for the community.

Celeste: Gunshots create the most fear. What would make us feel safer with regard to gunshots? How do vacancies undermine public safety, and how can we address that? We did a neighborhood watch here in 2011 to monitor and deter issues of crime and fear, but also to break down stereotypes and misunderstandings. How to report information to the police. What the foot patrol did: take turns going to hot spots. Look, and report.

8:30 – Discussion of one particular area of the neighborhood.

8:32 – Celeste: We can ask the Neighborhood Response Team Officer Anthony Zeller to see if there are any new avenues to respond to neighbors’ concerns. We could start the neighborhood watch again.

8:35 – Stephen: I want to address this as a community. I will sign up for foot patrol.

8:37 – Celeste: It’s not difficult to organize a neighborhood watch. We need to divide up the responsibilities for communication with the group, and communications between the group and Celeste. Meeting spots, handouts, etc. I will provide technical assistance for notices, can help build your email network, and can help with recruitment for your effort. Stephen, you are the new watch organizer. You just need someone who’s in the area to share what they see in the area, and what they see, and to call the police when necessary.

8:41 – Rick:  We could send something out over the email listserv to see what response we can get.

8:41 – Celeste: Neighborhood watch is really just another term for community building. For the vacancies, we can work with the city’s committee on abandoned houses to crack down on that. But we need to focus on one thing at a time, and the problem is that one house. That’s where we should start.

8:48 – Byron: I want to make sure that we have an approach that doesn’t have a white-black dichotomy.

8:49 – One neighbor set up a small neighborhood watch program with her neighbor across the street.

8:55 – Celeste: Call me at the Crime Prevention office to report trends and what you see in the neighborhood. We will start working on this problem together.

8:58 –Folks want to talk further about fear of retribution.

9:03 – Meeting adjourned.

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