To view the draft minutes from our two November meetings, including our annual meeting where board members were selected, please click below.  Please note that our next WNA meeting will be on Wednesday, December 18th at 7pm at Classic Foods – and we will kick thing off with some holiday treats. All are welcome!

DRAFT Minutes

WNA General  Meeting 11/20/13

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at

Attendees: Lisa Gladstone, Anjala Ehelebe, Thelma Diggs, Maija Spencer, Byron Tennant, Ben Protzman, Shirley Minor, Thelma Diggs, Christy Splitt, Rick Reynolds, Peter Matje, Sarani, Katy Asher, Fran Ayaribil, Pat Clemens, Stephen Green, Andreé Culpepper, Annie Danielson, Ross Danielson, Daryl Gadner, Davey Hendrickson

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm.


This is our annual meeting, where officers elected. We did a round of introductions to begin the evening.


Officer Pryce is here today…

Christy quickly recapped some past officer visits, including the area shootings in the summer and also the worry from neighbors that people are calling in concerns – but then not feeling like their concerns are being heard. Officer Pryce said that folks should keep calling on anything that the police can be helpful with…

NRT –Officer Anthony Zoeller 503-823-0743 – NE Precinct  503-233-5700– for long-term concerns vs. emergencies… To reach Officer Pryce, 503-545-3466 (Monday – Thursday, 3pm-1am)

Lisa – wants Officer Pryce to help improve communication between police, non-emergency line, Mayor’s office, Celeste Carey…

NECN holds monthly Safety and Livability meetings – Celeste Carey was there last time, her number is 503-823-4764 – she is at the City’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement and helping to coordinate neighborhood watch in the SE corner of Woodlawn.

Byron mentioned that he had talked to Celeste, who mentioned that she did not think that calling everything in was helpful – so, that’s different than what we have heard from the police. Officer Pryce agreed – call in criminal activity, not just behavior that you don’t like.


Christy forgot printed agendas again – she read agenda out loud to start the meeting.


What We Accomplished Together in 2013

In 2013, the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association worked with community partners and volunteers on a host of issues and events.

  • We continued our work to move the TriMet Line 8 layover from Woodlawn Park and our business district – and are continuing to work with TriMet and, most importantly, neighbors to find a permanent layover location.
  • We supported a volunteer-led Easter Egg Hunt at Woodlawn Park. Lots of neighborhood kids and parents turned out for what has become a Woodlawn annual tradition!
  • We made Woodlawn Neighborhood Association a partner in the TriMet Adopt-a-Stop program, working with local businesses to reduce litter on Dekum Street.
  • Led by a longtime neighborhood volunteer, we held our annual Neighborhood Clean-Up – a fundraiser for the association and part of a citywide effort to help folks get rid of used items in the most sustainable way possible.
  • Working with the Village Building Convergence Center and a local site leader, we helped to paint a new street mural at NE 8th and Holland – a dangerous, unmarked intersection that now stands out to drivers and other road users.
  • We worked with the City to bring both Sunday Parkways and Movies in the Park to Woodlawn Park, both well-attended events that brought neighbors together in their in their local park this summer.
  • Along with a host of community organizations, we held a great National Night Out BBQ at Woodlawn Park in August.
  • We moved our meeting location to Classic Foods, a great neighborhood business and a location that is accessible for our neighbors with disabilities.
  • Throughout the year, we supported efforts to stop coal exports through Woodlawn and halt the Columbia River Crossing project.
  • We provided a place for neighbors to bring concerns at our twice-monthly meetings and had discussions and took action on issues ranging from gun violence to traffic safety at Woodlawn School.
  • We helped new and existing neighborhood businesses with letters of support and by giving them a space to bring concerns, projects, and events for neighborhood feedback. We are particularly thrilled with our support for Ps and Qs Market, which brings fresh and local produce to Woodlawn.
  • We supported various neighborhood organizations with both funding and volunteer time.
  • We are continuing to work toward a rail “Quiet Zone” to lessen train noise in the northern parts of Woodlawn.


Starting in 2014, the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association will meet monthly, usually on the first Wednesday of each month, to carry out the business of the association and share updates from the neighborhood. Quarterly, the Association will host gatherings on specific issues of interest to Woodlawn neighbors.


This is our annual meeting and it’s our chance to elect our neighborhood association board. If folks want to vote tonight, sign in with your address and make sure that you live, own a business, or work at a non-profit organization, church, or school within the boundaries of the district. Folks also need to be 18 years old.

Katy reviewed the responsibilities of board members.

The following people were nominated: Anjala, Lisa, Christy, Rick, Thelma, Shirley, and Luke.

MOTION: Sarani moves, Stephen seconds that we vote in the slate of officers on the board. Motion carries without objection.

The new board members each gave a short speech about why they want to be on the Board and we also heard from neighbor Annie about her memories of Woodlawn.

We also selected our officers – Lisa as Chair, Anjala as Vice Chair, Christy as Secretary, Luke as Treasurer

MOTION Rick motions, Thelma seconds that we elect our officers, motion carries without objection.

Now that Luke Groser has been made treasurer, he needs to be added as a signatory on the WNA checking account. Stephen Grieco is no longer treasurer and should be removed.


Katy mentioned what NECN does as our local coalition office of neighborhood associations.

Coming up to NECN Land Use Committee – Wednesday, December 4th at 7pm – Discussion with new Transportation leadership, Steve Novick and Leah Treat, about our regional priorities at the NECN office.

Outreach and Communications Strategies Roundtable – Thursday, December 5th at 7pm at the NECN office. New Communications Manager will be introduced and lead the event, which, event will have a focus on collaboration and diversity.

Backpack Lunch Program Workshop – King School helping people start or improve their backpack programs, Thursday, December 12th, 6pm, NECN office.


Stakeholders in the Woodlawn neighborhood coming together to talk about issues with dogs off-leash at the park… NW Resolutions is coming in to ensure a productive conversation. 6:30pm-8:30pm will be the time.


Tamale Boy – they are remodeling at 18th and Dekum, they got their permits okayed yesterday, so they are now able to commence construction. Aiming for January opening.

Stephen Green – works as economist for PDC – Solterra update, “The Woodlawn” – they are building the project at Dekum and Durham, 18 apartments (including 2 live/work spaces), the developer has gone above and beyond in bringing in minority contractors, there is also retail space – developer does not want a national chain or a business that will compete directly with local existing businesses… They are also not hiking up the rents exorbitantly. It will have the largest green wall in the state, the largest solar awning in the state.

Peter and Shirley also mentioned the lack of parking at that site and how that will adversely affect parking for businesses. Lisa mentioned that it’s a city ordinance and we’d have to advocate for change at that level… She pointed out that we will have more cars with more density and it is a fact of a growing city.

NE 13th and Dekum – no schedule yet for that apartment building.


  • Sarani: Talked to Clay Thompson at TriMet – no planning powers, no authority, he is just the guy that takes the flack. Comment cutoff has been extended to December 6th. She mentioned that we did not want the layover site in Woodlawn, that it was evident that we did not want the layover here, and that they should go to the industrial area just north of here for the layover. KOIN TV was just in Woodlawn and it seemed like all new buses were on Line 8 all of the sudden.
  • Peter pointed out that the new model buses, per TriMet General Manager McFarlane, are not really changing that much as far as noise and pollution.
  • Andreé was upset that the TriMet meeting seemed to be about choosing between two sites. Benjamin Baldwin (a TriMet employee at the meeting) seemed to indicate that she should not get her hopes up… Koken Market owner wants to sell and Andree’ leases her space from him…
  • TriMet is also looking at the PDC surplus land on MLK that might be a better alternative.
  • 8 sites were considered – Site #3 is at Lombard and MLK.
  • Local architect (and former TriMet employee) suggested that the 8 should go to the Interstate MAX and connect with the 44.
  • Clay also admitted that this would be the first time a layover would be set up in a residential area.
  • Better outreach this time, but still missing folks… They have not talked to Café Alchemy (but a partner in this cafe is he’s friends with Koken Market folks and is in favor of that site), the Alberta Green Senior Center, or Growing Seeds.
  • Landlords in the townhouses that back up to Koken don’t seem to care if the layover is built, but the residents do not want it built there.
  • Forest Grove has a facility that is potentially similar to what they are talking about doing in our neighborhood.
  • Anjala – We also discussed that the layover zones have been sites of violent acts – safety concerns also presented at the TriMet meeting.
  • Ross wants to know why they can’t just go to Carl’s Jr. Someone replied that some of the buses have been going there but the owner of the Gentlemen’s Club has objected. Ross wants us to make a motion and take action.
  • has been launched. It is a website created by a neighbor to protest TriMet’s plans.
  • Maija – we need to launch a PR effort to help get comments in from the Woodlawn neighborhood.
  • TriMet meeting in January – is it a further discussion or is it an announcement of them choosing one of the two sites we oppose?  They say it is going to be further discussion.
  • Pat: Appalled that there is not better communication… We were called to their meeting. Nobody got notification, she’s been spreading the word since TriMet has not. She is knocking on doors, wants others to help.
  • MOTION: Ross motions that WNA opposes TriMet proposed sites 1 and 2, Sarani seconds, motion carries without objection
  • Various board members agreed to take on activities helping spread the word about TriMet plans…

Meeting concluded at 8:40pm.


DRAFT Minutes

WNA Board  Meeting 11/6/13

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at

Attendees: Lisa Gladstone, Anjala Ehelebe Thelma Diggs, Christy Splitt, Tom Powers, Daryl Garners, Luke Groser, Shirley Minor, Ursula Irwin, Davey Hendrickson

Meeting called to order at 7:07pm.


MOTION: Anjala motions that the agenda be approved, Thelma seconds, motion carries without objection.

Christy mentioned that she has been sometimes posting the minutes in two-for-one posts. Folks are fine with this.

MOTION: Thelma motions that the minutes be accepted from the October board meeting, Shirley seconds, motion carries without objection.


Lisa reminded us that we had decided to do one meeting per month with quarterly meetings with larger topics… We have some slots to fill at NECN, she hopes some folks fill those now that we have less meetings. Lisa also wants us to consider what events we do each year and start to get volunteers to lead on those items.

Confirmation of interest for positions: where are we now?

  • Shirley wants to continue to take a lead on Sunday Parkways and remain on the board.
  • Thelma wants to help with Sunday Parkways and remain on the board.
  • Anjala and Lisa want to continue to co-chair, but also want to train someone up to fill their shoes
  • Treasurer – still don’t have someone, NECN – can they help us manage funds? Well, tough because we have our own (c)3, so no. We need a treasurer.
  • Talked a bit about board members being absent for stretches of time – that’s probably okay per the group
  • Christy is fine to be Secretary, could also be Communications lead… some discussion of developing policies around communications norms, which Christy is not so sure about taking on… Classic Foods and Backpack Lunches are two folks we try to post for… Some discussion about how Christy might go about handling various communications issues,  which left her hoping that someone else will step forward to do that job… She wants to be helpful, not create need for a bunch of conversation and process. There was talk about social media policy. Thelma mentioned that we should have people with serious concerns come to meetings, or in really serious cases, call the police. Ursula mentioned that social media helps us to stay connected, even if we are not able to come to meetings.

Meeting Logistics

  • Katy from NECN will run the meeting, Fran from NECN will also be there to help with sign-in
  • Lisa – contacted Ps and Qs about snacks – has not heard back from Emily
  • Anjala – if snacks happen, great – but not necessary
  • Anjala – will tell Classic Foods how many we expect, we will be set up for 25 people
  • Need to have a minimum number of board members – folks suggested 5, so quorum would be three
  • We had a discussion about the co-chairs – our bylaws say no co-chairs, so Anjala and Lisa need to figure out who is the Chair and who is the Vice Chair.
  • We will elect a Board and then they elect the officers
  • MOTION: Christy motions that we have a minimum number of 5 board members, Thelma seconds. Discussion: Tom would prefer 7 – if we have 4 officers, then we need to have at least 3 at-large members to ensure that the officers have both a sounding board and a check. Christy mentioned that we all want more than 5, we are setting a minimum. Lisa mentioned that we have fallen below 7 board members in the recent past. Tom wants to see more of a check on the officers. We did a straw poll of officers that led Christy to withdraw her motion after careful review of our bylaws, which contain an interesting issue – we actually have to set the total number rather than the minimum number.
  • MOTION: Anjala moves that we have 7 board members next year, Thelma seconded, motions carries with two opposed.


  • Tom will be sure to spread word on Facebook
  • Christy will touch base with Rick and Judy about spreading the word
  • MOTION: Anjala moves that we have a $10 expenditure for boosting a Facebook post, Thelma seconds, motions carries without objection
  • Christy to spend $10

Development of our Structure and Vision

  • Decided to wait on this for the new board
  • Christy will draft a summary of our work last year to share with folks and will send that around a week before the general meeting


TriMet Upcoming Meeting

  • Next Wednesday 11/13 – meeting at Classic Foods at 6pm to hear from TriMet about their two proposed layover locations, both on MLK (Koken parking lot and lot next to Café Eleven)
  • TriMet doing a much better job of communicating this time… They postcarded, went to talk to Café Eleven, got on the bus and talked to people
  • Layover facility would be built on the site.
  • Rowhouses behind Koken Market would back right up to a layover facility
  • Anjala wants to know if TriMet would build soundwalls to protect nearby homes.
  • Some concerns about people going to the end of the line and then getting off and loitering in Café Eleven.
  • Ursula concerned about graffiti on any sound walls would attract, as well as pollution and noise. Thinks that the buses should go back to Jubitz. Neighborhood is just taking off with a vibrant character and feels that the buses would harm that…
  • Shirley agrees.
  • Café Eleven opposes the layover site.
  • Folks can submit testimony to TriMet or attend the meeting.

SALT Meeting

  • There was a discussion with neighbors and the Mayor’s Aide at the SALT meeting… Discussed the crime that has recently broken out in our neighborhood. Lisa took away from that conversation that there are communication issues between the police and neighbors and between City Hall and neighbors, with a level of frustration from neighbors.
  • Parks Bureau came to talk about off-leash and non-off-leash parks. Related to this,  Lisa met with Elizabeth from NW Resolution and Ally from Parks to discuss the January forum on this issue. The problem we have at Woodlawn is actually a citywide problem. Folks in our neighborhood are pretty adamant about using the park as an off-leash park. Elizabeth is working on goals and structure, and to see if the two sides can work together to find solutions. Shirley wants us to be aware that the City has spoken on this and she does not see a route to common-ground, because the City won’t move after a couple of times reviewing this. Lisa discussed that that she wants to see a carrot and stick approach – folks agree that people should at least follow the law, but the board will not take a position and board members should avoid doing so. Lisa talked about the possibility that we have a subcommittee out of the forum so that they conversation can continue… Things may not change, but we can try. Need to develop an outreach plan to get folks on both sides hear about the meeting. Christy and Lisa will work together on this, materials ought not alienate anyone before they even arrive.
  • Block Watch update – October 17th – 15-20 people attended, Celeste Carey from ONI came to talk about Block Watch and ran the meeting, 45 minutes spent defining the problem, multiple police officers were there, a resident of the home that was recently shot up was in attendance, homeowner wants help and wants to avoid future incidents, Celeste talked about the need for the neighbors to band together to have a Block Watch – they have to do it themselves, with Celeste’s support. Luke mentioned that we’d be willing to help and be a resource to anyone working for a safer neighborhood.


  • Lisa talked to Marilyn from Backpack Lunch. We gave them $50 toward this effort last year. They also have a big fundraiser at Whole Foods on NE 15th tomorrow, 5-8pm.
  • Anjala – follow-up on Walgreen’s pillar sign that is all sad now. Walgreen’s unwilling to fix the existing sign, they said that they don’t have the money to replace the letters, Lisa wants to go higher up. Tom will call our state senator, Chip Shields and have him call the Walgreen’s lobbyist.
  • Davey would like some time in the future to discuss Health Care for All campaign. We discussed whether or not both sides would need to attend for that to happen, which may or may not need to be the case.

MOTION Shirley motions to adjourn, Christy seconds, motion carries without objection, 8:53pm.




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