DRAFT Minutes

WNA Board  Meeting 12/18/13

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at http://necoalition.org/programs/woodlawn/.

Attendees: Lisa Gladstone, Anjala Ehelebe Thelma Diggs, Christy Splitt, Luke Groser, Shirley Minor, Ursula Irwin, P. Anna Johnson, Elizabeth Wren Shiffler, Anthony Irwin, Luke Groser, Ana Rosa Edgar, Erin Cooper, Carl Knudson

Meeting called to order at 7:07pm.


MOTION: Shirley motions that the agenda be approved, Thelma seconds, motion carries without objection.

MOTION: Lisa motions that we approve the board meeting minutes from  November, Anjala seconds, motion carries without objection.


Lisa suggested that we focus on our board meeting schedule to start with… Her proposal is that we have 10 board meetings and that we skip December and April meetings. Discussed how skipping in January could be necessary in another year if the first Wednesday falls on the 1st. Folks thought that skipping in August would be better than skipping in April, as our summer events tend to be wrapped up and it’s a common time for vacation.

MOTION: Christy motions that we have 10 board meetings, with August and December skipped, Thelma seconds, motion carries without objection.

We have already decided to have fewer general membership meetings. How do we want to structure these? Christy mentioned that we already decided on 4 of these “other” meetings and wants to publicly call the board meetings our monthly meetings.

We need to make some related bylaws adjustments – we have an issue with both quorum and membership v. board meetings conflicts.

MOTION: Anjala motions that we have at least 4 general membership meetings, one of which must be the annual membership meeting (for elections) and the other three or more may be scheduled according to neighborhood needs, Thelma seconds, motion carries without objection.

MOTION: Anjala motions that we maintain the schedule and hold board meetings on the 1st Wednesdays of each month, Thelma seconds, motion carries without objection.

We discussed whether or not we needed to set the dates for the 4 plus general membership meetings. No, but we do want to set some expectations for Classic Foods – so it’d be good to have those on one particular day of the week per month.

MOTION: Lisa motions that with the exception of the annual membership meeting (for elections – which is held the 3rd Wednesday ), we hold the other 3 or more general membership meetings when it works best for the neighborhood. We should reach out via Facebook and other outreach methods in order to determine topics of interest for those three or more general membership meetings, Anjala seconds, motion carries.

MOTION: Luke motions that we move the Land Use items up on the agenda because there are neighbors here for those items.  Thelma seconds, motion carries without objection.


  • Dogs in the Park – Community Conversation on January 15th: Lisa recapped that we have Resolutions NW coming to Woodlawn to hold what we hope will be a positive, helpful conversation about dogs in the park. Our goal is to have three different representatives to have a mediated conversation about the various positions on off-leash dogs at the Park. Lisa mentioned some of the problems – people running dogs off-leash, people wanting an off-leash area in the neighborhood and not having one, people running dogs off-leash at the school and leaving behind dog poop, etc. WNA has been blamed for us NOT having an off-leash area. Several people shared their perspectives briefly, then returned to discussing the January 15th event. Wren mentioned that we should post signs by the garbage cans in the park. Anna asked about connections to WOOF. Ana Rosa and Thelma offered to go door-to-door with flyers to spread the word about the event to neighbors. Neighbors agreed that the conversation is best saved for the January event.
  • TriMet Update: Anjala summarized the history of the layover issue for any new folks. TriMet’s first choice is the lot at Dekum and MLK next to Koken Market and ReViva, owner says sure. The other option under consideration is at Rosa Parks and MLK, where the owner does not want to sell. TriMet held a community meeting and heard lots of opposition. Two new options are now under consideration – one at Bryant and MLK (barely) in Piedmont, one extending the 8 line to Interstate MAX. We are going door to door with information on the TriMet layover issue – we have a subcommittee working on it. We are also going to post information online – we want to be sure people know that we enjoy having TriMet as part of our neighborhood, even if we object to the layovers. Let Anjala know if you want to help with the information campaign. Plan is to pass out 500 flyers. Wren – what’s at the corner of MLK and Bryant? Used car lots on Piedmont corners, extensive apartments on both sides of MLK. Wren wondered why the current two sites are not working (near Jack in the Box and near Walgreens) – Anjala explained the concerns with the Gentlemen’s Club and neighbors near Walgreens. Wren also wants to know why MLK and Lombard won’t work, she noted that there’s no zoned residential properties adjacent – Anjala said that problems with the buses turning in and out, per TriMet, have made that spot undesirable. Erin has also talked to Clay, she also thinks that the spot at Lombard would be way better, but also heard that it would not work out. Folks expressed general concern about the layover issue and lots of support for extending the line to Interstate. Lisa wonders if we could get the City online to support the environmental impact benefits of having the line go to Interstate. Next TriMet community meeting will be in January. Anjala also mentioned having an ad on the Line 8 bus asking people to take a survey about whether they would like to see the 8 bus extended to Interstate, might be cost-prohibitive, Anjala asked the TriMet subcommittee about fundraising to make it possible
  • “The Woodlawn” at Dekum and Durham is coming along, looking for retailer to fill the largest business spot and the owner has asked what sorts of businesses would be best in that spot – folks brought up concerns about the space not filling, asked about the prices, wanted Upcycles to move in there (they are moving in to a smaller space there!), Anjala sent around a sheet for folks to share ideas that she will in turn share with the developer (Solterra).
  • Comprehensive Plan – 10 years ago, City passed the idea of apartments with no parking that has gotten lots of attention lately… It’s time to update that same plan and folks should give input.They are talking about making the area north of Columbia a combination of industrial area and wildlife conservation area, also have West Hayden Island as industrial, Willamette Blvd. as a freight route, some new streetcar lines envisioned. Folks should check it out, comments are due by December 31st.
  • Trader Joes – Alberta and MLK – lots of controversy there, small grocers are experiencing adverse effect of new New Seasons on N. Williams, worried about effect of adding Trader Joe’s on places like Cherry Sprout, Alberta Co-Op, Ps and Qs
  • What’s up at 13th and Dekum? Builder has financing for 23 apartments without parking (financing requires no parking), no immediate plans for construction to begin.
  • Café Alchemy at Dekum and MLK has not been doing well, proposing a change to the Highwater Mark Lounge, with live or DJ music and liquor license, we have to reply by January 14th. Conversation was had about Woodlawn having too many drinking establishments and the neighborhood not needing any more such locations, although others felt that places like Good Neighbor and Breakside were bringing vitality to the neighborhood.
  • MOTION: Christy motions to write letter of support for Highwater Mark Lounge, 4 ayes,  3 against, 1 abstention, motion carries. Letter should urge a good neighbor agreement or some such thing in order to reflect mixed feelings of those in attendance and on the board.
  • Quiet Zone Update – bad news – Lombard and 11th is a really complicated intersection with three streets coming together, train folks want to close that intersection,  do not feel like it’s safe as is… We could have a quiet zone, but still costs $750,000 to install the right blocking mechanisms and $1-1.5 million in total costs to make the intersection safe enough for it become a Quiet Zone. Local lawyer is taking a look at the issue to see if we fall under some sort of designation that would help us pay for it. City unable to pay. If we can support closing that intersection, then there would be no need for the horns to fire off. Businesses would have to be okay with it… Shirley and others like that intersection and use NE 11th as a shortcut to Columbia. But, others that live close to Lombard feel strongly that we should do everything we can to stop the noise as more and more trains come through Woodlawn… The horns vibrate, could cause damage to foundations in addition to the livability concerns. Anything we can do about the double-loading of trains? Probably not. Pearl District, which has a Quiet Zone, was way cheaper to make safe enough.
  • MOTION: Christy motions that we pursue next steps on closing the intersection at NE 11th and Lombard, Rick seconds, motion carries without objection.

Treasurer Update

  • Movies in the Park – Shirley will call – we owe $600 to the City
  • MOTION: Anjala motions that we pay $600 for Movies in the Park if Shirley is unable to get the waived or reduced, Lisa amends motion to ask if fee can be reduced, Rick seconds, motion carries without objection.
  • MOTION: Rick motions that we donate $50 to Backpack Lunch, Thelma seconds, motion carries without objection.
  • We are going to have a meeting about budgets and fundraising – sometime after the holidays. A Finance Subcommittee! First meeting – Wednesday, January 29th, 7pm, P’s and Q’s.

New Business

  • Shirley would like to have a work party to help Classic Foods with landscaping in April or May. Folks love the idea!

MOTION Shirley motions to adjourn, Christy seconds, motion carries without objection, 8:55pm.

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