Woodlawn Neighborhood Association Draft Agenda

Updated 5/7/14
May 7th WNA Board Meeting

 7pm-8:30pm at Classic Foods – 817 NE Madrona


7:00 Welcome and Introductions

Approval of Agenda and Minutes from April Meeting

7:05 (postponed) third vote on bylaws update

7:10 Off-Leash Dog Area:

7:30 SALT (Safety and Livability Team)

  • Dispensary
  • Coal Trains

7: 40 Treasurer’s report

  • Fundraising outreach for summer events
  • Coalition for a Livable Future (CLF) Membership

7:50 Events

  • Update on Easter Egg Hunt
  • Clean-Up: Saturday, May 24 at Henry V (9am-2pm)
  • Movies in the Park: Friday, July 11 (6:30 music, movie at dusk)
  • National Night Out: Tuesday, August 5 or a weekend date that week (let’s discuss!)

8:05 Land Use/TriMet

  • Vote on LU 14-143278 AD, a request to allow an adjustment for Nicole Kress and Gregg Lavender to turn their garage into an accessory dwelling unit.

8:15 New Biz

  • It Takes a Community – Fundraiser for Woodlawn School PTO: May 30, 4-7:30pm

8:25 Announcements

8:30 Adjourn



2 Responses to “Draft Agenda for May 7th Meeting”
  1. We are Woodlawn residents with a music school for kids and adults and music performance for local events. Chris Gabriel, fellow Woodlawn resident, has played at national night out and movie night and would be happy to play again and provide pA. Please email to set something up!

  2. Peter Silverman says:

    The Park Belongs to Everyone

    Once again the Neighborhood Association declined to support any off-leash option for the park, even though community members who attended the meeting were overwhelmingly in favor, as they were in January as well. Park users in general are very enthusiastic about an off-leash option, as evidenced by how little time it took to gather a petition with 100 signatures, and that in the most recent Neighborhood Association meetings roughly two thirds of those attending support an area where off-leash dogs are allowed.
    To be sure, there is a lot to be said against a dedicated area for dogs to run as well as a lot to be said in favor. Also certain is that people living adjacent to the park will be more impacted than people who live further away, so it is not surprising that they are the most vocal group opposed to a dog park of any sort. However, while they definitely deserve to be heard, the park belongs to everyone, not just people who chose to live adjacent to the park. In opposing the will of the community of park users, the board is ensuring that this conflict among us will continue.
    From October till April, the park gets very little use except from dog owners who use the park all day every day starting at 5 AM. These people are not represented by the board. The board speaks for long time residents who live by the park, not for the overwhelming majority of people who use the park.