All are welcome at our Woodlawn Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting, coming up July 2nd at 7pm at Classic Foods (817 NE Madrona).

Here’s the draft agenda:

7 PM  Introductions, approval of agenda and meeting minutes from May

7:05 Neighborhood events coming up in July and August

Parkways, Movies in the Park and National Night Out

Come on out and volunteer for these great community events!

Updates on the upcoming transition of board members and officers

7:15  Surprise Raffle

7:20 Fundraising updates!

7:25 Who is new in Woodlawn – welcoming our new neighbors

7:30 Safety and Livability Updates

7:40 Land Use Update – Tri Met and more

7:55 Treasurer’s update

8:05 Signs, Banners and Facebook/blog

8:15 New Business

8:20 Announcements – No Meeting in August – Meet us at National Night Out – Woodlawn Park on Saturday August 2

8:30 Meeting ends


DRAFT Minutes

WNA Board Meeting 6/4/14

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at

Attendees: Lisa Gladstone, Anjala Ehelebe, Christy Splitt, Luke Groser, Shirley Minor, Thelma Diggs, Rick Reynolds, Annie Danielson, Ross Danielson, Byron Tennant, Maija Spencer, Katy Asher, Rick Reynolds

Meeting called to order at 7:06pm.


MOTION: Anjala motions that the agenda be approved as amended to add NECN update and just move forward with bylaws , Thelma seconds, motion carries without objection.

MOTION: Shirley motions that we approve the board meeting minutes from April, Thelma seconds, motion carries without objection.


We did not specify the number of board members in the bylaws, with the board selecting how many board members each September – one month prior to the elections in October. Since our board leaders make up 4 slots, we would have 3 at-large members. We amended minutes at last board meeting to change the quorum to a majority of board members in office. Anjala and Lisa are interested in changing the number of board members to increase it. We can vote on this on September and must vote on it by then.

Christy wants to make sure that the changes to the quorum language resolves the issue that we discussed before about having too many board slots and then not being able to have quorum.

With less meetings, Lisa hoped for more subcommittees and thinks more board members might lead to more folks doing good work. As it is, if a board member led a subcommittee, it would just be more work – and too much work. Wants us to be able to add board members. She wishes we did not have a set number of board members.

Some discussion about how we can add more board members and change the bylaws to be flexible.

Katy brought up the need for a distinction between board and member meetings, so that we have two sets of quorums for the two different types of meetings. Some discussion followed about the liability issues and the need to have the board vote, after a hearing a straw vote from the audience.

Christy suggests moving on for now and letting Anjala and Katy to talk further.


Spring Clean-Up – 5 dumpsters filled, $1300 collected, need to sort out reimbursements and other expenses to determine how much money was actually raised for this year, but it does seem to be a good fundraiser for WNA.Shirley enjoyed taking part of such a well-organized event and was grateful for the support of the folks in the room – a very pleasant day. Others say thank you to those that helped out.

NNO – Christy shared update on NNO. We are moving forward with Saturday, August 2nd for now. Want to avoid heat and have it late in the afternoon and into evening, plan the event until sunset or so. Maija can help with parks details. Event kicking off NNO at Laurelhurst Park – Christy to promote on Facebook. Ask Tony about cooking soon and make sure that the date works for him.  Lisa would like to invite Underground Railroad Rescue back again – and will. Christy to follow up on various tasks down the road, she is just getting her bearings.

Movies in the Park – Friday, July 11th – pass the hat, some promotional materials at popcorn table, Christy will get flyers printed and distributed.

Sunday Parkways – Shirley would like us to buy a canopy and a folding table for the association so that we do not have to borrow from others.  Anjala wonders where we would store them. Discussion of budget being approved and trying to stay under the amount. Luke also wishes that we had signage that would be good for a table… Decision to come back with budgets for these desires for approval.

General – Shirley would like us to consider Nikki the Clown – $140 or so for 4 hours – for our future events. We all like her and think we should use her at least once per year.  She was at Easter Egg Hunt this year.

Outreach for Board

Rick and Christy both leaving the board. Rick is leaving town, Christy is having a baby. Lisa is done being chair. Luke wants to have a co-treasurer, which is also a best practice. We also need a communications person, since Christy does that, too.

Maija wants us to use events as a tool for outreach. Also wants Christy to have someone else help a lot with NNO so that someone else knows how to do that event in the future. Thinks we all do too much and don’t do a great job of reaching out to the neighborhood by Facebook, emails, our events to get help.

Katy talked about how her board made the time to reach out to others that signed up to volunteer at past events, choosing particularly promising folks.

Shirley wants to know about why people stop coming – kids is one reason, so we need to remember to reconnect and ask people to start coming to our meetings.

Rick also wants to see one-on-one conversations. Thinks we should just have standard signs up in the windows, not just for events.

Maija also thinks we could reach out to new home-owners and go say hi and leave a flyer there.

Rick will call people who have volunteered to invite them to participate in something.

Maija will do the new homeowners and flyers.

Lisa wants to get the TriMet list and engage them.

Ross wants to have subcommittees meet and try to draw people to those.

Byron (and Christy) wishes that the meetings were more accessible to the average neighbor, and how new folks get engaged from them.


Christy has sent letters – Henry V and Good Neighbor are in for summer sponsors. Need to send a second round to businesses that I missed: Sparky’s, restaurants north of Dekum on MLK, Oregon Decorative Rock, Café Eleven, Florio, Parr, Walgreens, VIP Auto


Starting Balance: $7729.92

Check: $700 Cloudburst for Clean-Up bins

Balance 6/4/14: $7029.92

Fiscal Year July 2013-June 2014


$1107 Clean Up 5/13

$150 Food Sales NNO 8/13

$8 Donations at Meeting

$25 Easter Egg Hunt Donation

$600 Issue Advocacy

$1000 NECN Communications Grant



$100 Clean Up 5/14 Expenses

$200 Clean Up 5/14 Advance

$117.50 Clean Up 5/14 Final Expenditures

$128 Meeting Food

$74 Coal Initiative

$60 Legal

$131.25 Easter Egg Hunt


$100 Meals on Wheels

$50 Back Pack Lunch

$50 Coalition for a Livable Future

Communications ($305 spent out of $1000):

$140 Website

$77 Handouts

$85 Facebook Announcements


Remaining Revenue to Spend in FY: $200

Remaining Communications Funds: $630

Remaining in Advocacy Fund (Bus): $600

Lisa would like to use some funds to get some new lawnsigns. Christy remembered someone’s idea to have basic information like our website and meeting information on the signs themselves.

Next month, we will discuss using remaining funds to purchase banner for tabling.

MOTION: Rick motions for us to move forward with purchasing more lawnsigns and add meeting information and website with a budget of $350, Anjala seconds, motion carries without objection.

Lisa will contact Judy and work on getting the additional content added to the lawnsigns as far as graphic design, and then find out if the past printer can add content. That is all that she will be able to do and someone else will have to take it from there.


MOTION: Luke Groser motions for us to 1414 NE Morgan and and 6120 NE 22nd okay variances for garages being converted to be accessory dwelling units, Christy  seconds, motion carries.

TRIMET – extended to comment period to mid-June, Christy to do more Facebook outreach on this.


Oil and coal update – we cannot do much about the coal train issue…  Columbia Riverkeeper was in for the last SALT meeting and thought that the oil trains was more ripe for our advocacy efforts. Bakken crude oil is volatile, we don’t have regulations to deal with it, and NECN SALT working on resolution.

Byron shared the resolution asking for a moratorium on oil by rail until federal and state regulations are able to ensure safety.

MOTION: Lisa motions to draft our own letter using the content provided by the SALT meeting last night, support NECN doing their own letter, and also sign on to any NECN coalition letter with the message, Luke seconds, Ross speaks in favor of the motion, motion carries without objection.

Christy to send letter to board and Byron and then send.

Byron mentioned that neighborhood businesses may want to look into Business Watch given the recent break-ins.

Byron also threw out idea to SALT to discuss summer programs for low-income youth.


NECN is fiscally sound.

40th Anniversary of NECN coming up – trying to put together an event, October 25th at ballroom on Alberta.

Affordable Housing work group meeting tomorrow night, coming out of empty lot at MLK and Alberta/Trader Joe’s debacle, at NECN office at 6:30pm.

Wednesday, June 11th at 6:30pm – panel at Concordia on demolition and in-fill in Portland.

Treasurer’s Training at NECN June 24th


Nola, who is working on the offleash area, lots of positive ideas and talking about other areas with dog park issues at other places. Lisa encouraged her to reach out to NECN, students that might be interested in working on design ideas and alternatives to Woodlawn Park. Lisa thinks that our concerns were heard, and that we can be helpful in finding alternatives for those folks that want to have more places for dogs to play.


Rick is going to be a principal at Eugene’s Village School and is moving SOON! He is leaving the board, but will help out from afar.

Shirley: United Methodist Church at Dekum and 15th, want to better engage in community, Shirley shared some ideas with them, we still have money in WCRC there and that the building there is still an asset to our community with three churches sharing the space.

Ross passed around a survey about the UMC church – wants to see a new community church grow from the tradition of the existing congregation and at that space.

Meeting adjourned at 8:56pm


One Response to “July Monthly Meeting Agenda… and June Draft Minutes!”
  1. Jason Sleight says:

    Hello neighbors!

    I was excited to go to the meeting tonight only realizing it was last week- which makes sense as it was the 1st Wednesday.
    I’ve been way over-extended with moving and adjusting. I’m looking forward to attending the next meeting.
    One thing I was hoping to learn more about was the Woodlawn building across from the Firehouse… when it will be finished, what businesses are moving in, etc.
    I will try to make it to the National Night Out on August 2nd if I’m in town.