WNA Special meeting March 28, 2016
@Classic Foods

Draft minutes – will be submitted for approval at April board meeting

Board members:
Maija Spencer, Luke Groser, Beth Heins, Dennis Kennedy, Anjala Ehlebe

Attending from the community:
Travis McGuire, Bettina Hammersly Rys, Liz Kennedy, Francisco Gadea, Aaron Sackett, Erin Cooper, Justin Lovero, Robert Jackson, Danya Feltzin, Carlo Castoro

Presenting: Adrian Vasile – the builder for the project at 7071 NE Grand (NW corner of NE Grand & NE Bryant)– the empty lot behind the auto lot shop; it’s one lot, approx. 10k sf.
Will be twelve 2- and 3-bedroom condo units to be sold individually. Exterior will to take into consideration police requirements: entries have to be secure, plan lighting & landscaping keeping policing standards (i.e. visibility) in mind




Streetscape rendering above – note that some things may change a bit
since permitting isn’t totally complete. 

All 12 condos will be sold at market rate – in the $300s at a guess/estimate. None are sold yet; not sure about the selling timeframe. It’s probably a couple of months before the permitting is done and he estimates 9 months of construction.

Two 3-story buildings with 2 units per floor, the buildings will be attached by stairs and landings; all units will have balconies, about 1000 square foot per unit. Current plan: five 3-bedroom units and seven 2-bedroom. Each unit will have mini-split heat/AC, he’s focused on good sound-proofing in the windows and between units.

The first floor will be wheelchair accessible. The property will include bicycle parking inside the building. No elevator. No car parking – as a reminder, the current rules for the city of Portland are: if your property is within 500 feet of a frequent service transportation line and you’re under 30 units, no parking required.

How many developments has he done before? He has a bunch of buildings in town – 2 on N Montana, some in SE – one on Willis Blvd, some in St Johns – most are about 6 units. He’s been in Portland since 1991. This will be his largest project to date.

Street trees – would he be willing to consider species we suggest? He’s open to it, usually lets a landscaper pick from a city list. It’s a small strip so there will be limited choices.

Will follow city rules re projects: won’t work past 6pm, no excavation on weekends
Fee on the permits is 250k, including system development charges – sewer, water, parks, transportation

Primary facing – hardi plank (concrete composite) and wood corners, Maija points out the wood gets weather-beaten, and the HOA will have to take care of that. We asked about seismic standards – permit/city standards will handle that and in general new construction is very solid.


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