Woodlawn Neighborhood Association April 6, 2016 meeting minutes



Board members present:

Maija Spencer, Byron Tennant, Andrée Culpepper, Beth Heins, Anjala Ehelebe, Dennis Kennedy, Luke Groser, Meg Chambers, Shirley Minor


Community members:

Avery Lewis, Liz Kennedy, Aaron Sackett, Rick Reynolds, Erin Cooper, Justin Lovero, Vanieca Kraus, Francisco Gadea, Ali Hadiashar, Amanda Gladics, Ian Krist, Ezra Carieff, Rae Selvey, Jill Kusmirek, Shelly Caldwell, Lisa Gladstone, Kaleen Anderson, Sean Donnell, Brett Barton, Mark Wilde, Rick, John, Carlo Castoro, Fritz


Approve agenda for tonight; approve minutes for 3/2 and 3/28

Motion to approve tonight’s agenda: Beth; Second: Andree; All in favor

Motion to approve both sets of minutes: Anjala; Second: Luke; all in favor

No Police Officer’s Report this month (officer not in attendance)


Multifamily Projects on Dekum – Mark Wilde, Portland City Homes

  • Presentation about two 22-unit multifamily projects planned for NW corner of Dekum/Grand & 422 NE Dekum.
  • Brief Q & A – no decision to be made by WNA

As a reminder –parking for a project of this size is not required under city rules. Mark Wilde and Brett Barton both of Portland City Homes in attendance. As stated, there are two sites: one is the burned-out house next to the Koken Market, the other is the empty lot across Dekum from it. They are separate projects but will be built pretty much concurrently. There will be two similar 22-unit buildings. Neither has explicitly commercial space, however the ground floor are live/work convertible- so they are slightly larger units with a more commercial appearance in the windows/door design. Neither building has parking; each will have 1.1 or 1.2 bike parking spots per unit, inside, and additional outdoor bike parking. Each will have enclosed garbage. Units are all studios and one-bedrooms. Largest is under 600 square feet.

The one in the burned out house will mainly have the front unit as the live/work convertible unit. The building on the corner lot will have 3 convertible live/work units with storefront glass, the fourth first-floor will be convertible as well.

They will be rentals, not condos. Building management is undecided – if they retain ownership, the developers will use a 3rd-party property mgmt. company. Will they be affordable housing? No, just market rate rents – which varies but at the moment that’s $1000-1100 for studios, $1200-1250 for the 1-bedrooms

Did they design the buildings? They had an architecture firm involved but did have a hand in the design. What is involved in adding parking? Subterranean parking on a 5000 sf lot is cost-prohibitive. The only real way to do offstreet on small lots is at grade: lift 1/3 of the building, which only gains 3-4 parking spaces so it’s a lot of expense without a lot of impact. One suggestion they’re looking at is getting a Zip Car spot nearby.

What is the proposed start & finish time? They are just submitting permits, that takes about 4 months. They plan to start construction pretty quickly after getting the permits. Guesstimate timeline is construction start in late fall, 8-9 months to build, complete and renting by the middle of next year

Have they talked to the adjacent residents about any concerns with the feel of the new building? They have at least the required 5-foot setback from their property line. They haven’t had specific conversations about privacy; they do fencing and window coverings. They included a larger setback on one of the buildings as it edges on the duplex.

Will any of the units be ADA accessible? All the ground floor have to be ADA convertible. The bldgs. will have elevators so all units have to be ADA convertible.

Regarding demolition & construction: have they tested the house for asbestos and lead? Yes, it’s got both so they will mitigate both using standard guidelines. (The asbestos in less than a 200 sf area in the house.) They have talked with the next-door preschool & some parents about this.

During construction, will you close off sidewalk or bus access? Generally no – they are allowed to get permits if they need to briefly block (day or two) a sidewalk but generally they have to & intend to maintain access.

Have you talked to Koken Market about using their parking for tenant use? No.

Andree would feel better if a considerable part of the bldg. was dedicated to affordable housing – do others agree? Straw poll seems like more than half the audience members agree.

We appreciate that the owners of The Woodlawn (SolTerra) have reached out to the community and have tried to give back by contributing to the farmer’s market and the street painting project. If WNA wants to propose something reasonable to the developers (Portland City Homes) they’d take it into account.

Land Use and Transportation meetings once a month – would they be willing to come to a meeting and work with them? Sure.

Big picture conversations about parking are happening citywide; the land use committee is involved and needs community advocacy.

When the mayor is looking at homeless camps in every neighborhood it’s time to demand affordable housing. Obviously there is a need.

Did we miss the boat on these properties to force parking at these projects? Yes, we are about ten years too late – the comprehensive planning process happened years ago. Frequent-transit zones have been zoned to encourage high-density housing and no parking. We can now be heard, the city is doing another round of comprehensive planning now. Join the Land Use and Transportation committee meetings for more information!


New Business Coming to 18th & Dekum Market space

Ezra and John: two of the four owners who have leased the former market space at 18th & Dekum from the Palmer family. Ezra and John currently operate the Old Gold in Overlook/Arbor Lodge; at 28th & Sandy they have Paydirt inside the Zipper building. Want to create a neighborhood community gathering spot/pub. They don’t have a lot of details yet since they just signed. They need to do major reconstruction including the roof.

Opening date? Fall 2016 realistically.

Details, as far as they can tell at this time: Outside seating & planning to keep as much parking as they can. Will try to maintain/restore the façade. No name for the business as yet.

We already have great “pub food” in the neighborhood, so how will you be different? Their chef is working on it and is super creative… he’s excited to develop a good menu, and they realize they have to be unique to draw people.

Public safety is a concern in the neighborhood – 5-10 years ago that end of the neighborhood was a tough spot. Do they plan to add lighting, security, cameras? Yes.

Hours of operation? Weekend brunch, possibly later hours Friday/Saturday .. not too sure. All ages friendly within the OLCC rules. Patio hours would be subject to good neighbor agreements. They’ve had no complaints from the Old Gold neighbors.

Seats? Maybe in the 70 range. It’s a 2200 sf space.


Events Announcements

  • Easter Egg Hunt debrief – Very successful! We had hundreds of kids, gorgeous day for it.
  • Farmer’s Market opening day 5/21, will be Saturdays 10a-2p until 10/29. **Big news!!! The market won a NECN grant for $2000 – will use it for marketing, SNAP matching, hiring an intern from Self Enhancement, Inc.
  • Dekum/Durham intersection painting – also partially funded by the grant – part of Village Building Convergence. Currently working with an artist to get a first draft, elements may include trolley, train tracks, plant life, using colors black & white, introducing color for the modern era. Painting itself will happen Sat June 4, 9am. There will be breakfast & lunch for volunteers. We need at least 100 volunteers – no signups, just show up. Since it’s on a market day we’ll shift the market to Madrona for the day. Keep an eye on facebook – will be an event page. Also needs help with planning – had a potluck this weekend to get started, next meeting is Sunday April 17. Contact Avery with questions.
  • Woodlawn Clean-up  – Saturday, May 28 – Carlo Castoro: Memorial Day weekend, Saturday the 28th , 9a-2p. This is the main fundraiser for the WNA. People can bring their junk to this event at Henry V – 6360 NE MLK. Volunteers can bring one load for free, AND they get breakfast provided by Ps & Qs/lunch provided by Good Neighbor Pizza. Waste Management is going to donate their services to the event, saving us $700-1000 this year. Do NOT bring asbestos items, but we’ll have recycling, goodwill, community cycling center and electronics, and can accept batteries.
  • Summer Movie in the Park – Sunday July 10, The Sandlot. There will be pre-movie entertainment & it’s free. It costs us $750. Shirley liked having dance at the beginning last year – there will be some kind of entertainment before the show.
  • Woodlawn school announcements – Woodlawn PTA is doing a fun event at Village Ballroom 5pm-11pm suggested donation $5 adult $10 family – Mr Ben, spoken word artists, DJ, kid performances, proceeds from beer sales go directly to the PTA. Raffle, then a dance party.
  • PPS voted last night to revert Woodlawn to K-5, middle school will be at Ochley Green – will create a bigger school with more resources, more electives etc.
  • Steve at Henry V gets a lot of art board through his business, he can donate them if anyone need them. Contact him through WNA or at Henry V.
  • This Friday is the Classic Food pop-up. 2-6p


Approve Treasurer’s Report 
We’re in good fiscal shape. Last year our wireless mic went missing. Last month the board asked Luke & Anjala to investigate our options for buying a replacement. It would cost about $150. He recommends we consider buying it to facilitate input from the audience. Moved: Anjalah. Second Beth. Vote: all in favor. none opposed

Question about the farmer’s market financial oversight line item on the report – is it listed as an expense? No, the line on the report represents the $300 of their grant money we are holding for the farmer’s market team to use. So far we’ve spent none of it; but it’s available.

Approve treasurer’s report: motion – Andree; second Beth; all in favor.
Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates:

  • Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala & Dennis: very wide mandate – land use, liquor licenses, transit issues, streets, parking.
    – Have heard many complaints about difficulty crossing Dekum on foot. They’ve been contacting city people about getting crosswalks – trying to improve the one by Ps & Qs, since people speed up after exiting the Dekum business triangle. Seeing about getting a button-triggered flashing light for pedestrian crossings. It’s also a school crossing – city will put a school crossing at 15th & Morgan if the school will send people to be patrol. Principal says to check in after they switch to K-5.
    – 4 years ago we were approached by the developer building across from Ps & Qs; no parking, we asked him to ask the bank if they could get a loan for a structure that included parking and it was turned down. At last meeting we were asked to comment to the city about a house on Dean that was mostly torn down with just one wall up so it wasn’t technically demolished, then the wall was left out in the weather and ultimately condemned. So they started building a big house – we got notice of demolition and they did not pause for 30 days as required so we pushed it with the city and they made them stop work for a month. Have we talked to the developer about asking for help with the crossing? We’ve asked the city to approach them on that topic.
    – 12 unit condo on Bryant going in – had a special meeting in March for that – in the 300ks for 2- and 3-bedrooms.
    – Thinking of changing the Land Use Meeting from the 4th Sunday 4:30, to the 3rd Sunday, 4:30 at Ps and Qs. Will confirm with regular attenders [this change was implemented starting with the April 2016 meeting].
    – What is happening at 13th & Lombard? A crossing? Not sure, will find out.
    – could still use volunteers on that committee
  • Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron & Meg – Meg: recommends attending NECN meetings – they’re great about taking community members into account. No other update at this time.
  • NECN Board- Shirley
    – NECN has a new acting director, Adam. Monday night there will be a ceremony to present to the small grant winners, 630 at the coalition office.
    – Went to a meeting in the Woodlawn community garden, lot of people have slots. There’s a structure on the east side of the garden put up by Comcast, was lovely until it got overgrown. Someone who works part-time at the school (Eric) has cleaned it up. Now he has bales of hay in the area and will be growing vegetables out of it, will be including the students
    – At one point in the past Commissioner Fritz asked for our endorsements of the parks bond. We asked her to add fixing the spa at Dishman pool at Thelma’s request. Update: It’s not only getting replaced but will be doubled in size – to hold 20 people, construction this fall, open in late October.


– Watch Nextdoor for other announcements


Meeting Adjourn – next meeting – May 4th


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