7:00  Introductions: Maija, Shirley, Luke, Beth, Dennis, Anjala, Martin, Meg, Byron

Erin, Jes Larson from Vernon, Aaron, Matthew & Colleen, Gretchen Green, Annie Danielson, Ross/Rob, Siobhan from Bureau of Env Svcs, Liz Kennedy, Pamela Benoit and Willie Hart; others arrived after the meeting began.

7:05  Approve agenda for tonight; approve minutes from May: Anjala moves, Dennis seconds, all in favor. Add the note that we have a high volume b & w laser printer that Anjala bought and donated before – we think it may be in our storage space at Classic Foods. Mostly the printing fees we spend are copies of Luke’s monthly treasurer reports, and he also copies a bunch of holiday letters. We could get the printer to Luke’s house if he wants it but he prefers not to do that. Maija motioned to approve the additional note about the printer; no second but all approved

7:10  Police Officer’s Report, if available – No officer available this month.



7:20  Affordable Housing, Jes Larson (20 min)

  • Welcome Home Coalition will be sharing information on their Affordable Housing Ballot Measure Campaign, which aims to address the housing crisis by building thousands of homes.

We can stay connected to the news of the coalition by: www.welcomehomecoalition.org or email jes@welcomehomecoalition.org

Jes Larson, director of Welcome Home Coalition (WHC) – 20 months old coalition of 130+ other orgs looking for solutions to some of the housing crisis by using dedicated funding sources to build missing infrastructure in our community. Our affordable housing crisis has been growing for decades – now it affects everyone whether it’s 500/mo rent increase or being unable to submit a competitive bid to purchase a home. WHC focus is affordable housing – esp for low income, fixed income, single parents, veterans, retired persons, etc. More people are at risk of homelessness daily. Coalition comprises orgs working together on this – Jes was at NW Pilot Project for years working with seniors in housing crisis; they used to be able to quickly get people into a shelter for 3-4 months and then into an apt. Over the years she’s seen a steep change with shelters too full – there is commonly a 3-week to 6-month waiting lists for shelters, and it takes a year or more to get into affordable housing. The only way for us as a city/community to get affordable housing for low income people is to invest in it as public infrastructure. Developers won’t build them on their own since it’s hard to build profitable $300-400/mo apts. Yes, we want to make sure developers do their part, and keep our housing stock diverse, but the Coalition focus is on the low-income crisis.

Their #1 request of WNA is to join the WHC in saying it’s a community value to have affordable housing. They’ve gone to a couple other NE association meetings and with enough endorsements will ask NECN to take it on more collectively.

Their #2 request is for us to get involved in their first ballot measure campaign later this year. They are focused on region wide solutions but can bring a ballot measure for the first time after decades of trying: they will lead a ballot measure campaign to use general measure bonds to build thousands of deeply affordable housing units. They need our help as individuals and/or as an assn. in building that movement: door knocking, telling neighbors.

One more issue in front of the city: construction excise tax. Until recently Oregon and Texas were the only states that didn’t have inclusionary zoning rules. Now working on inclusionary housing policy. The intent/hope is to capture the profits from development to be invested in affordable housing. We want to recapture funds and dedicate 100% of it to affordable housing.

City council will be hearing about the ballot measure June 29.


Questions: Martin: the bond they’re asking for: property tax bond?

A: Yes general obligation bond to be repaid by property taxes. A very useful tool for capital investments such as bridges and schools to be repaid over 20 years. 40 cents per thousand. Median assessed value is 180k so about $75 per home per year to pay back. It would be managed by the city of Portland – they can deploy the resources with their housing bureau.

Q: Ross: how do we know the housing would be built in neighborhoods instead of further out on the east side.

A: It’s too soon to say where these housing units would be built. Note that there’s a difference between affordable housing by design (when we plan it and invest in it) vs. affordable housing by accident (what we currently have – market-run housing units in divested neighborhoods that can be affected by economic trends). Our only tool for affordable housing locally is IURA – interstate Urban Renewal Areas – they’ve been gentrified via urban renewal, there has been SOME affordable housing built there but other parts of the city have not gotten the same attention and projects. The closest might be the Alberta Simmons on Rosa Parks and MLK but that’s funded differently.

Q: Martin: so the government would own the buildings? Not a rent subsidy to a private owner?

A: Yes, it’s not the most common way currently to do affordable housing. After the life of the bond (20 yrs) the units could transition to other ownership

Q: Martin what is the format vision for this housing?

A: 30-50 unit bldgs. It’s the most affordable way to get the most units and biggest impact – the price point to get the best benefit. These bonds build buildings and run them. Hence the partnership with city agencies & non profits– they will be managers & operators & developers. The city is the financier not the developer.

Q: Shirley: Develoepers say they can’t build for less than 140k/unit – her past experience building duplexes in Eugene and later as part of the CDC (Community Development Corporation) tells her that is not true. She thinks we need to bring the CDCs forward (like PCRI) who can renovate & build inexpensively.

A: There is a lot of truth and nuance in that statement. There are some expectations we have with our public dollars such as providing good living wage jobs for the builders & union labor & union contracts. Some developers don’t do that which lowers the bottom line. Weighing affordability & community impacts. She’s not an affordable housing developer … Also a lot of our development money come with strings from the fed govt and state, when we put together a new local resource we can opt for fewer strings which we prefer – we want to be as flexible as we can be. Finally when we build affordable housing we have to NOT think about it as a Real Estate investment but instead like a bridge – it’s not a revenue generator. We can’t carry debt on these; the individual units may not pay for themselves unless there are a number of them and there is low cost in running the building.

Q: Ross – what happened to “mixed income housing” for a developer to get access to resources they’d have to make x% of the units available with income restrictions.

A: We (Portland) don’t have a requirement for affordable housing yet. Inclusionary housing is a mandate for that – as of Nov 28th we’ll have a new policy that 80% of the units can be market rate and 20% can be “affordable” at 80% MFI [Median Family Income] but that’s still not affordable for seniors on social security. We do have incentives right now that call for voluntary participation such as The Yards at Burnside called “multi” so some units will be somewhat affordable.

Q: How much effort is going into putting in a cap on rental increases.

A: Currently the state of Oregon prohibits rent control. Giving 90 days notice of rent increase is now required [in Portland? Don’t think that’s state-wide] but that may be as far as we can go right now. We don’t know if we can lift that pre-emption statewide, we are most confident about getting rid of no-cause evictions (landlords don’t have to give any reason for asking people to leave – lends itself to abuse esp in this market). Going to a for-cause eviction system is the first step toward rent protection/regulation. The city can’t do anything until the state changes the rules.


Maija: will the board endorse the campaign? Martin would like more feedback from the community and time to discuss it. Shirley also wants further discussion – we propose we discuss in our July meeting. What do the audience think? Straw poll? Clear majority of audience are in favor of NA supporting the coalition.

Luke moves we endorse the initiative and energy and emotion of the Welcome Home Coalition Meg seconds. In favor: all. No opposed, no abstaining.



Sewer project update:

Siobhan O’Leary from the org doing the city project, she was here in March with an update. [for a refresher, go to: http://gowoodlawn.com/2016/03/10/wna-march-2016-meeting-minutes/ ]

The city is repairing the worst 2% of city sewers, which are on average 80 yrs old. This is called the Woodlawn/King project, some work has already started in Piedmont. In our last meeting she promised to address a question regarding crosswalks – can they be installed after sewer repair? That’s not in the scope of this project, to pursue this we can call the PBOT safe livability team 503 823-7233 (SAFE) – leave a message, get a call back in 2 weeks, they may do a traffic study that could take 16 weeks, not all requests get approved.

Residents of the project area got a newsletter that just arrived in the mail. The map has been modified to focus on those pipes at most risk of failure.

There will be 4 areas in the project with proposed night work (they go to the noise board in July). Locations of night work are in the newsletter: 1) Rosa Parks at MLK, up to about a week. Doing the work at night to avoid traffic impacts. 2) Killingsworth near MLK – up to 6 weeks of work, again, worried about traffic impacts, hopefully those businesses close at 6 and won’t be affected by the night work. 3) Alberta – open trench – near Williams & Vancouver to be done after 10p. 4) There is one area of work on sewers in people’s yards but that will be quick and quiet. Separate flyer will go to those affected.


Construction methods: open trench is most common. Takes longer. Easy to manage access for neighbors.

The other type of construction method is called CIPP (Cured –in –Place Pipe Lining) – repair pipe from within using a resin that is hardened with steam or water, takes a day or 2 to do the lining with some prep before & after; no trenches needed.

If you want to comment for the noise board there’s info on the newsletter.

This is not happening soon – more like a year from now. They are in design. The soonest will be Feb, then spring, May/June 2017.

Q: Anjala was taking w Good Neighbor Pizza, they are interested in when the work will happen on Dekum. Confirm it’ll be after Feb?

A: Siobhan has left them a message & also talked with Woodlawn Coffee. She wants the project plan to specify that the work near the businesses will happen in winter so as to not disrupt the sidewalk dining in better weather. Too soon to be sure about the timing, but they will definitely try to avoid June/July/August

Q: Can we still get in and out of our driveways? And street?

A: Almost always – there would rarely be a hard closure and they would notify people in advance.

Sign up for Email updates with Rhetta.Drennan@Portlandoregon.gov ; Project website: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bes/68987


7:40 Lot Partition – south of 6204 NE 8th – Bluestone Homes (15 min)

Roseanne Johnson w Bluestone Homes – also Richard Catelban, Colby Stevens.

Richard – builder/developer. Colby – building site supervisor. Roseanne works with developers on the plans.

Small family business for 19 years, 6-8 homes per year in N/NE/SE –

They want to foster a good relationship btwn builder/developer with the community and if we have questions as the project proceeds. Want feedback and points of clarification – proposed conditions map available – was mailed to the NA and the district coalition.

Q: Please describe the project. A: the lot south of 6204 NE 8th ave is currently an undeveloped L-shaped lot. It’s on 8th btwn Ainsworth & Holman. The lot is over 8500 sf. They are proposing splitting it into 3 lots and a new private road to access those lots. Lots 2 and 3 will have off-street parking for 2 vehicles each. Lot 1 has 2 options for off-street, not settled just yet. This is in the Woodlawn conservation district and they will meet any community design standards based on that. These will be 3 single-family residential detached homes. What would the price range be? Richard – haven’t designed so don’t know for sure – won’t be “affordable”. Dennis: how many sf? 1800-2400 sf., two-story

Q what size will the lots be? A: lot 1 is facing NE 8th and the new private road (technically a corner lot with the new road taken into consideration) will be just over 2000 sf; lot 2 behind it accessed by the road will be 2181 sf, largest is lot 3 at 2554 sf.

Q: who owns the existing home at 6204 NE 8th? A: They do- it was purchased by Bluestone as part of the property and will be left alone, it’s pretty up to date and is inhabited.

Q: Shirley always has a wish: when CDCs were building houses had to have porches, no garages sticking out, she felt like porches were more friendly. As you’re designing consider sitting the garages back – that’s part of their plan, the design guidelines include that and recommend a porch.

Q Luke: what does private road mean, exactly? A: If a road is built to provide access for less than a certain number of units/in a single-dwelling zone it’s called a tract A private street, isn’t made to withstand heavy traffic like a public street has to, will have permeable surface to catch storm water. Will be owned & maintained by the 3 proposed lots, which is recorded with the county when the final segmentation is recorded with the county, those maintenance agreements will include that new private road, which continues in perpetuity with the next owners. Can fire trucks and garbage trucks go in there? A: city will give conditions of approval which may include weight considerations. It’s too early in the design phase to know for sure how the road will need to be designed.

Q: is this just an FYI or do they need our okay?

A: Mostly an FYI – once they submit to the city & all conditions are met there is a 42-day comment period which may be taken into consideration before approval. A letter will be sent out to those who can comment. Their goal today is to make sure the Neighborhood Association knows what’s going on so we can preempt any sort of objections process.

Comment: We’d like to update them on the street tree inventory & ask them to consider tree diversity. They’re open to that; they’ll get the list from us.

Land Use Committee have their contact info, start with Dennis and Anjala if there is any feedback.

7:55 Events Updates (10 min)

  • Clean-Up Report – Carlo not here tonight but HUGE THANKS for all the volunteers. Had nearly 80 cars through and raised $1900 for the NA and 7 trips to Goodwill!!!! (she went to several diff ones) We should send out thank you notes to Ps and Qs, Good Neighbor Pizza, Waste Mgmt and our other sponsors. Can we put someone in charge of doing that? Maija will work with Carlo on that.
  • Farmer’s Market  – started 2 weeks ago! We’re getting new signs printed to advertise in its updated location. What happened to the smoked salmon vendor John Medina? He passed away this winter – some people at the market sent a card to his family. Come join the community at the market – it’s every Saturday 10-2!
  • Dekum/Durham intersection painting – being delayed, we’re pausing on the artwork design and the artist is busy right now. Stay tuned!!!
  • Summer Events Fundraising – Beth: 3 checks so far, 200 Lombard Animal Hosp, 100 Classic Foods, 100 Ps & Qs; email Travis at Breakside! One additional one came during the meeting from The Local Healer for $75!
  • National Night Out Planning – annual picnic in the park – last time it was the official date first Tuesday of August from about 5p til about dusk. In the past we’ve hosted in Woodlawn park with some booths and music and some burgers & hot dogs for a donation, ice cream, just a chance to hang out in the park and talk with neighbors. Want to help plan? Please sign up with Maija. Could also use a lead on it or co-chair it.
  • Sunday parkways: Sunday July 24 [https://www.portlandoregon.gov/transportation/67623]
  • VanPort: Shirley: Last weekend we had a 3-day event called Vanport Mosaic, she was on the reunion committee. She met Henry Kaiser Junior who gave an amazing presentation and he lives here & she got his business card, she’s going to try to get him to come present to the meeting. His grandfather and their family were very progressive: during WWII 24 hour day care for workers, provided housing to people. Vanport was the 3rd-largest city in Oregon, built for workers to build WWII ships, largest black population and was on a flood zone, and on Memorial day in 1948 it flooded & wiped out a city and left 18,000 people homeless, and a lot of those people wound up settling in NE Portland.

8:05 Approve Treasurer’s Report, Farmer’s Market Financials – Luke & Martin (10 min)

June is the end of our fiscal year. Brought in about 4200 this year, expected to spend 4200, have spent what we expected or a bit less. Q from Anjala: did she see in the minutes from last month that we agreed to give $ to Woodlawn School? Is that reflected in the report? Yes – it’s under donations to PTA who actually support the graduation. There is nothing in the PPS budgets to do graduations except for high school grads.

We are also the fiscal agent of the farmer’s market which helped them when they were starting out. This year is their second year and they have stabilized so now they want to become a permanent fixture of the Woodlawn nbhd & want to grow its vitality.

Martin: every other farmer’s market has paid staff members. We have not to this point. Now we have grant money and are able to have some paid staff, since the WNA is a fiscal agent we have to approve that. Shannon is Martin’s partner so he will recuse himself from the vote. He recommends the market pay Shannon Fitzmaurice and Avery Lewis 10 hours/week $15 per hour (per person) starting June 1. Is this allowed in the grant sources? Yes. Anjala proposes we pay Shannon and Avery as per Martin’s recommendation. Beth seconds. Board only vote: all aye, martin recuses himself, Maija doesn’t need to vote unless tiebreaker. Unanimous approval from those voting.

Treasurer’s report is complete, Byron moves to approve, Anjala seconds, all in favor


8:15 Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates:

  • Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala & Dennis
    • Two local businesses asked for expansions of their existing licenses to serve liquor: Tamale Boy wants to expand its offerings by selling liquor for catering and to-go orders and Ps & Qs wants the same. No concerns expressed by the board or audience.
    • 2 demo notices: NE Stafford next to a ten-unit development; corner of 7th & Morgan – no info supplied but it’s Renaissance homes so we’re guessing one big house or perhaps a duplex. No bldg. permits filed yet.
    • Andree: there was a duplex demoed at 15th and Bryant and the land was split into 3 lots; they put signs up to sell the unbuilt homes but now they seem to want to sell the lots and not build after all. Her concern is – can it be zoned for something else other than 3 single homes? Maija: that’s something for the land use committee to look into.
    • One couple live across the street from the demo permit on Stafford. The new build next to it is big and ugly. They don’t know what they can do about a possible new build. Portland changed the demo rules to give us notice but no teeth or influence. We can complain if they take out trees or pollute water. We can definitely write questions to the city, look at Portland Maps and monitor if they adhere to their plans.
    • Land Use & Transportation now meeting 3rd Sundays at Ps and Qs at 4:30pm – topics include dangerous drivers, crosswalks
  • Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron & Meg:
  • one update: going to have an event on at 7th & Alberta at NECN at the King School. 7th Wygant entry. Monday June 20 630-830 panel discussion around criminal justice issues in N NE Portland. Speakers will get 15 minute Gang enf team rep, parole officer, office of youth something?, nbhd response officer, Mary Tompkins, office of nbhd crime prevention. Roles of groups handling issues, statistics on what’s going on, what we can do to promote safe nbhds. More turnout we get the better.
  • NECN Board- Shirley:
    • She is stepping down off the NECN board. Wants to find time in our next meeting to choose a representative; there will be board training on July 19.
    • Now that elections are over for mayor’s race we should invite the mayor-elect to one of our meetings. Shirley will do that. We’ll have to think about issues to discuss with him.



Other business:

Ross: Woodlawn united Methodist potluck every Saturday afternoon 5pm in June with music and discussions relating to community and gentrification music starts at 230. Look for a sign.

8:30 Meeting Adjourn – next meeting – July 6th


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