Introductions: Maija, Meg, Beth, Shirley, Luke, Byron, Dennis Andree, Martin

Members of the public: Aaron Sackett, Jerome Smith – pastor at Greater Rock Solid Church, 1705 NE Dekum, Geraldo Garcia, Dale Hendrick – presenting – Better Oregon Campaign/Measure 97, Erin Cooper, Liz Kennedy

Approve this meeting agenda – Beth move, Meg second, all in favor

Approve last month minutes – Dennis move, Byron second, all in favor

Police report, if present – no officer at meeting this month

Presentation: A Better Oregon:

Information on November 2016 ballot measure to better fund Oregon’s schools, health care, and senior services by increasing the minimum tax for large and out-of-state corporations with more than $25 million in annual Oregon sales.

Presenter: Dale Hendrick speaking about A Better Oregon Campaign, aka Measure 97.


Why is it necessary?

Schools are suffering, health care is too expensive, seniors are struggling. Our income taxes & small business taxes are some of the highest in the country. We have the lowest large-business corporate tax in the country; for example Comcast (in 2013 paid $0 in taxes here while they made over 100m in Oregon sales).


So what is wrong:

Schools – 38th in total school funding. Third largest class size. 4th lowest graduation rate. In the last 10 years we’ve laid off 6000 teachers

Health care costs – it’s the biggest reason for financial insecurity and bankruptcy in the state.

Senior services – 2/3 are retiring with nothing saved for retirement. They’re retiring into poverty.


How can we change these issues? Corporations pay a modest increase – a 2.5 % tax on C corporations making over $25 million per year in Oregon sales.



Q: This is a tax on gross sales, right?

A: yes it’s like Washington gross receipts tax except it’s targeted on really large business. Less than 1000 will be affected by the tax.


Q: where would the $ go, general fund?

A: no – it has to be spent on those three areas.


Q: so we won’t get taxed directly, but won’t the businesses pass the cost along?

A: we’ve written this measure to avoid hurting our businesses, but when they’ve been paying the lowest taxes, they can afford to pay some.


Q: Why are we focusing on the big businesses?

A: Our tax rate is structured so that the % decreases as a business makes more money. Small businesses pay as much as 12-17% and the largest pay nothing.


These large companies – Walmart, Safeway, Target –have national pricing indexes, products cost the same state to state, they just pay less taxes depending on the business. They won’t increase the prices just for Oregon.


Q: What about Comcast? Won’t they raise prices?

A: they set prices on a national index as well. (And pricing is opaque anyway, others point out.) In 2014 Comcast got millions in credits and refunds by taking advantage of loopholes on the books.

Want to learn more?

Also Facebook and other social media platforms.




Updates re summer events

  • $300 donation from Good Neighbor Pizza
  • $100 from Portland Girl
  • total donated by our local businesses this summer? 100 P’s and Q’s, 200 Lombard Pet Hospital, 75 Local Healer, 100 classic foods ….$875. The money will go toward the movie in the park (we have to pay $750) and National Night Out and Parkways and any other events.


  1. Movie in the park is this Sunday July 10 – hold out for good weather, starts when it gets dark so 9ish. Music will be surf-rock. Free popcorn, usually food vendors.
  2. Sunday Parkways Sunday July 24, 11am-4pm. 5-7 miles get closed to car traffic, open to biking, running, etc through various parks & parts of Portland. 20-25k will come through. Shirley: has several volunteers. Will need a couple of tables, probably from the Frmr Mkt folks. Route takes participants through our park, our tables will be near the amphitheater. Shirley would also like flyers re the nbhd assn. and any other flyers.
  3. National Night Out – Tuesday August 2nd, 5pm til dark (8pm or so). Will be held at Woodlawn Park in the main area near the water feature/amphitheater. Maija is getting the parks permit etc. Looking for entertainment – trying to find a dunk tank, calling musicians, any other ideas or suggestions? There will be a face painter, $130 for a two-hour slot, we’ll have to commit soon. $50 non-refundable deposit to reserve her. Liz is making the flyer. Luke will be doing the popcorn. Last year we partnered with Emmaus church, helped with the BBQ and we’ll ask again.
    Erin will be point person on the info booth – community table – any flyers anyone wants to put up? Anyone want to sit at the booth? Anyone want their own booth?
    Shirley – we’ve had nurses show up every year, will they do that again? Maija knows those people, will try to get in touch via NextDoor
    Other orgs welcome – pet rescue, friends of trees, etc.

Will ask Swap & Play to do some kids activities.

Shirley – went to an event that had free books from the library .. will see if she can contact them. Meg: will contact the children’s book bank to see if they have any to contribute & will copy in the WNA.
Does anyone know a balloon animal person? Martin will ask around.

Andree will check around too.

Shirley – police and fire? Yes, Maija registered our event so they can include us in their rounds as available.

Get the word out!!!!! & contact Maija with ideas

Jerome: Greater Solid Rock Church does a NNO event, it may be too late to combine the two this year but everyone is welcome. He will see if they have any interest in having theirs in the park alongside the one the neighborhood association is organizing. Theirs is simple – they usually block off 17th btwn Dekum & Bryant, free food, music. He does loss prevention for Old Navy so tries to incorporate some safety/crime prevention – attendance varies but they have been doing it for years.

Need to approve a budget for the NNO event –


Entertainment (bands, face painter etc.)

Rental equip (popcorn machine, dunk tank?)

In the past we’ve spent up to $1000 – Maija asks for approval for up to that amount. Maija moves, Andree seconds, all in favor.


Cleanup thank you notes

Speaking of businesses, we have thank you notes here to sign to the businesses for the cleanup – GNP for pizza, Ps & Qs for quiche, Henry V for being the location, Waste Mgmt Portland donated drop boxes this year.


Farmers market update

It’s going! It’s been successful so far.

Started the workshop program – last week Megan Denton (a vendor, from Able Farms) did a cooking workshop for chicken sausages. Had the director of the Headwaters Farm Incubator project come in and talk about his project. Trying to have something like that every week.


Events coming up: fundraiser – Able Farms will have a 3-course brunch at the Firehouse plaza $40 – Saturday July 16, 10:30am – spread the word! Buy tickets in advance (contact the farmer’s market or check the facebook page). Will give away 2 tickets to SNAP customers who come to the info booth with us. The money is donated, so most of the ticket money will go directly to the farmer’s market.
Farm tour coming up: Gresham – the Headwaters Farm Incubator Project – East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District – divided a farm into ~20 parcels that beginning farmers can lease and can share resources like a tractor. There are 15 farmers at the project, going to take a tour. Claire from Udon Farms will make lunch for everyone. Whole thing is free – we think it’s July 31st – see the info booth at the market & to sign up! Or email – register in advance. Space for 20.


Treasurer report

Info on the peach-colored paper is last fiscal year

Info on the salmon-colored paper is the projected budget for coming 12 months starting July 1 2016


Revenue $4369

Expenses – budgeted $4277, actual $3100


Luke will use his projected budget over the coming year to keep an eye on our ongoing expenditures.


NECN confirms we have liability coverage of a million dollars. Also has a certification from the state of Oregon – we are a legal organization.


Also, every year we give $100 to Meals on Wheels of NE Portland for their annual event Summer in September Jambalaya Festival and BBQ – held in Dawson Park. This year’s event is Sept 10th noon to 6p – food, entertainment, games. This year they are asking for another contribution; per the budget for this year we have 300 budgeted for donations to others – so this would fit. Last year we did the 100 to meals on wheels, and gave 200 to woodlawn’s outgoing 5th and 8th graders to celebrate.

Maija moves we accept the fiscal year report, adopt Luke’s budget, and continue our tradition of donating 100 to meals on wheels/loaves and fishes jambalaya festival.

Andree seconds, all in favor





NECN committees updates

Land Use:

  • Dennis – last month we forgot to officially ask the board to agree with the liquor proposals from tamale boy & ps and qs. Moves we officially endorse those changes. Andree second. All in favor. Anjalah will write a letter approving
  • Shared handouts from the last meeting about the infill project – Lucky Lab one of the orgs is hosting a presentation of the 3 proposals. We want more housing, less space – looking at the “missing middle” in terms of housing – small multi-units that currently aren’t allowed by zoning rules. This is a longer-term project but they are accepting public input now through August, this really impacts how our city and neighborhoods develop.
  • FYI: Demolition notice: 1754 NE Morgan Street. Not a house of any architectural note that we can see/posted on NextDoor for any comments. It’s zoned for single unit housing. Have an application in to move a fairly large tree in the back of the house.
  • FYI: 1204 NE Lenore St – application for some major alterations or additions. They say they want to remodel the kitchen & add a 2nd story addition.
  • Maija got a nice hand written letter from the people who presented last month about subdividing the lot thanking us for hosting them.
  • Luke: in today’s Portland Tribune a bit in the business section that the people who built The Woodlawn, SolTerra, got a national award from LEED for that building, as an exemplary effort in the United States.
  • Martin: they gave $1000 to the farmer’s market to help match our SNAP users.


Safety & Livability


  • next meeting is on July 18 (Monday) Mark Joline from Home for Everyone talking about homelessness. A Better Oregon will be at that meetin talking about Measure 97.
  • Had their first criminal justice forum 2 Mondays ago, had great turnout. Invited the gang enforcement team, Officer Zoeller, a parole officer, and the Multnomah County district attorney, and Mary Tompkins from (some criminal outreach thing?)
  • Will have a 2nd criminal justice forum Sept 19 – focus on community organizations, haven’t gotten the list of speakers finalized yet – at NECN office.


Maija: about NECN: doing outreach events for Willamette River cleanup. Series of meetings in July to learn about the cleanup plan for the river which is a Superfund site. Have extended the public comment period through August. Want the EPA to hear from the people, not just from the corporations. Also info is online/on NextDoor.


Woodlawn School update

Andree: they did the water test last week, no results yet.
Food pantry has shifted its hours for the summer due to limited access to the building, now 2:30 Wednesdays


Other events:

Maija: Woodlawn Park is one of the sites for Portland Parks Free Lunch program


Maija and Meg: Community cookout at Kings School park this Saturday 4p-7p hosted by MLK schools Self Enh Inc,, looking for people to attend & bring food. Just another way to meet our neighbors and build community.




Adding a member to the NECN board:

Woodlawn is one of 12 neighborhoods on NE that makes up the NE coalition of neighborhoods. They bring us together to work together on issues, guide us when topics come up. They are a non profit & have a board of directors & at-large community members, they get funding from the city, Office of Nbhd Involvement. There are 7 neighborhood coalitions across the city, representing approx. 100 NAs.


Shirley is stepping down after many years of service, feels it’s time for someone else to join; we need to nominate a new person. Looking for people who are interested. The board is reconfigured, used to have 2 reps from each NA, now it’s 1 from NA and several at large members (Shirley will be an at large member). Elected a new chair, Paul Van Orten (the city’s noise guy). Feels that NECN is working well again, having lots of informational meetings that have been very good.

The board meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month, won’t start up again til Sept. Is anyone interested in joining? They have to be a Woodlawn NA board member. Informal poll: Dennis is interested.


Officially nominate Dennis to attend the September meeting: Martin moves to nominate Dennis to serve on the board; Byron seconds, all in favor.



Board elections:

The WNA board elections will be in October.



No meeting in August!

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