Wednesday, December 7, 2016 – 7:00 – 8:30PM



Introductions – board: Luke, Byron, Dennis, Shelly, Maija, Beth, Martin, Emily, Andrée, Anjala, Shirley

Missing: Katie

Neighborhood: Liz, Bill Gates (United Methodist Church), Graham, Leah, Francisco, Michael, Damien, Sherri, Shannon, Tracy


Approve agenda for tonight; approve minutes from November

Agenda: Beth moves, Dennis second; all in favor

Minutes: Shelly, Dennis seconds, all in favor


Outcome of the National Election – what can we do in our neighborhood? What is needed in our community?

First, a note: The Woodlawn Neighborhood Association is a nonprofit, we’re nonpartisan and can’t endorse candidates or parties. We know people have felt concern about the change in leadership – immigrants, refugees, people of color, women, etc. What do we want to do?

  • Maija has two ideas: we have a mosque in our neighborhood where Moonstar used to be – was thinking of putting out a card for people to sign at the Woodlawn market coming up. Also, a teacher at the school suggested people from Woodlawn come greet kids on their way in to school. Other ideas?
  • Liz: it’s important to be visible and transparent about how we feel about things – direct signage is a way to show kindness & concern for our neighbors. Ps & Qs has a sign they got for free from the IPRC (independent publishing resource center); It’s designed by Oko on East Burnside and is called their WE WELCOME sign.
  • Emily: also thought of what she could do locally & contacted the principal and has been in touch about volunteering & being more of a presence. The principal’s email address is on the Woodlawn website – very responsive.
  • Anjala: hate crimes repeat themselves. Woodlawn has risen up against hate crimes here in the past, we need to be aware and ready to do so again.
  • Shannon: On Wednesdays at 3:30p the Oregon food bank & urban gleaners drop off food at the school – They need volunteers to help move & sort materials every Wednesday. You have to contact the coordinator, Mary Evans (Evans at Mevans2@pps.net), and get your Food Handlers card ($10 online with a 20-minute course and quiz at oregonrla.org). When you volunteer to help at the school’s food bank, the work involves going to the cafeteria, moving boxes and items from the truck to the tables so the community can shop the food supplies.
  • Byron: on the topic of Woodlawn School – he’d like to suggest we find a way to express to the political powers our thanks for the three-year school improvement grant that is finishing this year. Luke: (who is on the school council) reports that the school administration is working on planning for post-grant times. They’re looking for a lot of volunteer help. Byron: makes a motion to write a letter of appreciation for the grant – specific recipients to be determined. Maija seconds. All in favor.
  • Byron: do we need to make a motion that we support diversity, freedom of religion, worship, and expression? After some discussion (including noting that the WNA bylaws say we’re committed to non-discrimination) we decided to table any specific motion for now, but if people feel they want the board to do/say something or sign onto a bigger movement please let us know.
  • Andrée: Note that there is a protest march January 21st in Portland at the same time as the Million Woman March happening in DC.
  • Shannon: Salvation Army bldg. on Williams and Killingsworth – Dec 21 having a toy drive and need 8:30am volunteers to distribute toys.
  • Woodlawn school-related items:
    • Maija: fundraiser reminder: New event this year Jan 26 2017: jazz night & silent auction. Adults only, at the Village Ballroom (this is donated space – thank you to the ballroom!) and one intent of the evening is recognizing the history of the Williams/Albina jazz scene.
    • Andrée: suggests a quarterly conversation with a representative from Woodlawn School to help us focus on and improve the features & assets of the school. We’d like to focus on the positives, such as their great STEAM program; recently they brought an OMSI planetarium to the school under the leadership of the PTA.
    • Andrée would also like WNA to team up with DePave and Friends of Trees to make better play space at the school
    • Byron: moves we invite Mary Evans/or a representative to the Jan meeting & plan to have quarterly updates involving the school. Anjala seconds. All in favor.




Upcoming Events

Shannon: Woodlawn Farmer’s Market Holiday Market – Sun, December 11, 1-5pm, Village Ballroom

Free, two bands booked, 23 vendors – jewelry, scarves, Woodlawn school selling t-shirts and kids crafts, preserved goods, wreaths, candles, ceramics, soup. Will have an option to be a sponsor of the market (and sponsorship has perks!)


New Year celebration / social hour before our January 4th WNA meeting – food ideas? Last month we decided to set aside the $250 we didn’t use for Halloween and start early and have a pre-meeting social hour to build neighborliness. We need someone to coordinate food. Thoughts: Tamale Boy. Ps & Qs can offer some appetizers (deviled eggs, cheese board). Cookies from Woodlawn Coffee Shop. Pizza from Good Neighbor Pizza. Volunteers to organize? Shannon can help, Andrée, Tracy, Emily, Liz. Spread the word!



Group Activity

Creating a position statement for WNA on affordable housing (small groups brainstorm, then share back w/bigger group)

Goal: brainstorm value statement or policy for how we feel about affordable housing (and probably some other land use issues will come up). Collect ideas & get a volunteer to create a statement we can post online and share & revise. Then once it’s finalized & approved, send to elected officials and to developers.

Discussion before the activity:

Anjala: we have a land use and transportation committee with two powers:

  1. We can comment on proposed development without having to pay anything, city has to listen to us. They usually take comments into consideration.
  2. Have power over liquor licenses/dispensaries. If someone is being annoying with patrons, messing up streets, we can say to the liquor board we don’t want it renewed.

Question: can the WNA do anything about dilapidated bldgs.? Do we search out people to develop? We haven’t in the past but maybe could.

Anjala: we do not have any power over demolitions. Plug for people to attend the Land Use and Transportation Committee: first Sunday (2nd Sunday in January!) at 4:30pm at the back table of P’s & Q’s.


Group project takeaways:

Coming soon: city hall meeting to discuss inclusionary housing (the discussion was scheduled for December 8 but was cancelled due to snow). Another good place is Land Use & Transportation Committee.

In general, we know the topic of creating a position statement on affordable housing will be an ongoing discussion. We’ll bring this back to another meeting for further discussion.



Board Business

Treasurer’s Report – on track with regard to income and outgo

Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala & Dennis:

  • Application to rent an ADU via Airbnb – 1333 NE Rosa Parks Way – 2 bedrooms for 2-29 days, guests would park on street, use outdoor space until 10pm, will obey regulations. This is a formal permit to be an Airbnb operator.
  • At land use and transportation committee there’s an enforcer for the city who wants to start finding Airbnb violators and shut them down
  • Airstream trailers being checked – not up to code with fire extinguishers, bathrooms, fines will be 1000/day with no grace period for people breaking the airbnb/city rules
  • Update on something from last meeting: a landowner wanted permission to build close to the property line, neighbor objected, city made them change the proposal somewhat
  • Working on getting a crosswalk from swap & play across Dekum. City says they have no money. We are looking for volunteers to do it. Tracy: but where does construction money go? System development charges go to sewers, infrastructure, parks, and transportation. It’s budget process time – write and ask for funding for more crosswalks.
  • Old business: At Rosa Parks & Grand swapped the direction of the stop signs. Results: many near crashes. Have submitted a request to have that reassessed or at least evaluated perhaps for a 4-way stop.
  • Leah: Mychal Tetteh is the outgoing director of community cycling center, now program manager of Fix Our Streets funds – maybe we should loop him in.
  • Woodlawn had problems with Trimet when they changed the route for the #8 and it stopped connecting to the 6. They are now proposing to extend 6 to Delta Park, so that would be good news (though wouldn’t fix the 8-6 gap).
  • Developers have registered 14 thousand housing plans to try to get them in the pipeline before the affordable housing rules change
  • Parking permits: city already looked at permits, decided the current style the city uses is outmoded – they’re on a fast track to develop new rules about residential parking.. City hall discussion Dec 15 at 10am.


NECN Board- Shirley & Dennis – nothing to report


Out of time, did not get to share what we heard at Woodlawn Methodist Church meeting

8:30 Meeting Adjourn – Next meeting, Wed, January 4th

  • Come early to meet your neighbors!


Next month: talk about breakside impacts on neighbors

Update on farmers market and their fiscal performance

Update on the website

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