Wednesday, January 4, 2017: social time & food 6:30-7:00, meeting 7:00 – 8:30PM


6:30 – 7:00 – New Year in Woodlawn Celebration – food & conversation – ALL ARE WELCOME!

7:00 Start of Meeting: Introductions (we skipped having the audience members introduce themselves to everyone, due to awesome turnout!)

7:05 Approve agenda for tonight – Martin moved, Andrée seconded, all in favor;
approve minutes for Dec – Anjala moved, Andrée seconded, all in favor.

7:10 Police Officer’s Report, none available

7:20 Friends of Trees (substitute for sewer project update – she was out sick and will come next month)

Kristie Hudson volunteers with Friends of Trees, she is one of our 2 neighborhood coordinators. The annual planting is combined w Piedmont this year on Sat Jan 28. Please come volunteer especially if you have a truck! Sign up online or just show up at 8:30am – staging will be at Holy Redeemer on Rosa Parks. There’s breakfast at the start and a potluck at the end, they’d love if you contribute your crockpot of food. Lots of needs to volunteer in the kitchen both before and after the planting. Kid-friendly and a great way to meet your neighbors. There will be an after-party at Hi-Wheel. Interested? Email: woodlawn@plantitportland.org especially if you have a specialized skill or truck to offer. Can also sign up online at friendsoftrees.org. Is it too late to order a tree? Deadline was Jan 9, and the city has to come out and inspect if you’re asking for a street tree – might be too late for that. If you just want a yard tree they can possibly squeeze you in – go to the webpage to see.

Q: does Friends of Trees ever work with schools? A member of the neighborhood association was recently wondering about helping the school get trees in; Kristie says the school would have to initiate that but it’s certainly possible!
Side note: 2 years ago a Tree Team worked with Friends of Trees to do a tree inventory [http://www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/article/433143] – you can now go online, enter an address, and find out what tree is at that location. About 50% of our planting strips have trees – so much room for growth and more planting!


7:30 Farmer’s Market 2016 Season Report – Martin (10 min)

  • 2016 report for how the market went: our summers farmer’s market at Dekum & Durham started in summer 2015; it’s a subsidiary of the WNA and uses our 501c3 designation to get grants, etc.
  • Stats: 453 customers per market day; Best day over 700 people; Traffic was 16% higher than last year; 10,000 customers this year, 26 vendors over the season (10-12 at a time)
  • The Farmer’s Market received a $10,000 grant from East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District for the 2016 year; going to apply to it again for more money. Through that grant they did an Introducing Farmers program – brought in farms who had never sold at a farmer’s market and tried to make it easy for them – provided tent, spot, certified scale, let them try it out. 5 farms participated, 3 did educational workshops for community members. 1 farm is coming back next year. Also used the grant money for 13 educational workshops for customers of the market about farming, cooking, beekeeping, farm worker rights, among other topics; also did a tour of Headwaters Incubator Farm just past Gresham. East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District bought the Headwaters Incubator Farm to let small farmers pay a reduced land lease rate – the average age of a farmer in Oregon is 60, so this is part of an effort to get younger people into farming. The market took 24 people on a tour there. They will do the tour and maybe do some field trips for Woodlawn school kids if they get another grant.
  • The market also got $2,000 from Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods and funded the street mural; the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association also contributed $700 to the mural project.
  • Mural project: Had over 100 volunteers; the market paid two Woodlawn-based artists to collaborate on the project. It will get some touchups in the spring.
  • The market had an intern this year from SEI (Self Enhancement, Inc.) – Debbie Garza, who helped with info booth, marketing, Facebook etc.
  • The market also had a holiday market at the village ballroom – 2nd annual event, had 23 vendors, 2 musician groups.
  • They just had t-shirts & bags printed. You can purchase from Martin or Avery, they will be selling them at the market next year. You can send a message on Facebook to them via the Farmer’s Market page to coordinate a purchase; Emily says they could sell at Ps & Qs as well – they’ll look into that. Kids shirts $12; adult $18, bag $15. Part of it is a fundraiser. Printed by a NE Portland printer on American Apparel shirts.
  • Starting a program to get monthly market supporters – subscribers/donors – with rewards for joining/contributing. This will help them continue their work without relying on grants.
  • To sum up: The market will continue, we have to keep increasing the customer base.
  • 2017 will be mid-May through October is the target.

Notes from the board/community:

The first year was the 2k NECN grant and some interest; 2nd year was 2k + 10k grants – it’s really exciting to see what small grants and volunteers and community participation can make happen!

NECN grant application deadline is Feb 28 – see their webpage for how to apply, come back to the Feb meeting for board support. The applicants should be specific to N/NE, focus on equity, inclusiveness.

Andrée has an idea for applying for a grant: around creating a short video clip promoting senior health and offering it to local media outlets. The idea is to let people get a new idea of senior fitness that’s more engaging and challenging than what can be seen online currently and highlight that there is a local community out there. Could feature several different senior fitness classes.

Sometime late Jan – NECN has a meeting to help people navigate the process.

Other ideas for grants and funding options:

  • Shirley says: SW airline offers grants to neighborhoods for communities – will get that info
  • Maija: we have 2 other street murals in Woodlawn – perhaps someone could head up a Street Art Appreciation group, apply for a grant to get supplies, food, get volunteers out. Shannon: Village Building Convergence also has grants for that kind of project.

If anyone has other ideas, message us or bring it back to the next meeting.


7:40 Summer Free Movie in the Park: part of the Portland Parks Free For All program – we’ve participated several years now.

A word on fundraising:

– usually the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend we have the Neighborhood cleanup – people can drop their trash/household bulky items and they donate a fee to participate.

– we usually do a summer events fundraising letter and ask them to help support events such as the movie in the park, a table at Sunday Parkways, National Night Out (first Tues in Aug).

*Vote to submit application ($750 fee) –*Give input on movie choices

Shirley moves, Shelly seconds – all in favor

We have to pick our top 3 movies – Maija will pass around the form, have people just put a check next to anything that looks good, we’ll put the comments out on FB and Nextdoor for consideration. Please keep in mind diversity when picking. There’s also a list of independent & contemporary films. Deadline to request is end of Jan, we think. Parks also thanked us for our support last year. Looking for a coordinator for this – submit the application, tally votes for our preferred movie, submit preferred dates, be main point of contact for the Parks dept. Any volunteer for this year? Volunteer from the audience: Jennifer (thank you!). Try to pick dates around the Sunday Parkway and NNO, so maybe late July.

Volunteer signup going around: options are Easter Egg hunt, Cleanup, Movie in the Park, NNO, or anything else people can think of.


7:50 Communications – Updating gowoodlawn.com (WNA’s webpage) – Shelly & Beth

Shelly is a web developer and wants to help update our web presence – has been looking at the Boise NA site which is a good one to emulate – navigation structure, tonality. Also has examples from themes that WordPress offers – cost $40 or $50 and have lots of features, quick way to get a site up and running.

Wants feedback on 2 things: look & feel; a lot of it will depend on the photography we get. Also what functionality do we want from the website?

We can maybe create a survey or input form to let people share their ideas. Shelly would do the work; one person here is from Digital Ocean, a hosting service. We currently use Bloody Monster, they gave us a good deal last year, about $70/year – Rick negotiated that.

Another person (Kristy) is a photographer & can help out (thank you!) – mural, firehouse, – will give her contact info to Shelly.

Jen: what could the webpage do for us? It could be a great way to feature stories about businesses or long-time residents, could be more cohesive as we grow. Using WP we can use the site to publish to Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.. Jen would be willing to help and is a writer.

Maija: we’ve also talked about it being a clearinghouse of various positions we’ve taken over the years.

Subcommittee for our webpage? Peter, Jen, Kristy, Shelly, Beth, and Rachel (has Illustrator knowledge). The original creator of our logo is Ethan Jewett and is still in the neighborhood; we may be able to get the file format we need.

Shelly makes a motion to form a website development committee: Maija seconds; all in favor

Martin moves to give authority to the committee to make decisions on behalf of the board – reporting back any big ones; Emily seconds, all in favor

Maija: another idea – Boise neighborhood gives out magnets, would we like to do that? Could be a good handout and drive people to the new webpage. Could be at the farmer’s market, maybe charge for bumper stickers too? Could aim for a summer availability for the magnet. No decision made but people seemed generally in favor.


8:00 Woodlawn School Update – Mary Evans (not available) (10 min)

Maija filled in since Mary wasn’t available:

Mary Evans is the weekly coordinator of the food pantry @ Woodlawn School – volunteers needed from 330-5; contact Mary and the school for info. [mevans2@pps.net] The pantry is open to anyone, direct people if you know they’re in need, don’t have to be school families. They always need more hats and gloves, kids show up w/o them or lose them – so that’s always something we can donate. Can also donate to the PTA Clothing Center for students [http://www.portlandcouncilpta.org/pta-clothing-center.html]

*Woodlawn PTA event – Thurs, January 26, 7pm – Jazz Night & Silent Auction at Village Ballroom – seeking sponsorships & silent auction donations. FB event should be posted soon.


8:10pm: Board Business

*Treasurer’s Report – Luke. Front is revenue, back is initiatives/how we spend our money. The biggest fundraiser is the cleanup, Memorial Day weekend Saturday – last year we brought in almost $2,000. It’s a good weekend for it – other neighborhoods don’t compete. Bring anything you want to get rid of and make a donation. We also offer Goodwill, metal scrap, electronics recycling, and food for volunteers! If you will be out of town that weekend you may be able to schedule a pickup with volunteers.

Anjala notes that there isn’t a line on the report for the 250 seed money for the cleanup; Luke deducts that before listing the revenue, instead of listing it as an expense since the income exceeds the expense.

*Neighbor Request to initiate Good Neighbor Agreement with Breakside Brewery – neighbor who mentioned it is pulling the request for now, is considering her options.

*Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala & Dennis – meets first Sunday at 4:30 at Ps & Qs, then reports at the NECN meeting. Their recent activity:

  • Trying to get a group of neighbors to go to the Depave website [http://depave.org/], city has given us the okay to create a crosswalk in front of the Swap & Play – IF we get the people and do it according to their rules, we can do it ourselves. Need a volunteer to manage that. City estimates $4,000 for them to do it; the current bike rack would need to be moved, curb cuts need to be installed, paint for the crosswalk. Depave has done a great job collecting info on what is required for a project like this.
    Comment: Note that there is a new gas tax that passed, that funding is supposed to be used for similar improvements, so this could be funded by the city someday.
  • Contacted principal of Woodlawn – do they want a crosswalk at 15th/Bryant? So far they’re playing voicemail tag.
  • We’ve been asked to create a position paper on what we think affordable housing should look like so we have something we can share with developers, the city, etc.
  • FYI: We receive notices of Air BnB plans – we can pass along the info but can’t make a stand, demolition notices come to us too; we can’t approve/deny these. We can also get info on requests to make changes to property; we can’t approve/deny but can express our opinion to the city. We can also appeal land use decisions with the city.
  • ABCs of land use class being taught later this month – contact Anjala for more info. Conducted by the city, good grounding on city policies.
  • This committee also does transportation – they’ve paid a lot of attention to the crossing at 11th & Lombard; last month there was a train/truck collision. If people are concerned, the committee might be a good spot for people to contribute.

*NE Coalition of Neighbors Board– Shirley (at-large member) & Dennis (on board)

  • First NECN newsletter went out by mail in December – 11,000 copies printed – most people in the room got it. First time they’ve done this, plan to do it quarterly to share what’s going on in N/NE. One thing it mentions is an air poillution event jan 18 6-8p at killingsworth street Unite Oregon – nbrs for clean air [pull details from the newspaper at home] Would be great if nbhrs went and reported back.


Note: have one seat on the board vacant since Katherine is moving out of Woodlawn. If anyone is interested, let us know. A board member must follow the bylaws of our non-profit, attend monthly meetings (or let us know if you’re going to miss it), be able to represent the views of the neighborhood, and volunteer for things. We could use an event coordinator since Jana moved away. Also must be over 18 and either live in Woodlawn or represent a business, church, or school in the neighborhood.



Last comments/contributions from the meeting attendees?

Shirley: there was a cool article about Bill Hilliard (newsboy to publisher); encourage Chloe Eudaly to come to a meeting, she lives here and is now over Office of neighborhood Involvement. Friday 4-6p party at city hall to celebrate her swearing in – she’s the 8th woman ever to serve on City Council, only current renter, only current east-side resident.

Erin: at the last NET (neighborhood emergency team) meeting: At the last meeting they talked about having a liaison to neighborhood meetings to help encourage residents to prep. Erin volunteers. Next NET training is later this month. They are fast-tracking certain neighborhoods. Check Portland Bureau of Emergency Management.. it IS a time commitment. If you have skills (like building, nursing, ham radio certified) let Erin know, she can find a place for you. [https://www.portlandoregon.gov/pbem/31667] A good 2017 goal would be to get your home ready for earthquake – check online or talk to Erin about ideas.

Shirley: bought a brick at pioneer courthouse square, $100 goes toward activities there. Parks bureau, bricks something, the square.org? [https://thesquarepdx.org/shop/bricks/]

Backpack program: 1-3p Maranatha church on MLK day – NE 12th and Skidmore, 4222 NE 12th Ave

Meeting adjourned!

8:30 Meeting Adjourn – Next meeting, Wed, February 1


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