Wednesday, February 1, 2017 – 7:00 – 8:30PM



7:00 Introductions: Board, all present (Beth, Maija, Byron, Andrée, Shirley, Anjala, Martin, Emily, Shelly, Dennis); audience introduces themselves as well.

7:05 Approve agenda for tonight: Anjala moves, Byron second, all in favor; approve minutes from January: [board forgot to approve]

7:10 Police Officer’s Report: none available


7:20 Update on Woodlawn sewer projectSiobhan O’Leary –Woodlawn-King neighborhoods are having sewer work done under a two-part project as part of the citywide large-scale sewer repair project. The projects are: Woodlawn-King alleys, and Woodlawn-King streets. The alleys project is ready to start soon and will last a year. The streets project will begin in late June and will last a year. [see info online: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bes/68987]
There will be email updates issued with regular updates – they’ll start when the project begins and will be a two-week look-ahead, sent out every other week. Some work will be done outside the businesses on Dekum; Siobhan is happy to report they WILL be able to get the work done in the winter season in hopes of not affecting their outdoor eating areas. They are still working to address the school bus route on NE 10th; also taking the Neighborhood Night Out and Parkways events into account, also aware of the farmer’s market – they won’t leave equipment out/in the way on the event dates (per the contract). Audience reminded her of two other events to be sure not to impact: summer movie in the park and the Easter egg hunt the Saturday before Easter. The sewer project probably won’t affect the park itself but they intend to be mindful of storing the construction equipment so that it doesn’t impact any events.
They are also aware of the street murals – the two near construction are the murals at 8th & Holland, 8th & Holman (they will be right next to the work, neighbors will hold off on repainting/touch-ups until after the street work is done)


Some homes have a non-conforming sewer and those homeowners should have been notified by now (it means their connection isn’t up to code and if there is work outside their door they have to address it).


7:30 Grand Army Tavern, new business filling former Bushwhacker’s location – Annalisa Maceda and George Kaden – Introduction and overview of business: From NYC, both have worked in food & hospitality in New York and in Portland; they have been planning this for 2 ½ years, funded through the city MESO (Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon [http://mesopdx.org/]).


So why Woodlawn? They liked the central businesses and all the residential around.

The plan: they looked at what is already offered in the neighborhood and tried to find something unique. Menu concept has evolved from solely vegetarian to more substantial offerings.

Will have between six and ten whole vegetarian meals and salads; the menu will cover vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free diets. For the meat side of the menu, they will work from whole pigs – they will receive half- or whole pigs every week, will prepare from that every week.


The bar: they will offer a full bar, focus on classic cocktails, will start simple and fresh. Competitive pricing, happy to be a weeknight hangout or a weekend destination.


Hours planned to be 3p-midnight to start; looking at brunch in the not-so-distant future.

The Farmer’s Market will be right out front: the Grand Army team are happy to help, partner with them, buy from the farmers (Martin can put them in touch).


Opening date: Started construction February 1, hoping to open in 8 weeks; so realistically the April/May time frame. Name is a reference to Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, a nod to their past.


Board vote to approve OLCC application for this business: Anjala – Land Use and Transportation Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the board, but it’s part of land use. Straw poll for any opposition? Majority (all) in favor; will write the letter in favor.


7:50 Communications Committee – Update on website (gowoodlawn.com) refresh – Peter and Shelly have met, picked a wordpress theme, talked about site structure and navigation, she has: [dev.gowoodlawn.com] – go check it out! There’s a contact form on the contact page to submit feedback. Timeline: 6-8 weeks for iterations.


7:55 Vote (by all ) to fill vacant Board seat. Katy Roberts has expressed interest: would fill seat through October 2017 elections. Katy’s background: grant writer for non-profits for 3 years, has learned a lot about non-profit boards and would like to participate as a board member. Has lived in Woodlawn for 4 years, was inspired at the last meeting to hear about all the activities and is happy to help. All in favor!


8:00 Diesel Pollution Workshop and Lobby Day Update – Maija & Byron – workshop given by Neighbors for Clean Air, begun by a resident of the NW neighborhood near Chapman School when she learned the air there was bad. She’s been doing this for a decade or more. They got a lot of press last year when the Bullseye Glass and other industrial air pollution came to light. Woodlawn is affected by diesel pollution based on our location near Lombard, I-5, the railroad tracks, etc. Currently California and Washington have a much higher standard for diesel trucks, so now their leftover polluting trucks are being sold in Oregon.


Maija also attended a town hall last week by Tina Kotek and Tawna Sanchez (representatives in the Oregon House of Representatives – they represent the Woodlawn area districts, numbers 44 and 43). (Also in attendance at tonight’s meeting is Tina Kotek’s legislative assistant and constituency outreach Cheyenne McPherson). Headcount from the Town Hall had 285 people who signed in, and at least another 100 showed up as well – it was standing room only.


Tip: OLIS Oregon state legislature – you can track bills on there, for example keep an eye out for diesel or clean ear, and then follow those bills. [https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2017R1]


Upcoming event: Wed, Feb 15 – Lobby Day for Clean Air in Salem (charter bus available)

[event info: https://www.classy.org/salem/events/lobby-for-clean-air-day/e115927]


Francisco adds there are sensors throughout the city to measure and compile data about our air quality.

Byron adds: there have been studies linking violent crime rates to high diesel pollution – too soon to know what the connection may be, but there is an interesting correlation. Another source of air pollution is from smaller airplanes, and that could be affecting us as well.


Maija proposes a board position, so if someone wants to write a letter or go to the lobby day, we can mention that the whole neighborhood association has this position.

Therefore: We support the efforts of our representatives pushing toward higher diesel pollution standards and other clean air measures: Maija moves, Shelly seconds, all in favor.


Martin asks a clarifying question: The Woodlawn Neighborhood Association is a non-profit, does that factor into what we can do and say politically? Maija: We can support issues and ask officials to advocate for us, but we can’t take party or candidate stances.


8:05 2017 Event Planning Updates:

Need to start summer fundraising letters – Jennifer volunteers to help out


Neighborhood Cleanup: NECN’s next newsletter getting ready: when is our cleanup? Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Once a year people can gather up everything they want to get rid of and bring it by the carload to a central site – volunteers will sort out the garbage, computer recycling, other recycling, Goodwill runs, etc. It’s one of the biggest fundraisers for our neighborhood.


Movie in the park: application submitted: Jennifer reports: Beasts of the Southern Wild; the Eagle Huntress; Fantastic Beasts – were the top three choices by far, so they were the ones we requested. Also gave a range of dates – end July (after July 5 at least) or first half of August. Andrée: do these movies have diversity? Yes for the Beasts and Eagle; not so much for Fantastic Beasts. It’s now in the hands of the parks department.


Need Easter Egg Hunt organizer – Peter volunteers. They usually put out plastic eggs in the park and kids run after them. We need: candy (P’s & Q’s has donated); plastic eggs (we have them); volunteers to stuff the eggs; Friday the 14th go through the park to clean up; show up the morning of the 15th to coordinate the volunteers and hold back the kids.


Other events in Woodlawn: Jennifer mentions – Ps & Qs was part of 21 women-owned businesses who did a bake sale (2 of them were in Woodlawn) and sold boxes of cookies for $50 and raised $27,000 for Planned Parenthood in 24 hours. And the idea is spreading around the country. What next? A dance party! 80s Dance Party for Equality at Woodlawn Coffee from 7-10p on Feb 18 – fundraiser for the Human Rights Campaign. Silent auction, DJ, wear horrible 80s clothes. There’s a Brown Paper Tickets site, $15 in advance, $20 at the door, comes with one drink ticket, then cash bar after. [http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2831497]


Emily asks what’s up with the United Methodist church – any updates? Nothing yet. At the brainstorming meeting some ideas were making it a community center, having community meals there, etc.


8:10pm: Board Business

Treasurer’s Report – Luke: front is revenue for the year; back is expenses incurred or anticipated. We’re in good financial shape and can pay our bills. Anjala moves to approve, Shelly seconds, all in favor. Question from the audience: is there dues for the monthly meeting? No dues – everyone who lives, works, or represents an organization in Woodlawn is a member. All association revenue comes from fundraisers – the Memorial Day Weekend Cleanup fundraiser is about half of our annual revenue. Business contributions help a lot to help offset our summer activities. It’s worth noting our events are not expensive, we can’t fund massive projects, so we do have some money extra in our account.

Reminder: NECN is starting a quarterly newsletter, we have samples here on the table.


Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala & Dennis

Standing committee with the authority to make decisions outside the board meeting. Next LUTC is: Sunday February 19th, 4:30pm, at the back table of Ps & Qs. Items of note:

  • Dennis and Shelly went to the recent city-sponsored training on Land Use 101 which was very good.
  • Several notices received from the city, mostly an FYI:
    • ADU & master addition on Durham street – it’s an existing house, it has a garage that was a beauty parlor at one point, now they want to turn that into an ADU.
    • New request: 750 NE Holland: divide 11,742 sf site into two parcels. No plans revealed at this time, the proposal is for the site division.
    • Corner of MLK & Lombard – construction that will be a renal clinic, just now getting notified of approval for that building.
    • Land use 7065 NE 8th Ave – land use adjustment, want to build a newer house in front of an older house, which will stand as an ADU. Approved by city even though the next door neighbor wasn’t in favor.
    • 6524 NE Grand Ave – 2-parcel partition for attached housing – approved by city
    • MLK, Jr Blvd – lot next to the auto paint business, questions about planting shrubberies, approved by city.
  • Met with principal of the school to see about getting a crosswalk across 15th, but it’s on hold. We can get a crosswalk across Dekum near the OPH, the principal will put Anjala in touch with people at the PTA to perhaps help facilitate it.
  • Final note: different neighborhoods have written position papers on affordable housing; at our last meeting the community came up with a series of statements and comments; Anjala shares a draft affordable housing policy. If we vote on it, it becomes our housing policy. The idea is that when people come to build in Woodlawn, we’d give this to them to communicate what is important to Woodlawn neighbors. We can pair it with design guidelines that already exist. It won’t be enforceable, but is another way to formalize our preferences for the developers and city to see.
  • Maija proposes: we can post online at nextdoor, facebook, gowoodlawn and ask for feedback.


Other items:

  • Luke reports on Friends of Trees planting – planted 150 trees in Piedmont and Woodlawn and seemed highly successful.
  • Shirley invited Chloe Eudaly to one of our meetings – we can decide which meeting and put the request in formally. We pick next meeting: ask if March works, and if not we can be flexible.
  • Maija: NECN has small grants available – Andrée went to a meeting and people were excited about her idea (senior fitness promotion via filming a flashmob) – needs a fiscal sponsor if the WNA is willing. Has volunteers with grant writing but does the board support her idea, would we be a fiscal sponsor? Martin asks: what would you be paying for? Possibly filmographer? She’s open to suggestions – Martin moves we support her idea and be a fiscal sponsor should she win the grant. Emily seconded, all in favor.
  • One last FYI: there is a new NECN (NE Coalition of Neighborhoods) group starting – Public Safety Advisory Committee, Thurs, Feb 23 – 6pm – 7:30pm, NECN 4815 NE 7th.

8:30 Meeting Adjourn – Next meeting, Wed, March 1

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