Background: In the December 2016 Woodlawn Neighborhood Association meeting, attendees began a project to create a value statement or policy for how we as a neighborhood feel about affordable housing (and possibly other related topics). More information about the exercise is available in the December meeting minutes. Since then the Land Use and Transportation Committee has created a draft statement.

We will review and refine at the March 2017 meeting – please review the attached PDF and come with comments! Draft Affordable housing WNA 2017


3 Responses to “Draft: Woodlawn affordable housing position statement”
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  2. Craig Cedros says:

    This statement does not address parking. Parking should be addressed as developers may build multi-dwelling units and include zero parking. This will cause congestion and issues will follow. It also makes it much tougher for older residents to both park and drive.

  3. Anjala Ehelebe says:

    We plan to work on a second policy about parking. Needed to keep this one on target about housing and affordability. You’re welcome to our next meeting this coming Sunday, 4:30 at the back table at Ps and Qs Market. 1301 NE Dekum. Anjala

    LUTC for Woodlawn chair

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