Wednesday, April 5, 2017 – 7:00 – 8:30PM



Introductions: Board – Maija, Luke, Dennis, Emily, Anjala, Shirley, Byron, Martin, Beth, Andrée, Shelly [Katy missed due to illness]

Neighbors: Annie, Liz, Kathleen, Erin, Julia, Shay, Francisco, Erin, Dale, Joanne, Aaron, Harrison, Lindsey, Shannon, Jen, Mary, Kristin; more arrived later

Approve agenda for tonight: Dennis moves to approve, Shirley seconds. Approve minutes from March: Anjala moves, Emily seconds, all in favor

Communications CommitteeUpdate on website (gowoodlawn.com) refresh – Beth, Shelly, Jennifer. Jen: Shelly has gotten a google doc together so the team can take chunks and fill in the pages. Jen sent an email to the board to help coordinate the About Woodlawn text and to talk about the voice & tone of the website. To be determined if the board and Jen will meet in person about that or if they will discuss over email.

New Business: Volkswagen Settlement / Diesel Pollution letter – NECN (Northeast Coalition of Neighbors) Board signed on to a letter to DEQ regarding the use of Volkswagen settlement funds. They have submitted a request for WNA (Woodlawn Neighborhood Association) support.

Volkswagen’s fine has resulted in the state getting $68 million & the state is looking for feedback from the community on how to allocate the money. The NECN drafted a letter asking them to allocate based on population & the level of diesel pollution around the state. They are asking the WNA board to sign onto the letter as well.

We have poor regulation of diesel trucks – we don’t require the trucks to be filtered like they are in CA and WA so their non-compliant vehicles are being sold in Oregon. Facts cited in the letter: Multnomah County air ranked in the worst 1% of counties nationwide for concentrations of diesel particulate according to the Environmental Protection Agency,National Air Toxic Assessment.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2011 National Air Toxics Assessment (NATA) data, which was released in December 2015, Multnomah County ranked 32nd worst for diesel particulate matter (PM) concentrations out of 3279 Counties nationwide.

Martin read the letter, it talks about how the money should be divided but didn’t say who would get the money or what should be done with it. Dennis: the state DEQ will receive the dollars and use the funding to lessen impacts of diesel across the state. They could use the funds to subsidize companies buying diesel filters, as an example. The main focus is suggesting how they decide to allocate.

Liz: one of the important things in the letter is the criteria: both the population and amount of pollution

Anjala: do you want us to draft a letter suggesting how we want the money spent?

Maija proposes we sign onto this letter drafted by the NECN, and we can find out what projects are being suggested already in case we want to; Martin seconds we sign the letter. All in favor, none opposed.

There are current measures in our state legislature (such as SB 1008) that related to diesel matters – getting funding to Oregon DEQ, another to upgrading regulations for diesel trucks to match CA/WA standards.


Update on Woodlawn Farmer’s Market – hiring for Market Manager position.

Martin: What it accomplished last year, what the plans for next year are: The market runs Saturdays May 20-October from 10-2. This is our 3rd year, it was begun by neighbors. Technically the market is under the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association (WNA). The market hired Shannon and Avery part-time last year but both have taken full-time jobs this year so they’re trying to hire a market manager – it’s open until filled but they are hoping to find someone soon. They are also creating an informal board to make decisions, but will run the bigger decisions past the WNA board (such as who to hire/what to pay). It will be a 20 hours per week job; they’re going to put on a field trip with Woodlawn School and the Little Starts team; working on multi-lingual signage.

Just found out they got another 10k grant which will help pay the wages and some ongoing expenses; also get some money from the vendors and some neighbors are on a subscription to be a monthly market sponsor:

BUNCH DONOR ($10 – $24/month): Farmers Market sticker and shopping bag

BUSHEL DONOR ($25- $49/month): Farmers Market sticker, shopping bag, T-shirt, and one“ale-truism” beer at The Oregon Public House every month!

BASKET DONOR ($50-$99/month): Farmers Market sticker, shopping bag, T-shirt, one “ale-truism” beer at Oregon Public House every month & one sandwich at P’s & Q’s Market every month!

BARREL DONOR ($100+/month): All of the above plus two tickets to our annual Farm to Table Fundraiser!

Email woodlawnfarmersmarket@gmail.com for more information.


Martin is pulling together a financial report for the market.

Shelly: there will be a page on the new website to cover the market, she’ll get info from Martin and Shannon.

Already have 16 confirmed vendors; the crepe truck won’t make it this year. Scratch meats – sausages; bread vendor, ZK flowers will be back, Little Starts, Udon Farm. Our market works well with new farmers who are just starting out.


April Events Announcements:

Thurs, April 6 – Woodlawn School – Woodlawn Party with a Purpose, Thurs, April 6, 5:30-10pm, Village Ballroom, $5 donation for entry, $10 for a family. Kids music & entertainment til 7 or so, dance party running later. The funding will go into playground improvements.

Sat, April 15 – Easter Egg Hunt in Woodlawn Park – 11am. Emily: Peter and Emily are coordinating this year. It’s free and open to kids 12 and under (flexible on the ages). Emily bought a bunch of eggs and will make sure there’s enough candy to fill them. They need: a poster, which Emily can do; we think Peter can do it. Will be posted at businesses & at the school.

They’ll need volunteers to stuff the eggs on Thursday the 13th at 6pm at Ps & Qs in the back area. Also need volunteers to hide the eggs day-of. Show up at the park at 10am to help hide eggs! Parks dept usually sends someone around the day before to clean up trash; egg-hiders serve dual purpose of cleaning up trash as they hide eggs, too.

How will we notify people? Email Jerome @ the church, give flyers to Woodlawn School, post on Facebook & NextDoor, post at neighborhood businesses, people can also pick up flyers at Ps & Qs to share. We usually get a couple hundred kids.

Wed, April 19: Concordia/Vernon/Woodlawn NET [Neighborhood Emergency Team] – hosting showing of Unprepared, followed by Q&A:

The Concordia/Vernon/Woodlawn NET is hosting a showing of Unprepared (2015, OPB, 55 minutes). “Scientists say there is a 1 – 3 chance that a magnitude 8 or 9 earthquake could strike the Northwest in the next 50 years.  Unprepared examines the ways Oregon is – and isn’t – prepared for what experts expect will be one of the greatest natural disasters ever to strike North America.” The CVW NET team will be hosting a Q&A following the one hour long documentary. This event is free and open to the public. Contact:  Amy Gard, CVW Net Coordinator, concordianets@ gmail.com

April 19th, 2017 6:30 – 8:30pm, Concordia University, Student Event and Activities Center, Hagen Campus Center

Andrée: Will we discuss the needs we have in the community? For example there’s fuel storage adjacent to a gas line which is near the trains… Erin: yes, the NET covers three neighborhoods and they try to take these into account when making plans. It’s an open-format Q&A so bring your questions!

Thursday, April 20 from 6-8pm – Safe Routes to School Open House, Ockley Green Middle School, 6031 N Montana – city is looking at funding transportation improvements to get safer routes to school and this covers our area – could be a good place to advocate for crosswalks and other safety improvements

Saturday April 22nd the Stewards of Woodlawn Park are doing a weeding in the park so Portland Parks can use fewer pesticides



Spring / Summer Events Updates

May 3 Liz has proposed another social/snack hour before the May meeting – general interest? Luke: we’re in great financial shape, we could spend $200-300 dollars. Last time we spent ~$250. Maija makes a motion to provide food for the next meeting, budgeting $250. Martin seconds, all in favor. Who will head up the committee and get it here night of. Liz and Andrée will co-chair; others can help pick the items up. Spread the word!

Liz: two reasons it would be fun to do: it boosted turnout hugely in January. Also, we know we’ll need lots of volunteers for summer events, so this might be a fun way to recruit.

Shelly: can we launch the website by then and showcase it there? Agreed: that is the goal!

Woodlawn Clean-up – Sat, May 27, 9am – 2pm – need volunteers and trucks. Kelly and Eric have been recruited to help coordinate the neighborhood cleanup: one of the biggest fundraisers for the WNA and also a great cause for everyone – we get an easy way to get rid of junk while donating to the WNA.

Saturday May 27 at Henry V; all recyclers are confirmed and Waste Management is sponsoring us again this year by providing their services. They’d like some bigger signage so we can thank them properly. Martin knows of a place on Alberta that will make signs to get a vinyl sign created; maybe WM has a big logo sign we could borrow & display. Maija: in the past we’ve had handouts at the event that we hand out to people as they arrive and wait and we could include a thanks to the sponsor.

Next task at hand: putting up signs. We usually put them up a month before the event, that’s one of the biggest tasks in advance. Anjala: also need to make sure people assemble & put the sign up properly, and will need to have people retrieve the signs after the fact.

Rebuilding Center will pick things up this year also. We always need more people to make Goodwill runs – someone with a large vehicle would be ideal, and also people to partner up with the people loading & dropping items. It’s also great to have volunteers available in advance to do early pickups for those who can’t get their items out.

FYI volunteers get free food & drink and also get first pick of the stuff left behind. No yard debris, no construction debris.


Fundraising Updates: The upcoming Tough Luck Bar has donated $300. Jen has started delivering letters to businesses in the triangle. We use these funds for our part of the movie in the park costs, giveaways at summer parkways, and to fund National Night Out

National Night Out – Tues, August 1st (almost definitely this date – to be determined in the May meeting)

Movie in the park – announcement of date and movie selection: Beasts of the Southern Wild – August 10th we think – it’s a Thursday night.



Board Business

Treasurer’s Report – Luke – we’re in great shape as we come to the end of our fiscal year. Filed the required IRS 2016 tax form, filed the two forms with the state to maintain our non-profit status.

NECN used to subsidize the neighborhoods and it was use it or lose it; now they’ve given us the $1,000 without any guidance or expiration.

Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala & Dennis: Have been quite busy with a number of items:

  • Looking at accessory short term rental permits. City has set it if you want to have an ADU/accessory dwelling unit – and you want to rent it out, you have to inform your neighbors (who don’t get to say yes or no, generally speaking). Anjala provided copies of the most recent permits.
  • The city sent us a description of a development on N Vanouver Ave where they’ll be building apartments with parking – we don’t know why we got it since it’s not our neighborhood
  • Notice of intent to demolish at 1905 NE Ainsworth: this gives us a chance to look at the house, see if it’s historic or should be preserved. If we feel it shouldn’t be demolished we can petition for delay in demolition to find a way to save it.
  • Liz saw a request for a building on Dekum Street in the Hollywood Star newspaper. A builder wants to build between the Village Ballroom & the house next door, part retail, part residential, and they’re doing their homework at this point. When it’s in the planning stage they’ll let us know.
  • Reviewed the Affordable Housing Statement and would like to recommend we vote in favor. This will be the first of three: the other two will be about parking; the third will be revisiting the design guidelines we created in 1993
  • Update on crosswalks: Some businesses & residents have asked for more crosswalks across Dekum. The city doesn’t have any money but would let us do it if we do it to code; the most likely spot is across Dekum in front of the Village Ballroom but there is a bike rack that would need to be moved. We need volunteers but right now there is some conversation about why that spot is being considered over others.
  • Liquor license: 17th & Dekum across from Tamale Boy and Bassotto Gelato, the Tough Luck Bar is going in. They are going to have long operating hours – Sunday 10a-midnight; Friday noon-2am; Saturday 10am-2am. They have a patio and the outdoor areas will only serve until midnight. Dennis has been following the comments on Next Door. Most neighborhood comments seem positive; one of the owners lives in the neighborhood and the other lives in Concordia. The hours are similar to other businesses in the neighborhood – Breakside, High Water Mark for example. The Old Gold and The Paydirt Bar are their other businesses. The owner sent a statement describing their business plan:

As our other places, Tough Luck will be a neighborhood establishment. We’ll have a comprehensive, yet casual, bar program and ten beers on draft. There will definitely be whiskey. As for food, our chef, Lauren Miller, recently was in the kitchen at Imperial and will bring an Old/New World approach to the food. The Old World will focus on her upbringing in Southern Kentucky (think deeply-rooted family recipes like a Cauliflower Hot Brown), while the New World will incorporate culinary influences from Korea (house made Kimchi and steamed buns). While, at first, Kentucky and Korea might seem like polar opposites on a single plate, the two cuisines do share numerous similarities—fried chicken, rice, pickles, pork belly, BBQ—that work well together.


What we won’t have: Live music. DJs, video poker, or anything along those lines. We know this is a neighborhood and above all, we will always respect that.


  • Any questions or concerns? One person lives three doors down and has some concerns about evening noise. Maija: the city offers something called the Good Neighbor Agreement where the business and neighbors can sit down to talk about this should there be interest. There is interest in having a Good Neighbor Agreement. Maija: Moves to support the application with the request they conduct a GNA with concerned residents. Shelly seconds. All in favor.


Vote on Affordable Housing Statement: do we wish to adopt the affordable housing statement: Shelly moves we vote in favor of it; Beth seconds. All in favor, none opposed.

Maija has a minor edit to the final bullet on the statement: it should reference the Bureau of Development Services (not the permits office)

Shelly: if we want to add an illustration or graphic down the road will that be possible? So long as the content remains the same we can present it in creative ways later, yes.


NE Coalition of Neighbors Board– Shirley & Dennis

  • No updates

Update from NECN Public Safety meeting – Dennis & Liz

  • NECN PSAC = Northeast Coalition of Neighbors Public Safety Action Committee – if anyone wants to speak one on one with police officers or the commander of the north precinct, they should go to this meeting
  • 4th Thursday of the month
  • NECN office: 4815 NE 7th Ave, Portland, OR 97211
  • 6-6:30 casual one-on-one talks.
  • Attendees include: Commander King of the north precinct, Officers Anthony Zoeller and Craig Anderson, the Deputy District Attorney, and the Crime prevention coordinator
  • Last meeting there were 2 takeaways to report:
  1. Commander King has been there since December. Officers were happy that he approved directed actions in response to community concerns. They did a special project in one neighborhood in response to a rash of car thefts and made several arrests.
  2. Graffiti abatement: we’ve been seeing a bit more lately. Liz got a ton of information she can share with anyone who is interested. We will also post the information on the new Woodlawn website

Meeting Adjourn –  Next meeting, Wed, May 3

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