Neighborhood Board

The neighborhood board is a group of elected volunteers. It oversees budgets, major projects, and the vision for the neighborhood. All neighborhood residents and business owners are welcome to run for the board. Elections occur each fall.

The board meets monthly to discuss these in-depth issues, and meetings are open to the general public. Board meetings are separate from the general meetings, which create an opportunity to discuss ideas, projects, concerns, meet neighbors, and learn about resources.

If you have an agenda item you wish to be considered for upcoming meetings, contact Lisa Gladstone.

Contact the board by clicking here.

You may also contact a board member individually:

Thelma Diggs, Board Member

Anjala Ehelebe, Co-Chair, Historian, Land Use

Lisa Gladstone, Co-Chair

Luke Groser, Treasurer

Christy Splitt, Secretary

Shirley Minor, Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) Representative

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  1. lisa says:

    Hello, this is lisa with the Dekum Street Doorway Garden. I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your facebook inquiry. Please if you would, contact me via the email I have left here.


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