Meetings + Committees

NEW MEETING LOCATION effective June, 2013:

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings take place at Classic Foods, 817 NE Madrona Street, Portland.

Minutes of these meetings are public. You can see them here.

Monthly Board Meetings:

First Wednesday of every month
7:00- 8:30 p.m – The agenda for these meetings typically focuses on planning, budgeting, and community projects.  They are open to all neighborhood residents and people who work or own businesses in Woodlawn.

Land Use and Visioning Committee:

This committee meets on an as-needed basis. If you are interested in land-use issues, please contact Anjala Ehlebe.

Communications Committee:

This committee meets on an as-needed  basis and maintains the website and other neighborhood communications to keep residents informed. If you’re interested in helping with communications, click here.

Childcare Committee:

We are working to make our neighborhood meetings more accessible for parents with young children. If you have the energy to take on this effort, or ideas, solutions or just want to lend a hand, click here.

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  1. Anne Laufe says:

    Hi! I’m Anne Laufe from Oregon Walks. Formerly called The Willamette Pedestrian Coalition, Oregon Walks is a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to promoting walking and making the conditions for walking safe, convenient, and attractive for everyone. We’re launching our second annual Walktober event, set to begin October 6th culminating on Halloween. We would love to have you join us in leading a walk.

    Walktober was created with the hope of helping people throughout the region find new ways to walk, and find places to walk and people to enjoy walking with. The event is coordinated around an open calendar, which means that anyone can create, post, and lead a walk. Walks are put on by anyone in the community. We think that your participation would be valuable to the event.

    Last year, we were fortunate to have 43 organized walks and nearly 500 individuals participate in the first annual event. Some of these walks were lead by Transportation for America, Kaiser Permanente, and AARP. In addition to organizations, individuals lead such walks as a waterfront loop run/walk, a pub-crawl, and a weekly lunchtime meet-up group.

    Sign up to lead a walk at Select the “Add Event” button on the left where you will be prompted to include a brief description of the walk as well as your contact information. Once your walk is submitted, anyone in the community may join in. Feel free to spread the word on your own through Facebook, Twitter or any other means.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

    Thank you for your time and we look forward to your participation.

    Happy trails,

    Anne Laufe

    Oregon Walks Walktober Intern

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