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Concerned about airplane noise? Come to the December 3 Woodlawn Neighborhood Association meeting to ask questions of the airport’s Noise Program Manager. Full agenda below…

Wednesday, December 3
7 – 8:30 pm
Classic Foods, 817 NE Madrona


7:00 — Introductions

7:05 — Approve agenda for tonight & minutes for 10/15 & 11/5 (5 min)

7:10 — Police officer’s report, if available (10 min)

7:20 — Guest Speaker: Phil Stenstrom, Noise Program Manager, Port of Portland

  • Aircraft Noise Presentation (15 min) / Q&A (15 min)

7:50 — NECN Updates – (5 min each):

  • Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron
  • Land Use & Transportation – Anjala
  • NECN – Luke & Shirley

8:05 — Approve Treasurer’s Report – Luke (5 min) 8:10 New Business:

  • Approve Communications Plan for 2014-15 – Amy/Luke
  • Clean-up Committee for 2015 Formation
  • Woodlawn PTA / School Update – Maija
  • Small Grants Available from NECN – Applications Available 01/05/15 & Due 02/09/15

8:25 — Announcements – Upcoming Meetings, anything else?

8:30 — Meeting Adjourn

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Join neighbors on October 15 for the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association annual meeting! We will elect board members and give an update on the past year, and the year ahead!

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Classic Foods, 817 NE Madrona Street


7:00 – Introductions
7:10 – Election of Board members and Officers (led by Fran Ayarabil of the NECN)

7:30 – New and (renewed) Businesses in Woodlawn

  • 18th Avenue Market – Stober Davis III
  • Neil’s Yard Organics – Lisa Gladstone

7:40 – Refreshment break (grab food and drink)

7:45 – Woodlawn neighbors talk about what Woodlawn was like

  • Invited speakers: Shirley Minor, Annie Danielson, Martha Burnett, Lluvia Merello

8:30 – Adjournment

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Join neighbors on October 1 for the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association board meeting!

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Classic Foods, 817 NE Madrona Street


7:00  introductions
7:05  Minutes/agenda  approve and amend
7:15  Officer’s report, if any, 10 minutes

7:25  vote on the number of Board members for next year, according to the Bylaws

7:30  self-nominate or nominate people for Board membership or officer positions.  If your nominee can’t attend the meeting, make sure ahead of time they agree to serve if elected.

7:40  Guest speaker from the SMART Reading program.  10 minutes
7:50  Guest speaker from the new Cidery introducing themselves.  5 minutes
7:55  Celeste Carey from Crime Prevention on Liquor License Good Neighbor Agreements, as requested by Byron 15 minutes.

8:10  Report from NECN liaisons as to what’s of interest at NECN

8:15  Reports from committees  SALT, LUTC
8:25  Treasurer’s report
8:30  Adjournment

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All are welcome at our Woodlawn Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting, coming up July 2nd at 7pm at Classic Foods (817 NE Madrona).

Here’s the draft agenda:

7 PM  Introductions, approval of agenda and meeting minutes from May

7:05 Neighborhood events coming up in July and August

Parkways, Movies in the Park and National Night Out

Come on out and volunteer for these great community events!

Updates on the upcoming transition of board members and officers

7:15  Surprise Raffle

7:20 Fundraising updates!

7:25 Who is new in Woodlawn – welcoming our new neighbors

7:30 Safety and Livability Updates

7:40 Land Use Update – Tri Met and more

7:55 Treasurer’s update

8:05 Signs, Banners and Facebook/blog

8:15 New Business

8:20 Announcements – No Meeting in August – Meet us at National Night Out – Woodlawn Park on Saturday August 2

8:30 Meeting ends


DRAFT Minutes

WNA Board Meeting 6/4/14

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at

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All our welcome at our next WNA Monthly Board Meeting – Wednesday, June 4th, 7pm at Classic Foods.


7:00 Introductions, Approval of Agenda, Approval of Meeting Minutes from May 7th , 2014

7:10 Bylaws: Amending the number of board members – First Reading

7:20  Events

Updates on Clean up and Discussion on National Night Out, Movies in the Park and Parkways

Fundraising and Committees

7:40 Outreach for Board, Chair, Co- Chair,  Secretary, Communications Lead, Treasurer’s assistant


7:45 Treasurer’s report

7:50 Land Use

8:00 SALT

8:10 OLA – Review

8:15 New Business

8:20 Announcements

8:30 Meeting ends



DRAFT Minutes

WNA Board Meeting 5/7/14

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at
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Woodlawn Neighborhood Association Draft Agenda

Updated 5/7/14
May 7th WNA Board Meeting

 7pm-8:30pm at Classic Foods – 817 NE Madrona


7:00 Welcome and Introductions

Approval of Agenda and Minutes from April Meeting

7:05 (postponed) third vote on bylaws update

7:10 Off-Leash Dog Area:

7:30 SALT (Safety and Livability Team)

  • Dispensary
  • Coal Trains

7: 40 Treasurer’s report

  • Fundraising outreach for summer events
  • Coalition for a Livable Future (CLF) Membership

7:50 Events

  • Update on Easter Egg Hunt
  • Clean-Up: Saturday, May 24 at Henry V (9am-2pm)
  • Movies in the Park: Friday, July 11 (6:30 music, movie at dusk)
  • National Night Out: Tuesday, August 5 or a weekend date that week (let’s discuss!)

8:05 Land Use/TriMet

  • Vote on LU 14-143278 AD, a request to allow an adjustment for Nicole Kress and Gregg Lavender to turn their garage into an accessory dwelling unit.

8:15 New Biz

  • It Takes a Community – Fundraiser for Woodlawn School PTO: May 30, 4-7:30pm

8:25 Announcements

8:30 Adjourn



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Woodlawn Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

March 5, 2014


Present: Nola Silverman, Kathleen Elliott, Jim Peterson, Nathan Mattis, Don Hill, Angie Hill, Luke Groser, J. Byron Tennant, Bethany Wofford, Lisa Gladstone, Anjala Ehelebe, Rick Reynolds, Wren Schiffler.  Rick took minutes. Meeting called to order at 7:01.


Introductions included Nathan¸ owner of Fringe Meadery (honey wine); he produces at home but is trying to get biz established in the remodeled building with Tamale Boy and the gelato shop coming next month (Don and Angie of Bassotto Gelato also present).

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Monthly Board Meeting

April 2, 2014

7:00        Introductions, approval of agenda, approval of minutes from March 5th Board Meeting

7:10        Guest Speaker: Richard Nudelman, Portland Food Project

7:20        Davey Hendrickson, neighbor, to share information about Health Care for All Oregon

7:30        Vote on Bylaws Amendment – Third reading and final vote

7:35        Treasurer’s Report

7:40        Approval of payment to Parks for Movies in the Park 2013

7:45        Action Plans for Fundraising for Movies in the Park 2014

7:55        Update on Easter Egg Hunt

8:00        Update on the Clean-Up

8:15        SALT Update

8:20        Land Use Update

8:25        New Business and Announcements

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DRAFT Minutes

WNA Board Meeting 2/5/14

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at

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Join the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association for our next monthly board meeting. We meet  March 5th, and most first Wednesdays, at Classic Foods – 817 NE Madrona St – at 7pm.

Draft Agenda:

7:00 Introductions and approval of agenda and meeting minutes (Feb 5th meeting)

7:10 I Heart Woodlawn – taking the next steps

 7:30 Updates on the off leash area

7:40 Treasurers report

  • Financial Policy Updates
  • Costs for upcoming events
  •  Fundraising Initiatives

7: 55 Bylaws updates – second reading

8:00 Land Use Report

8:10 SALT Report (if Available)

New Business


Meeting Ends


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