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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 – 7:00 – 8:00 PM



7:00  Introductions

  Approved agenda for tonight & minutes for 10/7


7:09 Police officer hadn’t arrived so we opened the floor to concerns regarding crime in Woodlawn.  

    A neighbor who had been out of there home due to a fire spoke about things being stolen from her home while she was away.

Andree has found that one person has been going to constructions sites and talking to the workers and asking for raw materials. She once spotted them at this house. She had a confrontation with him about being on the property and taking materials. Very concerned that he was getting rights to be on the property. He’s using his property to sell things. Andree is telling construction workers about him. Shirley also knows him.


Another neighbor spoke about her neighbor’s children’s bikes were stolen today.

 7:15  Police Officer Arrived

There has been no big rash of burglaries lately.

Often when bikes and scooters are stolen it’s by people who are just walking down the street

He hasn’t heard anything about shots fired from this past weekend. Says that means nothing was hit.

Woodlawn is an area where various gang members live. Shooting are often drug related but also about territory.

Last month’s shooting was drug related.

Neighbor asked if there’s any correlation between dispensaries opening and rise in shootings. Officer didn’t believe so. Said it’s too early to say but hopefully drug related crime will go down with new marijuana laws.

There has only been one dispensary robbing that he’s heard of

Neighbor asked about police recruitment issues: Officer said we’d have to ask the mayor’s office. They are losing more people to retirement than they can hire. There was a hiring freeze in Portland a few years ago so we are behind the curve.

7:25 Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates (10 min total):



– Just after 6pm City Council passed a resolution about fossil fuels.

- He has not appealed for quiet zone yet. Apologized and said he plans to work on that.

- If you made comments on map app for the Comp Plan you should be getting letters

- Nov 19 is the day to testify about the Comp Plan

- As of right now, our requested changes haven’t been made to the Comp Plan

- Over passes have more to do with trains and ODOT than the city so we haven’t gotten answers about it

- We need to make sure that we’re chiming in and letting the city know what we want as citizens.

- Neighbor asked exactly what work we had done regarding airplane noises. Byron said it was mostly connecting citizens with the correct people. We plan to repost that number on social media.

– The  amount of people involved with SALT in both Woodlawn and NECN is small. Please consider joining.


 Wanted to know if people were interested in having Rebecca Miller from Aging, Disability, and Veterans Services Division to come speak about aging in place. NE Portland is a very popular place for older members of the community to move. We decided to put it to a vote. Jana motioned, a neighbor seconded, all in favor.


Luke & Shirley: They did not have much to report regarding NECN. It is now fully staffed

Treasurer’s Report


     – We spend as much as we take in.

      – NECN Communications was spent on the new mic and speakers

     – $1,200 for discretionary funding.

       – We have received a one dollar donation

        – Andree motioned to pass the report, Shirley Seconded, Passed


Old Business  



        – Thanked Jennifer Coughlin for all her hard work.

        – Has receipts for Luke.

         – *Addendum: We came in a little under budget.


Event was successful despite the poor weather.

Read off comment cards from businesses.. All the businesses had fun and enjoyed it. They hope to do more as a business community                

Farmer’s Market


– Last farmers market was cancelled due to wind and rain, but they had a great lunch at Bushwackers with the vendors.

         – All vendors had great a year. They all want to come back next year, with the exception of Soup Cycle                        – There will  be a holiday market on December 13th from 1:30-4:30 pm. It will have both craft and farm vendors. They are still looking for craft vendors. Setup time is 12:30 and they need to be out by 5:00. There will beer and lots of fun things.



   –  There is a grant opportunity with East Multnomah Soil and Water conservation that deals with neighborhood gardens. The market could use the money to help set up a program with Woodlawn Elementary. She wanted to know if WNA would be a fiscal sponsor for the grant.

- Martin made a motion that the WNA is a fiscal sponsor for any and all grants in the upcoming year for the Farmers Market. Andree Seconded. The board passed it unanimously


Plans for Upcoming Year:


Want to start an official Events Committee. Passed around sign up sheet.


Demolitions and Construction


A home at 12th and Holland will be demolished as well as a home at 14th and Junior.

The lot at 15th and Bryant is going to be made into three skinny homes. Andree addressed concerns about it being made into three and would prefer it was two. .

The developer for the homes on NE Grand developer plans to visit

Another development on NE Grand was mentioned. We can always email or invite developer. There will also be a Type II review of this property so we can make comments to the city

Danya from Solterra said to please talk to Solterra if there’s any properties or developments you’ve heard about want Solterra to be on board. Said they  are company who is interested in both conservation and working with the neighborhood.



-Shannon from Greater Solid Rock Church did not show up. Will try to get info out about that

- Owner of Upcycles hosted grand re opening this Friday Nov 6th

- The small building on Dekum is going to be turned into The Garage and will be a place local artisans to show their wares

8:00 Meeting Adjourned

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015 – 7:00 – 8:30PM

Draft Agenda
7:00  Introductions
7:10  Approve agenda for tonight & minutes for 11/4 (5 min)
7:15  Police Officer’s Report, if available (10 min)
7:25 Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates (20 min total):

  • Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala
  • Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron & Meg
  • NECN – need to select a new representative, as Luke has stepped down (meetings are 3rd Tues of month, 6:30pm)

7:45 Approve Treasurer’s Report – Luke (5 min)
7:50 New Business:

  • Greater Solid Rock Church’s Holiday Collection Drive – Shannon Olive
  • Update from Woodlawn PTA – Jana
  • Street Tree Report & Workshops – seeking ideas/input and tree team – Maija
  • Woodlawn Farmer’s Market – Holiday Market on Sun, 12/13, 1:30-4:30pm, Village Ballroom on Dekum

8:30 Meeting Adjourn – next WNA meeting – Wed, January 6th

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DRAFT Woodlawn Neighborhood Association Minutes, October 7, 2015, Classic Foods Foyer

Maija opens the meeting at 7:05.  Introductions.  Refreshments and beverages provided by Andrée and Anjala, thanks!

Board Members: Maija Spencer, Andrée Culpepper, Anjala Ehelebe, Luke Groser, Shirley Minor, Lisa Gladstone.  (Amy Ruiz – excused absence).  Members:  Byron Tennant, Ross Danielson, Annie Jackson  Danielson, Jana Olson, Michael Malone, Brenda Hubbard, Autumn Voirol, Beth Heins, Bob Vander Meer (Oregon Public House), Josh Pinkston (Bushwhacker), Dennis Kennedy, Martin Vandepas, Jennifer Schneider, Danya Feltzin (Solterra), Marcus Hecht (Henry V), Cassidy Richey, Avery Lewis, Rick Reynolds, Stefie Wein, Amber Rowland, Dennis Kennedy, Liz Kennedy, Chris Stafford, Jennifer Coughlin, Megan Chambers, Steve Gross (Henry V). Officer Anthony Zoeller and Adam Lyons from NECN

Maija asks for those who read the agenda and minutes from September to make motions for amendment or approval.  Jana motions, and Beth seconds approving the agenda as presented.  Luke moves, and Byron seconds approving the 9/2/15 minutes as published.

Officer’s report – Anthony Zoeller, Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT).  Email is the best way to contact him.  Business Before Breakfast at N. Precinct meeting for business owners will happen October 27, and he invites all business representatives to come to meet with the NERT and patrol officers, get to know each other, and speak about issues. He also has copies of a crime map for the neighborhood that he passes around.  N. Precinct gets the fewest resources based on the calls for service in the past year.  There are 103 police officers in N. Precinct, split between three shifts.   Every day, 3-5 officers work on overtime, every shift.  In 1998, Portland Police started tracking gang violence related-crimes.  This year they are at an all-time high, city-wide.  The Police Chief allocated six more officers to the Gang Enforcement Team.  Gang violence is unpredictable.  Over the weekend, the Gang team did missions in Woodlawn Park, and arrested three young men in possession of guns.  There is also an attrition issue with officers eligible for retirement, 300 to leave in coming years.  It takes 6-9 months for a police applicant to go through the hiring process, then it takes 18 months for an officer to be fully trained to serve the community, once they are hired. Be vocal about what you like and what you don’t like, this helps the Police.  PSU is working on a web-based email survey for the King Neighborhood, asking 12-18 questions about “what do citizens expect” from the Police.

Safety and Livability Team (SALT):  Byron says he’s proud of Woodlawn for turning out, listening, and showing respect for the officer who is being candid about dwindling resources in the face of an advancing problem.  He attended the NECN October SALT meeting that focused on community safety.  The meeting informed attendants that the City commissioners are developing their budgets this fall, and the community could ask for more funds for police staffing. SALT committee issues are many: Food Security, Emergency Preparedness, Foot Patrol, School Liaison, Police Relations, and Business Watch.

Land Use and Transportation Committee (LUTC):  Anjala says at the October WNA meeting, we discussed the need for slower speeds and more safety on Dekum and other Woodlawn streets.  The WNA LUTC met and looked at options.  The “Woodlawn Triangle Master Plan” (available online) was created by city planners and acknowledges the need for more crosswalks on Dekum. Anjala said that a City transportation planner revealed that the city has no money allocated for crosswalks on Dekum.  If we want them, we’d need to raise about $8,000 for each.  In response to a question, the WNA LUTC will research how much a crosswalk like the one at New Seasons on NE 33rd avenue (which is solar powered, with blinking yellow lights) costs.

Anjala asked, does the Association authorize the Woodlawn LUTC to research and pursue getting crosswalks on Dekum?  Yes. Anjala said she also asked the City planner about maybe getting a school crossing on Morgan Street at 15th Avenue.  He said that the school would need to be asked whether they have the ability to provide street crossing people at such a stop.  She also asked the members present if the committee should research this option with the school.

Maija makes a motion that the WNA LUTC research and contact all mentioned, and all vote in favor.

Maija reports that the Woodlawn Street tree inventory was completed and gets a round of applause.  The next step is a Street Tree Summit on Sat, November 7th to hear about the street tree report summary and plan activities for tree workshops, plantings, etc for Woodlawn.

Jana Olsen and Jennifer Coughlin talked about the Woodlawn Halloween celebration plans.The event will occur on Halloween from 3pm – 5pm.   Stober (owner of 18th Avenue Market) said he will donate all the candy to be handed out for the Trunk or Treat in his parking lot.  Every business on Dekum will either give out candy or have an activity or music.  Need crayons, markers, glue sticks donated – box at Bushwhacker’s Cider.  Need a budget for flyers and decorating supplies.  Dekum Doorway will offer pumpkins, but we need to help subsidize them.  Shirley says next year, let’s all grow mini-pumpkins in our yards to contribute to the celebration. Jana requests a budget of $200.  Maija makes a motion to allocate up to $200 for this Trunk or Treat event, Luke seconded it, and all vote in favor.

Maija wants to recognize the efforts of the Board members this year, and she thanks each Board member for their special contributions.  She has the group read outloud a list of 24 accomplishments for the WNA for the past year.  Some in attendance leave at this time.

Annual Elections run by Adam Lyons, NECN:  Head count:  27

Adam describes the four Officer positions: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and the At-large positions.  At-Large members can take on leadership of activities such as SALT, LUTC, Events, Emergency Preparedness, Schools, and Communications.  Described the voting process.  Accepts self- and other nominations for positions.

Chair:  Maija Spencer

Vice Chair / Assistant Treasurer: Martin Vandepas

Secretary / Events Chair: Jana Olsen

Treasurer:  Luke Groser

Officers elected unanimously, there being no rival candidates.

At Large / Land Use:  Anjala Ehelebe

At Large / NECN Board Rep:  Shirley Minor

At Large/Safety & Livability – Meg Chambers

At Large/Communications – Beth Heims

At Large/Safety & Livability – Byron Tennant

At Large/Schools Liaison – Andrée Culpepper

At-Large Slate vote is unanimous, there being no rival candidates.

Updates:  The Woodlawn Farmer’s Market goes through October 31 at its new location in the Woodlawn Triangle.  Dec 13 the Market will have a holiday market at Village Ballroom

Jana wants to start an official Events committee.  Meeting adjourned 8:30 pm


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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 – 7:00 – 8:30PM

Draft Agenda

7:00  Introductions
7:10  Approve agenda for tonight & minutes for 10/7 (5 min)
7:15  Police officer’s report, if available (10 min)
7:25 Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates (10 min total):

  • Land Use & Transportation Committee – Comp Plan final hearing (Byron), share demo letters received (Martin or Byron?), no other updates till Anjala returns.
  • Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron & Meg
  • NECN – Luke & Shirley

7:35 Approve Treasurer’s Report – Luke (5 min)
7:40 Old Business (20 min):

  • Halloween event report – outcome / $$ spent? – Jana / Jennifer / Bob
  • Farmer’s Market – season wrap-up / plans for next year – Martin / Avery

8:00 Plans for Upcoming Year:

  • Event Committee – Jana
  • Safety & Livability work in Woodlawn – Byron & Meg

8:30  Meeting Adjourn

Wed, December 2nd, 7pm – next WNA meeting

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At the April 1 Woodlawn Neighborhood Association meeting, the board will consider the attached bylaw amendments, which were also discussed at the March 4 meeting.

February 2015 Draft Amended WNA Bylaws (PDF)

Proposed amendments:



CURRENT The Board shall determine the exact numbers of Board positions annually at the meeting prior to the annual meeting.

  • PROPOSED AMENDMENT: Remove the above sentence and replace it with ”The Board will consist of the four officers and up to 8 at-large members.”




CURRENT: The Board may fill any vacancy on the Board by majority vote of the Board. A member appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve the remainder of the unexpired term and until his or her successor is elected or appointed.

  • PROPOSED AMENDMENT: Remove the words “and until his or her successor is elected or appointed.”



CURRENT: Board members shall be elected annually by a vote of the membership at the annual meeting in October. The names of all candidates for the Board shall be self-nominated or submitted by any member of the Association. Election requires a majority vote of the membership present. The Board shall establish an elections process prior to the meeting at which elections take place.

  • PROPOSED AMENDMENT: Edit the above to read: “Board members are elected by the membership at the annual meeting in October. The names of all candidates for the Board shall be self-nominated or submitted by any member of the Association. The Board will decide upon an election process at the meeting prior to the annual meeting. This process for nominating and electing candidates will be publicized as far in advance of the annual meeting as is practical.”


CURRENT: Board members failing to attend three consecutive Board meetings without prior notice may be removed from the Board by a vote of the membership.

  • PROPOSED AMENDMENT: Edit the above to read: “Board members failing to attend three consecutive Board meetings without prior notice may be removed from the Board by a majority vote of the membership.”


CURRENT: Board members shall, during the annual meeting, by majority vote of the Board members present, elect a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. In becoming elected as Officers, these individuals also become members of the Board. The remaining Board members shall be members-at-large.

  • PROPOSED AMENDMENT: Edit above as follows: By majority vote during the annual meeting, members shall first elect the officers: a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Then members will elect Board members at-large.


CURRENT: Chair: The Chair shall preside at all Board meetings and all membership meetings and shall perform such duties as the Board and the membership from time to time authorizes. The Chair shall represent the position of the Board and the interests of the Association.

  • PROPOSED AMENDMENT: Add the following sentence: “The Chair shall only vote to break a tie.”


CURRENT: Special Board Meetings: Special meetings of the Board may be called by the Chairperson or by any three Board members as deemed necessary.

  • PROPOSED AMENDMENT: Add this text: “Seven day’s notice is required for Special meetings.”



CURRENT: The Board of Directors may establish committees as it deems necessary and desirable. Such committees may exercise the authority of the Board of Directors or may be advisory committees. All committees must have at least one Board member on them.

  • PROPOSED AMENDMENT: Edit above as follows: Add “with the permission of the Board” after “Such committees may exercise the authority of the Board of Directors or may be advisory committees.”



CURRENT: If a quorum is present, action is taken by a majority vote of Directors present.

PROPOSED AMENDMENT: Edit Section 3 as follows: Replace entire sentence with: “Action is taken by a majority vote.” The intent is to have two or more Directors on any committee that exercises any Board of Directors authority, but they are not the only voters that count. Committee votes are to be decided by a majority of members on that committee. That is why we’re removing the reference to a quorum and the reference to Directors.





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Fall is in the air and with the changing of the season we are looking ahead to changes too. 

October is the time we elect new officers, board members and committee chairs to represent you

on local, city and regional issues.

There are many exciting opportunities to participate! We would love to see you on September 3rd.

7 pm at Classic Foods  ~ 817 NE Madrona St. ~ Portland 97211

7:00 We begin each meeting with introductions, after which we will seek approval of our agenda and minutes from our last meeting(s).  

7:10 Report from our neighborhood officer

7:20 Closing out 2014 and Looking ahead,  Updates from our Chair

7:35 Hot topic(s) for 2014-2015: Parking in our neighborhood, Supporting our Pollinators with Bee Friendly Gardens and Education, Beautify Woodlawn

7:50 Hear what is happening in Woodlawn from our representatives for
Land Use, Safety and Livability, Woodlawn School, and Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods

8:10 Financial updates from our Treasurer

8:15 New Business

8: 25 Announcements

8:30 Goodnight! 

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The WNA board is holding an “emergency” meeting on Thursday 7/31 at 7pm outside of P’s & Q’s Market. And it’s not really an emergency – that’s just what we call meetings called on short-notice.

Because we do not have an August meeting scheduled, we wanted to quickly gather t0 take care of some time-sensitive issues. Our agenda: (1) replace our Secretary on the Board with a new Board member and (2) decide whether or not to provide comment on some liquor license applications, including Bushwhacker Cider at NE Dekum and Durham. The meeting will last 30  minutes or so.

Feel free to write with any comments!

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downloadFor the past few years, Woodlawn has thrown it’s own “block party” as a part of National Night Out. National Night Out is a unique partnership between neighbors, public safety agencies, and other community partners – but most of all, it’s just a fun gathering of neighbors!

This year, we are holding our National Night Out party on Saturday, August 2nd from 5pm until dusk at Woodlawn Park (near the ballfield and amphitheater). We will have barbecue, treats from P’s & Q’s Market, live music, face painting, crafts for kiddos, and more. Join us, see old friends and make new ones, and relax in our awesome park.

You can tell us you will be there and spread the word to neighbors and friends on Facebook by clicking here.

WHO: You – and all Woodlawn neighbors

WHAT: National Night Out Summer Party

WHEN: Saturday, August 2nd from 5pm until dusk

WHERE: Woodlawn Park, near NE Claremont and Oneonta

To volunteer or with any questions, please contact

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Here’s another update from our fearless leader on the TriMet layover issue, Anjala Ehelebe.  She attended a briefing of the TriMet board by staff on the Woodlawn layover proposal.

TriMet did brief their Board on the proposal to put a layover at site 11, which is the one on NE Lombard.  This was a briefing only.  Board members had many questions that TriMet staff will try to answer in the interim before they make an official proposal to their Board on July 23rd.    The Woodlawn Neighborhood Association subcommittee will schedule a meeting to discuss this proposal and come up with any questions or concerns.  The subcommittee cannot make a decision for the association, so the Association may choose to have a BRIEF emergency Board meeting to take an official position prior to the TriMet meeting.  It could also choose to wait until after seeing the final proposal to TriMet and hearing the TriMet Board’s decision before taking an official position.  At past meetings, the Association voted that the neighborhood was against layovers near residences.  Site 11 has the fewest residences near it of all of TriMet’s site choices (one residence to the west approximately 150 ft away, and several across Lombard).  If chosen, it would be across a small street from Pawsitive Thinkers – Lombard Animal Hospital.    At this meeting, no public questions or testimony was scheduled.  There will be a chance for that at the next Board meeting.

Here are a few concerns voiced by TriMet Board members:     Safety of drivers who would have to turn left from east-going Lombard to cross two lanes of traffic and enter the lot from 6th St.  (could there be a left turn lane restricted to buses only?) What do the bus drivers say about this proposal (not known as yet but staff thinks they’ll be enthusiastic)  Why are they using a modular unit instead of building from scratch? (keep down expenses) Will other buses be able to layover there? (Not likely, not enough room, only proposing buying the front portion)  Would this acquisition help improve on-time performance? (not known)  The Board wants more details about the proposal’s $1,200,000 in contingency costs (some are for bid market risk, owner risk, design risk, street development costs, and others they were told, but not in specific dollars).  One Board member was concerned about the cost for this whole project, (estimated $3,135,000, spread over 3 budget years, to save approximately $390,000 per year, with a payback period of nine years)   Some questions we have are:  what is the cost estimate per year for maintenance of this site?  What would sound mitigating landscaping look like? And, if the costs and benefits of extending Line 8 to East Columbia neighborhood could pencil out and a suitable layover spot out there could be found, would TriMet consider that option?

Thanks to all of the people who petitioned and emailed.  TriMet Board members have listened, and one even read from Diana Larson’s email question.  Please continue to keep yourselves informed, active and involved, and when we set the time for a TriMet subcommittee, you’ll be invited, and kept in the loop!  Thanks!

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All are welcome at our Woodlawn Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting, coming up July 2nd at 7pm at Classic Foods (817 NE Madrona).

Here’s the draft agenda:

7 PM  Introductions, approval of agenda and meeting minutes from May

7:05 Neighborhood events coming up in July and August

Parkways, Movies in the Park and National Night Out

Come on out and volunteer for these great community events!

Updates on the upcoming transition of board members and officers

7:15  Surprise Raffle

7:20 Fundraising updates!

7:25 Who is new in Woodlawn – welcoming our new neighbors

7:30 Safety and Livability Updates

7:40 Land Use Update – Tri Met and more

7:55 Treasurer’s update

8:05 Signs, Banners and Facebook/blog

8:15 New Business

8:20 Announcements – No Meeting in August – Meet us at National Night Out – Woodlawn Park on Saturday August 2

8:30 Meeting ends


DRAFT Minutes

WNA Board Meeting 6/4/14

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at

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