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Wed, February 3, 2016 – 7:00 – 8:30PM


Board In Attendance

Maija Spencer, Jana Olsen, Beth Heins, Shirley Minor, Meg Chambers, Andree Culpepper, Anjala Ehelebe, Luke Groser, Byron Tennant
General Members in Attendance

Shelly Caldwell, Liz Kennedy, Tom Anderson, Duoshun Pledgure, Anthony Zoeller, Misty Doornerl, Erin Cooper, Ross, Amie, Phil, Francisco
Approve Agenda & minutes for 1/6

Andree Motions, Jana Seconds, All Approve

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Wed, March 2 2015 – 7:00 – 8:30PM

7:00  Introductions

7:05  Approve agenda for tonight & minutes for 2/3 (5 min)

7:10  Police Officer’s Report, if available (10 min)

7:20  Bureau of Environmental Services – Woodlawn Sewer Project Update – Siobhan O’Leary (15 min)

7:35 Update on 2016 Event Planning (15 min):

  • Easter Egg Hunt – this month!  (Sat, March 26, 2016) – Jana
  • Woodlawn Clean-up Planning (May) – need Co-Chair to work with Carlo Castoro
  • Street Tree Workshop – Sat May 21st
  • Summer Event Fundraising – Jana & Beth
  • Summer Movie in the Park Application – any updates? – Jana
  • Sunday Parkways comes through Woodlawn: July 24th!

7:50 New Business (10 min):

  • Farmer’s Market update – opening day 5/21 – Avery
  • Benefits of hosting Grimm for a week – Shirley
  • Any other announcements

8:00 Approve Treasurer’s Report – Luke (5 min)

8:05 Board Member seat is open – any interest?  Need to fill Secretary role.

8:10 Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates:

  • Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala & Dennis
    • NECN LUTC Updates – Anjala
    • Report on Woodlawn LUTC February meeting – Dennis
    • Report on NECN meetings on homelessness & toxic air – Maija & Dennis
  • Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron & Meg
  • NECN Board- Shirley

8:30 Meeting Adjourn – next meeting – April 6th

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Wed, February 3, 2015 – 7:00 – 8:30PM

7:00  Introductions

7:05  Approve agenda for tonight & minutes for 1/6 (5 min)

7:10  Police Officer’s Report, if available (10 min)

7:20  Events Update – Jana / Maija (20 min):

  • Easter Egg Hunt Planning (Sat, March 26, 2016) – Jana
  • Woodlawn Clean-up Planning (May – usually Saturday of Memorial Day weekend) – need Co-Chair to work with Carlo Castoro
  • Summer Event Fundraising – Jana & Beth
  • Summer Movie in the Park Application – update on application submission in January – Jana

7:40 New Business (15 min):

  • NECN Small Grants – applications due 2/25 – Farmer’s Market submission?  – Martin, Avery, Shannon
  • Woodlawn PTA meeting update – Jana
  • Any other announcements

7:55 Approve Treasurer’s Report – Luke (5 min)

8:00 Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates:

  • Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala
    • NECN LUTC Updates
    • Report on Woodlawn LUTC January meeting
    • Any new land use notices
    • Report on discussion of homeless camps permitting
  • Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron & Meg
  • NECN Board- Shirley, adding new member

8:30  Meeting Adjourn – Wed, March 2, 7pm – next WNA meeting


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[to be approved at Feb 3rd meeting]


Wed, January 6, 2015 – 7:00 – 8:30PM

Board In Attendance: Maija Spencer,  Martin Vandepas,  Jana Olsen,  Luke Groser,  Anjala Ehelebe,  Byron Tennant,  Meg Rose, Shirley Minor, Andree Culpepper, Beth Heins

General Members In Attendance: Vanieca Kraus, Judy Immesoete, Dennis Kennedy, Liz Kennedy, Shannon FitzMaurice, Doris Hendrix

Approve agenda for tonight & minutes for 12/2:

Beth moves to approve Agenda, Anjala seconds, All in favor
Beth moves to approve last month’s minutes, Luke seconds, All in favor
7:10 Police Officer’s Report:

It has been a slow month in Woodlawn and he doesn’t have much to report. A neighbor asks about the shooting at 15th and Liberty. He was not working that night and has not heard anything about it.   Another neighbor asks if there is a lots of gang violence in Woodlawn. Officer explains that lots of gang members grew up here and many still have family that they visit. When they visit things may happen, but it’s not out on the streets as much as it used to be. The same neighbor then asked about drug activity especially on 18th and Holman. The officer knows which house she is referring to and tells her that those tenants have moved from said house.  She then asks about cars in yards.  He tells her that’s something to call the city about. Someone else says that they believe there are rules about cars on lawns.
7:25 Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates:

– Land Use & Transportation Committee (LUTC),  Anjala.  The Woodlawn LUTC meets the Third Sunday of most months – 5:00 at P’s & Q’s. The committee reviews issues at the meeting and then brings recommendations to the WNA Board.

Two land use issues came up in between meetings:

1) Construction has started on a project for 10 multifamily residential units at 424 NE Stafford . Neighbors were surprised that this project is allowed under the current zoning (commercial).  Commercial zoning does allow residential uses, and it appears that the developer has all permits needed to do the work.

2) The owners of two lots at 7212-7232 MLK contacted Anjala / LUTC about.  He had received noticed previously that the city planned to change the zoning of his lots to Mixed Use.  They are currently zoned R1 residential.  On the main Comp Plan map in the Map App, it is designated as changing to a Mixed Use designation, but it is not highlighted on the Mixed Use map that is looking at zoning changes.  Anjala sent a letter to the City’s Planning Bureau stating that the WNA would likely support these lots being designated as Mixed Use but that we had not voted on it. Anjala reached out to Maija before sending the letter.  The Board decided we need more information before taking any further action on this. Maija and Anjala will reach out to the Planning Bureau to get clarification on the difference between the Comp Plan designation map and the Mixed Use map.
Crosswalks: The Woodlawn Triangle master plan has approved crosswalks, but there is currently no money for it. Anjala plans to reach out to Woodlawn’s new business association and talk about getting funding together.
Homeless camp in Overlook neighborhood: The Overlook neighborhood has an existing homeless camp called Hazelnut Grove that the City / Mayor’s Office is looking at permitting as an official camp. The Overlook Neighborhood Association sent out a letter to other neighborhoods about rules they would like administered as part of the permit and have asked other neighborhood associations to sign on to their letter. Some of these requirements include: a specific end date, recording legal names of campers, and a fence. The City and ODOT are owners of the camp property. Currently the city of Portland has no official policy on homelessness, but they are working on one. Multnomah county does. Andree notes it would make more sense to develop affordable housing instead of having people live in tents. Someone else brings up Dignity Village as an example of a City-sanctioned permanent camp, and Maija points out that the Mayor & City are also working on investing in affordable housing development as well as camps.

The WNA Board decided to not sign onto the Overlook letter given some of the wording and may consider drafting our own.  This will be discussed at next Woodlawn LUTC and will bring any recommendations on further action to the February WNA meeting.
Safety & Livability Team (SALT)  Byron:  There was no NECN SALT meeting in December.

Meetings coming up:

January 25th @ 6:30 How to organize events for emergency preparedness
January 26th Workshop on levees
Foot Patrol:  There has been a discussion among neighbors about starting up a neighborhood foot patrol. Byron is very reticent about starting one up and feels that he should be not be the one to do it. He does however welcome discussion on the matter. Woodlawn used to have one that consisted of walking around, watching out for neighbors in a non confrontational manner, and handing out flyers for WNA.

If we were to start one, it might be nice to incorporate the planner of the old foot patrol

Martin suggests maybe using a different name than foot patrol; Jana says to make sure it’s a good mix of neighbors.  Maija says there is even special training offered by the City’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement that  interested parties could take. The possibility of reaching out to similar groups in other neighborhoods is also brought up to see what works well.

No action is taken at this time, as  even though the group is supportive of the idea, there is no one able or interested in taking the lead on organizing a foot patrol.
NECN: There was no NECN meeting in December, but there will be one in January. Due to lack of a meeting in December, we still do not have a second NECN representative for WNA.
7:45 Approve Treasurer’s Report – Luke (5 min)

Martin Vandepas would like to be added as an approve signer for the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association checking accounts at Albina Bank – both the main WNA account and the Woodlawn Farmer’s Market account.

Anjala Ehelebe motions to add him as a signer to these bank accounts, Beth Heins seconds, All in favor (board vote only).

A neighbor asks where the money comes from. Luke responds that it comes both from NECN and fundraisers.  Jana motions to pass the treasurer’s report, Anjala seconds, All in favor
Old Business:

-Woodlawn Tree Team

They have put in requests for workshops. The first one is May 21st @ the Woodlawn Farmers Market. It will be  a tree walk focused on tree diversity. There will also be a basic pruning workshop in October, but no set date. Beth wonders if we could possibly make the workshops into a fundraiser

On January 30th, Friends of Trees is hosting a planting event for Woodlawn & Piedmont. It is from 9 am to 1 pm, starting at Holy Redeemer school on NE Rosa Parks.
-NECN Small Grants

applications due 2/25, workshop on 1/28, applications online 1/4.  Bring any ideas to February WNA meeting to get Board’s endorsement.
New Business

-Summer Movie in the Park

Everyone agrees we should do one again. A list is passed around so people can vote on possible. The list was also posted on Nextdoor and Facebook for voting. The cost for WNA is $750.  Application is due January 29th and Jana will fill it out
– Summer Event Fundraising

Every year we send out a letter to local businesses asking for monetary contributions to WNA. The money raised goes towards summer events including the movie in the park, Sunday Parkways, and National Night Out. It was quite successful last summer, and thank you notes were sent to all the businesses that contributed. Beth and Jana will be in charge of it this year
– Easter Egg Hunt Planning

This year the Easter Egg hunt will be held on Sat, March 26, 2016. Jana is heading it up but would love any and all volunteers. Hopefully working with Emmaus Church and Woodlawn Elementary again. Maija motions to set budget for $300, Beth seconds, all in favor.
Woodlawn Clean-up Planning

Clean up is held in May (usually Saturday of Memorial Day weekend). Carlo is once again willing to help out but needs a co-chair and lots of volunteers.
Other News:  The Woodlawn PTA is one of the charities up on the board at Oregon Public House. They are looking for people to help out by filling their volunteering slots at OPH.

Luke delivered 300 flyers thanking people for their holiday decorations in December.

8:30 Meeting Adjourn – Next meeting is Wed, February 3 @ 7pm

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[approved at January 2016 meeting]


Wednesday, December 2, 2015 – 7:00 – 8:30PM


Members Present:


Maija Spencer (Chair)

Martin Vanderpass (Vice Chair/Vice Treasurer)

Jana Olsen  (Secretary/Events Chair)

Luke Groser (Treasurer)

Shirley Minor (NECN)

Anjala Ehelebe (LUAT)

Byron Tennant (SALT)

Meg Chamber (SALT)

Beth Heins (Communications)


Liz Kennedy

Dennis Kennedy

Shannon Olive

Patrick Key

Rick Reynolds

Vaniera Klaus

Lauren Burns

Josh Pinkston
Avery Lewis

Shannon Fitzmaurice

Approve agenda for tonight

Anjala Ehelebe makes motions to approve

Beth Heins seconds

All in favor
Approve minutes for 11/4

Dennis Kennedy motions to approve

Shirley Minor Seconds

All in favor
No police report
Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates
Land Use & Transportation Committee

Anjala Ehelebe

-She would like a vice chair. They would attend the NECN Land Use meetings when she is unavailable and run Woodlawn Land Use meetings when she out of town.

– She is also looking for more general members. She would like those attending meetings to take on a task. They currently have about 15 different projects going.

– There are lots of things going on in the comprehensive plan and it’s important we keep up with that.
Maija Spencer

We receive a lot of permits for demolitions.  There have been neighbors who are contacting contractors about what actions they’re taking for demolitions to be done safely. Maija would like WNA to write contractors asking about safety when we get these notices.
Anjala says we don’t need a motion for that but it is something that would fall under land use.
Maija also suggests creating a map of all current and proposed demolitions and building sites.
Safety & Livability Team (SALT)


Byron Tennant

– He testified in front of city council about oil trans and fossil fuel infrastructure. Both resolutions passed unanimously.

– Fritz thanked NECN and said language from an NECN letter is going into the Comp Plan Economic Opportunities Analysis.

– SALT NECN will be focusing on emergency preparedness in 2016

–  There are a few meeting coming up

Dec 3 6-9pm

Dec 10 @ Park Rose High School 6-9 pm

Dec 16 Rent Crisis Meeting @ Community Warehouse 5pm



No new business at NECN to report.


Maija Spencer

-Luke Groser has stepped down as NECN representative for WNA. We are supposed to have two (Shirley Minor is the other) so we need another. This person must be on the WNA board.

– Meg Chambers and Byron Tennant are both interested in taking Luke’s place. They are both going to attend the next NECN meeting and decide after that.

– Thank you Luke!!
Treasurer’s Report

Luke Groser

Meals on Wheel sent WNA a letter thanking us for donating towards their event at Dawson Park
-Maija created a letter thanking businesses that donated to WNA this summer. Luke handed them out.

– Luke goes around thanking people for putting up holiday decorations. He handed out around 250 last year. He plans to do it again this year. Maija and Jana are going to help him make get a handout together.

Beth Hins motions to approve report.

Byron Tennant Seconds

Beth motions to approve

All approve
New Business
Greater Solid Rock Church’s Holiday Collection Drive

Shannon Olive

-Greater Rock Solid Church is located on 17th and Dekum

– For the last four years they’ve been feeding and clothing family’s in need at 4th and Burnside. They help over 800 people at their Day of Giving event. They will be collecting  new and gently used blankets, socks, coats, gloves, and hats til the 13th. They also collect items for hygiene kits,. You can drop off at the church 8-5 pm every day.
Business Group

Josh Pinkston

-A business group is forming in Woodlawn. It is currently very informal and they will be meeting for lunch on Tuesday’s at Bushwhacker Cider.

-Maija urges inclusivity of all businesses. (update: Jana sent Josh a list of all Woodlawn businesses)
NECN Grant

Anjala Ehelebe and Maija Spencer

NECN give out a $2000 a year gran every year The application will be out on January 4th, 2016. Later in January there’s a workshop to help those applying for grant. Applications are Due February 26, 2015

Knitting and Craft Group

Anjala Ehelebe

She saw on Nextoor that a knitting and craft group is starting up. They meet at Bushwhacker Cider on Thursdays at 6
Woodlawn PTA

Jana Olsen

Woodlawn is going to transition from a K-8 to a K-5 school.
There are also going to be changes in school borders. They are minimal for the elementary school, but mean a lot for the middle schools. The two scenarios would bring different programs and different amount of students to the middle school.
For more information on these changes visit
A food pantry has been set up at Woodlawn Elementary. They are looking for volunteers. Please email Mary Evans
Street Tree Report & Workshops

Maija Spencer

– This past summer they went out and surveyed all the trees of Woodlawn

– All the data was compiled and is now a 44 page report.

– She would like to have a tree team that can come up with a tree plan based on this report.
Patrick Key with Urban Forestry with Urban Forestry

He will be putting on various workshops this year. Woodlawn qualifies for two this year and we need to sign up son . We have option such as general tree care, history of trees, heritage trees, and many more. Many people were interested in the general tree care
,    – Avery Lewis would like them to hold a workshop at the farmers market this spring

-A heritage tree is a tree that is protected from being cut down. It is dependent on things such as species

-Lauren is a neighbor and new master student who is possibly using the data for school.

-Predominant tree species in Woodlawn are maple, plum, pear, snowball, and crabapples.

-Patrick warns about Golden Trees of China which are a weed and on the invasive species list. They are known to  crack foundation. He working setting up a program to remove them

-Recommendations: 51% of possible planting sights don’t have trees. Woodlawn has many young small trees. We should work on planting more substantial ones.
Woodlawn Farmer’s Market

Avery Lewis

Holiday Market on Sun December 13, 1:30-4:30pm at the  Village Ballroom on Dekum. There will be some farm vendors, lots of craft vendors and even christmas trees. You will be able to order food and drinks from Oregon Public house and bring it upstairs. They still need volunteers and are still taking vendors ($20 fee).
Currently working on applying for grants and sponsorsphips.
The farmers market will be held May 21 to 0ct 29 on Durham right next to Bushwhacker cider.
They plan to have a SNAP matching program and are working with Solterra.
Woodlawn Elementary will have a booth at the market.
They plan to have their workshops focus on environmental sustainability

– If you would like to get things on agenda please email or message on Facebook.

– Check out

– There has been lots of discussion about people knocking on doors asking for money. Be cautious and use your best judgement.  Maybe just offer to call for help and do

Next WNA meeting – Wed, January 6th

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Wed, January 6, 2015 – 7:00 – 8:30PM

7:00  Introductions

7:05  Approve agenda for tonight & minutes for 12/2 (5 min)

7:10  Police Officer’s Report, if available (10 min)
7:25 Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates (20 min total):

  • Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala
  • Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron
  • NECN – Shirley, adding new member?

7:45 Approve Treasurer’s Report – Luke (5 min)

7:50 Old Business:

  • Woodlawn Tree Team – plan for workshops this year
  • NECN Small Grants – any ideas? – applications due 2/25, workshop on 1/28, applications online 1/4.

8:00 New Business:

  • Summer Movie in the Park Application – due Jan 29th, cost $750.
  • Summer Event Fundraising
  • Easter Egg Hunt Planning (Sat, March 26, 2016)
  • Woodlawn Clean-up Planning (May – usually Saturday of Memorial Day weekend)

8:30  Meeting Adjourn – Wed, February 3, 7pm – next WNA meeting

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WNA Board Bios:


Andrée Culpepper has been a Woodlawn resident for over 14 years and run businesses from the Woodlawn neighborhood for over 7 years, including 5 years as a the owner of ReViva the neighborhood’s former consignment store. In addition, she also loves to teach dance exercise including senior dance fitness and Zumba classes.  She serves as an Board Member At-Large for WNA.

Anjala Ehelebe is the neighborhood historian and Land Use & Transportation Chair for WNA.  Currently a personal financial advisor, she focuses on long term care, disability, and caregiving issues. She is the vice-chair of NorthStar Village, which is part of the nonprofit Villages NW network that is building virtual communities so people can age in their own homes with comfort and dignity. She lives in a historic house on a double lot that she describes as a farm in the city, which is a certified platinum Backyard Habitat. Her background includes managerial and administrative work with community nonprofits, state agencies, and private companies.

Beth Heins moved to the Woodlawn neighborhood three years ago and serves as a Board Member At-Large and Communications Chair for WNA. She is a member of a neighborhood garden group, three book clubs, and spends good-weather days biking or hiking. Formerly a librarian in Sherwood, Beth now works for a software company in the Bay Area.

A few years ago, Woodlawn resident Byron Tennant was gaining notoriety among Portland rockers as a top fuzz pedal maker, when a vehicle accident caused a change of plans. Since 2013, he has sought opportunities to volunteer, working toward a community in which freedom and consideration are equally enjoyed. As a dedicated representative of Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) Safety and Livability Team, Byron has advocated for environmental justice. He has testified on behalf of NECN before Columbia River Gorge Commission, Oregon Transportation Commission, Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission, and Portland City Council. In the past, he has worked as a nonprofit community organizer and manager. His hobbies include gardening with native plants (gold-certified backyard habitat), person-powered woodworking, and helping out at the Woodlawn Neighborhood Farmers Market.

Jana Olsen has lived in Woodlawn for a little over a year. She jumped right into neighborhood involvement by planning the Easter egg hunt. She is now the Secretary and Events Chair for the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association. Jana spends her days raising her two children and attempting to weave. She is also a volunteer for the Woodlawn Neighborhood Farmer’s Market and is especially interested in making healthy food affordable for all.

Luke Groser is currently retired after spending 45 years as a H.S. social studies teacher and coach.  He has served as the WNA Board Treasurer for six years and represented Woodlawn on the Board of Directors of NECN for five years.  He also has served as community representative on the Woodlawn Elementary School Site Council for the past three years.

Maija Spencer is in her second year serving as WNA Board Chair and has been a resident of the Woodlawn neighborhood for nearly eight years.  She also volunteers with the Woodlawn Neighborhood Farmer’s Market.  A few of her favorite things about living in Woodlawn are the bike and pedestrian friendly streets, the small-town feel, the great local businesses, and the smell of brownies that often wafts through the neighborhood (coming from a factory on Columbia Boulevard).  She works in community engagement with Portland Parks & Recreation and is passionate about involving neighbors in decision-making.

Martin Vandepas is a former Intel engineer turned local food advocate. Martin has a passion for creating a food system that supports local farmers and supplies regional, seasonal, delicious food to the community. He has volunteered or worked at numerous Portland area farms and community groups including: Urban Farm Collective, InTownAg, Sabin Community Orchard, Full Plate Farm, Blue House Greenhouse Farm, Side Yard Farm and City Repair. Martin brings strong technical computer skills and an insight into issues facing market farmers to the team at Woodlawn Neighborhood Farmers Market.  Martin serves as Vice Chair and Assistant Treasurer for the WNA Board.

Megan Chambers moved to Woodlawn over a year ago and has been an active member since. She assisted with the founding of the Woodlawn Neighborhood Farmer’s Market and was elected as a Board Member-at-Large for WNA. Meg has worked for various nonprofits in Portland, including The Children’s Book Bank and United Way of the Columbia-Willamette. The skills she learned as a nonprofit worker are used in community outreach, event planning and grant writing efforts for the Farmers Market.

Shirley Minor was raised in the Woodlawn neighborhood, moved to Eugene, and moved back years later to the same area. She was asked by a neighbor to start attending WNA meetings. Along with other activities, she is on both the WNA as an At-Large member & the NECN Board as a Woodlawn representative. She has been a member of the Woodlawn School PTA and started the school site council along with negotiating the Sun School. She also has a plot and participates in the Woodlawn Community Garden activities.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 – 7:00 – 8:00 PM



7:00  Introductions

  Approved agenda for tonight & minutes for 10/7


7:09 Police officer hadn’t arrived so we opened the floor to concerns regarding crime in Woodlawn.  

    A neighbor who had been out of there home due to a fire spoke about things being stolen from her home while she was away.

Andree has found that one person has been going to constructions sites and talking to the workers and asking for raw materials. She once spotted them at this house. She had a confrontation with him about being on the property and taking materials. Very concerned that he was getting rights to be on the property. He’s using his property to sell things. Andree is telling construction workers about him. Shirley also knows him.


Another neighbor spoke about her neighbor’s children’s bikes were stolen today.

 7:15  Police Officer Arrived

There has been no big rash of burglaries lately.

Often when bikes and scooters are stolen it’s by people who are just walking down the street

He hasn’t heard anything about shots fired from this past weekend. Says that means nothing was hit.

Woodlawn is an area where various gang members live. Shooting are often drug related but also about territory.

Last month’s shooting was drug related.

Neighbor asked if there’s any correlation between dispensaries opening and rise in shootings. Officer didn’t believe so. Said it’s too early to say but hopefully drug related crime will go down with new marijuana laws.

There has only been one dispensary robbing that he’s heard of

Neighbor asked about police recruitment issues: Officer said we’d have to ask the mayor’s office. They are losing more people to retirement than they can hire. There was a hiring freeze in Portland a few years ago so we are behind the curve.

7:25 Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates (10 min total):



– Just after 6pm City Council passed a resolution about fossil fuels.

– He has not appealed for quiet zone yet. Apologized and said he plans to work on that.

– If you made comments on map app for the Comp Plan you should be getting letters

– Nov 19 is the day to testify about the Comp Plan

– As of right now, our requested changes haven’t been made to the Comp Plan

– Over passes have more to do with trains and ODOT than the city so we haven’t gotten answers about it

– We need to make sure that we’re chiming in and letting the city know what we want as citizens.

– Neighbor asked exactly what work we had done regarding airplane noises. Byron said it was mostly connecting citizens with the correct people. We plan to repost that number on social media.

– The  amount of people involved with SALT in both Woodlawn and NECN is small. Please consider joining.


 Wanted to know if people were interested in having Rebecca Miller from Aging, Disability, and Veterans Services Division to come speak about aging in place. NE Portland is a very popular place for older members of the community to move. We decided to put it to a vote. Jana motioned, a neighbor seconded, all in favor.


Luke & Shirley: They did not have much to report regarding NECN. It is now fully staffed

Treasurer’s Report


     – We spend as much as we take in.

      – NECN Communications was spent on the new mic and speakers

     – $1,200 for discretionary funding.

       – We have received a one dollar donation

        – Andree motioned to pass the report, Shirley Seconded, Passed


Old Business  



        – Thanked Jennifer Coughlin for all her hard work.

        – Has receipts for Luke.

         – *Addendum: We came in a little under budget.


Event was successful despite the poor weather.

Read off comment cards from businesses.. All the businesses had fun and enjoyed it. They hope to do more as a business community                

Farmer’s Market


– Last farmers market was cancelled due to wind and rain, but they had a great lunch at Bushwackers with the vendors.

         – All vendors had great a year. They all want to come back next year, with the exception of Soup Cycle                        – There will  be a holiday market on December 13th from 1:30-4:30 pm. It will have both craft and farm vendors. They are still looking for craft vendors. Setup time is 12:30 and they need to be out by 5:00. There will beer and lots of fun things.



   –  There is a grant opportunity with East Multnomah Soil and Water conservation that deals with neighborhood gardens. The market could use the money to help set up a program with Woodlawn Elementary. She wanted to know if WNA would be a fiscal sponsor for the grant.

– Martin made a motion that the WNA is a fiscal sponsor for any and all grants in the upcoming year for the Farmers Market. Andree Seconded. The board passed it unanimously


Plans for Upcoming Year:


Want to start an official Events Committee. Passed around sign up sheet.


Demolitions and Construction


A home at 12th and Holland will be demolished as well as a home at 14th and Junior.

The lot at 15th and Bryant is going to be made into three skinny homes. Andree addressed concerns about it being made into three and would prefer it was two. .

The developer for the homes on NE Grand developer plans to visit

Another development on NE Grand was mentioned. We can always email or invite developer. There will also be a Type II review of this property so we can make comments to the city

Danya from Solterra said to please talk to Solterra if there’s any properties or developments you’ve heard about want Solterra to be on board. Said they  are company who is interested in both conservation and working with the neighborhood.



-Shannon from Greater Solid Rock Church did not show up. Will try to get info out about that

– Owner of Upcycles hosted grand re opening this Friday Nov 6th

– The small building on Dekum is going to be turned into The Garage and will be a place local artisans to show their wares

8:00 Meeting Adjourned

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015 – 7:00 – 8:30PM

Draft Agenda
7:00  Introductions
7:10  Approve agenda for tonight & minutes for 11/4 (5 min)
7:15  Police Officer’s Report, if available (10 min)
7:25 Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates (20 min total):

  • Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala
  • Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron & Meg
  • NECN – need to select a new representative, as Luke has stepped down (meetings are 3rd Tues of month, 6:30pm)

7:45 Approve Treasurer’s Report – Luke (5 min)
7:50 New Business:

  • Greater Solid Rock Church’s Holiday Collection Drive – Shannon Olive
  • Update from Woodlawn PTA – Jana
  • Street Tree Report & Workshops – seeking ideas/input and tree team – Maija
  • Woodlawn Farmer’s Market – Holiday Market on Sun, 12/13, 1:30-4:30pm, Village Ballroom on Dekum

8:30 Meeting Adjourn – next WNA meeting – Wed, January 6th

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DRAFT Woodlawn Neighborhood Association Minutes, October 7, 2015, Classic Foods Foyer

Maija opens the meeting at 7:05.  Introductions.  Refreshments and beverages provided by Andrée and Anjala, thanks!

Board Members: Maija Spencer, Andrée Culpepper, Anjala Ehelebe, Luke Groser, Shirley Minor, Lisa Gladstone.  (Amy Ruiz – excused absence).  Members:  Byron Tennant, Ross Danielson, Annie Jackson  Danielson, Jana Olson, Michael Malone, Brenda Hubbard, Autumn Voirol, Beth Heins, Bob Vander Meer (Oregon Public House), Josh Pinkston (Bushwhacker), Dennis Kennedy, Martin Vandepas, Jennifer Schneider, Danya Feltzin (Solterra), Marcus Hecht (Henry V), Cassidy Richey, Avery Lewis, Rick Reynolds, Stefie Wein, Amber Rowland, Dennis Kennedy, Liz Kennedy, Chris Stafford, Jennifer Coughlin, Megan Chambers, Steve Gross (Henry V). Officer Anthony Zoeller and Adam Lyons from NECN

Maija asks for those who read the agenda and minutes from September to make motions for amendment or approval.  Jana motions, and Beth seconds approving the agenda as presented.  Luke moves, and Byron seconds approving the 9/2/15 minutes as published.

Officer’s report – Anthony Zoeller, Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT).  Email is the best way to contact him.  Business Before Breakfast at N. Precinct meeting for business owners will happen October 27, and he invites all business representatives to come to meet with the NERT and patrol officers, get to know each other, and speak about issues. He also has copies of a crime map for the neighborhood that he passes around.  N. Precinct gets the fewest resources based on the calls for service in the past year.  There are 103 police officers in N. Precinct, split between three shifts.   Every day, 3-5 officers work on overtime, every shift.  In 1998, Portland Police started tracking gang violence related-crimes.  This year they are at an all-time high, city-wide.  The Police Chief allocated six more officers to the Gang Enforcement Team.  Gang violence is unpredictable.  Over the weekend, the Gang team did missions in Woodlawn Park, and arrested three young men in possession of guns.  There is also an attrition issue with officers eligible for retirement, 300 to leave in coming years.  It takes 6-9 months for a police applicant to go through the hiring process, then it takes 18 months for an officer to be fully trained to serve the community, once they are hired. Be vocal about what you like and what you don’t like, this helps the Police.  PSU is working on a web-based email survey for the King Neighborhood, asking 12-18 questions about “what do citizens expect” from the Police.

Safety and Livability Team (SALT):  Byron says he’s proud of Woodlawn for turning out, listening, and showing respect for the officer who is being candid about dwindling resources in the face of an advancing problem.  He attended the NECN October SALT meeting that focused on community safety.  The meeting informed attendants that the City commissioners are developing their budgets this fall, and the community could ask for more funds for police staffing. SALT committee issues are many: Food Security, Emergency Preparedness, Foot Patrol, School Liaison, Police Relations, and Business Watch.

Land Use and Transportation Committee (LUTC):  Anjala says at the October WNA meeting, we discussed the need for slower speeds and more safety on Dekum and other Woodlawn streets.  The WNA LUTC met and looked at options.  The “Woodlawn Triangle Master Plan” (available online) was created by city planners and acknowledges the need for more crosswalks on Dekum. Anjala said that a City transportation planner revealed that the city has no money allocated for crosswalks on Dekum.  If we want them, we’d need to raise about $8,000 for each.  In response to a question, the WNA LUTC will research how much a crosswalk like the one at New Seasons on NE 33rd avenue (which is solar powered, with blinking yellow lights) costs.

Anjala asked, does the Association authorize the Woodlawn LUTC to research and pursue getting crosswalks on Dekum?  Yes. Anjala said she also asked the City planner about maybe getting a school crossing on Morgan Street at 15th Avenue.  He said that the school would need to be asked whether they have the ability to provide street crossing people at such a stop.  She also asked the members present if the committee should research this option with the school.

Maija makes a motion that the WNA LUTC research and contact all mentioned, and all vote in favor.

Maija reports that the Woodlawn Street tree inventory was completed and gets a round of applause.  The next step is a Street Tree Summit on Sat, November 7th to hear about the street tree report summary and plan activities for tree workshops, plantings, etc for Woodlawn.

Jana Olsen and Jennifer Coughlin talked about the Woodlawn Halloween celebration plans.The event will occur on Halloween from 3pm – 5pm.   Stober (owner of 18th Avenue Market) said he will donate all the candy to be handed out for the Trunk or Treat in his parking lot.  Every business on Dekum will either give out candy or have an activity or music.  Need crayons, markers, glue sticks donated – box at Bushwhacker’s Cider.  Need a budget for flyers and decorating supplies.  Dekum Doorway will offer pumpkins, but we need to help subsidize them.  Shirley says next year, let’s all grow mini-pumpkins in our yards to contribute to the celebration. Jana requests a budget of $200.  Maija makes a motion to allocate up to $200 for this Trunk or Treat event, Luke seconded it, and all vote in favor.

Maija wants to recognize the efforts of the Board members this year, and she thanks each Board member for their special contributions.  She has the group read outloud a list of 24 accomplishments for the WNA for the past year.  Some in attendance leave at this time.

Annual Elections run by Adam Lyons, NECN:  Head count:  27

Adam describes the four Officer positions: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and the At-large positions.  At-Large members can take on leadership of activities such as SALT, LUTC, Events, Emergency Preparedness, Schools, and Communications.  Described the voting process.  Accepts self- and other nominations for positions.

Chair:  Maija Spencer

Vice Chair / Assistant Treasurer: Martin Vandepas

Secretary / Events Chair: Jana Olsen

Treasurer:  Luke Groser

Officers elected unanimously, there being no rival candidates.

At Large / Land Use:  Anjala Ehelebe

At Large / NECN Board Rep:  Shirley Minor

At Large/Safety & Livability – Meg Chambers

At Large/Communications – Beth Heims

At Large/Safety & Livability – Byron Tennant

At Large/Schools Liaison – Andrée Culpepper

At-Large Slate vote is unanimous, there being no rival candidates.

Updates:  The Woodlawn Farmer’s Market goes through October 31 at its new location in the Woodlawn Triangle.  Dec 13 the Market will have a holiday market at Village Ballroom

Jana wants to start an official Events committee.  Meeting adjourned 8:30 pm


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