On Wednesday, May 14th, TriMet will hold a community meeting in Woodlawn regarding two proposals for a permanent layover in Woodlawn. The Woodlawn Neighborhood Association opposes any permanent layover in Woodlawn.

The meeting will be held at 6 pm at Classic Foods at 817 NE Madrona. Neighbors are encouraged to come and share their thoughts. Information from TriMet can be found here.

Here’s a special message from neighborhood leader Anjala Ehelebe, who has convened a special subcommittee on the TriMet layover issue since 2012:

We don’t hate buses, I use them whenever I can, Max, too, but we find bus LAYOVER zones to have huge problems. One of the options we presented would allow us to get on the bus in Woodlawn, and go by New Seasons on Interstate. Another would take us to the Fred Meyers on Interstate. Another would take us out to East Columbia neighborhood and the Walmart and mall there. All of the options would connect with the Max yellow line, and wouldn’t that be a good thing?

Three main reasons not to have layovers near residences: diesel exhaust has extremely noxious particulates that harm health. diesel engine starters sometimes give off ultrasonic bangs! that make sleep impossible, especially when buses are starting their engines every 15-20 minutes. Then there are vibrations from the engines, which I have experienced from across the street, two houses away from an idling bus. Intense… small earthquake-like.

So please come to the meeting and tell TriMet that they shouldn’t build a layover next to residences!

We, the Association, presented three options to TriMet that would remove the end of line from Woodlawn and move it out to other neighborhoods, one of which has an ideal place for a layover/turnaround to be built. AWAY from residences! These options were reviewed by the staff member known to least be in favor of extending the line out of Woodlawn. Tellingly, they are not offering to even discuss these options at Wednesday’s meeting, just building TriMet toilets and bus parking zones near residences. Interestingly, TriMet notified drivers of the change from the layover on Dekum back in 2013, but drivers still layover there (near residences and the Park) and have accordingly been reported by neighbors to TriMet supervisors, who, to date, have not been able to curb the activity.

It is important to know that the Association formed a subcommittee that has met with TriMet and other concerned parties and decided firmly that NO LAYOVERS SHOULD BE BUILT IN RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOODS. They propose site 1, which is across the street from a senior/disabled housing apartment and next two four townhouses and a house. Neighbors who currently experience the sounds and vibrations of layovers implore you NOT to support layovers near residences and seniors. Site 11 is near a residence also.

TriMet only think option 1, next to Koken Market, and new option 11 on Lombard, are worth considering.  Let us tell them in no uncertain terms that neither site is acceptable because they are each near residences, and site 1 is near a senior/disabled apartment to boot! and that we want them to extend the line, preferably to East Columbia, which prays for such service to return. Invite your neighbors.  
Bottom line, layovers in neighborhoods are Undesirable, and don’t start here!
Call with questions - 503 805-6325

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Woodlawn’s Annual Spring Clean-Up is coming soon!

WOODLAWN 2014 CLEANUP SATURDAY–MAY 24th 9:00 to 2:00 6360 NE MLK Blvd

NOW is the time to go through your cupboards, closets, drawers, basement, garage, yard, and PURGE (such a magical word)!!


X DO NOT BRING X Yard Debris Hazardous materials (paint, oil) Large appliances UN-bagged garbage Concrete / Dirt

FEES BASED ON SIZE OF LOAD &/OR ITEM: <> Full Car = $15 <> Wagon/SUV/Truck = $20-$50 <> Trailer w/any above: ADD $10-$40 <> U-Haul = $50-$100 <> E-Waste = $5-$15 each <> Tires = $2 each <> Walk-up / Bicycle = $Donation

SPONSORS: METRO / Bureau of Planning & Sustainability / NECN, Cloudburst Recycling / Good Neighbor Pizzeria

<><><><><><><><><><><><> Senior? Disabled? No Vehicle? == Will pick up w/ADVANCE NOTICE–fees do apply. <><><><><><><><><><><><>

503-283-2663 / janclutter23@yahoo.com


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Woodlawn Neighborhood Association Draft Agenda

Updated 5/7/14
May 7th WNA Board Meeting

 7pm-8:30pm at Classic Foods – 817 NE Madrona


7:00 Welcome and Introductions

Approval of Agenda and Minutes from April Meeting

7:05 (postponed) third vote on bylaws update

7:10 Off-Leash Dog Area:

7:30 SALT (Safety and Livability Team)

  • Dispensary
  • Coal Trains

7: 40 Treasurer’s report

  • Fundraising outreach for summer events
  • Coalition for a Livable Future (CLF) Membership

7:50 Events

  • Update on Easter Egg Hunt
  • Clean-Up: Saturday, May 24 at Henry V (9am-2pm)
  • Movies in the Park: Friday, July 11 (6:30 music, movie at dusk)
  • National Night Out: Tuesday, August 5 or a weekend date that week (let’s discuss!)

8:05 Land Use/TriMet

  • Vote on LU 14-143278 AD, a request to allow an adjustment for Nicole Kress and Gregg Lavender to turn their garage into an accessory dwelling unit.

8:15 New Biz

  • It Takes a Community – Fundraiser for Woodlawn School PTO: May 30, 4-7:30pm

8:25 Announcements

8:30 Adjourn



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WNA Board Meeting 4/2/14 – Draft Minutes

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at http://necoalition.org/programs/woodlawn/.

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In January, after months of hearing frustration from neighbors about issues surrounding off-leash dogs in Woodlawn, your Woodlawn Neighborhood Association held a forum to talk about possible solutions. The notes from that conversation can be found here.

A work group that formed as a result of the forum determined that having some sort of legal, off-leash area at Woodlawn Park would fill a need for dog owners and encourage lawful behavior while providing consistency and safety for neighbors at and near the park. That work group has shared three proposals for feedback from YOU, Woodlawn’s residents.

Please note that there will be a separate city-led public process if and when any of these proposals move forward to Portland Parks. This is not your only chance to weigh in overall. This is your chance to help inform the work group as they pursue a solution and potentially forward a proposal to Portland Parks.

Also, please note that the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association has NOT taken a position on any of these proposals. We may choose to do so based on feedback from you, our neighbors and association members.

To provide feedback on the three proposals, please email your thoughts to woodlawn-dogs@googlegroups.com.

The three proposals resulting from a 3-month work group process are:

1. Off-Leash Area NORTH of the bridge – The MAP indicates this whole area, but a written descriptions says as follows: “Unfenced Off-Leash Area, with or without set off-leash hours,” located North of the Claremont Bridge, northeast of the spray park, NOT including the baseball diamond, bounded on the east by NE 13th Avenue. This area is commonly referred to be neighbors as “The Bowl.”

2. A Fenced Off-Leash Area in the SOUTHWESTERN portion of the parkMAP - Written description: “Fenced Off-Leash Area at Woodlawn Park. The Off-Leash Area will make use of the south-west corner of the park, with proper set-backs along the sidewalk at NE Dekum and the existing pathways that border the area.”

3. A Fenced Off-Leash Area NORTHEAST of the bridge -  MAP  - Written description: “Fenced Off-Leash Area at Woodlawn Park. The Off-Leash Area will make use of the area near “The Bowl,” north of the Spray Ground play area, adjacent to the eastern-most path on the north side of the park.”

Again, to provide feedback on the three proposals, please email your thoughts to woodlawn-dogs@googlegroups.com.



In related news, Portland Public Schools released the following story last week:

Dog owners asked to “Keep Schoolyards Safe & Healthy”

April 01, 2014
The goal of the campaign is to keep playgrounds safe and healthy.
Dogs may love playgrounds and ball fields as much as kids, but Portland Public Schools wants to remind dog owners to leash pets and scoop and remove pet waste to keep schoolyards safe and healthy.

Although Multnomah County and the City of Portland have codes and ordinances that forbid dogs from being off leash, many dog owners disobey the law.

PPS for years has received dozens of complaints about dogs running off leash at schools across the city.

On April 1, Portland Public Schools, Portland Parks & Recreation Bureau and Multnomah County Animal Services launched a Spring education and enforcement campaign that aims to increase dog owner law compliance.

Throughout April, dog owners will be reminded to leash pets and scoop poop on school grounds because it’s the law. In May, targeted enforcement will be conducted at three PPS schools — Beach, da Vinci and Duniway — where leash law violations are a chronic problem.

Dog owners will be fined up to $150 for not leashing pets and for failing to clean up and remove animal waste.

To report dogs off leash on school grounds, contact Multnomah County Animal Services. The Portland Parks and Recreation Bureau, which operates more than30 off-leash dog parks across the city, issued 110 citations for dog owners violating the leash law after the fines went into effect last year.

Please help spread the word about the law and keep our schoolyards, ball fields and playgrounds safe and healthy!


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Woodlawn Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

March 5, 2014


Present: Nola Silverman, Kathleen Elliott, Jim Peterson, Nathan Mattis, Don Hill, Angie Hill, Luke Groser, J. Byron Tennant, Bethany Wofford, Lisa Gladstone, Anjala Ehelebe, Rick Reynolds, Wren Schiffler.  Rick took minutes. Meeting called to order at 7:01.


Introductions included Nathan¸ owner of Fringe Meadery (honey wine); he produces at home but is trying to get biz established in the remodeled building with Tamale Boy and the gelato shop coming next month (Don and Angie of Bassotto Gelato also present).

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Monthly Board Meeting

April 2, 2014

7:00        Introductions, approval of agenda, approval of minutes from March 5th Board Meeting

7:10        Guest Speaker: Richard Nudelman, Portland Food Project http://www.portlandfoodproject.org/

7:20        Davey Hendrickson, neighbor, to share information about Health Care for All Oregon

7:30        Vote on Bylaws Amendment – Third reading and final vote

7:35        Treasurer’s Report

7:40        Approval of payment to Parks for Movies in the Park 2013

7:45        Action Plans for Fundraising for Movies in the Park 2014

7:55        Update on Easter Egg Hunt

8:00        Update on the Clean-Up

8:15        SALT Update

8:20        Land Use Update

8:25        New Business and Announcements

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This write-up was submitted by Anjala Ehelebe, Woodlawn Neighborhood Association Co-Chair, Land Use Chair, and historian – and all-around champion in our efforts to keep permanent layovers away from local retail businesses and homes. (Some corrections made on 4/1/14 – CS)

TriMet now has a new site proposed for a layover in Woodlawn, site 11.  The owner is willing to sell and there is one residence next door.  Easy bus access and room to build a layover.  TriMet says they have done outreach to the neighbors.

They have taken the proposed site 2 next to Café Eleven off the list and have added a potential site site 11, at Lombard/6th. We believe that maybe someone who knew someone in upper management at TriMet talked to that person and explained why site 2 was so unsuitable, and that’s why it was taken off the list.  We were also told that it was the site that got the greatest number of comments objecting to its choice, and that comments to the site have fallen off since January.

Look carefully on this page: http://www.trimet.org/alerts/service-change/proposed/line8.htm. They say they MIGHT build a layover with landscaping, sound walls and so forth and they MIGHT create an additional stop connecting the 6 to the 8.  In person, they say there will be a public meeting probably in late April and nothing permanent will be done before then.

I and Brian Borrello, (land use chair of Piedmont), and the NECN Land Use co-chairs, attended a meeting in February with Clay Thompson and Kerry Ayers-Palanuk,  the person on staff doing analysis of the service extension alternatives.

I asked a series of questions, the key ones being, how seriously are you considering the alternatives that extend line 8 outside Woodlawn, and why are you  making permanent a temporary solution to a budget problem?  To shortly answer, they want to make a long-term lease or purchase of land to make sure drivers have layovers.  Most especially, Kerry doesn’t like it when there is duplication of service and one line runs along the same stretch as another.

I asked further if they’d be willing to survey riders of line 8 to see if there was a desire to extend the line further.  Long answer short, no.  Neighbors in East Columbia (near the Walmart in the shopping center) are surveying themselves to prove there’s enough people out there worth running the line 6 out there.  Kerry thought there were not enough people out there to extend any line.  TMT management, who runs the shopping center, is very interested in helping get bus traffic out there.

We need to contact the people we know who have influence over higher-ups in TriMet, to inform them of the opportunity being missed to get more riders by connecting the 8 to more lines and locations.  Who do you know who is influential, and would you be willing to lobby them?  I can provide you with the proposed line extension illustrations and talking points.

Please find minutes of the meeting, taken by Claire Adamsick, staff to the LUTC, here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6HVTgifi6K0UVdYcDV5WnRVeFhoc3BMMEU4VnhnZ2NjQzdV.

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Article contributed by Lindsey Berman, Conservation Program Manager, Regional Water Providers Consortium

Many of us have ignored the sound of a trickling stream coming from our toilet, or maybe we’ve chosen to overlook those small, slow drips from a bathroom faucet or kitchen sink.

After all, how much water do they really waste?

According to the EPA, more than 1 trillion gallons of water leak every year in homes across the U.S. That’s enough water to sustain the population of Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami combined each year. It’s also estimated that leaks in almost 10 percent of American homes drip away nearly 90 gallons of water a day. In the greater Portland metro area, that can mean about $100 in water charges literally going down the drain each year.

Many of these leaks occur in old fixtures, such as leaky toilets, faucets and showerheads. Fix these drips and you’ll be amazed at how much water and money you can save.

Plus, in many cases household leaks can be easily fixed by a do-it-yourself plumber and replacement parts don’t require a major investment! For example, faucet leaks are often caused by faulty washers that don’t allow your faucet to shut off properly. Replacing a faulty washer takes less than five minutes, costs less than $1 and is an easy way to recoup water and money savings.

Toilet leaks, on the other hand, are often caused by old, faulty toilet flappers that have decayed or have developed mineral build-up over time. Replacing a toilet flapper is relatively easy and costs less than $5. In either case, just remember to bring your old one with you to the hardware store so that you can get a replacement part with the proper fit.

With Fix a Leak Week right around the corner (March 17-23), there’s no better time to check your home for leaks and make every drop count.

To help you save water and money, the Regional Water Providers Consortium—a group of 20+ regional water providers plus the regional government Metro— is offering free indoor water saving kits to customers who reside in the Consortium service area (find out if you qualify at www.conserveh2o.org/consortium-members). Available from March 1 through March 22 (while supplies last) the kits include a bathroom faucet aerator, kitchen faucet aerator, high efficiency showerhead, shower timer, toilet leak-detection dye tablets and a toilet fill-cycle diverter.

To request a free kit, visit the Regional Water Providers Consortium on Facebook, www.facebook.com/RegionalWaterProvidersConsortium, from March 1 through March 22.

For more tips to help you discover and repair leaks during Fix a Leak Week and beyond, visit the Consortium at www.conserveh2o.org.

About the Regional Water Providers Consortium:

The Regional Water Providers Consortium (a group of 22 local water providers plus the regional government Metro) is committed to good stewardship of our region’s water through conservation, emergency preparedness planning, and water supply coordination. The Consortium provides resources and information to help individual and commercial customers save water. www.conserveh2o.org



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DRAFT Minutes

WNA Board Meeting 2/5/14

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at http://necoalition.org/programs/woodlawn/.

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