Fall is in the air and with the changing of the season we are looking ahead to changes too. 

October is the time we elect new officers, board members and committee chairs to represent you

on local, city and regional issues.

There are many exciting opportunities to participate! We would love to see you on September 3rd.

7 pm at Classic Foods  ~ 817 NE Madrona St. ~ Portland 97211

7:00 We begin each meeting with introductions, after which we will seek approval of our agenda and minutes from our last meeting(s).  

7:10 Report from our neighborhood officer

7:20 Closing out 2014 and Looking ahead,  Updates from our Chair

7:35 Hot topic(s) for 2014-2015: Parking in our neighborhood, Supporting our Pollinators with Bee Friendly Gardens and Education, Beautify Woodlawn

7:50 Hear what is happening in Woodlawn from our representatives for
Land Use, Safety and Livability, Woodlawn School, and Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods

8:10 Financial updates from our Treasurer

8:15 New Business

8: 25 Announcements

8:30 Goodnight! 

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WNA Board Meeting 7/2/14 and WNA “Emergency” Board Meeting 7/31

Approved at September 3, 2014 meeting. These minutes will also be posted at http://necoalition.org/programs/woodlawn/.

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Aspiring-HeartYou are invited to a one-day, free workshop about your heart’s deep desire and life’s purpose. Each of us has a reason to be alive. Each of us has things that only we can do. Each of us has gifts to offer our future selves and those around us.

Please come and look intimately at your Self to uncover your timely and timeless purpose.

This offering is a mixture of presentation, guided meditation, and discussion. Led by Hogen Bays, Roshi.

Saturday, August 9, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Your RSVP lets us know how much lunch to prepare.

Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple, 6401 NE 10th Avenue (at Highland), Portland, Oregon 97211

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The WNA board is holding an “emergency” meeting on Thursday 7/31 at 7pm outside of P’s & Q’s Market. And it’s not really an emergency – that’s just what we call meetings called on short-notice.

Because we do not have an August meeting scheduled, we wanted to quickly gather t0 take care of some time-sensitive issues. Our agenda: (1) replace our Secretary on the Board with a new Board member and (2) decide whether or not to provide comment on some liquor license applications, including Bushwhacker Cider at NE Dekum and Durham. The meeting will last 30  minutes or so.

Feel free to write info@gowoodlawn.com with any comments!

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downloadFor the past few years, Woodlawn has thrown it’s own “block party” as a part of National Night Out. National Night Out is a unique partnership between neighbors, public safety agencies, and other community partners – but most of all, it’s just a fun gathering of neighbors!

This year, we are holding our National Night Out party on Saturday, August 2nd from 5pm until dusk at Woodlawn Park (near the ballfield and amphitheater). We will have barbecue, treats from P’s & Q’s Market, live music, face painting, crafts for kiddos, and more. Join us, see old friends and make new ones, and relax in our awesome park.

You can tell us you will be there and spread the word to neighbors and friends on Facebook by clicking here.

WHO: You – and all Woodlawn neighbors

WHAT: National Night Out Summer Party

WHEN: Saturday, August 2nd from 5pm until dusk

WHERE: Woodlawn Park, near NE Claremont and Oneonta

To volunteer or with any questions, please contact info@gowoodlawn.com.

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Here’s another update from our fearless leader on the TriMet layover issue, Anjala Ehelebe.  She attended a briefing of the TriMet board by staff on the Woodlawn layover proposal.

TriMet did brief their Board on the proposal to put a layover at site 11, which is the one on NE Lombard.  This was a briefing only.  Board members had many questions that TriMet staff will try to answer in the interim before they make an official proposal to their Board on July 23rd.    The Woodlawn Neighborhood Association subcommittee will schedule a meeting to discuss this proposal and come up with any questions or concerns.  The subcommittee cannot make a decision for the association, so the Association may choose to have a BRIEF emergency Board meeting to take an official position prior to the TriMet meeting.  It could also choose to wait until after seeing the final proposal to TriMet and hearing the TriMet Board’s decision before taking an official position.  At past meetings, the Association voted that the neighborhood was against layovers near residences.  Site 11 has the fewest residences near it of all of TriMet’s site choices (one residence to the west approximately 150 ft away, and several across Lombard).  If chosen, it would be across a small street from Pawsitive Thinkers – Lombard Animal Hospital.    At this meeting, no public questions or testimony was scheduled.  There will be a chance for that at the next Board meeting.

Here are a few concerns voiced by TriMet Board members:     Safety of drivers who would have to turn left from east-going Lombard to cross two lanes of traffic and enter the lot from 6th St.  (could there be a left turn lane restricted to buses only?) What do the bus drivers say about this proposal (not known as yet but staff thinks they’ll be enthusiastic)  Why are they using a modular unit instead of building from scratch? (keep down expenses) Will other buses be able to layover there? (Not likely, not enough room, only proposing buying the front portion)  Would this acquisition help improve on-time performance? (not known)  The Board wants more details about the proposal’s $1,200,000 in contingency costs (some are for bid market risk, owner risk, design risk, street development costs, and others they were told, but not in specific dollars).  One Board member was concerned about the cost for this whole project, (estimated $3,135,000, spread over 3 budget years, to save approximately $390,000 per year, with a payback period of nine years)   Some questions we have are:  what is the cost estimate per year for maintenance of this site?  What would sound mitigating landscaping look like? And, if the costs and benefits of extending Line 8 to East Columbia neighborhood could pencil out and a suitable layover spot out there could be found, would TriMet consider that option?

Thanks to all of the people who petitioned and emailed.  TriMet Board members have listened, and one even read from Diana Larson’s email question.  Please continue to keep yourselves informed, active and involved, and when we set the time for a TriMet subcommittee, you’ll be invited, and kept in the loop!  Thanks!

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Here’s a special update from Anjala Ehelebe, our TriMet Committee Chair (and much more):

TriMet briefing of the board about our layover options: A chance to be seen, and to be heard behind the scenes. there’s going to be a briefing of the TriMet board July 9th, 9:00 a.m. at their offices on 1800 SW 1st st. Saltzman room pl 2. That is when they’ll reveal what their plans are regarding the line 8 layover. Anybody can attend, although there will be no public testimony. The Board will make its decision at the meeting later this month.

But anybody can indeed contact our NE Portland TriMet Board representative Pastor Dr. Bethel BEFORE THE MEETING at either PastorT@maranathapdx.org or Dr. T. Allen Bethel Board Vice President District 5: N and NE Portland Email Dr. Bethel at “bethelt@trimet.org” <bethelt@trimet.org> First appointed: March 1, 2010 Current term expires: February 28, 2014* Dr. T. Allen Bethel is the senior pastor of Maranatha Church of God, where he has served since July 1994. He is also involved in many civic activities, including serving on the boards of Warner Pacific College, North Portland Bible College and the Albina Ministerial Alliance.

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All are welcome at our Woodlawn Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting, coming up July 2nd at 7pm at Classic Foods (817 NE Madrona).

Here’s the draft agenda:

7 PM  Introductions, approval of agenda and meeting minutes from May

7:05 Neighborhood events coming up in July and August

Parkways, Movies in the Park and National Night Out

Come on out and volunteer for these great community events!

Updates on the upcoming transition of board members and officers

7:15  Surprise Raffle

7:20 Fundraising updates!

7:25 Who is new in Woodlawn – welcoming our new neighbors

7:30 Safety and Livability Updates

7:40 Land Use Update – Tri Met and more

7:55 Treasurer’s update

8:05 Signs, Banners and Facebook/blog

8:15 New Business

8:20 Announcements – No Meeting in August – Meet us at National Night Out – Woodlawn Park on Saturday August 2

8:30 Meeting ends


DRAFT Minutes

WNA Board Meeting 6/4/14

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at http://necoalition.org/programs/woodlawn/.

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Anjala Ehelebe, WNA Vice Chair, Land Use Chair, Historian, and our go-to on all things TriMet, wanted to be sure that we shared the following email from Clay Thompson of TriMet. We’d been hearing some rumors and we wanted to be sure to clear the air:

From: “Thompson, Clay”
Date: Jun 10, 2014 9:15 AM
Subject: TriMet site selection
To: “Anjala Ehelebe”


Thanks for the message. As you know, the comment period ends on Friday. After which our project team will make a recommendation to Neil McFarlane and pending his approval, the board will then be briefed on July 9 and a resolution will be presented on July 23.

We will not be purchasing any property for the layover site until the TriMet board has reviewed the recommendation and given their approval.

Bottom line…we haven’t purchased any property yet for the layover site.


Clay Thompson

TriMet Outreach Services


“TriMet:  See Where It Takes You”


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All our welcome at our next WNA Monthly Board Meeting – Wednesday, June 4th, 7pm at Classic Foods.


7:00 Introductions, Approval of Agenda, Approval of Meeting Minutes from May 7th , 2014

7:10 Bylaws: Amending the number of board members – First Reading

7:20  Events

Updates on Clean up and Discussion on National Night Out, Movies in the Park and Parkways

Fundraising and Committees

7:40 Outreach for Board, Chair, Co- Chair,  Secretary, Communications Lead, Treasurer’s assistant


7:45 Treasurer’s report

7:50 Land Use

8:00 SALT

8:10 OLA – Review

8:15 New Business

8:20 Announcements

8:30 Meeting ends



DRAFT Minutes

WNA Board Meeting 5/7/14

Once approved, these minutes will also be posted at http://necoalition.org/programs/woodlawn/.
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