Woodlawn Neighborhood Association General Meeting Minutes (draft until approved)

June 2nd, 2021, Online only on Zoom 

This is your neighborhood. This is our neighborhood. 

Together, we have the power to make it a beautiful place to live for everyone.

7:00 – 7:10 Welcome and Introductions-Meeting is recorded

  1. Please introduce yourself in chats: name, pronouns, favorite summer activity
    Board members: Melody Randolph, Maija Spencer, Beth Heins, Dennis Kennedy, Anjala Ehelebe, Shirley Minor, Thelma Diggs, Nancy Flynn, Chida Chaemchaeng, Keith Baich


  1. Approve May meeting notes – Dennis moves, Beth seconds, all in favor
  2.  June agenda  – Dennis moves, Beth seconds, all in favor

7:10 – 8:00 Guest Speakers

  1. 7:10 Lionel Irving: gang veteran, community outreach organizer
    1. https://loveisstrongerinc.com/
    2. Community response to recent violence


Love is Stronger has 3 main focuses: 





  1. 7:25 Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty
    1. Portland Street Response
    2. City response to recent violence


Commissioner Hardesty’s comments: She personally tries to steer clear of using gang-related terminology, and at the same time feels she and Lionel have similar perspectives. She’d like to connect Lionel to the president of the Oregon Community Foundation.

She doesn’t believe all the violence we’re seeing is gang-related; domestic violence and stranger violence is up dramatically here and nationally. There is a lot of economic insecurity and stress related to the last year. 

Society has a knee-jerk reaction when there is more crime, to ask for more cops; police officers are really meant to solve or manage crime, and adding more and more police isn’t the answer for every problem we are facing. 

The last year has been unprecedented, but every corner of the city has people like those in Woodlawn who have been active in helping others. The pandemic will continue to have devastating effects for a while to come – up to 10,000 new houseless people almost overnight when the eviction moratorium ends in July. We’re facing a tale of two Portlands. One wants to get back to “normal” right away. The other Portland knows that we lived in a city and culture that was based in inequity. How do we stop the status quo from returning? How do we face the humanitarian crisis on our streets? 

We need temporary stopgaps to allow people to live with dignity and respect while finding affordable housing. Community members are hugely cost burdened (spending less than 30% of their income on housing costs). 







  1.  8:00 – 8:20 Board Business
    1. Treasurer’s Report-Dennis Kennedy: 
      1. 7294 in the bank, one expenditure in the last month for the DOJ Charitable Activities section
    2. Land Use and Transportation-Street Painting Applications-Anjala Ehelebe
      1. City has opened the season for neighborhoods to get free permits to paint or repaint their streets. City has to approve the illustration, neighborhood has to buy the materials. 8th & Holman was painted and could prhaps use a touch-up; at one time it was the largest painting in the city. 8th & Holland needs to be painted, it’s an offset with poor visibility, and painting the intersection could help slow traffic. Need volunteers and leaders. If interested get in touch with Anjala at anjalansv@gmail.com 
      2. Couple of meetings about gun violence; have asked the city for more lighting in various locations but there is no budget for it. Considering polling the neighbors to add motion-activated lights on their houses. 
      3. No permits to review.
    3. Farmer’s Market-Keith Baich
      1. First market is this Saturday June 5!!!! Hours are 10-2
      2. They’ve hired a market manager for the season, Dallas Hayley
      3. They have money in the account thanks to the tremendous community support when they raised funds after their break-ins. They will start seeing bills and expenses coming through soon, their last real expenses were in December. 
      4. Donations from the off season will go to the SNAP match and will help replace the items that were stolen last season. They’ll need tents, chairs, tables, and will hire musicians. 
      5. The market will do SNAP match up to $15 – that’s extra money to spend at the market! 
      6. For now masks are mandatory and no seating at the market. 
      7. They’ll need volunteers (not for the first market) so watch the market mailing list and Next Door and other social media options. 
      8. https://www.woodlawnfarmersmarket.org/
      9. Vendors: we’ll have a mix of new and returning vendors, including a new baker
    4. NECN-Dennis Kennedy
      1. NECN members recently participated in a 90-minute training on non-profit governance, how a board needs to function. 
    5. NET-Erin Cooper
  1. Neighborhood Emergency Team: it’s shaping up to be a bad fire season again this year. Fire safety tips should be top of mind; Erin will write a column for the Hey Neighbor! NECN paper and will share with Woodlawn


  1. Upcoming Events 
    1. Fri 6/4 @5pm Community of Hope Raise Hope Virtual Gala and Silent Auction to benefit services and housing for houseless single-parent families in North Portland
      1. https://communityofhopepdx.org/raise-hope-2021 
    2. Splendid Caper Theater Company presents “One Woman, Too Much” at Woodlawn Park, free-of-charge for all. Fri 6/18@7pm, Sat 6/19@2pm, Sat 6/19 @4pm
    3. In person meeting for July? (would still be streamed on Zoom)
      1. Some logistics: power for zoom streaming/recording, possible need of wind break (to help with audio)
      2. Nic moves having it in-person in location TBD so long as we can add the zoom functionality; Maija seconds. All in favor. 
    4. all-neighborhood-invited picnic evenings in the park – Wednesdays in August. Maija will create a Facebook post suggesting people picnic 6-8pm in the North side of the park, which seems to be all that we really have to have. Remind people to bring masks for distancing purposes. 



8:20 – 8:30 Final thoughts, announcements, other upcoming events



8:30 Meeting adjourns

Thank you for coming! Hope to see you Wed, July 7th at 7pm for our next Meeting!