Woodlawn Neighborhood Association


Dear Woodlawn neighbor,

The importance of belonging, connection and sense of place is essential to a healthy thriving community, all of which became even more apparent during the COVID pandemic. More than ever before, the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association (WNA) is committed to its vision:

“In the future, Woodlawn will be a place where people live harmoniously, respectfully, and in support of one another. The neighborhood will be a clean and thriving community… All Woodlawn residents will share and pursue the common values of health, efficiency, beauty, equity and justice.” 

WNA takes positive actions to foster community and address neighborhood concerns. With shared information, innovation and as a voice recognized by the City, we are able to accomplish real change.  You are invited to get involved with the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association by attending our monthly meetings and by providing financial support.  Our work reflects the issues and needs of our neighbors including:

Because everyone was impacted by COVID, we have not asked for donations from Woodlawn businesses for several years. Now that things are on the upswing, we are being asked to do more. We need the support of Woodlawn’s business community to do so, through annual financial and/or in-kind donations.  

Woodlawn Neighborhood Association is a 501(c)(3), making your contribution tax deductibleOn the attached form you will find suggested donation levels. To enable the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association to move ahead quickly, we would appreciate a quick response.

Thank you for being one of the businesses that makes Woodlawn such a unique and vibrant community.


Barbara England, WNA Chair