Minutes from November 2022 General Meeting 2022-11-06

Woodlawn Neighborhood Association General Meeting Minutes

November 1, 2022

Online at Zoom ID: 301 466 2210 and Facebook Live
In Person at Village Ballroom* 700 NE Dekum St, Portland, OR 97211, Snacks provided.

(Minutes are draft until approved at the next meeting.)

Our diverse community is strongest when we work together. Your voice matters here.

7:00 – 7:10 Welcome and Introductions

  • Board members present: Anjala Ehelebe, Thelma Diggs, Melody Randolph, Shirley Minor, Barbara English, Dennis Kennedy, Keith Baich, Rick Reynolds, Krista Reynolds
  • Guests and neighbors present: Liz Kennedy, Deanna, Rob Randolph, Doris Evans, Chase Lansdale, Amy Pedretti, Dan Pedretti, Steve

7:10 – 7:15 Approve October meeting notes and November agenda

  • The October notes and November agenda were approved unanimously.
  • Monthly reminder of meeting/voting rules – All present may vote on any matters that do not involve money. Only board members may vote on matters involving WNA funds.

7:15 – 7:25 Guest Speaker: Chase Lansdale City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services

  • Woodlawn Park Work Parties are scheduled for: Wed, November 9th and Thurs, November 17th from 9am to 12pm
  • There will be ivy pulling and native plants planting
  • Folks can keep up with park projects by emailing
  • Native plants come from Bosky Dell Nursery and Portland Nursery
  • Ivy is the biggest problem in the park although there are a few spots of blackberry

7:25 – 7:35 Guest Speaker: Ryan Saari with update on Oregon Public House and Village Ballroom

  • Ryan was not available but will be happy to share news at a future meeting.

7:35 – 7:45 Meeting Time/Place Update

  • Survey Results
    • The survey response was too small (21) to make a good decision. People were polled at the Farmers Market using an online survey. Putting signs up at local businesses and around the neighborhood is a good strategy to gather more input. There is a QR code to link to the survey. We can also poll people using the MailChimp listserv.
    • Do we want to move to a Wed. meeting now? We will stick with Tuesday meetings at this time.
  • Classic Foods update
    • We have to abide by Dept. of Agriculture codes in order to meet at Classic Foods. Jake (the owner) says the main meeting space is available to us immediately but we won’t have access to bathrooms due to various unlocked doors in the building. Melody presented three options:
      • We just use the space and not the restroom. Perhaps neighbors would allow bathroom use.
      • We could get a port-a-potty to place outside, but this is expensive. We must rent it for 1-7 days ($700 for seven days)
      • The WNA could pay for the locks at Classic Foods which would provide more stability for meetings.
    • We need to get a bid for the lock installations. Michael at Classic Foods is getting that information. We could vote to approve a certain dollar amount in advance of knowing the actual cost of locks and installation. We can let Jake know we would like to help, pending notification about costs.
      • Anjala moved we devote up to $1200 to pay for locks. The board voted unanimously to pay up to that amount for locks and installation.

7:45 – 8:00 Board Elections

  • Open seats – Vice chair. Chida has resigned due to work commitments.
    • Melody would like a co-chair/vice chair. There isn’t a board without a chair. Rob Randolph volunteered to assist.
  • We can have four more members at large. The time commitment for members at large varies depending on interests. At a minimum, there’s attendance at monthly meetings. Assistance with events is voluntary.
  • Anjala shared the WNA bylaws in the Zoom chat.
    • WNA voted many years ago not to follow Robert’s Rules of Order.
    • For meeting minutes and notes, we can just ask for additions or corrections rather than formally approving them.
  • Amy Pedretti volunteered to serve as a new member-at-large. There was a unanimous vote on her joining the board.

8:00-8:20 Board Business

  • Treasurer’s Report (Dennis Kennedy)
    • Currently there is $6923.55 in the budget.
    • What is a desired amount for the WNA? $7500 – $8000. The minimum we need per year to run is $400 for internet costs plus about $500 for taxes.
    • Before COVID we had an in person meet and greet in January. There was food at these events. We could plan that type of event again for 2023.
      • If we keep Tuesday meetings, that would be January 3rd. Let’s table this discussion until we have a final meeting date. Melody proposed we hold that event in February.
    • Land Use and Transportation (Anjala Ehelebe)
      • The city has not given notice of any recent changes.
      • Anjala plans to have a land use/transportation committee meeting this month to share what the group CAN do.
      • Are there any updates about the lot across from Breakside Brewery?
        • There has been some surveying and mowing. Anjala checked online records and there is no indication online the property has been sold recently.
      • Melody asked about traffic accidents on Grand and Rosa Parks (a neighbor had asked her about this). Anjala will look up statistics.
    • Farmer’s Market Update (Keith Baich)
      • The market has ended for the season.
      • They are in better financial shape than in years past. There is $14,701 in their account. That’s a little inflated due to some outstanding debts, including the SNAP match funds that weren’t used. They will probably end the year closer to $10,000.
      • Thanks to the board, vendors, customers, and the musicians.
      • The WNA is the fiscal sponsor of the farmers market. The market board did discuss having a holiday market. They decided to not hold a holiday market this year (unless the WNA board plans it).
        • There was some interest from WNA board members to plan it. The tentative proposed date is Dec. 16th. Barbara could check with the Village Ballroom about availability.
      • Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET)

8:20 – 8:30 Final thoughts, announcements, upcoming events, and tell us what you would like to see!

  • Barbara reported that Oregon Public House has closed temporarily due to low sales and staffing problems. Plus, it needs to be remodeled. The kid’s area will be redone to make it more adult-friendly too.
    • The building is owned by a mother and her son in CA and there is no plan to sell it. The Village Ballroom is available for events.
    • Ryan would love to speak at an upcoming meeting. Rick will connect Ryan to Melody to arrange for sharing at a future meeting.
  • Liz asked if there could be a Dekum Street Theater update on the next meeting agenda.
    • Anjala shared that it is one of oldest buildings in Woodlawn, circa early 1900s. It was a Nickelodeon that played 15-minute films, and admission was usually a nickel. Then it was used as a woodshop. Chairs and benches outside Good Neighbor Pizza and inside Firehouse were made in that woodshop.
    • There will be a small bar with food. The opening date is close. The theater will have live performances and music.
  • Happy birthday to Keith, the owner of Black Rose Market.
  • Should the WNA add a board position that is a liaison to the Woodlawn School PTA?
    • You do not need to live in Woodlawn to be on the board, just need to have an interest in the neighborhood.
  • Anjala suggested we add a land acknowledgement or something of cultural significance to the agenda each month. November 1st is Día de los Muertos and Dia de Inocentes.
    • Melody would love suggestions.

8:30 Meeting adjourned

Hope to see you for our next meeting at the voted upon time! 

We will be both Online and In Person: Classic Foods 817 NE Madrona St, Portland, OR 97211