Minutes from April 2023 WNA General Meeting


Minutes from April 2023 WNA General Meeting

Woodlawn Neighborhood Association General Meeting Minutes

April 4, 2023 7pm

In Person at Classic Foods: 817 NE Madrona 

Welcome and Vision: “In the future, Woodlawn will be a place where people live harmoniously, respectfully, and in support of one another.  The neighborhood will be a clean and thriving community… All Woodlawn residents will share and pursue the common values of health, efficiency, beauty, equity, and justice.”

7:00 – 7:10 Introductions

  • Please share name, pronouns, & what brought you to tonight’s meeting.
    • Board members present: Barbara England, Anjala Ehelebe, Shirley Minor, Thelma Diggs, Aimee Pedretti, Dennis Kennedy, Krista Reynolds
    • Neighbors present: Liz Kennedy, Dan Pedretti, Ike Harris (Concordia Neighborhood Association), Brian, Nicole
    • Board members absent: Melody Randolph, Nancy Flynn, Rick Reynolds, Keith Baich

7:10 – 8:00 General Business

  • Approve March meeting notes
  • Presentation by the owner(s) of Firehouse restaurant
    • Due to illness, the co-owner was not able to attend. The co-owner says thank you to those who posted on PDXreporter about the folks camping near the restaurant. The people in the camper have moved on.
  • Presentation by a representative from the Portland Street Response team
    • They serve about 700 people a month. The vans have an EMT and social worker.
    • The police have their own crisis response team. There is also a county crisis line.
    • There are definitely repeat callers. Follow up care can help with long term mental health support.
    • They work closely with Street Roots vendors.
  • Need volunteer for secretary position as well as Facebook page monitoring
  • Report from Neighborhood Associations Summit (March 9th) (Aimee and Barbara)
    • The event was organized by two neighborhood associations
    • 60 associations were represented by attendees
    • Three priorities were identified. Committees will form to address priorities.
      • Improving neighborhood association and city government relations
      • Livability
      • Healthy neighborhoods
    • Ike Harris from the Concordia Neighborhood Association (CNA) proposed a community center for the neighborhood to help combat loneliness and spark creativity
      • There will be a meeting at April 10th 5:30 St. Michael’s Lutheran Church (6700 NE 29th) to discuss the idea.
      • The proposed location for the center is on 42nd, at Fernhill Park, the former school site – currently owned by PPS
      • PPS has a long-term facility plan
      • The CNA would like a WNA representative to be present at the meeting
    • Update on Easter Egg Hunt Event – Saturday, April 8th
      • Liz solicited for volunteers for the day of the event
        • Volunteers needed 10 – 11 for set up (hiding eggs, setting up booths and tables)
        • Especially need volunteers 11 – 12 (during the event)
      • Nicole has been helping to organize the event with Liz and Barbara
      • There will be two zones – one for kids zero through five years old and one zone for ages 6 and up
      • 1,500 eggs are stuffed!
      • The event will be on the south side of the park, on the Dekum side
      • There will be a craft booth
    • Update on Neighborhood cleanup planning – date and next steps
      • Dennis has emailed the forms; he never received a response they were received
      • June 10th had already been taken
      • Barbara will get in touch with Rick for additional info

8:00 – 8:20 Board Business

  • Treasurer’s Report (Dennis)
    • The WNA has essentially the same amount of money as last month
    • Renewed with the Secretary of State – $50 expense
    • Kudos to Shirley for paying for a portion of the Easter Egg hunt
  • NECN Report (Anjala)
    • Executive search is underway for new director
    • Business owners on Broadway are considering adding decorative lights similar to ones in downtown Portland; lights might be installed on N. Mississippi also
      • Would be funded by the Lloyd business district
    • Land Use and Transportation (Anjala)
      • There is a two-story office building planned to be built on the corner of Buffalo and MLK. Anjala has been checking for a notice about this but has not seen one yet. Will notify the association so we can discuss and approve or disapprove of the plans.
      • Slowing traffic on Dekum – a neighbor sees near misses almost every day – Anjala connected the person with someone from Sullivan’s Gulch where they implemented traffic calming
        • Brian mentioned there is a way to get in touch with the city to advocate for traffic slowing; the more people who request, the more attention it will get
        • The city may not pay attention until people are injured or die
      • Others have proposed a cross walk on Dekum from Oregon Public House – the WNA would have to pay for it
      • The flashing crosswalk like at New Seasons costs about $70,000
      • Traffic circles are the best way to calm traffic; but the cost of cement has skyrocketed. It’s now almost $500,000 to install a traffic circle.
      • If anyone is interested in revitalizing the 8th and Holland street painting or the one on Homan, get in touch with Anjala
      • No word on the 904 NE Dekum property. There is no record online of a sale.
    • Farmer’s Market Update
      • A new market manager, Sasha, has been hired.
      • The market has been awarded a grant for music and art programming.
      • There will be a volunteer recruitment event.
    • Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET)
      • No report

8:20 – 8:30 Additional agenda items and announcements

  • Barbara mentioned the WNA will initiate fundraising from businesses soon
  • Thelma asked for volunteers and donors for Meals on Wheels fundraiser “Stride for Seniors” April 15th, 9am to 1pm; event will be at the Portland International Raceway