Woodlawn Neighborhood Association January 9, 2024 Meeting Agenda — Note Date Change!


Woodlawn Neighborhood Association January 9, 2024 Meeting Agenda — Note Date Change!

We have moved our January meeting to the SECOND Tuesday in light of the New Year’s Day holiday and holiday travel. And, just a quick reminder, you can find the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association (WNA) website at gowoodlawn.com.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Woodlawn Neighborhood Association General Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, January 9, 2024 at 7:00 pm

Please make every effort to join us In Person at Classic Foods: 817 NE Madrona 

 Or online on Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/3014662210?pwd=d3VKbXkzVldqYzNWU2RwVm9OUkZyZz09

Meeting ID: 301 466 2210

Passcode: WNA

Also online at Facebook Live

Welcome and Vision: “In the future, Woodlawn will be a place where people live harmoniously, respectfully, and in support of one another.  The neighborhood will be a clean and thriving community… All Woodlawn residents will share and pursue the common values of health, efficiency, beauty, equity, and justice.”

7:00 – 7:15 Introductions

  • Please share name, pronouns, & what brought you to tonight’s meeting
  • Quick share:  “What is one thing you would love to do someday?”

7:15 – 8:00 General Business

  • Approve December meeting notes
  • Presentation by Jan Zuckerman, a retired Portland School teacher to talk about the risks associated with the critical energy infrastructure (CEI) Hub where 90% of the liquid fuel for the State of Oregon is stored.
  • Report on  youth board member(s)
  • Report on T-shirt fundraiser
  • Solicit leadership teams for Easter Egg Hunt and NNO/POP
  • Announce transportation meeting  – January 7, 2024, Good Neighbor Pizza.  Here’s the agenda, click on the link:    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bafMwP50h1C_lbJ3ZIwT8eA8daEqxaxp7pDjuSPXAAo/edit?usp=sharing
  • Review of plans for 2024 and begin work on Donor Drive
  • Do we want to plan Neighborhood socials at neighborhood businesses each month or so?
  • Responder for neighbor requests from social media
  • Announce next meeting guest speaker
  • Time for Neighbor open comments

8:00 – 8:20 Board Business

  • Treasurer’s Report
  • NECN Report – Anjala
  • Secretary Report – Nancy
  • Outreach and community engagement Report – Linde
  • Land Use and Transportation Report – Anjela
  • Farmer’s Market Update  – Keith
  • Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) – Erin

8:20 – 8:30 Additional agenda items and announcements