Home Ownership Retention & Repair Program Available for Eligible Woodlawn Residents


Home Ownership Retention & Repair Program Available for Eligible Woodlawn Residents

PCRI’s homeownership retention/home repair program objective is to foster homeownership stability for low- and moderate-income homeowners, aged 55 and older, living within the City of Portland. This program is designed to prevent community displacement and assist elders with aging in place.


  • Homeowner must be 55 or older
  • Home must be within the City of Portland
  • Home must demonstrate a need for repairs
  • Home must be a single-family residence and primary dwelling (owners of multiple properties are not eligible)
  • Household must meet income eligibility requirements:
    • Gross household income at 80% or below the area median family income
    • Income will be calculated for all household members over 18 years of age. Copies of pay stubs and tax returns may be requested to verify
  • Homeowners must demonstrate that the following items are current or will be made current upon completion of the repair:
    • Mortgage Loan Payment (if applicable)
    • Homeowners Insurance
    • Property Taxes

2023 Multnomah County Income Limits

1-Person Family 2-Person Family 3-Person Family 4-Person Family
$63,150 $72,200 $81,200 $90,200
5-Person Family 6-Person Family 7-Person Family 8-Person Family
$97,450 $104,650 $111,850 $119,100

Home Repairs

PCRI provides financial assistance for urgent home repairs. Eligible repairs include health and safety items that could affect the well-being of the occupant(s):

    • Plumbing repairs (broken toilets, sinks, and leaks)
    • Replacement or repairs to faucets and fixtures
    • Electrical/mechanical repairs (switches, outlets, lights, thermostats, fluorescent fixtures)
    • Repairs to stairs, handrails, and porches
    • Water heater repair or replacement, air conditioner or evaporative cooler repair or replacement
    • Repair to flooring/ceiling due to water damage
    • Roof Referrals
    • Installation of locks and deadbolts
    • Repairs to main water lines

Ineligible items include

    : routine maintenance, cosmetic repairs, landscaping, tree trimming or fence repairs (unless a safety hazard exists), remodel work, and

The Homeownership Retention program provides a variety of programs and services to help existing homeowners retain their homes and remain in their familiar communities. Services include:

  • Financial assistance for urgent minor home repairs
  • Advocacy regarding property tax issues, home insurance concerns, code violations, etc.
  • Connections to community partners with volunteer and community repair and assistance programs
  • Referrals as well as advocacy and support energy-efficiency improvements and working with contractors for home repairs
  • Informational home preservation workshops including post-purchase education and counseling
  • Foreclosure prevention referrals
  • Rental housing and referrals

For our application PDF form please go here (this link opens in a new window) (this document-link opens in a new window).

For any additional questions regarding the program, please send an email to hra@pcrihome.org.