Portland Votes 2024 Education Grant Program Seeking Applicants


Portland Votes 2024 Education Grant Program Seeking Applicants

City of Portland invites community organizations to apply for Portland Votes 2024 Voter Education Grant Program


In November 2024, Portland voters will use ranked-choice voting to elect one mayor, one auditor and three councilors per district (12 councilors total) by prioritizing their candidates. Portland Votes 2024 seeks to ensure that voters understand the new election method with non-partisan education.


The Portland Votes 2024 grant application period is now open on the Portland Votes 2024 website. The grant program’s focus is to contract with community partners who are trusted messengers for hard-to-reach voters. The grant recipients will assist in providing nonpartisan voter education materials and activities to communities that the City of Portland has a hard time reaching, as well as those Portlanders who have historically lacked access to city decision-making.

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