A note from Anjala Ehelebe:
I am the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association Land use and transportation chair. This committee responds to zoning change requests, proposed building and demolitions. Also liquor and cannabis license approvals or denials. It meets when needed and is really important, you should check us out.
Anyway, at the last meeting (Zoom, First Tuesday of the month at 7 pm), a neighbor asked me to write a letter to the city asking them to do something about the vagrancy and vandalism of the burnt houses off 10th and Stafford. I did my research (which being on this committee taught me how to do) and found out that the houses at 1037-39 NE Stafford and on the Lombard side are being prepared for demolition. Septic tanks have been or are being drained. I drove by and saw that someone had put 10 ft. tall chain link fences around the area. The process toward demolition is ongoing.