SOLVE: Upcoming Portland Volunteer Opportunities


SOLVE: Upcoming Portland Volunteer Opportunities

SOLVE is a local environmental nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and leading community-driven events that directly contribute to the well-being of our environment, such as trash pickup initiatives and invasive species removal projects. SOLVE believes in the power of collective action to create positive change, and we’re looking for volunteers and community leaders with a passion for the environment that can help contribute to the success of our volunteer initiatives.

If you are interested in joining an upcoming volunteer effort, please click on the links below to register. Even if you cannot attend the events in-person, we would love for you to share these volunteer opportunities within your organization by emailing the information to your members, including them in your upcoming newsletters, or posting them on social media.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities: 

The success of SOLVE events is due entirely to our amazing volunteers who have consistently made a meaningful difference, and we are excited about the positive outcomes we can achieve together at these upcoming projects. If you cannot attend one of the above-listed volunteer projects but are still interested in participating at an upcoming event, then please take a moment to look at our complete Events Calendar to view all our upcoming volunteer opportunities.