Woodlawn History Trivia #2 2023-11-21

Get to know more about the historic buildings and their former occupants right here in the heart of the Woodlawn Triangle. Many of these were culled from the book, Portland’s Woodlawn Neighborhood , written by our neighborhood historian, Anjala Ehelebe, and published by Arcadia Publishing.

—Woodlawn’s Fire Station No. 29 was built in 1913 on the original Triangle block that was the site of the train station depot at the intersection of Durham & Dekum Streets.

—The previous occupants of today’s Firehouse Restaurant? A Boys Club run by the Salvation Army in the 1950s. In the 1980s, JR French Company, painters and decorators, was located there. And, in the 1990s, it was the residence of a single man active in WNA.

—Breakside Brewery occupies the site of the former Woodlawn Bakery.

—The Vanport Flood occurred on May 30, 1948. It led to many Vanport residents including many African-American shipyard workers and their families—moving into the Woodlawn neighborhood. Fun fact: Some Vanport descendants still live here today.

—The High Water Mark bar on NE Dekum & NE MLK is named for a feature of the Vanport Flood.