Woodlawn Neighborhood Association May 7, 2024


Woodlawn Neighborhood Association May 7, 2024

 Woodlawn Neighborhood Association General Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, May 7, 2024 at 7:00 pm

Please make every effort to join us In Person at Classic Foods: 817 NE Madrona 

 Or join the meeting online via Zoom (now with improved audio): https://zoom.us/j/3014662210?pwd=d3VKbXkzVldqYzNWU2RwVm9OUkZyZz09

Meeting ID: 301 466 2210 , Passcode: WNA

Streamed/recorded on our Youtube channel: youtube.com/@woodlawnneighborhoodassoci5818

Welcome and Vision: “In the future, Woodlawn will be a place where people live harmoniously, respectfully, and in support of one another.  The neighborhood will be a clean and thriving community… All Woodlawn residents will share and pursue the common values of health, efficiency, beauty, equity, and justice.”

7:00 – 7:15 Introductions

  • Ice cream provided by neighborhood ice cream vendor Sweet Curmudgeon
  • Please share name, pronouns, & what brought you to tonight’s meeting
  • Quick share:  “What is a cause or purpose you deeply believe in?”

7:15 – 8:00 General Business

  • Approve April meeting notes
  • Presentation & request for petition volunteers for Participatory Budgeting proposal for Portland by Jim Labbe
  • Collaboration with Concordia and Vernon Neighborhood Associations for a presence at Sunday bikeways at NE 37th & NE Alberta Court. Volunteers needed, June 16th
  • Updates on current projects – as available – Donor fundraising, Venmo, Free yard tree giveaway contract application, Neighborhood cleanup, Dumpster Day, Movie in the Park(ing Lot), Youth Board Member, Neighborhood Socials, Neighborhood Night out, CEI Hub activity  and any others.
  • May meeting will be Leah Benson speaking about rank choice voting for our district representatives
  • Ideas for hearing from District candidates
  • Time for Neighbor open comments

8:00 – 8:20 Board Business

  • Treasurer’s Report – Dennis
  • NECN Report – Anjala
  • Secretary Report – Nancy
  • Outreach and community engagement Report – Linde is at Champion’s meeting
  • Coalition activity – WNA champion Linde
  • Land Use and Transportation Report – Anjala
  • Farmer’s Market Update  – Keith

8:20 – 8:30 Additional agenda items and announcements


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