Woodlawn Jazz Night 2024 a Huge Success!

The Woodlawn Elementary  PTA’s Jazz Night 2024 was held on Friday, March 8, 2024 at the Village Ballroom here in the heart of the Wodlawn neighborhood. The Woodlawn Neighborhood Association […]

Woodlawn Sidewalk Memorial

  The photograph (on the left) of this small memorial to George Floyd was taken in the Woodlawn neighborhood in September 2020, after the pandemic/protest summer. The photograph at the […]

I Spy

…googly eyes on a Woodlawn neighborhood cyclone fence. Don’t you now wonder who put them there and when and even why? And why are they called googly eyes anyway? Here […]

Explore the Offerings of the Vanport Mosaic

The Vanport Mosaic is, according to their website, “a memory-activism platform. We amplify, honor, and preserve the silenced histories that surround us in order to understand our present, and create […]

Hidden Woodlawn for the Curious

On Facebook, there is a very fun group called Hidden Portland for the Curious where you can post photos of quirky, arty, peculiar, surprising, and otherwise unusual things you see […]