CEI Hub Risks Press Conference on April 16, 2024

Join neighborhood associations and other organizations for a press conference where speakers will share more information about the risks posed by the CEI hub in our region. Here are the […]

WNA Weighs In on Proposed TriMet Transit Changes

The Land Use and Transportation Committee of the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association, chaired by Anjala Ehelebe, sent a letter to TriMet about proposed transit changes in NE Portland on January 15, […]

SOLVE: Upcoming Portland Volunteer Opportunities

SOLVE is a local environmental nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and leading community-driven events that directly contribute to the well-being of our environment, such as trash pickup initiatives and invasive […]

Community Gardening Here in Woodlawn

Want to grow your own food, meet your neighbors, and get some exercise at the same time? Then a Portland Community Gardens plot may be just the ticket for you. […]