Woodlawn Jazz Night 2024 a Huge Success!

The Woodlawn Elementary  PTA’s Jazz Night 2024 was held on Friday, March 8, 2024 at the Village Ballroom here in the heart of the Wodlawn neighborhood. The Woodlawn Neighborhood Association […]

New Traffic Cameras In and Near Woodlawn

Heads Up! Speeding is a top contributing factor to deadly crashes across the Portland region. Speed and intersection safety cameras are a proven tool to support safe speeds, reduce dangerous […]

Speed cushions have arrived on NE Ainsworth…

NOTICE: The first week of November saw the speed cushions being installed on NE Ainsworth. These are designed to slow traffic down in residential neighborhoods. Residents interested in learning about […]

Hidden Woodlawn for the Curious

On Facebook, there is a very fun group called Hidden Portland for the Curious where you can post photos of quirky, arty, peculiar, surprising, and otherwise unusual things you see […]

Adopt a Storm Drain!

The rainy season is back and so it is that time to year when the city of Portland is asking neighborhood folks to adopt a storm drain on their block […]