Wednesday, December 2, 2015 – 7:00 – 8:30PM

Draft Agenda
7:00  Introductions
7:10  Approve agenda for tonight & minutes for 11/4 (5 min)
7:15  Police Officer’s Report, if available (10 min)
7:25 Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates (20 min total):

  • Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala
  • Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron & Meg
  • NECN – need to select a new representative, as Luke has stepped down (meetings are 3rd Tues of month, 6:30pm)

7:45 Approve Treasurer’s Report – Luke (5 min)
7:50 New Business:

  • Greater Solid Rock Church’s Holiday Collection Drive – Shannon Olive
  • Update from Woodlawn PTA – Jana
  • Street Tree Report & Workshops – seeking ideas/input and tree team – Maija
  • Woodlawn Farmer’s Market – Holiday Market on Sun, 12/13, 1:30-4:30pm, Village Ballroom on Dekum

8:30 Meeting Adjourn – next WNA meeting – Wed, January 6th

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DRAFT Woodlawn Neighborhood Association Minutes, October 7, 2015, Classic Foods Foyer

Maija opens the meeting at 7:05.  Introductions.  Refreshments and beverages provided by Andrée and Anjala, thanks!

Board Members: Maija Spencer, Andrée Culpepper, Anjala Ehelebe, Luke Groser, Shirley Minor, Lisa Gladstone.  (Amy Ruiz – excused absence).  Members:  Byron Tennant, Ross Danielson, Annie Jackson  Danielson, Jana Olson, Michael Malone, Brenda Hubbard, Autumn Voirol, Beth Heins, Bob Vander Meer (Oregon Public House), Josh Pinkston (Bushwhacker), Dennis Kennedy, Martin Vandepas, Jennifer Schneider, Danya Feltzin (Solterra), Marcus Hecht (Henry V), Cassidy Richey, Avery Lewis, Rick Reynolds, Stefie Wein, Amber Rowland, Dennis Kennedy, Liz Kennedy, Chris Stafford, Jennifer Coughlin, Megan Chambers, Steve Gross (Henry V). Officer Anthony Zoeller and Adam Lyons from NECN

Maija asks for those who read the agenda and minutes from September to make motions for amendment or approval.  Jana motions, and Beth seconds approving the agenda as presented.  Luke moves, and Byron seconds approving the 9/2/15 minutes as published.

Officer’s report – Anthony Zoeller, Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT).  Email is the best way to contact him.  Business Before Breakfast at N. Precinct meeting for business owners will happen October 27, and he invites all business representatives to come to meet with the NERT and patrol officers, get to know each other, and speak about issues. He also has copies of a crime map for the neighborhood that he passes around.  N. Precinct gets the fewest resources based on the calls for service in the past year.  There are 103 police officers in N. Precinct, split between three shifts.   Every day, 3-5 officers work on overtime, every shift.  In 1998, Portland Police started tracking gang violence related-crimes.  This year they are at an all-time high, city-wide.  The Police Chief allocated six more officers to the Gang Enforcement Team.  Gang violence is unpredictable.  Over the weekend, the Gang team did missions in Woodlawn Park, and arrested three young men in possession of guns.  There is also an attrition issue with officers eligible for retirement, 300 to leave in coming years.  It takes 6-9 months for a police applicant to go through the hiring process, then it takes 18 months for an officer to be fully trained to serve the community, once they are hired. Be vocal about what you like and what you don’t like, this helps the Police.  PSU is working on a web-based email survey for the King Neighborhood, asking 12-18 questions about “what do citizens expect” from the Police.

Safety and Livability Team (SALT):  Byron says he’s proud of Woodlawn for turning out, listening, and showing respect for the officer who is being candid about dwindling resources in the face of an advancing problem.  He attended the NECN October SALT meeting that focused on community safety.  The meeting informed attendants that the City commissioners are developing their budgets this fall, and the community could ask for more funds for police staffing. SALT committee issues are many: Food Security, Emergency Preparedness, Foot Patrol, School Liaison, Police Relations, and Business Watch.

Land Use and Transportation Committee (LUTC):  Anjala says at the October WNA meeting, we discussed the need for slower speeds and more safety on Dekum and other Woodlawn streets.  The WNA LUTC met and looked at options.  The “Woodlawn Triangle Master Plan” (available online) was created by city planners and acknowledges the need for more crosswalks on Dekum. Anjala said that a City transportation planner revealed that the city has no money allocated for crosswalks on Dekum.  If we want them, we’d need to raise about $8,000 for each.  In response to a question, the WNA LUTC will research how much a crosswalk like the one at New Seasons on NE 33rd avenue (which is solar powered, with blinking yellow lights) costs.

Anjala asked, does the Association authorize the Woodlawn LUTC to research and pursue getting crosswalks on Dekum?  Yes. Anjala said she also asked the City planner about maybe getting a school crossing on Morgan Street at 15th Avenue.  He said that the school would need to be asked whether they have the ability to provide street crossing people at such a stop.  She also asked the members present if the committee should research this option with the school.

Maija makes a motion that the WNA LUTC research and contact all mentioned, and all vote in favor.

Maija reports that the Woodlawn Street tree inventory was completed and gets a round of applause.  The next step is a Street Tree Summit on Sat, November 7th to hear about the street tree report summary and plan activities for tree workshops, plantings, etc for Woodlawn.

Jana Olsen and Jennifer Coughlin talked about the Woodlawn Halloween celebration plans.The event will occur on Halloween from 3pm – 5pm.   Stober (owner of 18th Avenue Market) said he will donate all the candy to be handed out for the Trunk or Treat in his parking lot.  Every business on Dekum will either give out candy or have an activity or music.  Need crayons, markers, glue sticks donated – box at Bushwhacker’s Cider.  Need a budget for flyers and decorating supplies.  Dekum Doorway will offer pumpkins, but we need to help subsidize them.  Shirley says next year, let’s all grow mini-pumpkins in our yards to contribute to the celebration. Jana requests a budget of $200.  Maija makes a motion to allocate up to $200 for this Trunk or Treat event, Luke seconded it, and all vote in favor.

Maija wants to recognize the efforts of the Board members this year, and she thanks each Board member for their special contributions.  She has the group read outloud a list of 24 accomplishments for the WNA for the past year.  Some in attendance leave at this time.

Annual Elections run by Adam Lyons, NECN:  Head count:  27

Adam describes the four Officer positions: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and the At-large positions.  At-Large members can take on leadership of activities such as SALT, LUTC, Events, Emergency Preparedness, Schools, and Communications.  Described the voting process.  Accepts self- and other nominations for positions.

Chair:  Maija Spencer

Vice Chair / Assistant Treasurer: Martin Vandepas

Secretary / Events Chair: Jana Olsen

Treasurer:  Luke Groser

Officers elected unanimously, there being no rival candidates.

At Large / Land Use:  Anjala Ehelebe

At Large / NECN Board Rep:  Shirley Minor

At Large/Safety & Livability – Meg Chambers

At Large/Communications – Beth Heims

At Large/Safety & Livability – Byron Tennant

At Large/Schools Liaison – Andrée Culpepper

At-Large Slate vote is unanimous, there being no rival candidates.

Updates:  The Woodlawn Farmer’s Market goes through October 31 at its new location in the Woodlawn Triangle.  Dec 13 the Market will have a holiday market at Village Ballroom

Jana wants to start an official Events committee.  Meeting adjourned 8:30 pm


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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 – 7:00 – 8:30PM

Draft Agenda

7:00  Introductions
7:10  Approve agenda for tonight & minutes for 10/7 (5 min)
7:15  Police officer’s report, if available (10 min)
7:25 Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates (10 min total):

  • Land Use & Transportation Committee – Comp Plan final hearing (Byron), share demo letters received (Martin or Byron?), no other updates till Anjala returns.
  • Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron & Meg
  • NECN – Luke & Shirley

7:35 Approve Treasurer’s Report – Luke (5 min)
7:40 Old Business (20 min):

  • Halloween event report – outcome / $$ spent? – Jana / Jennifer / Bob
  • Farmer’s Market – season wrap-up / plans for next year – Martin / Avery

8:00 Plans for Upcoming Year:

  • Event Committee – Jana
  • Safety & Livability work in Woodlawn – Byron & Meg

8:30  Meeting Adjourn

Wed, December 2nd, 7pm – next WNA meeting

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Wednesday, April 1
7 – 8:30 pm
Classic Foods, 817 NE Madrona


7:00 — Introductions

7:05 — Approve agenda for tonight & minutes for 3/4 (5 min)

7:10 — Police officer’s report, if available (10 min)

7:20 — VOTE ON BYLAW AMENDMENTS (as discussed at 3/4 meeting) (5 min)

7:25 — Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates (20 min total):

  • Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala
  • Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron
  • NECN – Luke & Shirley

7:45 — Approve Treasurer’s Report – Luke (5 min)

7:50 — New Business (20 min):

  • Clean Up – Sat, May 23, 9am-2pm, Henry V, 6360 NE MLK
  • Woodlawn Street Tree Inventory – training for team leaders 6/10 & 6/13, inventory days 6/26, 7/11 & 8/29 (8:30-noon) – we need 6 more team leaders!
  • Summer Events – Fundraising for Movie in the Park (July 9th)

8:10 — Neighborhood Announcements – (5 min each)

  • Jana Olsen – Easter Egg Hunt, Sat, April 5th, 11am Woodlawn Park
  • Avery Lewis – Farmer’s Market update
  • Stober Davis III – 18th & Dekum Market – sharing about block party / grand opening
  • Emily Anderson (with P’s & Q’s), planning new business in Triangle

8:30 — Meeting Adjourn

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Woodlawn Neighborhood Association

Draft Minutes

March 4, 2015

Introductions:  Board members Luke Groser, Anjala Ehelebe, Maija Spencer, Lisa Gladstone, Andrée Culpepper, Amy Ruiz, and Shirley Minor,

Members:  Beth Heins, Patricia Christiansen, Phyllis Moore, Tania Manners, Megan Chambers, Jana Olsen, Byron Tennant, Sarah Bott, Julia Margulies, David Brecha, Summer Abbott, Anthony Irwin, Shannon Fitz-Maurice, Poramek Dengsot, Avery Lewis (works at Woodlawn movement and healing arts),Theresa Braunstein, Michelle Vincig, Martin Vandepas, Ross Danielson, Maury McCullough, Natalie Dulka, and Laurie ? (didn’t sign in)

Special guests: Steve Gross (Henry V), Officer Anthony Zoeller

Agenda:  Draft agenda amended to add Bushwhacker liquor license issue to LUTC report: Maija motioned approving, Amy seconds, all in favor of adopting amended agenda.  Unanimous support.

Minutes: Draft February WNA minutes were posted and emailed.  Approval of the posted draft minutes as written was moved by Luke, seconded by Janna and approved unanimously.

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) Updates

Land Use & Transportation (LUTC): Anjala reports that the NECN LUTC is officially Commenting on draft transportation and comprehensive plans, studying Mixed Use design codes.  Two NECN LUTC members reviewed the PDC plan report and think it is substance-less.  The WNA LUTC is working on various issues about hazardous train cargoes and will connect with a Washington group with similar concerns.  Andrée asks if there is a map that shows what the blast radius would be if a hazardous cargo exploded.  Anthony Irwin says yes, we’ll get it to you.   Maija wants to set up a meeting with the WNA and the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) to discuss emergency planning. Byron make a motion for him to contact PBEM, Luke seconds, all in favor. 

Bushwhacker Cider is requesting a Liquor License amendment for additional privileges. They want to be able to serve some liquor such as Calvados and make cider-related cocktails.  After discussion, Anjala makes the motion, Jana seconded, and all members were in favor, with no opposition, Phyllis abstains.

Safety & Livability Team (SALT): Byron, our SALT liaison talked about the current proposal by Pembina who has applied for an environmental zoning amendment to allow ship train loads of propane for shipping out of Portland’s Terminal 6, and gave us a handout: “Propane in Portland: Putting our Environment, Communities and Jobs at Risk”.  The hearing date for Pembina has been moved to April 7th – testimony will be allowed & written comments can be submitted by that date topsc@portlandoregon.gov.  More info here: http://audubonportland.org/issues/hazards/climate/propaneComments on the City of Portland’s 2035 Comprehensive Plan are due Friday, March 13th.   He says that neighbors want to see a 13th Avenue Greenway going south from Lombard, but in the Comp Plan it is not scheduled to be built until 10-20 years from now and neighbors want it to be prioritized and built earlier as a priority. He passed out another handout “Woodlawn Neighbors and School Community” that gave info on items to comment on the Comp Plan, including the proposed double-tracking of the Kenton railroad line.

NECN: Luke, one of our two Woodlawn representatives on the NECN Board, gave us updates on NECN staffing, announcing the hiring of a new Executive Director, Damon Isaiah Turner.

Officer’s Report: Neighborhood Response Team (NRT) Officer Anthony Zoeller said there were several gang-related shootings in one week in February in Woodlawn.  About a week later, the Gang Enforcement Team (GET) took two juveniles into custody for gun violence.  Just today there was a mid-day gang shooting in N. Portland off N. Willis which is disconcerting.  The police are beefing up the Gang Violence teams.  There have been postings on Facebook saying that gang members are actively trying to lure officers in to situations to ambush shoot them. There are different types of gang structures and differences due to ethnicity, says Zoeller, the details are crucial.  The GET knows a lot of these details and the relationships.

An attendee asked if we should be concerned since the last shootings were near Woodlawn Park, should we avoid the park?  Zoeller says shootings are random, it depends on who the intended target is, and there are opportunistic firings.  Woodlawn Park Bloods is the name of one gang set.  That does not make the park any more likely the site of a gang shooting.  If you do see something suspicious, you can always call to report it (503-823-3333 for non-emergency calls).

Bikes are being stolen in record numbers, and police are creating a bike task force.   PLEASE make a police report in addition to online sites like  http://bikeportland.org/biketheft andhttps://stolen.bikeindex.org/.  Andrée says take a photo of your bike, document the serial number, and register it.  Zoeller says be very specific about special equipment on your bike in the report, as it helps identify it.  They have been able to recover stolen bikes being sold on craiglist this way.

Treasurer’s Report: Luke says we have $242 left for the fiscal year, in addition to $925 on communications.  Coalition for A Livable Future annual membership for the Association of $100 is due.   He filed our 990-N form with the IRS. Anjala makes the motion to pay the dues, Lisa seconds, unanimous support.  Maija moves to accept treasurer’ s report Amy seconds, all in favor.

New Business

  • Neighborhood cleanup (Sat, May 23rd) – Anjala says the session to train Neighborhood cleanup coordinators  will be March 10th at NECN.  
  • Movies in the Park - Amy says the application was sent in for a movie in the park with top three choices chosen by polling.  Now we’re waiting to hear from Portland Parks which we’ll get.  She will send out summer fundraising letters to local businesses this weekend. 
  • Sunday Parkways will again be coming through Woodlawn and our Park on Sunday, July 26th.
  • Easter Egg Hunt: Shall we have the Easter Egg Hunt again?  Absolutely says Shirley!  Jana Olson says she would be glad to coordinate this. Previous organizers (Maija & Fayeanna) can help provide info. Maija makes the motion to have the Easter Egg Hunt event with a budget of $300 for the hunt, seconded by Lisa and approved unanimously.  

Bylaws amendments:  Maija, Anjala, Luke drafted some proposed changes to the Bylaws to make the election process work better and some general housekeeping for clarity.  We will post them on our various online outlets and take a vote next month at the general membership meeting.

Announcements: Ross says that Terrels Texas BBQ (in 18th & Dekum Market) has some great bbq.  He says folks should support the revised 18th and Dekum Market.  He passes out handouts about an event at AJs coffee with Latin Music.  Avery says there’s a meeting immediately after this meeting in this room about planning the farmer’s market.

Adjourn at 8:32

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At the April 1 Woodlawn Neighborhood Association meeting, the board will consider the attached bylaw amendments, which were also discussed at the March 4 meeting.

February 2015 Draft Amended WNA Bylaws (PDF)

Proposed amendments:



CURRENT The Board shall determine the exact numbers of Board positions annually at the meeting prior to the annual meeting.

  • PROPOSED AMENDMENT: Remove the above sentence and replace it with ”The Board will consist of the four officers and up to 8 at-large members.”




CURRENT: The Board may fill any vacancy on the Board by majority vote of the Board. A member appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve the remainder of the unexpired term and until his or her successor is elected or appointed.

  • PROPOSED AMENDMENT: Remove the words “and until his or her successor is elected or appointed.”



CURRENT: Board members shall be elected annually by a vote of the membership at the annual meeting in October. The names of all candidates for the Board shall be self-nominated or submitted by any member of the Association. Election requires a majority vote of the membership present. The Board shall establish an elections process prior to the meeting at which elections take place.

  • PROPOSED AMENDMENT: Edit the above to read: “Board members are elected by the membership at the annual meeting in October. The names of all candidates for the Board shall be self-nominated or submitted by any member of the Association. The Board will decide upon an election process at the meeting prior to the annual meeting. This process for nominating and electing candidates will be publicized as far in advance of the annual meeting as is practical.”


CURRENT: Board members failing to attend three consecutive Board meetings without prior notice may be removed from the Board by a vote of the membership.

  • PROPOSED AMENDMENT: Edit the above to read: “Board members failing to attend three consecutive Board meetings without prior notice may be removed from the Board by a majority vote of the membership.”


CURRENT: Board members shall, during the annual meeting, by majority vote of the Board members present, elect a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. In becoming elected as Officers, these individuals also become members of the Board. The remaining Board members shall be members-at-large.

  • PROPOSED AMENDMENT: Edit above as follows: By majority vote during the annual meeting, members shall first elect the officers: a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Then members will elect Board members at-large.


CURRENT: Chair: The Chair shall preside at all Board meetings and all membership meetings and shall perform such duties as the Board and the membership from time to time authorizes. The Chair shall represent the position of the Board and the interests of the Association.

  • PROPOSED AMENDMENT: Add the following sentence: “The Chair shall only vote to break a tie.”


CURRENT: Special Board Meetings: Special meetings of the Board may be called by the Chairperson or by any three Board members as deemed necessary.

  • PROPOSED AMENDMENT: Add this text: “Seven day’s notice is required for Special meetings.”



CURRENT: The Board of Directors may establish committees as it deems necessary and desirable. Such committees may exercise the authority of the Board of Directors or may be advisory committees. All committees must have at least one Board member on them.

  • PROPOSED AMENDMENT: Edit above as follows: Add “with the permission of the Board” after “Such committees may exercise the authority of the Board of Directors or may be advisory committees.”



CURRENT: If a quorum is present, action is taken by a majority vote of Directors present.

PROPOSED AMENDMENT: Edit Section 3 as follows: Replace entire sentence with: “Action is taken by a majority vote.” The intent is to have two or more Directors on any committee that exercises any Board of Directors authority, but they are not the only voters that count. Committee votes are to be decided by a majority of members on that committee. That is why we’re removing the reference to a quorum and the reference to Directors.





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Woodlawn Neighborhood Association February Meeting

Wednesday, February 4
7 – 8:30 pm
Classic Foods, 817 NE Madrona


7:00 — Introductions

7:05 — Approve agenda for tonight & minutes for 1/7 (5 min)

7:10 — Police officer’s report, if available (10 min)

7:20 — Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates:

• Land Use & Transportation – Anjala

— Guest Speaker: Micah Meskel, Portland Audubon: Update on Pembina propane facility proposed at Terminal 6
— Proposed Board Action: Send letter re: Pembina to Planning & Sustainability Commission

• NECN Board – Luke & Shirley
• Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron

7:50 — Approve Treasurer’s Report – Luke (5 min)

7:55 — New Business:

• Events & Work Plan for 2015:

— Clean-up Committee for 2015 – Update
— DISCUSSION: What other events or plans do we have for 2015? Bring your ideas! Easter Egg Hunt, Movie in the Park, National Night Out, Tree Inventory, other ideas? What do we want to accomplish? Who wants to lead?

• Avery Lewis will attend to speak about a potential farmer’s market

• Woodlawn Realtor Introduction – Eric McCormack

• Bylaws Update – proposal from Anjala, Luke, & Maija – discuss

8:25 — Announcements – Upcoming Meetings, anything else?

8:30 — Meeting Adjourn

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Draft minutes Woodlawn Neighborhood Association January 7, 2015

Maija Spencer, Lisa Gladstone, Amy Ruiz, Luke Groser, Shirley Minor, Andrée Culpepper, Anjala Ehelebe, Board Members.  Byron Tennant, Rick Reynolds, Ursula Irwin,  Kelly Allen, Officer Jimmy Pryce, Suzy Webber, Huetis Hadley, Patricia Christiansen, Alexa Maro, Dominique Milland, Lluvia Merello, Christy Hudson, neighbors. [Thanks Andrée for bringing in the yummy munchies!]


Amy recommends amending the agenda to replace the name Lisa with Anjala where the topic is bylaws: Luke moved amending and approving the agenda, Amy seconds, unanimous approval.

Minutes of prior Board meeting moved by Luke for approval, Amy seconded, minutes approved unanimously.

Officer’s report:  Question:  Unsavory activity, what to do, officer Pryce says report by either calling emergency or non-emergency.

Patt Opdyke, re North Star Village, an aging in place organization.  She’s a former community organizer.  North Star incorporates the Woodlawn area.  She is building a website about this proposed activity.

  • They want to see older people staying in their own homes, living in safety in their familiar neighborhoods, with volunteer handyman and gardener and so forth, in comfort, for as long as you want to stay there.
  • She grew up in a small town where everyone looked after the elders, this is trying to recapture that situation in the large city
  • “Thrive at home with peace of mind”
  • Once it is up and running, there will be a cadre of volunteers (some who will also be members of the village, some not) who could: do chores, gardening, take to doctor’s offices (and take notes so you can remember), take you shopping, take one to the theater,   (Ride connection ends services at 4 pm, every day!)
  • The top Village services requested are transportation, help with computer and technology.
  • Village staff cannot do health care services, hand out pills, so forth.  Could call village members and remind to take pills.
  • Will work with home care agencies and attempt to negotiate reduced fees and reduced minimum required service hours.
  • They also have “vetted vendors” roofers, electricians, plumbers, that they have done background checks on ALL their employees.
  • “Isolation inoculators” cultural activities, get togethers, quilter’s club  Members will inform the staff of the activities they want, and staff tries to set it up.
  • It takes 3-4 years to launch a village.  They need founders to create the visions, policies, programs, services and so forth.

Attend a get informed meeting at Patt’s house, but space is limited.  contact her at 503 978-0540  also email northstarvillage@comcast.net   next meetings Saturday Jan 10 2-4 pm, or Sunday Jan 25, 3-5 pm

There is a national organization Village to Village to help get things started. Download documents, policies, etc. so you don’t have to build a Village from scratch.

They are part of VillagesNW Network, a 501 (c)3  non-profit based in the Portsmouth neighborhood. They plan to include all the NECN neighborhoods, plus St. Johns, Hayden Island, E. Columbia, and want to pick up Sauvie’s Island, Linnton and as well as the inner NE neighborhoods.

Bylaws update proposal:  Anjala says at the last annual meeting we set the number of Board members at seven, following procedures set forth in our bylaws.  We chose seven mainly because with seven, it takes only four Board members to be present to have a quorum.  A quorum is necessary to pass official decisions.

In prior years where interest in Woodlawn Neighborhood Association activities was low, we have had difficulty filling Board positions and also in having enough Board members show up to have a quorum and conduct business.

For the majority of the year, we meet once a month and it should be an easy thing for a Board member to attend every meeting.  If a Board member is also on a committee (say, Land Use and Transportation), they could have two or even three meetings to attend a month (but usually only two).

This year we had more candidates for Board positions than positions open.   We also have more committees active, and it is necessary to have at least one Board member on every committee**. Given the current bylaws*, however, we can only increase the number of Board members once a year, at the annual meeting in October.


  1. Amend the bylaws to reset the number of Board members twice a year.
  2. Amend the bylaws to have Board elections twice a year.
  3. Amend the bylaws to have the Annual meeting in May (aligns with the election schedules of many other NE Coalition associations), not October, giving us a chance to add more Board members fairly soon.
  4. Any combination of the above

Brief discussion of this, agreement to draft a solution and present it at the next meeting in February.  Maija, Luke and Anjala will work between meetings to draft bylaws changes.

LUTC report

Anjala, the Land Use and Transportation Chair, presents a draft letter from WNA to the city planning bureau listing our concerns.  Discussion.  Amendments proposed.

Lluvia Morello motions sending the comprehensive plan letter as amended (remove Rhonda and Mikel reference, explain who Garlynn is) to the City of Portland Planning Bureau, Luke seconds, unanimous approval.  *Final letter at end of these draft minutes

NECN report

Luke says that three staff left NECN in December.  As Personnel committee chair, he did exit interviews with them.  They all moved on to better jobs that paid a lot more, and these changes don’t mean that NECN is a bad place to work.  In the next month, NECN will look at a consultant’s report, and redesign NECN if necessary.  Then a new Executive Director will be hired who will in turn hire their staff according to the redesign.  Meantime, the NECN office staff is available only by appointment.

SALT (Safety and Livability Team) report

Byron says the coal train issue had been promoted as a way to boost the economy, [jobs at a coal terminal] but many people feel the environmental adverse impacts from transporting coal by barge or train and then burning coal for energy are an even huger problem.

January 26, 6:30, at NECN, the SALT committee has asked the city Noise Control officer to give a presentation on general noise issues.  Trains, planes, neighbors, alarms, construction noise.  All are welcome to attend and comment.

It’s really on us, the Neighborhood associations, to carry the weight of testifying about environmental issues.

Treasurer’s report

Luke said he got an invoice from Bloody Monster for our website hosting $140;  Amy said give her a chance to research a cheaper option. Rick says he uses a local company called Canvas dreams, that also might be cheaper. Andrée makes the motion to have Rick, Amy and Luke form an ad hoc committee to research AND decide on a web hosting company.  Anjala seconds the motion, motion passes unanimously.  Lisa motions accepting the treasurer’s report, Anjala seconds, all in favor unanimously.  

Friends of Trees presentation by Christy.  Christy Hudson and Wren Shiffler are the co-coordinators of this year’s planting.  60 trees ordered already, deadline for ordering is Monday, January 12.  Planting is Saturday, January 31st.  NEEDS VOLUNTEER PLANTERS, needs TRUCKS and CROCKPOTS OF FOOD.  Meet at Holy Redeemers, 8:45.  Breakfast and lunch provided to volunteer planters or plant-ees.  Questions:  Answers:  Friends of Trees takes care of getting the planting permit, and reviews chosen trees for proper place and type.

Small Grants

Lluvia has an idea involving the Woodlawn School PTA fundraiser “It takes a community” silent auction  as an opportunity for applying for a NECN small grant.  Explains the situation:  the PTA is cash poor and cannot support the fundraiser as it has in the past.  The possible grant could support the events and activities that attract people to the silent auction.  Discussion:  Maija makes the motion to support and partner with this grant request, Anjala seconds the motion, and the motion passes unanimously.  Anjala mentions calming traffic through art and surprise, her  transportation project, as a possible grant also.

Andrée asks if Friends of Trees can work in conjunction with Woodlawn School to put more trees on its playground.  Lluvia says it might fly by Portland Public Schools, worth a try.

Urban Forestry Tree inventory.  Do we want to apply?  The straw poll of all in attendance showed that people support making this application so Maija will submit it.

New announcements: Huetis says he and neighbor folks are getting solicited by phone, in person realtors and post cards to sell their houses.

Meeting adjourned at 8:38

*January 8, 2015

City of Portland Bureau of Planning

Comprehensive Plan Comments


We of the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association voted on January 7, 2015 to approve this letter containing our concerns about proposed projects in the draft Comprehensive Plan.


• We are against turning green spaces in the Riverside and Broadmoor golf courses into industrial areas.

• Concerns about N. and NE Portland’s already compromised air quality (due to the freeway, existing industry, the auto racetrack and airport) being further compromised by creating more industrial zones in N. and NE Portland.  They would definitely increase the number of heavy trucks through the neighborhood.

• Concerns and about not converting valuable green spaces into industrial areas.

• Also, Woodlawn is greatly against changing the zoning of the current nature reserve and salmon hatchery West Hayden Island to allow an industrial port facility.

• Plans for creating industrial areas along Lombard and Columbia go against the need to develop affordable housing.


• Deep concerns about the many volatile items being shipped on trains through our neighborhoods and the very real potential for explosions or environmental catastrophe. There are large ethanol and alcohol tanks near 33th Ave. and over a dozen propane tanks at Amerigas, all along the train tracks.

• Shipping oil, gas, ammonia, coal, or flammable liquids by train carries risk.  The Comprehensive Plan proposes adding another track.  (Kenton Rail Line project).  This additional track could increase shipping of these volatile and explosive cargos at higher speeds.

• We have grade schools and residences extremely close to the tracks.  Our neighborhood center, the Triangle, is well within the blast radius if an explosive derailment happened at 11th and Lombard.

• We have been informed that a natural gas pipeline is in the road next to the tracks. Portland officials have said they have no plan in place for dealing with an explosive derailment.

Transportation: A proposed plan for a bridge over the train tracks near 11th or 13th would need closer examination.  This bridge could be a good thing, allowing emergency vehicles to cross from south to north without having to detour to MLK when a train is on the tracks.

Institutional Campus Zones: We have concerns about this proposed new zoning as to how it could increase the ability of a school to expand into residential areas and its effects on parking.

We like the “Concordia Flats” idea proposed by Garlynn Woodsong, co-chair of the NECN Land Use and Transportation Committee.

We have concerns about maintaining housing affordability with infill.  The typical infill being built is out of scale and not affordable by those with median incomes.

Our Woodlawn Historic Design area overlay is mainly ignored when folks want to build, and we run the risk of losing historic Queen Annes to “blah” townhouses, as in Eliot.

Submitted by Anjala Ehelebe, Chair, Woodlawn LUTC

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Minutes Woodlawn Neighborhood Association

December 3, 2014  Held at Classic Foods. Minutes approved January 7, 2015.

Called to order by Chair Maija Spencer at 7:02.

INTRODUCTIONS: Board Members: Maija Spencer, Lisa Gladstone, Luke Groser, Anjala Ehelebe, Shirley Minor, Andrée Culpepper, Amy Ruiz.  Attendees: Bryan Nesmith,Mary Evans (Woodlawn School family engagement specialist)  Myra Lovell, Wayne Reitz, Rhonda Sabala, Ursula Irwin, Ross Danielson, John vanLeeuwen, Carlo Castoro (interested in neighborhood cleanup), Kelly vanLeeuwen, Byron Tennant, Elizabeth Specht (Urban Forestry), Philip Stenstrom (Noise Program manager from Port of Portland), Kelly Sweeney (NE Portland representative member on Port Citizen Noise Advisory Committee), Jerry Gerspach (Port Noise Analyst), and Anthony Zoeller (Neighborhood Response Team (NRT) officer (anthony.zoeller@portlandoregon.gov).

AGENDA FOR TONIGHT & OCT/NOV MINUTES:  Amy motioned approving the agenda, Lisa seconded, agenda passed as written.

Luke made a motion to approve both sets of October draft minutes and the November draft minutes.  Maija requested an explanation of who Garlynn is and what his proposal is about in the October 1 minutes.  Luke accepted the amendment of his motion, Amy seconded the amended motion and the motion passed unanimously.

OFFICER ZOELLER’S REPORT:  During the holiday season there are more problems with mail theft, package theft.  We are a good neighborhood for reporting suspicious activities, so continue to be looking around and reporting suspicious activity.  Car prowls continue as usual.  When Christmas shopping, don’t buy things, put them in car, then go do other things.  Thieves are watching the parking lot for just this event and  break in and steal presents when you leave the car.  Question: Shoes on telephone lines, do they come down on their own?  yes, eventually, it is urban legend that such shoes are marking drug sales areas.  High foot or vehicle traffic at a residence and/or poor house maintenance are better clues to probable drug houses.

Question about motorcycle racing up and down Holman St., what to do?  call 911 or non-emergency.  If you know who is doing it, the officer can talk to the doer.  Only if the officer sees the racer in action can they cite the racer.

PORT NOISE MANAGEMENT: Special guest speaker, Jerry Gerspach, one of three noise analysts at Port of Portland.  They are employees of the Port and have no special powers turn off noise, but they work to develop arrival and departure procedures to quiet noise. They also help educate the public as to what is causing the noise and how to identify planes flying at inappropriate heights.

1.  The Port uses an Integrated Noise Modeling program developed by FAA and it spits out a Noise Exposure map when you feed in data about flights, land use.  The “65 Day and Night Level (DNL) Noise Contour” is a metric created by this program that averages all the noise over a 24 hour period and also over 365 days.  (This contour line looks like a limp red rubber band drawn around an area on the map of Portland near the airport.  Area within that band is in the “65 Contour”.)  Kelly says that no housing development is allowed in the “65”, according to Portland building codes, because this is where aircraft noise is loudest.

The Port assembles a very diverse committee that hashes out noise problems, on average, over a-two year period.  Recommendations to quiet noise are sent to the FAA and the FAA is asked if the recommendations can be done.  If yes, the Port works to implement them.

2.  They try to do is keep the heavy jet departures over the river as long as they can.  While heavy jets use the river flight paths during plane rush hours, the smaller parcel packing and private planes can’t go over the river. These planes end up going over Woodlawn and other neighborhoods, using secondary runways to take off into the wind.

3. Lists outreach to community as one of their many duties.  Training air traffic controllers in how to lessen noise impacts by routing planes appropriately is another.

4. Shows aircraft traffic flow map; in summertime the planes take off to the west because of off-shore winds, this reverses in the winter with Gorge winds from the East.  In the summertime, the Woodlawn area gets a lot of overflights taking off. These are usually commuter planes with turboprops and cargo feeders going to regional airports taking off in the morning.  If complainers call with a name, phone number and email, the complaint will be logged and they will get a response.

5.  There are several law enforcement agencies with small planes that circle neighborhoods for hours at a time.  ALL planes must be at 1000 feet above the neighborhoods if not taking off or landing.

6.  Ursula asks if engine tests go on at night because she hears roars.  Sometimes.  There is a structure where planes go to test engines.  A plane has to be over 12,000 lbs to use the structure (the run up facility).  Smaller planes run up their engines on the runway.

7.  Rhonda asks if there’s a way to know in advance when the National Guard planes take off?  Yes, between 8-9 am they are taking off for training, then again between 12-1.  Once a month they do night flight training taking off at 5 pm.



SALT: Byron says the SALT (Safety And Livability Team) is also interested in noise issues.  He would like to see more input coming from Woodlawn on the Portland Comprehensive Plan.  He mentioned that NECN’s Land Use webpage (http://necoalition.org/issues/community-committees/land-use-and-transportation-committee/ ) has a summary of land use comments received, and he supports the comments from Micah Meskel (NECN Board member)’s testimony regarding industrial areas posted here:  http://necoalition.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Micah-Meskel_Industrial-Zoned-Lands-Testimony-11-4-14.pdf

LAND USE & TRANSPORTATION (LUTC):  The NECN LUTC is working on drafting comments about various Comprehensive Plan issues as brought to them by participating neighborhoods, putting it into a letter that will be amended/approved by the NECN Board in January, then sent to the City Planning department.

The public comment period for the Comprehensive Plan has been extended to March 13, 2015. The public can go online to view the Comprehensive Plan map app:http://www.portlandmaps.com/bps/cpmapp2/

Clicking on the map lets you see which areas in Portland are proposed for which changes in the next 20 years. IT IS IMPORTANT TO TAKE THE TIME TO CHECK THE PLAN AND MAP OUT AND COMMENT. More info on the Plan and the process here: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/57352

The NECN LUTC (Land Use and Transportation Committee) had a meeting focused on summarizing neighborhood comments on the Comprehensive plan.  Woodlawn LUTC members gave the following comments:

Environmental:  We are against turning green spaces in the Riverside and Broadmoor golf courses into industrial areas; these concerns link with the N Portland neighborhood air quality comments and Mikel’s testimony about not converting green spaces into industrial areas.  Also against turning current nature reserve and salmon hatchery West Hayden Island into an industrial port facility.  Plans for creating industrial areas along Lombard and Columbia go against the need to develop affordable housing, and also could increase the pollution in North and NE Portland.  They would definitely increase the number of heavy trucks through the neighborhood.

Safety:  Deep concerns about the volatile items being shipped on trains through our neighborhoods and the potential for explosions or environmental catastrophe.  Rhonda says there are Ethanol and alcohol tanks on 30th Ave. and propane tanks at Amerigas, all are along the train tracks.  Shipping oil, gas, ammonia, coal, or flammable liquids by train carries risk.  The Comprehensive Plan proposes adding another track.  (Kenton Rail Line project).  This additional track could increase shipping of volatiles and at higher speeds.  We have grade schools and residences extremely close to the tracks.  Our neighborhood center, the Triangle, is well within the blast radius if an explosive derailment happened at 11th and Lombard.

Transportation: A proposed plan for a bridge over the train tracks near 11th or 13th would need closer examination.  This bridge could be a good thing, allowing emergency vehicles to cross from south to north without having to detour to MLK when a train is on the tracks.

Institutional Campus Zones: We have concerns about this proposed new zoning as to how it could increase the ability of a school to expand into residential areas and its effects on parking.

We like the “Concordia Flats” idea proposed by Garlynn Woodsong, and we have concerns about maintaining affordability with infill.  Our Woodlawn Historic Design area overlay is mainly ignored when folks want to build, and we run the risk of losing historic Queen Annes to “blah” townhouses, as in Eliot.

NECN BOARD: Luke and Shirley, our NECN Liaisons report:  The Executive Director of NECN resigned in July, a current staffer is the interim director.  Plan is to begin a Director recruitment starting in January.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Spent $20 on food last month.  Amy moves, Lisa seconds approving Treasurer’s report.

COMMUNICATIONS PLAN:  Approve 2015 Communications Funds Proposal (a budget for the funds) that will allow NECN to give us $1000.  Luke explained it, then made the motion to support the proposal.  Amy seconded it, motion passes unanimously.

CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE FOR 2015:  Passed around a sign-up sheet.  Will try to set up a meeting in January with past coordinator and begin planning, including setting a date. Several people supported having the clean-up on a non-holiday weekend (previously has been held on Memorial Day weekend).

WOODLAWN SCHOOL UPDATE: Maija gives an introduction to Mary Evans, Family Coordinator, to talk about the three year grant to improve Woodlawn School.  School was reconstructed over the summer, including earthquake retrofitting.  Sign up for a tour of the school given by a parent by calling the front office (503-916-6282).  Contact Mary (mevans2@pps.net) if you want to get more involved.  Example:  Connect kids with the community by hanging their art in your office.  Next Tuesday there will be a great holiday party organized by the Woodlawn PTA.  Sign up for volunteer opportunities at Woodlawn by contacting Mary and creating an account at www.volunteerspot.com

URBAN FORESTRY STREET TREE INVENTORY Maija introduced Elizabeth Specht with Urban Forestry, and she described the street tree inventory.  Starting in January, volunteers would receive training in tree identification. Then, they would go out into neighborhoods four Saturdays in the summer to gather tree data and put it in GIS.  We need someone to take the lead for the neighborhood, and we need to apply by Jan 15th if we want to do the inventory in our neighborhood.  Contact a board member if you want to be involved in this.  Do we have any Heritage Trees in our neighborhood?  Not known yet.  More info here: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/article/433150

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Small Grants for neighborhood projects will be available from NECN – ApplicationsAvailable 01/05/15 & Due 02/09/15.Need volunteers for the December 6th Christmas Bazaar at 18th avenue market. Contact Stober Davis if you can help with set up or take down.

Luke requests authorization from the board to give out “You’ve got pretty holiday decorations” flyers as he has done the prior two years.  Anjala motioned in favor, Amy seconded, all in favor unanimously.

Maija adjourned the meeting at 8:35.  Next WNA meeting: Wed, Jan 7th – 7pm-8:30pm.  Topics to include: North Star Village (aging in place), Friends of Trees.

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Draft Minutes from October 15, 2014, Annual Election.

At Classic Foods, starting at 7:00 p.m, the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association Annual Election was held, facilitated by staffer Fran Ayarabil from the NE Coalition of Neighborhoods. These draft minutes were taken by Amy Ruiz and edited by Anjala Ehelebe.

In attendance: Lisa Gladstone, Shirley Minor, Eric Frome, Byron Tennant, Phillip Johnson, Don Hill, Maija Spencer, Chris Marquand, Laurel Cronin, Dillon Brady, Amy Ruiz, Luke Groser, Lluvia Merello, Anjala Ehelebe, Andree Culpepper, Gregg Lavender, Regis Victor, Stober, Taylor Davis

Nominations from the floor for Board members (7 positions available, four of them officer positions Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, plus three at-large Board members):

  • Anjala Ehelebe (current vice-Chair)
  • Luke Groser (current Treasurer)
  • Lisa Gladstone (current Chair)
  • Shirley Minor (current at-large Board member)
  • Maija Spencer
  • Dillon Brady (later crossed off)
  • Patrick Leue (removed himself from consideration)
  • Andrée Culpepper
  • Amy Ruiz

Dillon moved to approve the slate, [it's not recorded who seconded]. Motion was approved with no dissenting votes.

Anjala nominated Maija as chair, herself as secretary, Luke as treasurer, and Andrée as vice-chair and all nominees were agreeable to those positions.

After a break to hear from Stober Davis regarding his new management of the 18th and Dekum Market/Nutmeg Caribbean Restaurant and his plans for the store/restaurant, those present voted to approve the slate of officers: Shirley, Lisa, Anjala, Luke, Maija, Andrée and Amy were all affirmed. Amy agreed to be our Communications Chair.

After pausing to enjoy refreshments, some of which was contributed by Board members, Ps and Qs Market, and other foods from Nutmeg Caribbean, attendees reassembled to exchange tales of what Woodlawn was like in recent history. Meeting adjourned around 8:30 pm.

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