Wed, June 1, 2016 – 7:00 – 8:30PM

7:00  Introductions

7:05  Approve agenda for tonight; approve minutes from May (5 min)

7:10  Police Officer’s Report, if available (10 min)

7:20  Affordable Housing, Jes Larson (20 min)

  • Welcome Home Coalition will be sharing information on their Affordable Housing Ballot Measure Campaign, which aims to address the housing crisis by building thousands of homes.

7:40 Lot Partition – south of 6204 NE 8th – Bluestone Homes (15 min)

7:55 Events Updates (10 min)

  • Clean-Up Report
  • Farmer’s Market & Dekum/Durham intersection painting
  • Summer Events Fundraising
  • National Night Out Planning

8:05 Approve Treasurer’s Report, Farmer’s Market Financials – Luke & Martin (10 min)

8:15 Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates:

  • Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala & Dennis
  • Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron & Meg
  • NECN Board- Shirley

8:30 Meeting Adjourn – next meeting – July 6th

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Wed, May 6, 2015 – 7:00 – 8:30PM
7:00  Introductions: Maija Spencer, Beth Heins, Martin VandePass, Byron Tennant, Meg Chambers, Dennis Kennedy, Luke Groser, Shirley Minor

Not present: Andree Culpepper, Anjala Ehlebe

Community: Liz Kennedy, Steve Gross, Anna Johnson, Janet Blary? – Woodlawn Park condos chair, Frank Thomas, John, Deborah Hughes, Rhonda Sabala – nbhd emergency team, Misty Doornek, Michael Anderson, Erin Cooper, Tom Anderson, Carlo Castoro , Francisco Gadea, some others who arrived later


7:05  Approvals: Approve agenda for tonight (move to approve: Byron; second: Dennis; all approve); approve last month’s minutes (move to approve: Dennis; second: Byron; all approve)


7:10  Police Officer’s Report

Anthony Zoeller; also officers Sherwood and Hughes – afternoon shift first responders on the gang mediation team. First, do we have anything to discuss that is non-gang related?


=== Traffic commentary ===

Audience member: We have noticed cars cruising the neighborhood – people cutting through on Dean and 6th & 9th, the resident has been watching and seeing the same cars & increased activity. Q: Who should we call? Answer: if it’s reckless driving call 911 & give description of car, number of occupants, description of occupants, license plate. Also you can give that information directly to Officer Zoeller and he’ll look into it. She’s noticed they are missing plates too. It’s often dark and hard to gather that information.

Maija: land use is trying to get more crosswalks around Dekum.. is there anything we can do to get speed enforcement? Officer Zoeller – the association can submit a request to the traffic unit. FYI that often tends to catch more neighborhood residents than outsiders… so not everyone may be happy if we ask to have the traffic unit come out.

Community member lives near Rosa Parks & Grand and has noticed that drivers going west on Rosa Parks toward Grand tend to blow through the stop sign there, perhaps in a rush to get to the light – any advice? Officer Zoeller says: Report to PBOT/Portland Bureau of Transportation. It’s a complaint-driven system so keep reporting occurrences and they will prioritize based on the number of complaints. They plan things out a year or more in advance so keep the reports coming. Worth noting that the orientation of the stop signs has changed so people truly may not be noticing them.

Erin reports: they have also been having a similar stop sign-running issue at Bryant & 6th so they called and complained so much that they triggered an observation of the system (an official count of rolling stops and blow-throughs), but PBOT are so backed up it’ll be 4-5 months before someone can come.


=== Gang enforcement/recent shootings commentary ===

Officers Mike Sherwood & David Hughes – gang enforcment team

Last May there were 25 gang-related shootings in Portland so they added 6 officers. In 2015 there were a total of 193 gang related shootings; 2014 there were 118.

So far this year there have been 60 (42 by this time last year).

Some recent occurrences:
– Feb 22 Woodlawn Park Blood associate said he was shot at MLK & Rosa Parks -investigation ongoing.

– March 20th at NE 17th & Rosa Parks there was evidence of gunfire maybe related to a party, investigation is ongoing

– March 26 at NE 27th & Lombard there were 32 bullet casings found, shooting toward a car with kids and their mom in it, no one hit

– April 8th MLK & NE Jessup a gun battle between two cars who drove down MLK, then turned eastbound on Dekum & along Dekum going super fast (90mph at a guess)

– April 9th vehicles shooting at each other, NE 18th & ainsworth some damage found

– April 19th -bus shot at NE 15th & Dekum, barely missed a passenger

The police did a 2-week intense mission to try to target possible associates, arrested 52 gang associates and recovered a number of firearms. Q: How were they arrested, did the police have warrants? Yes – the police spent their time talking to residents & witnesses and building up cases, overcoming people’s fear and unwillingness to share information with them.

Shirley: heard there were older former gang members working with these young folks as role models; police confirmed that they have gang outreach workers who have left that lifestyle, working through office of youth violence prevention – among other things they go to Lloyd center to try to meet kids & get to know them

Q: Can you describe what occurs when residents hear gunfire & call 911?

Answer: call it in no matter what, using the 911 number is fine. Report that you think you heard, include the number of gunshots and where they seemed to occur/from what direction based on where you are. Report other things you hear as well, such as cars squealing off, loud voices, screams, etc. When calls come in, police get dispatched to do an area check to look for evidence such as shell casings. If they find some they look for houses nearby with gang affected individuals; they may also call the reporting person for a statement; they may check for victims at the hospital .. sometimes there is evidence of gunfire, sometimes not.

Q: how many of these shootings can you tie specifically to gang violence? That’s not the only reason people shoot each other and this can stigmatize youth if we make assumptions.

A: of course, no one should assume every youth is in a gang, the police take a lot into consideration: what they’re wearing, where they are, how they are acting. If there is a shooting they do an investigation and try to figure out what’s going on. In general the shootings they have investigated tend to have lots of connections to gangs/gang-related activities such as drugs, human trafficking.

Q: Do we know how many of the shootings here have been directly tied to gang violence?

A: we really don’t know, they are still under investigation in many cases

Q: Put another way – of the shootings they have investigated in the last year or so, do many of them seem to be NON gang related?

A: No, whenever something happens that they investigate, it seems to have some sort of gang involvement.

Q: It has been observed that some traffic misbehavior such as speeding, driving in doughnuts at intersections may be associated with gang activity. Can there be a closer tie between gang enforcement and PBOT/traffic? Officer Z: Not sure.. everything the gang team does is driven by their knowledge of activity in the area, analysis done by the tactical operation division making connections – who’s involved in the gangs, what connections are they seeing … they’re so short staffed they can’t do extra work.. everything they currently do is purposeful. Toward the traffic/police connection … lots of stops are caused by probable cause traffic offenses, but sometimes they know the persons are involved with gangs and sometimes they recover other useful evidence.

Q: 4 people at the meeting are from the condos- where the Dickerson murder occurred a year ago – is there any new evidence or information? A: That was a homicide so it’s not their team’s work – the homicide team is working on it but it’s hard to get people to talk. He hasn’t heard of anything recently.

Steve from Henry V: I’m outside my building a lot in the morning & evening. Occasionally find police hanging out in his parking lot, or in businesses in the area – assumes it’s paperwork at the end of shift or something. Is there any plan to locate those idle vehicles in a visible spot, like next to Safeway, on 18th & Dekum? Might be better to have people there rather than tucked away. Answer from Officer Zoeller: If they’re trying to eat lunch or do paperwork it’s not best to do it out in public where they should be alert to what is going on around them.


=== Last questions for our police representatives ===

Maija asks: any update on the crime stats mapping? Officer Zoeller: no, there’s a new crime reporting & dispatch system that has made it hard to get data out of the system, they’re working on it.

Maija: thanks police for coming out, and everyone from the community for listening. Be sure to commend the police officers as well – officer Zoeller has 12 neighborhoods he covers.



7:25  New Business

  • Pesticide use in Woodlawn Park – Felicia Feruzza – moved to June’s meeting
  • Woodlawn School – request to support 8th grade graduation

Woodlawn will be K-5 next year, so this is the last set of 8th graders graduating from Woodlawn school – would be great time for us to support the kids – there is a lunch event on Tuesday June 7, and on Wed June 8 they’ll have the promotion reception. They need volunteers to serve lunch, set up for the reception, serve something. We’ve contributed in the past, can we do so again? Beth moves we contribute 200, Shirley seconds, everyone in favor.

Also it’s teacher appreciation week – can we buy doughnuts for them this Friday? Maija moves, Shirley seconds, all in favor.


7:40 Upcoming Events Updates

  • Craft fair & bake sale coming this Saturday – benefits the farmers market SNAP matching program – wellness studio across from Good Neighbor Pizza
  • Tree Workshop – General Tree Care – Sat, May 21 – will happen at the farmers market, they’ll bring a table & tent, will educate on the basics of tree care, will have a giveaway. Will have a map up showing the results of the street tree inventory performed last year.
  • Farmer’s Market – opening day Sat, May 21, 10am – 2pm – Shannon & Martin: happening starting on the 21st every Saturday though Oct 29. Starting a SNAP matching program – we’ll match up to $5 to start, hoping to get up to $10
  • Also there was a big grant, the $2000 NECN, and $10,000 from east Multnomah soil and water conservation district. Starting a partnership with headwaters incubation farm in Orient, Oregon – beginning farmers get to use the land and infrastructure and get 4 years to learn techniques and start their own farms. We’ll provide a booth for them to demo & sell some of their products & give various workshops
  • Changes at the church at NE 1425 Dekum – this is the last chance to do neighborhood programs through the end of June and then the congregation will leave, they’ve gotten too small. Thereafter the Methodist conference will resume management of the building and hopefully be a resource to the neighborhood. Will Emmaus church stay? He thinks so.
  • Woodlawn Clean-up  – Sat, May 28, 9am – 2pm, Henry V, 6360 NE MLK  – Carlo: We’re ready for the cleanup! It’s the primary source of income for the WNA – great event hosted at Henry V, will have breakfast & lunch for volunteers, waste mgmt. is financing the event (will save us a couple thousand $ if they come through for us). You pay by the carload to bring waste and clear them away. Can NOT bring hazardous waste (asbestos, construction debris, paint, concrete, dirt). Volunteers needed for whatever time will work for you AND good food AND a free load.
  • Dekum/Durham intersection painting – Sat, June 11 – through Village Building Convergence – happens every year, still aiming for June 11, will go door to door with the immediate neighbors of the intersection with the final design. Stay tuned.
  • Summer Events – fundraising update & need National Night Out organizer / committee (August event) – letter was sent last week – waiting for the results to roll in.
  • Movie: The Sandlot. Pre-movie entertainment is a band who plays Peruvian-inspired surf music.
  • Anyone want to volunteer to help with the National Night Out event? It’s coming up fast! (August) Byron is interested in helping out.
  • NECN have 2 special events coming up-
    1) Thursday May 12, Portland community equality act – we lack a representative commissioner form of govt. Right now we have 4 commissioners but they’re not geographically based. A ballot measure being crafted.
    2) Affordable housing – Thursday May 19, ballot measure campaign. 6-7:30 – can anyone go & report back? Got a couple volunteers

8:00 Approve Treasurer’s Report – Luke: We now have a cordless microphone. We’re in good shape, haven’t spent more than expected. The cleanup raises approx. 1/3 of the funds we use each year so it’s important to get the word out to attend! We used to spend 850-1000 for the bins, if Waste Management does pay for them then that’ll really help us profit from the event.

Shirley: Has noticed that we spend a bit of money each year on making copies; should we instead buy our own copier? One thing that isn’t clear: where would it live? Dennis is willing to scan & print if we’ll reimburse for paper/toner. Also, we should be mindful to bring less paper in general.

Beth moves to accept treasurer’s report, Dennis seconds, all in favor.



8:05 Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates:

  • Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala & Dennis: Dennis reports several items: 1) There were several topics covered at the NECN meeting. They discussed mixed-use zoning – looks like it will affect Woodlawn along MLK and Dekum. Not official yet but looks like the 3 or 4 projects that have come through here seem consistent with the future: no on-street parking if they’re under 30 units. City has a draft to make deconstruction of buildings more official/managed – making it so people who deconstruct have to be certified and asbestos trained. Gentleman talked about diverters on bicycle greenways. Nice presentation on a major project at Lloyd Center area.

2) A demolition permit came in – 1525 NE Highland Street. No objections from the post on Nextdoor. Dennis tried to contact the builders via their website, someone on Nextdoor tried to contact as well and also didn’t get a response – we had a question about the trees & asbestos. No information at this point.

3) Talked to one of the principals involved in the new building across from Ps & Qs. 28 units, entryway, bike parking, laundry room. Was vague about prospective rents & sizes. Will be both studios (~400 sf) and one-bedrooms (450 sf) – being required by the city to build sidewalks and reconstruct their half of 13th.

4) We got a liquor license application from Tamale Boy to sell things to take off-premise. Q: what are they selling? Do they distill? We assume bottles of beer and wine. Any concerns, let Dennis know. Comments due by May 20.

  • Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron & Meg – Meg: Last NECN meeting talked about: air pollution issue with glass factories in parts of Portland. Had 2 reps from the east side air coalition (community members) attend the meeting. They’ve been doing lobbying & going to Salem – if you are interested in hearing from them they could come to our meeting, are there any topics we want covered? They also have a Facebook page to be a resource to anyone.

    They also had a representative come from Office of Neighborhood Involvement, Mary Tompkins, who spoke on crime prevention. Decided to have a gang enforcement team workshop in June in place of the next meeting. Community members invited. The meetings are the 3rd Monday of each month from 6-8 held at the King Facility at Alberta & 7th.

Byron: Willamette River cleanup has been discussed for 15 years. Early May we should get some movement at last. The EPA hasn’t been doing much communication – but the plan is supposed to come out this month.

This is a big-picture issue that will have a big effect. Right now it’s not advisable to eat one small serving of fish per month caught in the Willamette River – that’s not acceptable. There is grant money available to reach under-represented communities (non English speaking) to let them know.

Other parties that might be involved: Willamette River Keepers, Audubon. Byron wants to get something set up this May to get people informed so they can take advantage of the 60-day comment period. Neighborhoods can put pressure to finally begin the cleanup instead of just pushing it out and to make every attempt to collect funds from the polluters for the cleanup. This is our chance to advocate for the cleanup to be done well. Hope the EPA report will be released in June.

Final commentary: the trashbin at Dekum & Durham is always full – the one at 15th & Dekum has been adopted by the neighborhood (Rick Reynolds) – he will call Trimet and ask whose responsibility it is.

8:30 Meeting Adjourn – next meeting – June 1st



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Please join us at our biggest fundraiser of the year for the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association! Special thanks to all our sponsors, including Henry V (for hosting us!), P’s & Q’s and Good Neighbor Pizza (for feeding the volunteers!) and Waste Management (for hauling off our contributions!).


See you all there!

WNA 2016 Cleanup Flyer

WNA 2016 Cleanup Flyer


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Wed, May 4, 2016 – 7:00 – 8:30PM

7:00  Introductions

7:05  Approve agenda for tonight & minutes for April (5 min)

7:10  Police Officer’s Report, if available (15 min)

7:25  New Business (15 min)

  • Pesticide use in Woodlawn Park – Felicia Feruzza
  • Woodlawn School – request to support 8th grade graduation

7:40 Upcoming Events Updates (20 min)

  • Tree Workshop – General Tree Care – Sat, May 21
  • Farmer’s Market – opening day Sat, May 21, 10am – 2pm
  • Woodlawn Clean-up  – Sat, May 28, 9am – 2pm, Henry V, 6360 NE MLK
  • Dekum/Durham intersection painting – Sat, June 11
  • Summer Events – fundraising update & need National Night Out organizer / committee (August event)

8:00 Approve Treasurer’s Report – Luke (5 min)

8:05 Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates:

  • Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala & Dennis
  • Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron & Meg
  • NECN Board – Shirley

8:30 Meeting Adjourn – next meeting – June 1st

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Woodlawn Neighborhood Association April 6, 2016 meeting minutes



Board members present:

Maija Spencer, Byron Tennant, Andrée Culpepper, Beth Heins, Anjala Ehelebe, Dennis Kennedy, Luke Groser, Meg Chambers, Shirley Minor


Community members:

Avery Lewis, Liz Kennedy, Aaron Sackett, Rick Reynolds, Erin Cooper, Justin Lovero, Vanieca Kraus, Francisco Gadea, Ali Hadiashar, Amanda Gladics, Ian Krist, Ezra Carieff, Rae Selvey, Jill Kusmirek, Shelly Caldwell, Lisa Gladstone, Kaleen Anderson, Sean Donnell, Brett Barton, Mark Wilde, Rick, John, Carlo Castoro, Fritz


Approve agenda for tonight; approve minutes for 3/2 and 3/28

Motion to approve tonight’s agenda: Beth; Second: Andree; All in favor

Motion to approve both sets of minutes: Anjala; Second: Luke; all in favor


No Police Officer’s Report this month (officer not in attendance)


Multifamily Projects on Dekum – Mark Wilde, Portland City Homes

  • Presentation about two 22-unit multifamily projects planned for NW corner of Dekum/Grand & 422 NE Dekum.
  • Brief Q & A – no decision to be made by WNA

As a reminder –parking for a project of this size is not required under city rules. Mark Wilde and Brett Barton both of Portland City Homes in attendance. As stated, there are two sites: one is the burned-out house next to the Koken Market, the other is the empty lot across Dekum from it. They are separate projects but will be built pretty much concurrently. There will be two similar 22-unit buildings. Neither has explicitly commercial space, however the ground floor are live/work convertible- so they are slightly larger units with a more commercial appearance in the windows/door design. Neither building has parking; each will have 1.1 or 1.2 bike parking spots per unit, inside, and additional outdoor bike parking. Each will have enclosed garbage. Units are all studios and one-bedrooms. Largest is under 600 square feet.

The one in the burned out house will mainly have the front unit as the live/work convertible unit. The building on the corner lot will have 3 convertible live/work units with storefront glass, the fourth first-floor will be convertible as well.

They will be rentals, not condos. Building management is undecided – if they retain ownership, the developers will use a 3rd-party property mgmt. company. Will they be affordable housing? No, just market rate rents – which varies but at the moment that’s $1000-1100 for studios, $1200-1250 for the 1-bedrooms

Did they design the buildings? They had an architecture firm involved but did have a hand in the design. What is involved in adding parking? Subterranean parking on a 5000 sf lot is cost-prohibitive. The only real way to do offstreet on small lots is at grade: lift 1/3 of the building, which only gains 3-4 parking spaces so it’s a lot of expense without a lot of impact. One suggestion they’re looking at is getting a Zip Car spot nearby.

What is the proposed start & finish time? They are just submitting permits, that takes about 4 months. They plan to start construction pretty quickly after getting the permits. Guesstimate timeline is construction start in late fall, 8-9 months to build, complete and renting by the middle of next year

Have they talked to the adjacent residents about any concerns with the feel of the new building? They have at least the required 5-foot setback from their property line. They haven’t had specific conversations about privacy; they do fencing and window coverings. They included a larger setback on one of the buildings as it edges on the duplex.

Will any of the units be ADA accessible? All the ground floor have to be ADA convertible. The bldgs. will have elevators so all units have to be ADA convertible.

Regarding demolition & construction: have they tested the house for asbestos and lead? Yes, it’s got both so they will mitigate both using standard guidelines. (The asbestos in less than a 200 sf area in the house.) They have talked with the next-door preschool & some parents about this.

During construction, will you close off sidewalk or bus access? Generally no – they are allowed to get permits if they need to briefly block (day or two) a sidewalk but generally they have to & intend to maintain access.

Have you talked to Koken Market about using their parking for tenant use? No.

Andree would feel better if a considerable part of the bldg. was dedicated to affordable housing – do others agree? Straw poll seems like more than half the audience members agree.

We appreciate that the owners of The Woodlawn (SolTerra) have reached out to the community and have tried to give back by contributing to the farmer’s market and the street painting project. If WNA wants to propose something reasonable to the developers (Portland City Homes) they’d take it into account.

Land Use and Transportation meetings once a month – would they be willing to come to a meeting and work with them? Sure.

Big picture conversations about parking are happening citywide; the land use committee is involved and needs community advocacy.

When the mayor is looking at homeless camps in every neighborhood it’s time to demand affordable housing. Obviously there is a need.

Did we miss the boat on these properties to force parking at these projects? Yes, we are about ten years too late – the comprehensive planning process happened years ago. Frequent-transit zones have been zoned to encourage high-density housing and no parking. We can now be heard, the city is doing another round of comprehensive planning now. Join the Land Use and Transportation committee meetings for more information!


New Business Coming to 18th & Dekum Market space

Ezra and John: two of the four owners who have leased the former market space at 18th & Dekum from the Palmer family. Ezra and John currently operate the Old Gold in Overlook/Arbor Lodge; at 28th & Sandy they have Paydirt inside the Zipper building. Want to create a neighborhood community gathering spot/pub. They don’t have a lot of details yet since they just signed. They need to do major reconstruction including the roof.

Opening date? Fall 2016 realistically.

Details, as far as they can tell at this time: Outside seating & planning to keep as much parking as they can. Will try to maintain/restore the façade. No name for the business as yet.

We already have great “pub food” in the neighborhood, so how will you be different? Their chef is working on it and is super creative… he’s excited to develop a good menu, and they realize they have to be unique to draw people.

Public safety is a concern in the neighborhood – 5-10 years ago that end of the neighborhood was a tough spot. Do they plan to add lighting, security, cameras? Yes.

Hours of operation? Weekend brunch, possibly later hours Friday/Saturday .. not too sure. All ages friendly within the OLCC rules. Patio hours would be subject to good neighbor agreements. They’ve had no complaints from the Old Gold neighbors.

Seats? Maybe in the 70 range. It’s a 2200 sf space.


Events Announcements

  • Easter Egg Hunt debrief – Very successful! We had hundreds of kids, gorgeous day for it.
  • Farmer’s Market opening day 5/21, will be Saturdays 10a-2p until 10/29. **Big news!!! The market won a NECN grant for $2000 – will use it for marketing, SNAP matching, hiring an intern from Self Enhancement, Inc.
  • Dekum/Durham intersection painting – also partially funded by the grant – part of Village Building Convergence. Currently working with an artist to get a first draft, elements may include trolley, train tracks, plant life, using colors black & white, introducing color for the modern era. Painting itself will happen Sat June 4, 9am. There will be breakfast & lunch for volunteers. We need at least 100 volunteers – no signups, just show up. Since it’s on a market day we’ll shift the market to Madrona for the day. Keep an eye on facebook – will be an event page. Also needs help with planning – had a potluck this weekend to get started, next meeting is Sunday April 17. Contact Avery with questions.
  • Woodlawn Clean-up  – Saturday, May 28 – Carlo Castoro: Memorial Day weekend, Saturday the 28th , 9a-2p. This is the main fundraiser for the WNA. People can bring their junk to this event at Henry V – 6360 NE MLK. Volunteers can bring one load for free, AND they get breakfast provided by Ps & Qs/lunch provided by Good Neighbor Pizza. Waste Management is going to donate their services to the event, saving us $700-1000 this year. Do NOT bring asbestos items, but we’ll have recycling, goodwill, community cycling center and electronics, and can accept batteries.
  • Summer Movie in the Park – Sunday July 10, The Sandlot. There will be pre-movie entertainment & it’s free. It costs us $750. Shirley liked having dance at the beginning last year – there will be some kind of entertainment before the show.
  • Woodlawn school announcements – Woodlawn PTA is doing a fun event at Village Ballroom 5pm-11pm suggested donation $5 adult $10 family – Mr Ben, spoken word artists, DJ, kid performances, proceeds from beer sales go directly to the PTA. Raffle, then a dance party.
  • PPS voted last night to revert Woodlawn to K-5, middle school will be at Ochley Green – will create a bigger school with more resources, more electives etc.
  • Steve at Henry V gets a lot of art board through his business, he can donate them if anyone need them. Contact him through WNA or at Henry V.
  • This Friday is the Classic Food pop-up. 2-6p


Approve Treasurer’s Report 
We’re in good fiscal shape. Last year our wireless mic went missing. Last month the board asked Luke & Anjala to investigate our options for buying a replacement. It would cost about $150. He recommends we consider buying it to facilitate input from the audience. Moved: Anjalah. Second Beth. Vote: all in favor. none opposed

Question about the farmer’s market financial oversight line item on the report – is it listed as an expense? No, the line on the report represents the $300 of their grant money we are holding for the farmer’s market team to use. So far we’ve spent none of it; but it’s available.

Approve treasurer’s report: motion – Andree; second Beth; all in favor.
Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates:

  • Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala & Dennis: very wide mandate – land use, liquor licenses, transit issues, streets, parking.
    – Have heard many complaints about difficulty crossing Dekum on foot. They’ve been contacting city people about getting crosswalks – trying to improve the one by Ps & Qs, since people speed up after exiting the Dekum business triangle. Seeing about getting a button-triggered flashing light for pedestrian crossings. It’s also a school crossing – city will put a school crossing at 15th & Morgan if the school will send people to be patrol. Principal says to check in after they switch to K-5.
    – 4 years ago we were approached by the developer building across from Ps & Qs; no parking, we asked him to ask the bank if they could get a loan for a structure that included parking and it was turned down. At last meeting we were asked to comment to the city about a house on Dean that was mostly torn down with just one wall up so it wasn’t technically demolished, then the wall was left out in the weather and ultimately condemned. So they started building a big house – we got notice of demolition and they did not pause for 30 days as required so we pushed it with the city and they made them stop work for a month. Have we talked to the developer about asking for help with the crossing? We’ve asked the city to approach them on that topic.
    – 12 unit condo on Bryant going in – had a special meeting in March for that – in the 300ks for 2- and 3-bedrooms.
    – Thinking of changing the Land Use Meeting from the 4th Sunday 4:30, to the 3rd Sunday, 4:30 at Ps and Qs. Will confirm with regular attenders [this change was implemented starting with the April 2016 meeting].
    – What is happening at 13th & Lombard? A crossing? Not sure, will find out.
    – could still use volunteers on that committee
  • Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron & Meg – Meg: recommends attending NECN meetings – they’re great about taking community members into account. No other update at this time.
  • NECN Board- Shirley
    – NECN has a new acting director, Adam. Monday night there will be a ceremony to present to the small grant winners, 630 at the coalition office.
    – Went to a meeting in the Woodlawn community garden, lot of people have slots. There’s a structure on the east side of the garden put up by Comcast, was lovely until it got overgrown. Someone who works part-time at the school (Eric) has cleaned it up. Now he has bales of hay in the area and will be growing vegetables out of it, will be including the students
    – At one point in the past Commissioner Fritz asked for our endorsements of the parks bond. We asked her to add fixing the spa at Dishman pool at Thelma’s request. Update: It’s not only getting replaced but will be doubled in size – to hold 20 people, construction this fall, open in late October.


– Watch Nextdoor for other announcements


Meeting Adjourn – next meeting – May 4th


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Wed, April 6, 2015 – 7:00 – 8:30PM

7:00  Introductions

7:05  Approve agenda for tonight; approve minutes for 3/2 and 3/28 (5 min)

7:10  Police Officer’s Report, if available (10 min)

7:20   Multifamily Projects on Dekum – Mark Wilde, Portland City Homes (20 min)

  • Presentation about two 22-unit multifamily projects planned for NW corner of Dekum/Grand & 422 NE Dekum.
  • Brief Q & A – no decision to be made by WNA

7:40 New Business Coming to 18th & Dekum Market space (15 min)

7:55 Events Announcements (15 min)

  • Easter Egg Hunt debrief
  • Farmer’s Market (opening day 5/21) & Dekum/Durham intersection painting
  • Woodlawn Clean-up  – Saturday, May 28
  • Summer Movie in the Park – We’ll announce the movie selected & date!

8:10 Approve Treasurer’s Report – Luke (5 min)

8:15 Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates:

  • Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala & Dennis
  • Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron & Meg
  • NECN Board- Shirley

8:30 Meeting Adjourn – next meeting – May 4th

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WNA Special meeting March 28, 2016
@Classic Foods

Draft minutes – will be submitted for approval at April board meeting

Board members:
Maija Spencer, Luke Groser, Beth Heins, Dennis Kennedy, Anjala Ehlebe

Attending from the community:
Travis McGuire, Bettina Hammersly Rys, Liz Kennedy, Francisco Gadea, Aaron Sackett, Erin Cooper, Justin Lovero, Robert Jackson, Danya Feltzin, Carlo Castoro

Presenting: Adrian Vasile – the builder for the project at 7071 NE Grand (NW corner of NE Grand & NE Bryant)– the empty lot behind the auto lot shop; it’s one lot, approx. 10k sf.
Will be twelve 2- and 3-bedroom condo units to be sold individually. Exterior will to take into consideration police requirements: entries have to be secure, plan lighting & landscaping keeping policing standards (i.e. visibility) in mind




Streetscape rendering above – note that some things may change a bit
since permitting isn’t totally complete. 

All 12 condos will be sold at market rate – in the $300s at a guess/estimate. None are sold yet; not sure about the selling timeframe. It’s probably a couple of months before the permitting is done and he estimates 9 months of construction.

Two 3-story buildings with 2 units per floor, the buildings will be attached by stairs and landings; all units will have balconies, about 1000 square foot per unit. Current plan: five 3-bedroom units and seven 2-bedroom. Each unit will have mini-split heat/AC, he’s focused on good sound-proofing in the windows and between units.

The first floor will be wheelchair accessible. The property will include bicycle parking inside the building. No elevator. No car parking – as a reminder, the current rules for the city of Portland are: if your property is within 500 feet of a frequent service transportation line and you’re under 30 units, no parking required.

How many developments has he done before? He has a bunch of buildings in town – 2 on N Montana, some in SE – one on Willis Blvd, some in St Johns – most are about 6 units. He’s been in Portland since 1991. This will be his largest project to date.

Street trees – would he be willing to consider species we suggest? He’s open to it, usually lets a landscaper pick from a city list. It’s a small strip so there will be limited choices.

Will follow city rules re projects: won’t work past 6pm, no excavation on weekends
Fee on the permits is 250k, including system development charges – sewer, water, parks, transportation

Primary facing – hardi plank (concrete composite) and wood corners, Maija points out the wood gets weather-beaten, and the HOA will have to take care of that. We asked about seismic standards – permit/city standards will handle that and in general new construction is very solid.


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7pm – 8pm, Classic Foods, 817 NE Madrona St

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.30.24 AM

Come hear about a 12-unit, 3 story multifamily project coming to the NW corner of NE Bryant and Grand. The developer will present the design plans and answer questions. Because this project is compatible with the zoning, the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association is not being asked to approve or deny this project. This is largely an opportunity for neighbors to hear what is planned and make suggestions if any concerns about design or construction.

At our April 6th WNA meeting, we will be hearing about two projects planned for NE Dekum (between MLK/Grand). Each project will be 4-story buildings with 22 multifamily units.


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**Draft minutes until approved by the board in next month’s meeting**
WNA March 2, 2016 minutes
Wed, March 2 2015 – 7:00 – 8:30PM

7:00  Introductions
Board: Maija Spencer, Beth Heins, Anjala Ehelebe, Meg Chambers, Shirley Minor, Luke Groser
Unable to attend (prior notice given): Byron Tennant, Martin Vandepas, Andrée Culpepper
General members in attendance: Liz & Dennis Kennedy, Erin Cooper, Brenda Hubbard, Tom Anderson, Avery Lewis, Francisco Gadea
Guest: Siobhan O’Leary re: sewer project – Bureau of Environmental Services
7:05  Approve agenda for tonight
Motion: Beth moves, Meg seconds, approved unanimously
Approve minutes for 2/3 (5 min) – amend to include that Byron attended the meeting (edit has been made)
Motion: Luke moves, Beth second, approved unanimously (Anjala abstains as she did not read the minutes)
7:10  Police Officer’s Report, if available (10 min) – not present this time
7:20  Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) – Woodlawn Sewer Project Update – Siobhan O’Leary (15 min)
Has taken on coordinating the public involvement management for her firm which supports the city during this sewer project.
Background: BES is repairing & replacing the worst 2% of the pipes in the city – on average 90 years old. When choosing pipes for replacement the Bureau also looks at capacity and the materials they were made of.  Woodlawn is an area of the city older pipes. Since the last presentation the scope of work has decreased – mainly because the designers reassessed the pipes and decided some were not at risk of failure. Siobhan passed out maps showing modified project plan – a mailing will come out in a few months as well.
Benefit of the smaller project – it will involve less work near the school & park, which was a concern at the last meeting – should not affect the school day, they’ll also work with the school to confirm the impact is minimal to none. Park project area will work to coordinate around special events.
Some of the business area will be affected – work will be done outside 2 of the businesses under the sidewalks (it sounds like the businesses in question are Woodlawn Coffee & Good Neighbor Pizza). This work ought to be relatively speedy; they’re also trying to specify the work will occur in the winter in hopes that it won’t affect their outdoor seating – this is the idea, nothing is approved or definite yet.
King part of the project – there will be some road impacts & traffic delays, they’ll try hard to mitigate that.
Cost to property owners – only time there is an additional cost is if you have a non-conforming sewer (most home owners know if they do) AND there is work done outside your door – if that applies you’ll have to bring your sewer connection up to code. There is a separate outreach process around that if anyone is affected. (In the Piedmont neighborhood there were 3 non-conforming sewers; Humboldt had about 26.). Questions? Ask Rhetta at the city Rhetta.Drennan@portalandoregon.gov
Some owners may be asked to move plantings from their parking strip but only if it’s going to be affected by the work – most of the work will be in the street, not in the planting strips.
Construction methods will vary. Open trench takes 2-3 weeks. CIPP is a new trenchless construction method and is faster. Most of the alleyways will be handled that way. Some of the work will be spot repair.
Suggestion: some of the work will be where we want new crosswalks – could the two projects be combined? Can we help facilitate that? A PBOT representative attends the BES meetings so they can coordinate work in general; the mandate is that BES return the area to the condition it was in when the work started, not to add things like crosswalks. For additional improvements she encourages we call PBOT to suggest some crosswalks be considered as the project is completed. Siobhan will get us the name of the best person to contact. Maija adds that perhaps as a mitigation to the affected neighborhood businesses PBOT could consider adding the crosswalks that are already in our master plan.
Anjala points out that there may be some building going in around 13th & Dekum in future – is that future project’s sewer needs taken into consideration? PBOT had the developer cut down a couple of trees in front of the property already. Yes, they track proposed projects and new development has to make sure the sewers are sufficient.
Shirley: when will work start? Siobhan: The project has been pushed back from a summer 2016 start; it’s now about halfway through the design process. At a guess end 2016/beginning 2017.
7:35  Update on 2016 Event Planning  (15 min):
o       Easter Egg Hunt – this month!  (Sat, March 26, 2016) – Jana is still committed to planning it. Not sure what time it will start, likely around 10 or so. Usually have a small kids hunt in a small area, and then a bigger area for the bigger-kid hunt. Need volunteers to fill eggs the day before, probably about an hour; need volunteers to help distribute/hide eggs; to bring baked goods; to help with the minimal cleanup required.
o       Woodlawn Clean-up Planning (May) – need Co-Chair to work with Carlo Castoro: People bring carloads of things they don’t want and pay to dispose of the items – usually held in the parking lot of a local business, there are dumpsters and also Goodwill donation and recycling opportunities. Question: While it’s usually done the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend; does that date work or should we consider another? General consensus: It’s easier to remember that it’s Memorial Day weekend, better to stick to what has been successful.
o       Street Tree Workshop – Sat May 21st – we did an inventory last summer, and on the 21st we’ll have a free workshop offered by urban forestry dept – will focus on general tree care and will demonstrate pruning along the Ainsworth arboretum. That’s the same day as the farmer’s market so we may try to tie them together somehow.
o       Summer Event Fundraising – Jana & Beth – no plan yet in place; last year sent letters to the local businesses asking for donations.
o       Summer Movie in the Park Application – no updates
o       Sunday Parkways comes through Woodlawn: July 24th!
7:50 New Business (10 min):
o       Farmer’s Market update – opening day 5/21 – Avery: Have been writing grants all winter. Filling up with vendors, will be bigger than last year based on survey results from the end of the last year season. Looks like we’ll have six farm vendors – bring your friends to help support them! Non-farm vendors: ceviche, Soup Cycle, crepe truck, an elixir/natural soda vendor.
o       Next project: we were accepted into a Village Building Convergence (VBC) placemaking project – applied to do a street painting where the farmer’s market is. Anjala points out we already have 2 street paintings (8th & Holman, 8th & Holland) and have no committee managing repainting them this year. Avery says we can do whatever we want including repairing the current paintings while adding a new one; she needs help on this one! In writing the grant they researched the history of the neighborhood; contacted one designer/muralist, we’re open to other artists as well. Avery is attending VBC meetings and they suggest launching the project with a potluck open to the neighborhood – Perhaps March 26 for the first potluck? (same day as the easter egg hunt) Also: she needs someone to represent Woodlawn at the next 2 VBC meetings on Thursdays 6pm (March 10 & 17). When we do the project we will need things like paint, drop cloths, handwashing stations, etc. June 3-12 is the VBC window .. we don’t want to do our project on a Saturday so we don’t conflict with the farmer’s market. Benefits of hosting Grimm for a week – Shirley: Explored the park during filming – appreciated the gift certificate for $25 to the local businesses that many people got. (we heard they bought 48 gift cards from Woodlawn Coffee alone). That episode will be on April 22nd – maybe a local business can show it!
o       Any other announcements – first Friday of the month is a Classic Foods pop-up market.
8:00 Approve Treasurer’s Report – Luke (5 min)
So far we’re on track this year. Anjala: we spent money on microphone and speaker last year – and the portable microphone disappeared. Should we buy another?
Motion: Luke moves he and Anjala are authorized  to research options and bring a recommendation to the board. Anajala seconds that. Unanimous approval.  
8:05 Board Member seat is open – any interest?  Need to fill Secretary role.
Beth is willing to do the secretarial duties. Dennis Kennedy is interested in joining the board in general but not as the secretary.
Motion: Maija: nominates Dennis Kennedy to fill Jana’s term through September. Luke seconds. Board votes: all in favor. Dennis will be an at-large member and co-chair of the land use committee.
8:10 Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates:
o       Land Use & Transportation Committee – Anjala & Dennis
o               NECN LUTC Updates – Anjala: Next meeting March 27th, 5:30 at P’s & Q’s Market (at the back table).
-        Currently researching street crossings – a few locations along Dekum don’t have crosswalks – the Oregon Public House and the Swap & Play would like a crosswalk. Would like to add flashing lights at the crosswalk at 13th & Dekum; also would like a crosswalk between Bushwhacker & Firehouse.
-        Demolition rules have changed, we have noticed at least one example where a demolition notice is filed late in the process; the rules say that construction should be paused for 30 days and it’s not happening. Do we want to expect them to follow that rules? General consensus: yes – the rules exist for a reason, we’re not out of line to ask them to obey them. The city operates on a complaint-driven system so it’s worth a call to see if work should be paused. Anjala will call the city and report back.
-        Building & zoning changes are one of their duties. There’s a neighbor Suh Michael who asked us to talk to the city about rezoning his property on MLK as mixed use. The city planner says if there is mixed use zoning really should include affordable housing. Would like approval of the WNA to talk to the owner saying we support mixed use zoning and asking him to include affordable housing – room approves that action.
-        At a previous meeting Anajala reported she volunteers for North Star Village and they asked for WNA support for a grant request for the NECN. Now that they’ve looked at the timeline they have tabled that idea and may revisit next year.
-        NE Coalition Land Use Committee was visited by the DEQ talking about superfund sites along the Willamette and Columbia. This is their outreach phase. Any questions or concerns? Talk to Anjala. The Willamette is going to take years to clean up. The plan is there will be mitigation for 7-10 years.
-        Note: WNA used to put info flyers outside the Woodlawn Wellness Center and in the pocket park at 13th. We’ve stopped doing that lately but we used to include the WNA agendas and perhaps minutes to improve turnout and let the neighborhood know we exist.
-        Brenda and Maija attended a meeting on homeless camps. Recommended if our neighborhood formed a committee since the issue of homeless camps isn’t going to go away. That may be an ongoing subcommittee. Brenda reports: Adam Lyons (associate director NECN) ran the meeting, expressed concern about how the city is handling this. There had been talk of having a camp in every neighborhood; there were concerns about that, started asking questions – what are the rules and regulations, who monitors them, what will be done about sanitation, etc. So far 2 camps are being identified in the Overlook (Hazelnut Grove) and Eliot neighborhoods. Still working through permitting process etc. Sounds like vacant land that is publicly owned might be the targeted areas for future camps. Bigger questions: why aren’t the homeless and DEQ issues more transparent in the city, it seems like the communication is lacking. The mayor’s Safe Sleep program is a stopgap (6 month) program that may lead to problems in the future – it’s hard to disband a camp, for example. Speculation is that it’s a stopgap for the end of the mayor’s term. Maija mentioned that the mayor is also working on some bigger-picture plans (Home for Everyone program) and putting money toward these plans – talking about 30 million dollars based on the Utah models including services for mental health, requires permits. There was a man there from Forgotten Realms who has been homeless at one point and brought up some interesting points – Portland is pretty welcoming to the homeless since there are a fair number of services, tolerant people. Have a serious problem with women and children in the camps, crimes against women are increasing, increased drug usage, dealing with four different constituencies: mentally ill, addicts, displaced families, and those who prefer to live outside. So perhaps solutions won’t be one size fits all. We may want to poll our neighborhood to start thinking about our feelings about a homeless camp in our area.
o               Report on Woodlawn LUTC February meeting – Dennis – no update
o               Report on NECN meetings on homelessness & toxic air – Maija & Dennis: Toxic air update: NECN had a toxic air meeting and sent a letter with many points they want the city agencies to answer. Neighborhood associations could use the letter as a template if we want to send it. NECN already sent in on behalf of the nbhds, it’s optional to do our own. Maija suggests we discuss next month or at the next land use meeting; passed around a copy of the NECN letter.
o       Safety & Livability Team (SALT) – Byron & Meg – no update
o       NECN Board- Shirley – no update
8:30 Meeting Adjourn – next meeting – April 6th
**Draft minutes until approved by the board in next month’s meeting**

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Wed, February 3, 2016 – 7:00 – 8:30PM


Board In Attendance

Maija Spencer, Jana Olsen, Beth Heins, Shirley Minor, Meg Chambers, Andree Culpepper, Anjala Ehelebe, Luke Groser, Byron Tennant
General Members in Attendance

Shelly Caldwell, Liz Kennedy, Tom Anderson, Duoshun Pledgure, Anthony Zoeller, Misty Doornerl, Erin Cooper, Ross, Amie, Phil, Francisco
Approve Agenda & minutes for 1/6

Andree Motions, Jana Seconds, All Approve
Police Officer’s Report

It’s not easy to get accurate crime stats right now,  because their systems are not in sync and up to date

There’s been talk on the new about budget cuts personnel issues on news. Only some of it is accurate.

Their new focus is getting neighborhood feedback and working with those requests. Feel free to email with any of those concerns.

Some of the biggest concerns: car prowls, break ins, bikes, package theft, and shootings

They did a two week mission with usps that was very successful.
Events Update

Easter Egg Hunt Planning (Sat, March 26, 2016)


Maija has applied for the permit and access to power.

Reached out to Emmaus and Woodlawn School

Need volunteers Woodlawn Clean-up Planning (May – usually Saturday of Memorial Day weekend)


need Co-Chair to work with Carlo Castoro

3. Summer Event Fundraising


Got a copy of the old letter. Will begin work soon

4. Summer Movie in the Park Application


Sent in application.

Put down League of Their Own, Neverending Story, and The Sandlot for choices.

7:40 New Business


Farmers Market

Applying for NECN Grant again this year.

Luke moves to support application, Beth seconds, All approve

Farmers market will be held May 21st- Oct 30th

North Star Village will also be applying for NECN grant

Maija motions to support application, Andree seconds, All in favor
Woodlawn PTA


Currently one of the charities up at Oregon Public House

They need volunteers for the food pantry. It’s held 5:30-7:30 every Wednesday. You can sign up on volunteerspot.

Thursday Feb 11th 6-7:30 Culture of Kindness event.

Feb 24th 9 am and 10 am Guest Assembly


The PTA needs volunteers to work at the Oregon Public House

Google recently visited the school and the children were able to try out google cardboard.

Please donate all your box tops etc. to the school. There is a jar at the front office and also at Oregon Public House.

The new PTA website is up and running. It’s woodlawnwildcats.org.

The Methodist church is planning on having saturday conversations about issues facing neighborhood including things like gentrification and race relations.

Legislature starting up
Approve Treasurer’s Report


WNA is currently in good shape and has no deficit

Paid for web host for the year

Registered us with federal government for the year
Northeast Coalition of Neighbors (NECN) Updates:


All invited are to the Land Use meetings. They are held the third sunday of every month from 4:30-6:00 pm at Ps & Q’s

Dennis is the new co chair

NECN is sponsoring an ABC’s of zoning training

Demolition notifications were received for two properties.

-1724 NE Bryant: Not appealing

– 422 NE Dekum: Not appealing

A neighbor brings up encouraging deconstruction versus demolition

They did end up cutting down tree on 15th that WNA tried to rescue.

They are building two skinny houses at 6524 NE Grand Ave and are requesting a zone variance to build them higher.

They are building a dialysis clinic at MLK and Lombard. This is an acceptable use for lot and they would have parking for clien. Unsure about staff parking. There are concerns about loitering in the lot after hours and also a question about if the lot would be open for public to park after hours.

A neighbor wants to add on to his garage to make a space for his mother to live. It would move it within 3 feet of the property line and would be 20 ft tall
The two places wanted for a crosswalk are one to the Swap and Play and one from the wellness center to Firehouse. These are not in the comprehensive plan and Elizabeth is contacting the city about it.

There’s also an issue with the curbs since the plan does not show them and changing them can be quite expensive. Local merchants have offered to help pay but the city is not excited about private money going towards public projects. Waiting to hear back more about it.

Emily who runs Ps and Qs says people start speeding once they’re outside of the triangle are and would like some kind of lighting.

There are a number of school children who cross at Mason. Talking to school about providing a crossing guard.

The mayor came out in favor of camps in every neighborhood for the homeless population. Adam from NECN has said a work group is drafting a proposal of procedures for homeless camps. WNA and many other neighborhood associations chose not to sign onto Overlooks letter

They are going to make a bike corridor in Sullivan’s Gulch that will connect to Mt.  Hood

They are going to be having hearings about clean up at Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup site.

A dispensary at 7050 NE MLK gave notice they will now be switching to selling recreational marijuana as well as medicinal.
Safety & Livability Team


Feb 22 @ 6:30 Earthquake Preparedness Event at NECN building

NECN Board


They edited the bylaws

They also learned about the watershed districts. There are levy’s and flooding is a concern, including at the airport which is on a flood zone. 10% of jobs in Portland are in the watershed districts.

Trains caught fire in the St Johns area. Tina Kotek says we should keep vigilant in making sure proper safety plans are put in place.
Other News

Sunday Parkways

Oregon Public House is accepting new charities

Jana will no longer be secretary since she is moving.

Meeting Adjourn – Wed, March 2, 7pm – next WNA meeting

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